How are business ideas born? Seven Entrepreneurs Share Their Stories

If you are an entrepreneur with ambitious plans and dream of finding your niche for a successful startup, meet some really cool business ideas that will be in demand in the next decade from 2021 to 2030.

Innovative business ideas differ from standard ideas in that they really make the world a better place, they bring new technologies to the world that solve the problems of the earth and humanity.

Today, more and more entrepreneurs are creating new tech start-up companies that can potentially solve such major global problems as climate change, excess waste, water shortages, and the disappearance of animals and plants.

innovative business ideas for cool startups in the coming years

Plastic recycling as know-how

Plastic is one of the worst enemies of our time. Despite the fact that plastic is indispensable in the modern world, it harms our lives more than helps. Inevitable evil, you say. Regardless of your personal relationship to the environment, recycling can be your calling and your millions of dollars worth of startup.

Plastic recycling has great potential in the global market. The planet is packed with plastic, and new plastic products are the least it needs now. Now is the time to take control of plastic recycling and create new technologies in this large-scale industry.

According to scientists, the plastic collected throughout the Earth is estimated at more than $ 500 billion. I think the scale and prospects for the business are clear.

Throwing away is easier than recycling. This is why plastic waste is damaging our planet, entering the land and ocean and returning to us in the form of microplastics in food.

Robotic Waste and Garbage Management

Waste is growing at an alarming rate around the world and more difficult to manage. It is difficult to collect and dispose of garbage in such a volume, especially given the threats to health and life that accompany these processes.

Most popular business ideas: 2 ideas of what can be sold + 2 production options + what to do at home + what is used in the service market.

When deciding to start your own business, a completely justified question arises: what will it be? It is good if a person knows what he wants, or has experience and knowledge in a certain area. But what about those who are still looking at various options?

Therefore, in our article we will discuss what are the most popular business ideas on the market.

Sometimes you still need to follow the well-trodden path and not invent something new in order to succeed. It is only important to fully devote energy to your work.

the most popular business ideas in sales

The well-known principle: "bought at a lower price, sold at a higher price" accurately describes a business in the trade sphere. Therefore, many believe that sales is the most profitable and simple direction that anyone can master. And if everything were so easy, then we would not see so many bankrupt shops that operate at a loss. In addition, do not forget about the tough competition in this industry.

Still, we invite you to check out two examples of the most popular business ideas that can serve as a good start for future entrepreneurs.

Flower boutique opening

A flower kiosk is corny and boring, but despite this, the competition in this business is simply off scale. Therefore, for those who are counting on VIP clients, opening a flower boutique is suitable.

This niche is just starting to develop, but that doesn't stop it from being a popular business option. Believe me, there is a demand for bouquets in stylish hat boxes with a price tag exceeding 10,000 rubles.

Still, this version of a business idea has a number of features:

PR Manager Puzzle English

Elena Abramova, PR-manager of Puzzle English, collected the stories of seven entrepreneurs about how they came up with an idea for a business and what were the main difficulties in its implementation.

Business ideas, like newborns, do not give rest, they do not sleep with them at night, the first year of their life is not easy, but in general, their birth is a drive, a thrill and a break from the old reality. Like beloved children, they are often born unplanned, appearing because they are simply very, very lacking for self-realization or simply because the parent cannot imagine his future without them. Seven company founders talked about the "birth" of their businesses.

Problems with English pushed me to create the project

How to get to know your user and make money from it

Alexander Antonov, founder of the Puzzle English online educational service

“Registration of a company and accounts, opening an office, setting up accounting and personnel records, document flow - when you do this for the first time, a lot of negative emotions are born:“ Damn, how much bureaucracy, how much time, money and effort it takes wasted on something that has nothing to do with work, with the creation of the project ”. Be calm about current problems. You will have to get used to them, accept them as an inevitable part of your work. "

In 2021, due to my lack of knowledge of the English language, I missed some very interesting vacancies. For example, I went through all the stages of the interview for the position of the leader of the team of developers of the Olympic sites and flunked a conversation in English with a representative of the organizing committee of the Sochi Olympics. In general, due to problems with English, I could not get a job in two international companies.

I had a base in English, but it was difficult to perceive speech by ear. This is not effectively taught in any course. I created an online service for myself and trained my listening comprehension of phrases from various videos. My simulator cut individual phrases into words, and I made a sentence out of them by ear, like a puzzle. So that the good does not go to waste, I posted this simulator along with videos for everyone to access on the learnonline site. e. A little later, it dawned on me what the site should be called, and I bought the puzzle-english domain. om.

For an idea to become a business, I had to check if other people needed this simulator or if it was just a product for geeks like me. Will they pay for it? Answers could only be obtained by experience. The simulator was free, but I followed the statistics - whether users go through tasks to the end, whether they return, what they write in the comments. Every month I spent $ 100-150 from my pocket on contextual advertising so that I had a target audience for analysis.

In the end, it took 2 years before I was ready to take on the project in earnest, and the reason was my main job. Then I worked at Yandex, where I liked everything and needed good reasons for decisive changes.

This may sound ridiculous, but the impetus for the final decision was the too good "greenhouse" working conditions in the company, where you are guaranteed a stable future. I saw how my whole life passed in such monotonous calm until my death. It became scary. I realized that I had to quit.

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