Don't wait for a light bulb in your head: how to come up with a breakthrough business idea

We need a pencil and a piece of paper.

  • Record 3 of your hobbies,
  • Record your skills,
  • Record your current occupation,
  • Record what your inner circle is engaged: relatives, friends, acquaintances,
  • A strange question, but what would you be doing now if you did not need to make money?
  • Read our expanding list business of ideas - perhaps you will find something for yourself + ideas for startups.

These are 6 options that can push you towards an idea. It was promised 7, so:


It's easier if I tell you by examples. Let's say on the 5th point your answer is to shoot a movie. And the 3rd or 4th point, well, let it be work at a pipe rolling plant. Ideas?

  • Make a movie about the plant,
  • Make a movie about how pipes are made
  • Make a movie about the people who work in the plant, that make pipes.

Discovery films about doing things are very popular. We removed it - we put it on YouTube, we make money on it. Business too. True, one video will not be enough, but that's another question. Yes, millions can be made on this, examples.

Here I will say one more thing, on point 5. Do not expect that you will once earn a lot of money and be able to do what you really want. Take action now. If you want to do charity work - nothing prevents you from giving part of your income to funds, and on weekends to volunteer for a couple of hours in different organizations. If you want to make films - shoot, for an hour a day, you can allocate a hobby for this, shoot, experiment, put it on YouTube. You don't have to wait, you have to do, otherwise you don't have to wait.

Or instead of filming a movie, you can find buyers for your plant's products and get your percentage of sales.

The essence of the 7th option is in comparing two or more previously recorded maxims in a different order.

Having chosen a certain niche - check it through wordstat. andex. u is a service for checking the frequency of requests for certain words in Yandex. Often this is how you can concretize your choice, and this is not only about regional binding, but also about related aspects.

Sources of business ideas

What if an unloved job turns into a dull money-making? Of course, you can do, as in the joke: "The mice cried, injected, but they continued to eat cacti." But, as a matter of fact, is it not for this reason that a person is given reason and free will, in order to choose? It is especially difficult to follow the "mouse method" for creative people, for whom routine is a heavenly punishment.

Useful tips from Daria Bikbaeva's book are put together in a step-by-step plan for those who want to enjoy life and be proud of their work every day. And to receive money for this, which is also important. And even if it just seemed to you for a second that it was time to change something in life, read them too. But what if.

Find a calling

You feel that you are tired of working from 9 to 17 until you gnash your teeth, but you don't know what to do? Or, on the contrary, there are so many desires that you are already scared yourself? Have to search. And first - yourself. And then business.

Start a separate notebook. And answer the questions in it:

Masterpiece: What are you proud of? Childhood: what were you hobbies about? Attention: what interests you? Education: what do you love to study? Hobbies: what do you do in your free time? Motivation: what makes you do something? Compliments: What are the most compliments you receive?

Throw in as many options as possible. And let it rest for a week: then add it.

Come up with your brand

You need to turn your vocation into a tool for making financial profits. If you don’t get enough money from this activity, you will have to get a “regular” job, and this is stealing time from your dreams. And so in a circle. In general, you get the idea. This means that the minimum program is to turn a hobby into a full-fledged business and create your own brand.

Why? A company without a brand is like a person without a passport. You can live, but the possibilities are limited.

Many who want to start their own business are interested in how to come up with a business idea, how to generate a really worthwhile idea for a business. Today we will tell you about the best ways to find a good, working, profitable idea for your business.

The first step is to study the market

In order to choose the right direction for your business, you just need to look around. To begin with, you need to research the current market situation, identify current market trends and the needs of potential customers, assess potential competitors.

And if you are a person with a commercial streak, you can safely rely on your intuition.

Sometimes it happens that difficulties arise and it is generally not clear where to start. So, below are some tips to help you decide:

Realistically assess whether you have the ability to run a business

Do you have leadership qualities in your character? Do you have specific goals that you want to achieve in business? Are you confident in your success?

I recently spoke with one of my acquaintances. For many years he worked in a hospital. He managed the cleaning staff of this hospital. This person is currently running his own cleaning company. And quite successfully.

I also know an artist who makes a living with his work. There are many cases when talented people create a business, realizing their abilities.

To be more precise, ask yourself the following questions: “What can I do? What have I already done? Will there be money for my services or goods? "

You should know all the latest market news

Here it is enough to regularly follow the news, new trends, innovations, realistically assess your position - and you will be surprised at how easily worthwhile ideas will start to come to your head.

Creativity is not a miracle, but a quality of consciousness. You can develop creativity just like building muscle in the gym. How to streamline the creation of breakthrough ideas? Here are some tips.

Don't hope for inspiration

Most of the startups who come to me for advice have new business ideas as a result of a sudden insight. The problem, however, is that insight is rarely good. Taking on the implementation of a bright, but ill-considered idea, you can waste money without getting the desired result.

Hence the first recommendation is not to wait until the "light bulb" in your head lights up by itself, and not to rush to implement the first thing that seemed successful. Make generating new ideas a routine process that involves key people.

If you purposefully search for a cool business idea, you will find it.

Stay tuned for market developments

The process of creating ideas is divided into several stages. The first is tracking changes in the world and in the company and making a list.

Make an appointment for yourself. Turn off all gadgets, retire with a pen and paper, and in silence purposefully reflect on what is happening around you. Write down all the changes that are important to your business - economic, political, social. Obvious and not so obvious. Make this a priority so it doesn't get lost on your daily to-do list. Give her an hour a month.

If several employees are involved in brainstorming, each one makes his own list of changes. Then bring all the observations into a table, in the columns of which the recorded changes will appear.

Go to the next step.

Research customer needs

Many startup founders at the initial stage make a number of the same mistakes: at first they strongly doubt their idea, not daring to present it to the world, then deviate from the set goal, and then completely abandon the project in the hope of coming up with something more perfect. Experienced entrepreneurs do it differently: they listen to their own intuition, communicate with others to identify their needs, and then bring a product to the market. Standuply co-founder Alex Kistenev recommends using a set of techniques to help you come up with a great startup idea.

Explore yourself

According to Kistenev, great ideas are born at the moment when a person himself wants to change something. Moreover, he may not be aware of his desire, which gradually gains power over him. For example, Mark Zuckerberg, as a student, was a recluse, but at the same time strived for communication - as a result, he came up with Facebook. Jack Dorsey wanted to know what was happening in his area, and his interest led to the emergence of Twitter.

In order to identify your needs, Kistenev advises answering a number of questions:

  • What strong skills do you have?
  • What skills would you like to improve?
  • What are your most difficult daily activities? <
  • which processes you are involved in are poorly organized?
  • what are the biggest challenges you face in your work and beyond?

Write down and analyze the answers to these questions to find the rationale in them that will push you to form an idea. Even if you don’t come up with it the first time, it may come to you after re-reading the list or another wording of the answers.

Understand your motivation

When we get pleasure from something, time flies by. With this fact in mind, try to outline the range of your hobbies that can form the basis for a business idea. Kistenev recommends following the points below:

  • list the activities that you really enjoy and select 3-5 of the best;
  • sort out in detail what you like about each of these activities;
  • identify one or two serious problems associated with these hobbies;
  • describe in detail how you could solve them if you had all the necessary resources;
  • tell your friends and colleagues about it and get their opinion;
  • come up with a way to solve the problems you have identified with minimal means. What might it look like?
  • Determine what you need initially and get started.

“Take the first, easiest step right now,” urges Kistenev. After that, decide what your next action will be and schedule it for tomorrow morning. If the situation requires it, wake up early - perhaps this will be the very first step, which means that you are on the path of great change. "

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