Crazy ideas from abroad that have proven successful

New startups, failing to find a sufficient response from consumers, crumble to dust, without bringing any profit.

All of a sudden, quite absurd ideas are developing for everyone, bringing multimillion-dollar profits to the organizer. Having learned about those projects that were successful and too bold, it remains only to regret that they did not come into our heads. Is it possible to translate these ideas into reality in our country, we will see further.

Dog cleaning

This idea enriched the Colombian who founded PetButler in his country. Employees of the company do dog excrement cleanup for a fee, which their clients remit on a weekly basis.

At one time this proposal to Matt Boswell, the founder of the firm, seemed ridiculous. However, the economic mindset and entrepreneurial acumen helped to quickly analyze all the pros and cons of the proposal. And here is the result - now PetButler is the largest company for such unpleasant work as cleaning animal feces. This work is one of those that they do not like, even disdain, and tend to avoid doing it on their own.

The calculation was as follows: if we take a district with a radius of 30 km, then this is more than 100,000 dogs, even if 1% of the owners of these animals pay weekly for the services of his company, this is already a decent amount.

PetButler now has more than 5,000 dog breeders as clients and has sold over a hundred franchises in various states.

For Russia, this idea would not be bad, but there is no strict enough legislation forcing to clean up excrement on lawns after dogs.

In our country, there are conscientious citizens who clean themselves while walking the dogs, but there are very few of them. If we consider breeders of different breeds of dogs, then, probably, these services can be in demand. But it should be noted that the concentration of breeders in any region is not so great, so a large scale is hardly possible.

Grandma's jam

Entrepreneur Frazer Doherty dropped out of school at 16 and started his own company, Super Jam. At the age of 14, he began selling jars of his own jam, which made him famous now not only in his native Scotland.

The company's annual turnover is currently more than 500,000 cans, which is 1/5 of the total jam market in England. In addition to the jam business, Doherty decided to start writing a book, now you can find two on sale, both devoted to his business. The Scottish entrepreneur organizes many parties for retirees as part of the SuperJamTeaParties charity, which Doherty also organized.

Business Outlook for Europe

Given the anti-Russian sanctions, after opening a business in Europe, it will be easier to enter the world market and multiply your income.

The European Union attracts entrepreneurs with uniform market rules, the number of consumers of a particular service, a low level of corruption and a logical document flow. When choosing a specific country, it is worth examining demand, opening costs, ongoing labor costs, certification and obtaining ISO (if necessary).

Best European Countries for Business

The priority question for entrepreneurs is the procedure and speed of obtaining the required visa. Recent studies have shown that the following states offer the simplest terms and conditions:

  • France;
  • Ireland;
  • Italy;
  • Netherlands;
  • Spain ...

Every year, the World Bank Research Group publishes a report that ranks the world's most attractive countries in terms of ease of doing business. Scores are awarded based on meeting ten requirements:

  • procedure for opening an enterprise;
  • obtaining permits for construction;
  • supply and connection of electricity;
  • registration property rights;
  • loans;
  • investor safety;
  • taxation;
  • international trade;
  • protection of the parties under the contract;
  • bankruptcy procedure.

According to the latest rating, the TOP-10 European countries are located as follows (from more to less attractive):

RankingCountry1Denmark2United Kingdom3Norway4Sweden5Lithuania6North Macedonia7Estonia8Latvia9Finland10Germany

The rating of the country was assessed by the business segment of society, represented in the largest city in the state.

Which businesses open in Europe per year

There are 15 main areas of activity in the EU that are most attractive in 2021. The rating is only advisory in nature and is not required to be applied. But from it it becomes clear which businesses are flourishing in Europe today and which industry is worth paying attention to.

Striving for European standards and the American way of life, the blockage of the Russian market with Chinese products are pushing to search for ideas for the implementation of new areas of business in their country. Innovative goods and services allow us to occupy the still vacant niches in which only a few work today.

American Ideas

You can learn some more interesting methods of earning from the following video:

Ideas from China

How to make money on Odnoklassniki on videos and groups, read here.

Ideas from Europe

Equipment required to start production: molds, volcanic press, dryer and colorants.

Japanese Ideas

The Land of the Rising Sun offers many original ways of investing, but not all of them are applicable and appropriate in Russian conditions:

  • Divorce ceremony for a nominal fee. There is nothing like this in Russia. Is it worth organizing such a business? You can try the idea as other services for banquet halls and restaurants. Perhaps decent people will want to disperse beautifully, to find out all the sore problems in the circle of loved ones. Perhaps such an event will serve both spouses a good lesson for the future. And friends and acquaintances will have no ground for gossip.
  • Production of coolers. Their application to the skin in the heat lowers the body temperature, and the stuffiness is more easily tolerated. Given the hot summer in Russia, this idea is worth trying to implement. The price of the spray will be approximately $ 60. Such a cost may not be affordable for the average mass of the population, but clients vacationing in hot countries and at their own dachas will certainly be found.
  • Making 3-D masks is expensive to manufacture, but very profitable and cost effective when finding a distribution channel. The mask, made of high quality material, is worn over the face and is completely invisible. The business is partially implemented in the Russian Federation, but the quality of the products leaves much to be desired.
  • In Japan, there are inns for single girls. In a confined and calm environment, they prepare themselves for marriage. Such an idea is inappropriate for Russia and somewhat wild. However, you can use the idea of ​​organizing a version for couples who want to get married soon. Most likely, such a service will be in great demand if the price of a room for lovers is lower than the daily rent of apartments in Russian cities.
  • One book store. There is still no such practice of selling one printed edition for a definite period in Russia. Often buyers visit bookstores out of nothing to do, not even hoping to see the long-awaited book there. The new Japanese trend is not to overload the reader with a large offer, but to introduce him to a specific publication or topic. Perhaps this method of selling will be able to interest certain circles of consumers of book products. The most important thing is timely, targeted advertising. You can work on requests.

