How to Choose the Best Business in America

America is a country of opportunities, dreams and the embodiment of the most unbridled ideas. It seems that getting rich from scratch in Russia is much more difficult than there. After all, a lot of interesting business ideas and entrepreneurial developments come to us from there, as well as from Europe.

Reading about new and classic projects that came from the United States, you can come up with something original. Or take an existing idea as a basis, adapt it to Russian conditions, and then get a profitable business.

Self Laundry

Self-service laundry facilities are widespread in the United States. This is due to both space savings and the elimination of unnecessary electricity costs. This type of business is not common in Russia, but it can be an interesting prospect for saving on utilities.

There are modern washing machines with a bill validator from 50,000 rubles. The larger the capacity of the machine, the higher the price. There are units on the market, the cost of which reaches 70,000–80,000 rubles. To organize a laundry, you need at least 2 such devices.

You will need to rent or purchase premises that meet sanitary requirements and fire safety. The cost of one wash, taking into account the powder used, which is also loaded into the machine in automatic mode, starts from 150 rubles.

Tip: when planning your budget, you need to take into account the cost of registering a business, obtaining permits and commissioning various equipment. In some areas, these figures reach 100,000-150,000 rubles, taking into account the execution of all documents.

When 2 devices are working, the monthly profit when servicing 20 people per day will be at least 90,000 rubles. With the deduction of rent, payment for electricity and laundry detergents, which are more profitable to buy in bulk (saving up to 50% compared to a store), the owner will have 40,000–60,000 rubles. The payback time of a self-service laundry (net profit) is from 4-6 months.

Cleaning company from scratch

If a startup in the field of laundry involves a strong fluctuation in budgets (this is influenced by the renovation of the premises, the purchase of additional equipment, the number of washing machines), then it is easier for a cleaning company to determine the required amount.

Business owners refuse full-time cleaners, preferring to hire hourly professionals with their own equipment and funds. Unlike the regular staff, the employees of the cleaning company provide a full range of services - from wiping dust and taking out garbage to washing windows.

Important: the services of cleaning companies are especially in demand in large cities, where companies have the opportunity to hire employees from outside for high-quality cleaning.

The United States of America is one of the leading countries in the world that creates hundreds of different business proposals every day, in the small business and individual entrepreneurship industry. In most cases, various small business industries originated in the United States of America, and gradually spread around the world.

First of all, it is worth understanding that not all American ideas can take root in any country. The reasons for this can be hundreds of different factors.

So most people know that the United States of America is a continent of business, where various ideas are born that bring billions of US dollars.

Small business from the United States of America that has generated income in various countries around the world.

US Business Success stories

Luggage storage on the Autobahn

Brad Hughes, who earned $ 5.3 billion worth of luggage storage facilities on Autobahns in the United States of America, deserves first place. This type of activity can easily be attributed to a small business. In those days, Brad Hughes, with the successful promotion of his small business, left behind quite a lot of competitors, with more promising lines of business.

T-shirt sticker business

Second place belongs to Ralph Lauren, who made a fortune of $ 5 billion in a small business by sticking stickers on T-shirts. His business project deserves special attention, since there was nothing easier.

Amazon Online Store

When looking for working business ideas, aspiring entrepreneurs often turn to other people's experience. One of the most popular ways to find a business idea is to see what's going on abroad.

Just keep in mind that the markets of different countries are still very different from each other. It is one thing for advanced economies like the United States and Singapore, which are head and shoulders above other countries in terms of development, and quite another for Iran and Bangladesh, which are developing at a rapid pace, but only follow global trends, not set them.

Already today on the Russian market you can find a lot of ideas spied abroad. They differ only in the degree of borrowing. You can just copy someone else's idea and expect that it will "shoot" due to the absence of competitors. “Success abroad does not always mean success in Russia. So unlucky couponers and some sharing services "- says the founder of the service for managing courier delivery Bringo Mark Kapchits.

This proves once again that even the most fashionable and creative foreign idea may not be in demand in Russia. And the thing is that it is simply not interesting to the local population. In addition, you need to understand that a Western startup and a Russian startup are two different things, and take into account the specifics of your country: a different level of bureaucracy, state support, legislation and even the mentality of the population.

You shouldn't blindly copy a foreign idea. But it still makes sense to be inspired by examples from other countries, and then adapt them to the Russian market. We invite you to familiarize yourself with business ideas from abroad, which promise to become especially popular in 2021.

