Garage business: 53 ideas with minimal investment

To start your own business, it is not necessary to acquire expensive equipment, invest millions. The first step is to set up a garage business. The investment amount will be 20,000-300,000 rubles. The exact amount depends on the size of the organization. In the Russian Federation, about 15% of the working-age population is involved in the garage business. For work, entrepreneurs take a small room of 10-20 square meters, purchase a bell and other equipment, and then start work. The garage business is not limited to starting a car shop or a tire service. We have prepared 53 interesting ideas for you with minimal investment.

Auto repair shop

The amount of the initial payment: from 300,000 rubles.

Payback period: from six months

Setting up a garage car service is an option for good mechanics who want to start working for themselves. To start a business at the first stage, you need a basic set of tools, a pit in the garage. Spare parts are purchased upon failure. The client pays for them.

To start a business, you need a large garage that will be renovated. It is better if it is originally owned by the entrepreneur. This will save investment in the initial phase. The list of car service services is somewhat limited. Here they carry out engine repairs, body damage correction, troubleshooting, small parts repair and replacement. Car tuning is additionally carried out. Provide 1-2 services to customers at first. While developing the company, expand the range.

It is not necessary to hire staff to organize the work. In the first stages, you can repair cars yourself or together with an assistant. Sufficient qualifications are required for successful work.

Aquaprint of car salons

Initial cost: RUB 150,000

When will pay off: from 3 months

Aquaprint is a technology for drawing pictures to create unique surfaces. With its help, it is possible to convey the texture of a tree, reptile scales, the plane of a stone. This makes the car unique.

The essence of the work consists in surface preparation, image transfer, drying, varnishing of parts.

Almost everyone sooner or later thinks about starting their own business and moving from hired workers to the league of entrepreneurs. Well, why not?

Business empires were not founded by wizards in a blue helicopter with a bag of pretty dollars. Often a business starts with a couple of buddies in your father's garage or an “office” on your couch. And without any start-up capital.

If you are just in search of ideas on where to start your business, our article will help you decide.

When embarking on the path of entrepreneurship, you need to make sure that you understand and fully accept the responsibility and risks of choice:

  • An entrepreneur is a profession. The same as any other. Just as you cannot become a salesperson, teacher, cook after reading a couple of articles, business also needs to learn. Preferably not on your own mistakes. Watch webinars and workshops on "Introduction to Entrepreneurship" (at least).
  • First attempts in business are often unprofitable. Prepare mentally for the fact that not everything will work out right away. Don't expect easy victories, but don't be discouraged in advance.
  • If you start a business with a partner, your relationship can deteriorate. Even if you've been friends since kindergarten, you may not agree, quarrel over money, and let each other down.
  • You cannot open a business with the last money. The risk, of course, is a noble cause, but if you invest every penny, and the business “does not take off”, this dubious “nobility” will hardly comfort (and feed) you.

If this doesn't scare you, let's move on to the next step!

How to start a business from scratch and not screw it up

When there is no free money, stocks of goods, production resources, business opportunities are definitely less, but they are. The main thing is not to make stupid mistakes at the start.

First of all, just put aside thoughts about exchanges, network marketing and other “guaranteed ways” to make a million in a couple of days - it's not serious.

Secondly, do not get down to business in which you do not understand anything. Even if this business from the outside seems to you as transparent as possible, in fact you will face a bunch of pitfalls. Move in a familiar direction - profession, hobby.

When starting a business, the main thing is to find an idea that will be interesting for you to develop and that will resonate with customers. This is easy to say, but not easy to do. In this article, we'll figure out where to start looking for a business idea and explore both offline and online options.

Business idea - what is it

Everything is simple here: a business idea is an idea that is necessary to build a new company. It involves the creation of goods or services that will be valuable to consumers and therefore can bring income to the entrepreneur.

Business idea from scratch How to start

Everyone in life has something around which to build a business. Usually, a good idea is at the intersection of three points: an activity you are passionate about, an activity you understand, and an activity in which you are willing to invest time and money.