Every person at least once in his life thought about starting his own business, made plans, studied ideas and options. However, few people know about non-standard types of business that are widespread outside of Russia and bring great profits to their owners.

Reasons for focusing on business ideas abroad

Foreign entrepreneurs have always been under close scrutiny. They are the pioneers in modern business. For some reason they are still so interesting:

  • Innovation. Businessmen abroad have more start-up capital that can be invested in different industries. They, as a rule, are not afraid to take risks, as they are not particularly attached to money.
  • Business is life. In America and Asia, your own business pays off and makes a profit 72% of the time. People abroad live off the sale of investments, dividends. This allows you to save up for education for children, family travel or company expansion faster than if it was a regular job of a civil servant. Thus, the business becomes a market segment where ideas are sold throughout the year instead of products.
  • High profitability. A business that does not exist in Russia will bring huge profits to our compatriots due to its uniqueness and originality. While the rest will open beauty salons and endure competition, the owners of a business built on foreign ideas will become in-demand investors.

Factor analysis before the implementation of foreign ideas

Before drawing up a business plan based on the ideas of the West or the East, you need to carefully study the structure of the prototype, that is, get acquainted not only with the profit indicators, but also analyze the features. The latter include traditions, mentality, the relationship of citizens with each other, attitude to nature, love of travel, etc. Naturally, each business has its own characteristics, but the following internal aspects will become common, which should be taken into account when borrowing an idea:

  • Demand. This factor is an important indicator for a business. It is he who determines if it makes sense to continue the business further or is it worth thinking about opening another enterprise. Demand is formed from the needs of the population, traditions. For example, taxis for pets or expensive private clinics will quickly pay off and make a profit in a metropolis where the owners have almost no time to take care of "smaller brothers". In regions with a predominantly rural population, such a business will bring a loss, at best, it will become zero, that is, it will only cover the costs.
  • Ability to purchase equipment. When planning a business to manufacture and supply goods, it is important to take care of the equipment in advance. If such an idea is an innovation for Russia, then it is worth purchasing equipment abroad. Naturally, it will be expensive, but it is the surest way to build a quality and reliable business.
  • Custom capabilities. The factor that determines the capabilities of a person is the main one. Based on the indicators of the initial capital, the presence of an economic "safety cushion", a business plan is drawn up. Every entrepreneur wants to make a big profit immediately, but this is real only with the corresponding large investments. If the opportunities are small, then it is worth giving preference to a small private business, which will further expand to the size of popular conglomerate companies.

Attention! Any type of business owner always needs to think about the safety of employees. Savings on equipment must be competent, and inventory must be free from defects. Reducing costs too much can lead to accidents.

Popular business in Europe, which is not in Russia

European countries surprise with their beauty and ideas for architectural and design solutions. Walking the streets of Paris or Copenhagen, you can always see unusual buildings, amazing cafes and unique styles of decoration. Business from Europe is just as original - from cafes with raccoons to edible tableware. Here are some ideas that are likely to be profitable in Russia.

Bicycle cafe

One of the latest trends, which is increasingly being adopted by domestic entrepreneurs. The basis for this business abroad was a simple bicycle, which is equipped with a small shop. The advantages of such a private business are obvious:

  • The owner does not need to pay for parking, he sells products without any documents.
  • Ability to create your own schedule.
  • The maximum profit that goes completely to the manager, since there is no need to hire employees.
  • No high tax.

Many people want to start their own business in America. Some see this as a potential for investment, others want to emigrate and secure a comfortable existence. Business in America has a number of subtleties (the cost and the registration process change, the amount of taxes paid - it depends on the specific state chosen), but it attracts with a small amount of bureaucracy and the ability to perform most of the transactions online.

The structure of American entrepreneurship: the business community

When starting your own business, it is important to scale appropriately to local standards. So, in the United States, small businesses (which include almost all newcomers) include enterprises:

  • with up to 500 employees;
  • with a small number of owners (1-2 people);
  • with assets worth up to $ 5 million;
  • with income up to $ 2 million.

However, even here there are some nuances. For example, according to the number of employees, the enterprise distinguishes three groups in the range of 1-24, 25-99, and 100 workers. The larger the company is planned, the more favorable the attitude of the state will be.

Business communities play a significant role in the United States. The most important aspect of their activities is the ability to exchange information and receive equal support from already experienced colleagues. Friendly and open communication is a fertile ground for the development of the company.

Business Features American Style

The most important feature is the desire to maximize profit by shareholders, not forgetting about the top management of the company. It is not difficult to create a new business in America, but successfully running it and making money is already a problem. Skilled and knowledgeable people are highly valued here, they are cherished, moving up the career ladder.

To open a company, you should be well prepared, go through all the stages of registration from checking the name of the company to opening a bank account. It should be remembered that in the United States everything is very strict with the issues of compliance with legislative and, especially, tax regulations.

If a European businessman is to obey the socialist demands of the government, the United States is very lenient about it. The main principle here is making a profit. When it will be - immediately or after a certain time - it does not matter. An income guarantee is mandatory. However, this is not all easy.

It is possible to make money in the USA, but it is difficult. A large number of enterprising people rush to the country who want to enrich themselves. And the Americans themselves can boast of a tenacious grip. All this creates strong competition. But if you prepare well, choose a successful field of activity and place, be ready to work in an irregular mode - significant earnings are also possible.

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