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Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "Foreign business ideas". We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

The most profitable business ideas in the world

Of the ten business ideas presented in this overview, five are from Americans. The geography of the other five is very extensive - from Thailand to Germany.

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The Ferrero family owns the largest chocolate factory in Europe. Their main brands are Tic Tac, Kinder Sorpresa, Ferrero Rocher, Nutella. At this time, the family is expanding its sales market at the expense of Asian countries, especially China. Mikel lives in Monte Carlo, his son lives in Belgium.

He came up with the idea of ​​installing lockers along the freeways. Breda is the largest storage provider in the United States. The company owns two thousand branches throughout America. Hughes is also known for his philanthropic activities, in particular the fight against childhood leukemia.

His idea is ridiculously simple - to stick a horse tag on a regular polo shirt. And estimate it at $ 50. And then watch how his goods are being bought up. Ralph is the son of Russian emigrants. He dropped out of business school in 1967 and borrowed $ 50,000 for his polo project. In 1994, Ralph sold a 28% stake in his company for $ 138 million.

The idea is to trade books over the Internet. World renowned founder of Amazon. om, the world's largest book trading portal, grew up in Texas. He worked on Wall Street after graduating from university. At the age of 30, he decided to change his life, and opened the book trade through the Internet. Jeff's first office was in a garage in Seattle. He became a billionaire in 1997.

His idea is to sell teddy bears with touching names. And to release them in very limited quantities so that the toys immediately become collectible. Binnie's teddy bears hit the market in 1986 and immediately became quite popular. Warner invested the profits from his project in real estate. The most expensive hotel in New York, the Four Seasons, belongs to Ty Warner.

The idea is to sell energy drinks to athletes and fans of night discos. Mateschitz and Juvidiha have created the world famous Red Bull drink, fortified with vitamin B. The drink's sales exceeded $ 3. billion annually.

Adaptation of new foreign business ideas in three steps: find, comprehend, implement

New business ideas come from abroad quite often. Therefore, it makes sense to periodically monitor new business trends abroad. Of course, not everything can be done on native soil. But some can be adopted directly, and some can be creatively reworked. What this review will be devoted to. But first, let's outline some difference in approaches in the west, east, and here. This will help you better navigate when implementing a foreign business idea in your “native land”.

It's nice to remember the differences between us and them

Business is an invention of the Western way of thinking. What is the difference between business and, more or less associated with our term, entrepreneurship? ... This requires a separate discussion. Here we will outline the difference in approaches. On the basis of which it will become clear that not all the ideas of foreign countries can be implemented, or even limitedly implemented here.

Let us dwell on these, in our opinion, the most important features when considering new business ideas from abroad.

Recent examples of foreign business ideas

For convenience, let's group business ideas according to some criteria. The structuring given below is largely arbitrary.

These are ideas related to new discoveries, stupid, cheapening of existing technologies. Traditionally, most innovations are simply implemented in the west or east. Periodic review of innovation can push a business idea. And since the West is initially aimed at extracting material benefits, then the development of technologies themselves are closely linked to profitability, financial gain from investments. Examples of innovative business ideas:

  • Photo printing for the phone. A special phone case that allows you to instantly print a photo;
  • Tent-solar battery. The energy generated by the tent is enough to charge an electronic gadget, connect some not very power-hungry device;
  • Electric bike in a backpack. A good solution for those who like to travel;
  • Reusable diapers;
  • Stylus-brush that allows you to draw on touch screens;
  • Printer for printing clothes.

Recommended for familiarization: what business to do?

  • Advertising on windows. We draw advertisements directly on the glass;
  • Production of reinforcement for concreting from composite materials;
  • Creation of unusual buildings: crooked houses, houses upside down, "hobby holes", etc.;
  • Leasing of special equipment;
  • Temporary entourage (giving the appearance) of any premises under the order for the organization of certain events.

Why are business ideas from Europe interesting for us? They attract our enterprising compatriots mainly by their novelty, creativity and uniqueness of the solution.

Of course, they must be adjusted to our conditions - adapted. A businessman who has managed to implement European ideas for entrepreneurship can be awarded the title of pioneer.

Let's look at those that will take root or have already taken root and adapted to our mentality, geographic and economic conditions.

- Protective liquid for surfaces "Ultra Ever Dry". The essence of the action; water-repellent and stain-proof function. Before starting to use the surface, it is covered with this product. After use, they are removed, and the object or thing remains dry and clean. A very useful thing. Useful on the robot and at home.

This case is not very common in our country. The niche is almost free - occupy and do whoever is interested.

- "Bicycle rental on the machine". The innovation was introduced by the bikedispenser company. om in the city of Amsterdam. To improve the bike rental service and the speed of the operation itself, which takes only 15 seconds, they installed rental machines. Where you take a drive for a couple of euros, and you can return it there or to another similar rental point.

This type of activity is called vending. There are almost no competitors in our country. The field for collecting fruits is wide and few will interfere.