You can find a business idea using a written exercise. To complete it, you need to take a sheet of paper and divide it into three columns. It's best not to do this in Excel or Google Sheets; writing lists by hand will help you frame more options. For 15-20 minutes (but no longer), remove any distractions and try to focus on filling in the columns.

How to get to know your user and make money from it

The first time around, the perfect idea may not be found, and that's okay. This stage is similar to writing the first draft of a book or article: it only starts the process.

Where to find business ideas

Deal with what's holding you back

Solve the problem of a specific audience

Find business ideas in your work

Hello. I have already described today's topic more than once, but the next "adventurers and applicants to the Forbes list" again ask me to give them promising business ideas for beginners with minimal investment. I have no habit of refusing to help those in need, and therefore I decided to write this material, in which I will first give several recommendations to those who have decided to start their own business, and then move on to the most popular, original, least costly and quickly recouped ideas. I have already cited some of them in previous materials, but I will repeat myself, because they will remain relevant in 2021. I conditionally divided all ideas into several categories to make it easier for you to find something suitable for yourself - geographically, for men and women, for advanced youth (schoolchildren and students), as well as separately options for the most profitable small business for enterprising residents of Ukraine.


Any business that allows you to start yourself with minimal investment, as a rule, is a quick payback (provided you choose a good idea). With a competent organization, in the first months it begins to bring a decent income. How can this be achieved? Here are some tips:

  • First of all, decide on the scope. The easiest way is to start with the provision of any services, but it can be trade, and production, and Internet earnings, and something completely different.
  • Analyze the market in your region, pay special attention to what is too much (not worth doing) and what is really lacking.
  • Do not expect to immediately become a tycoon, for only beginners, and even with minimal investment at the start, a mini-business is more suitable, which can later grow into a large and mega-profitable business.
  • Choose your idea carefully. Do not try to do things that you do not initially like, even if the business promises a huge income. It won't work. You must love your job and know everything about it. Competence is also important. Also evaluate the demand for options, the complexity of their implementation, compliance with legal and ethical requirements. Remember that an idea can be cliché, but with a special twist (something that sets it apart from the competition), it may well be profitable.
  • Create a detailed business plan. It will be useful to you and potential investors in the future.
  • Do not neglect the official design to avoid many problems.
  • Do not go into debt until you are convinced of the profitability of your business. Business ideas with minimal investment are also good because any initiative person, even a “poor student,” can implement them, and in case of failure, financial losses will be minimal.
  • Don't be lazy and don't give in to the slightest difficulty. Do not forget that “you cannot easily pull a fish out of the pond”.
  • Learn from other people's mistakes, but do not repeat after your neighbor - to each his own.

Friends, finished with recommendations. I turn directly to business ideas for strong men, talented women, ambitious young people, which are feasible with minimal investment. All of them are suitable for implementation in a big city, so I will separately consider only options for small provincial towns, villages and villages, as well as for residents of Ukraine, since everywhere there is its own specificity.

Small town

So where are you going to "make millions" is very important. If in big cities with a huge number of well-earning people you can organize almost anything, the main thing is to make effective advertising, then in the provinces such a trick will not work. There are fewer people there, and their income is lower, so they spend money only on what they really need for life or on what is especially interesting and unusual.

The territorial location of the settlement also matters, for example, in the south, no one needs fur coats and skis, and in the north, you can hardly sell a catamaran. Keep this in mind, in the next list of business options for a small town I will list only ideas with a very brief description or without it at all, considering only the possibility of their implementation with minimal investment. If someone is interested in something, then contact me, I will write down a specific business in more detail (well, or look for yourself on the Internet).