Booking Platforms

We are all somehow familiar with the Airbnb service, which allows you to rent an apartment in another city or country while sitting at your computer at home. However, when it first appeared in 2021, the service itself was new. Now this market is actively developing, and analogues of Airbnb are appearing in other industries.

Services like Airbnb, aimed at vacationers and travelers, are already successfully entering the market, but services aimed at business owners and allowing them to rent short-term space to work are just beginning to emerge.

In this case, the workspace is understood not only the usual offices and conference rooms, but, for example, places for yoga classes.

At the same time, there are many other areas in which online booking platforms could be created. Currently, the most attractive and unoccupied niche in terms of profit is the platform for booking venues for events (birthdays, corporate events, weddings). Such a service can bring good income if you manage to attract a sufficiently large number of site owners and potential customers to cooperation.

Business in the United States has been developing for many decades. And if in our country until now the bulk of the population under the word "earn" means, first of all, work for hire. In America, every second person tries to come up with something of his own. Some new and profitable business. Therefore, the United States is becoming the home of a wide variety of businesses. And we will tell you about some business ideas that came to us from overseas right now.

Automotive ideas from the USA

Luggage storage in parking lots. This idea is quite young. It has not yet received its proper distribution. The idea is that many people like to travel or just move from city to city in their cars. When leaving their vehicles in parking lots, drivers are reluctant (or afraid) to store their belongings in them. But now, in parking lots, special storage rooms appear, where for a certain fee everyone can put any thing under reliable protection. Now this business is just developing, but soon, it will be in demand all over the world.

American Business Ideas for Everyday Life

Now many buyers are making life easier, already common for us, but emerging in the USA, the idea of ​​selling piece goods through vending machines. This idea has long conquered the whole world. Now people don't need to stand in line and take unnecessary actions. It is enough just to go to the required machine, and then, having put the money, press the button. Agree, it's fast, profitable and convenient for everyone.

USA is the birthplace of the online store

Something without which it is now impossible to imagine the modern Internet has also appeared in the States. Online stores that have now filled the entire global network began their journey from overseas. After all, it was in America that they realized that through the Internet you can receive not only information, but also trade. The fact is that investments in any online store are much smaller than even in the smallest offline retail outlet. And at the same time, trade (without exaggeration) is possible with the whole world. At the same time, in the network you can sell such goods that may not be in demand in everyday life.

Application of foreign business ideas

If you, while studying the business of any other country, found a great idea that you want to implement in your homeland, then you need to follow some rules so as not to be at a loss.

  • Before using an overseas business idea, check whether the product or service is in demand in Russia. Will Russians want to pay money for what citizens of other countries pay for?
  • You should calculate how much it will cost to implement a business idea. It is possible that abroad this cost is completely different.
  • It is necessary to find out what is needed to implement the business: premises, equipment, personnel.
  • You also need to find out how new the overseas business idea is. Do you have any competitors? How strong they are and can you compete with them. If you do everything right, then any foreign business idea may well be implemented in Russia. Energy drinks are a prime example of this.

Summing it up

How to Choose the Best Business in America

Business features in American style

In the US, taxes are much lower than in the rest of the world, and in the states of Nevada and Wyoming, they are completely absent!

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Business immigration to the United States is one of the easiest ways to move there for permanent residence. Considering the current situation in the global economy, the prospects of their business in America are beyond doubt. To open your own business in such a developed country, you need to understand which areas are the most relevant and profitable.

According to the US Department of Commerce, the construction and gambling business is considered the best in the country in terms of profit. However, there are other areas that require minimal investment and are very promising.

Business in America, which is not in Russia

The USA is a country where small businesses thrive. The mentality of Americans is built in such a way that they know how to make money from everyday ideas. If we compare small businesses in the United States and Russia, we can see that American ideas appear on the domestic market with a delay of 3-5 years.

Americans are an obese nation. People who spend most of their day in the office cannot afford to go to the gym regularly. They just don't have time for it.

Businessmen saw a promising niche in this and suggested that companies equip a small gym where employees can work out during their lunch break. The advantage of the business is that you do not need to pay rent: it is enough to install sports equipment and find professional trainers. A portable gym is a great example of running a small business with minimal investment.

People with an active life do not have time to take care of pets, but they want them to look happy and well-groomed. Enterprising Americans have created a lucrative American taxi business to transport animals to clinics, beauty salons, etc.

One of the services is also a pet hotel, where wealthy people leave their pets for their holidays or business trips.

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