- The next innovation is the use of snow for advertising purposes. Curb, a well-known advertising agency in London, has always distinguished itself by using natural materials in its activities.

This is the first time Curb has used winter wealth in an advertising campaign for Extreme TV. About two thousand TV company logos were created in the snow. The inhabitants immediately noticed this innovation. An original approach to advertising, brought its results.

The bottom line is that our winters will never end. The main thing is imagery of thinking, imagination and of course clients.

- Another topical winter type of earnings, rental of New Year's costumes. Quite a profitable business, while not widespread due to its inconstancy. You won't make money on this business all year round. But those who ventured to do it do not complain and are satisfied.

- Cafes with a menu designer have become widespread in Europe. Having come to the restaurant to eat, the client does not choose from the existing menu. And he is provided with a wide range of food products, where he selects the ingredients and makes his own dish. He can even take part in its preparation. Quite interesting, and not common with us. Many customers would use this service.

Now let's look at business ideas from America that have taken root on the territory of post-Soviet countries.

Business ideas from Europe are bold startups that will help you to increase your fortune in a short time. Western projects are the best suited for implementation in Russia, if only for the reason that they are new, interesting and still underdeveloped in our country, which means that entrepreneurs have every chance to occupy a relatively free niche. Below we take a look at the most popular new business in Europe with a small investment.

Create a social media group

Progress does not stand still. In the capitalist world, advertising drives sales. According to many experts, the "era of television" is coming to an end. An increasing amount of advertising goes to the Internet. In Europe, advertising through social networks is widespread, while in Russia this marketing method is only gaining popularity. Advertisements are placed in communities (publics). You can create such a site at no special cost.

All that is required is to come up with an original concept for a public in one of the social networks (Vkontakte, Facebook, Instagram, etc.). For example, dedicate a group to beautiful nature photography. Next, you need to untwist it. This is where the start-up capital will go.

To promote a group, you must follow the following points:

  • fill the community with content (fill with interesting informational material);
  • wind up subscribers using special services (it costs up to three thousand rubles);
  • launch advertising in other communities (negotiable price, in large groups - from 15 thousand rubles);
  • regularly post content.

Advertising should be given special attention. It should be designed for the target audience. If the community is dedicated to nature, then advertising should be in public with the appropriate topic - thus it will be seen by a large number of potential subscribers.

European business ideas, which do not exist in Russia, are associated with an independent search for advertising buyers. When you get more than 60 thousand subscribers, advertisers will contact you. You can find them yourself based on the interests of your community members. For example, a public about nature can successfully advertise an online store of goods for outdoor activities.

The cost of advertising in social networks is calculated by special services, it is from this amount that customers will start. Such services work according to the following principle: they determine the number of subscribers, the so-called likes and comments. Therefore, try to post content that encourages commenting.

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In the West, there is a growing trend towards the demand for bold and creative startups. One of them: opening your own time-cafe (or anti-cafe). Small business in Europe is increasingly turning into the creation of entertainment establishments with a small selection of gastronomic products. Antikafe is an institution with a specific theme. Food and drinks are also sold there, but in much smaller quantities than in a regular cafe.

A business that does not exist in Russia is the creation of establishments for fans of TV series. Check out which TV shows have the highest ratings so far. Then announce the evening viewing of the new episode in your anti-cafe. It is enough to advertise in the community dedicated to the series, on social networks and there will be no free places. After that, in the fan environment, fame will grow exponentially.

Having decided to start his own business, every entrepreneur is faced with the need to choose a type of activity. In most cases, business ideas are based on the experience of developing successful Russian businessmen, which is far from always justified. For this reason, you should not dwell on common options, but you should pay attention to those foreign business ideas that are not in Russia.

Why do business ideas from abroad have the right to develop in Russia?

Entrepreneurship always remains relevant - the majority of people working "for an uncle" dream of their own business, in addition, the state provides various subsidies and support that contribute to the development of the business. Nevertheless, aspiring businessmen often face a number of problems, including an insufficient legal framework and difficulties in doing business.

In America and Europe, business is a significant market segment that provides economic growth. Doing business in these countries is somewhat easier than in Russia, since the entrepreneur receives advisory and information support completely free of charge. In addition, the rights of the owner of their business are reliably protected at the legislative level.

What attracts Russian entrepreneurs to small business ideas abroad?

There are several reasons for attention to business innovations abroad:

What you need to know before implementing Western business ideas that are not in Russia?

When deciding to start a business based on a Western business idea, be sure to consider the following factors.

Demand. Not every business that brings income to Western businessmen will be as successful in Russia. For example, a special taxi for animals or a hotel for pets will be in demand exclusively in megacities or regional centers, while in small towns the enterprise will be unprofitable.

Possibility of purchasing equipment. If you decide to organize a business for the production of goods, then make sure that you can purchase original equipment or its analogues in Russia and abroad.

Own financial and physical capabilities. Among domestic ideas, there are many that do not require large financial and time costs.

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