  • Bath restoration. A new bath is expensive, provincial residents find it easier to update an old one, in which you can help them, while making good money.
  • Apartment renovation or installation of plastic windows.
  • Services of an electrician, locksmith, plumber, carpenter, and so on.
  • Workshop for sewing and repairing clothes or shoes (you can do it at home).
  • Key making, including for intercoms.
  • Car service, tire workshop or car wash.
  • Mini bakery.
  • Sale of kvass.
  • Furniture manufacturing or restoration.
  • Cleaning of upholstered furniture, pillows and mattresses. I would also include carpet cleaning in the same category.
  • Sale of cotton candy, popcorn, lemonade and drinking water in places where children gather and in cinemas.
  • Refueling of cartridges, service and repair of office equipment.

I will stop at this for now, move on to options for entrepreneurship in rural areas. Let me remind you that my division into categories is rather arbitrary.


Friends, in this section of the article I will list a certain number of business ideas with a quick payback that can be implemented completely from scratch or with minimal investment, while living in a private house. It doesn't have to be a village or a village. Maybe you organize one of the following at a country cottage, but by default I mean the countryside:

  • Manufacturing and installation of greenhouses. The material is usually purchased with the customer's money. All you need is the ability to properly assemble the greenhouse.
  • Construction and repair of baths, as well as the implementation of all kinds of bath devices - stoves, brooms, and so on.
  • Plant growing and animal husbandry are laborious, but very profitable occupations, the products of which are in demand all year round.
  • Gathering. In the summer you can collect and sell berries, herbs, mushrooms and nuts later. Prepare phyto-teas, jam and pickled mushrooms for the winter.
  • Installation of fences and gates.
  • Veterinary services.
  • Production of drinking bowls for poultry.
  • Creation of decorative artificial reservoirs.
  • Smoked products production (mini-smoker will be required).
  • Selling chickens (you need a mini incubator).
  • Installation of water and gas heaters. They are bought with the customer's money. You have to correctly route the pipes, configure and connect everything. Additionally, you can provide maintenance and repair services for these devices.
  • Roofing works. This service is in demand mainly in summer, but in winter you can earn extra money by clearing snow from roofs and not only.
  • Repair of agricultural machinery, sale of motoblocks and tools.
  • Making hay. This is a complex process when mowed and hand-picked, which is why many villagers prefer to hire a worker for this purpose. And if you still have special equipment, then your productivity and, accordingly, income will increase dramatically. You can also sell hay by machines.
  • Procurement and sale of firewood.
  • Bee breeding and honey production.
  • Production of compound feed, sale of vitamins for livestock and poultry.
  • Sawmill organization.
  • Production of natural juices, condensed milk or seasonings.
  • Making felt boots.
  • Weaving baskets and decorative elements.
  • Plowing and harvesting. There are very few young people in the villages, and the elderly find it difficult to do such work on their own, so you can easily make money on it.
  • Decorating fences with a photo grid.

Home production business ideas are issues of concern to many men and women. Today we will tell you about new profitable ideas. They can be launched with minimal investment or no money at all in 2021.

Sewing interior toys

Interior toys will never go out of style. They are bought as a gift for adults and children. The famous big giraffe of the American company Melissa & Doug is popular. 140 cm tall, it decorates the space of children's rooms. It is being sold out with a bang, especially for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, new year, etc. Big toys are always beautiful, stylish, with a twist.

You can start making big beautiful interior toys. Choose any theme - big and small animals, cartoon characters, TV series, etc.

You can start a business with a minimum investment of up to 5000 rubles. To start, you will need material, tools for sewing and cutting.

The cost of one toy will be about 2,000 rubles, and you can sell it from 8,000 rubles.

By the way, the giraffe, which we talked about at the beginning, costs about 13,000 rubles in stores. It always sells out in a few hours. Therefore, your toys can also be in great demand. Production can be organized at home on your own.

Instagram with a beautifully designed shop window, bright photos and videos of toys will work well to attract customers.

Color paste production

According to statistics, the average Russian eats 6 kg of pasta and pasta per year. Naturally tasty pasta is often not found in all stores. The production of top quality homemade pasta will be in great demand.

Add some color to it all. Make a multi-colored paste in one pack, and you will definitely not end up with clients.

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