Construction business from scratch - we lay a solid foundation for our business

Every year, like mushrooms after a warm summer rain, new housing estates grow, construction projects of industrial enterprises are implemented, the ranks of private housing owners are replenished. This trend indicates the promise of ideas, to one degree or another related to repair and construction. Therefore, today we will introduce you to current ideas, many of which can be done even by beginners.

For the sake of justice, consider the positive aspects of business construction ideas:

  • any of them will become the guarantor of a stable income regardless of the locality. Of course, we are not talking about ghost towns, moribund villages;
  • 40-60 percent profitability;
  • as a rule, a quick exit to self-sufficiency.

Naturally, there were some pitfalls. For example, many entrepreneurs have firmly established themselves in the production of traditional building materials. Therefore, in such a niche, a newcomer should either rely on a pricing policy that is more attractive to the audience, or offer something new and of high quality. So, abroad technologies for the production of materials have been developed that have not yet reached the domestic market.

Tips for Starting a Construction Business for Beginners

Tools for promoting business services of a construction company

In order to attract the attention of the target audience, you can use:

  • free message boards on the internet. These include the Avito platform;
  • leaflets;
  • a local radio station, TV channel (running line of announcements);
  • printed periodicals;
  • announcements on boards at entrances, in public transport;
  • social networks, forums of construction topics.

Cooperation with owners of building materials stores will be useful. The help of a well-known blogger will be invaluable.

Targeting successful American entrepreneurs. Many well-known businessmen began their journey with the so-called "telephone sales" - they contacted the most promising clients, including potential wholesale customers, and argued in favor of cooperation with them. Why not do the same. In addition, e-mail is available today. By the way, if there is an opportunity to talk in person with a large customer, do not miss it.

Turnkey construction or even just repair work is a service that will be relevant anytime, anywhere. Regardless of the economic situation in the country and the region, people buy apartments, houses and make repairs in their homes.

Construction business is the direction where you can quickly reach a good payback level, but subject to a competently drawn up business plan, recruiting qualified personnel and proper organization of work.

Next, we'll talk with you about how to start a construction business from scratch, how to properly organize work and reach a payback.

Select a field of activity

Before drawing up a business plan for a construction business from scratch, you need to decide on a specific direction. In general, this direction of entrepreneurship can be conditionally divided into three main groups:

  • Individual construction - in this case, the work will be focused on working with private orders.
  • Construction work on an industrial scale, as a separate direction, the road industry can be distinguished.
  • Overhaul of premises, including the design direction - the development of turnkey projects is now in demand, especially in terms of urban apartments.


You can register your activity as an Individual Entrepreneur or LLC. If you only intend to engage in apartment renovation, then an individual entrepreneur is quite suitable for a start. In all other cases, you need an LLC.

Required documents

The standard package of documents includes the following:

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In this article, I will tell you three working ways to start a construction company. These methods are not for sofa lovers, if you are a sofa expert, do not read this article. All methods are taken from real life, each of the methods brought people material and mental well-being. These are not instructions for use, and these methods are not suitable for everyone.

The first way to start a low-rise construction company without money

The first method is painfully banal, you graduated from college and you have a construction education. At the first stage, I advise you to get a job in a construction company (you can even go to shabashniki). To see how everything works from inside, it's easier to say, learn from other people's mistakes. Definitely try to work with a shabashnik and a good construction company (with a reputation and which has been on the market for a long time). Work for your uncle from 3 to 5 years, during this time you will gain experience and understand whether it is yours at all or not.

When creating your own construction company, you should definitely have a desire, burn eyes and experience. And know that for the first year, perhaps 2-3 years, you will have to work seven days a week, unless, of course, you are interested in the development of your company.

Choosing a company name

When creating a construction company, it is very important to think over the name of the company, it should not be long, the name should answer the question of which direction the company belongs to. Example: Houses in Moscow or Your own house Krasnodar, you can add the name of the city in which you are building or are going to build. For example, our company was called Stroy Project, and for the last 12 years, Plus-Stroy. This year they closed, tired of the construction site, and took up other areas. Also, by the name of the company, you will then buy yourself a domain name (the name of the site by which you will be found on the Internet).

We find and negotiate with the teams

Someone will say, you need to draw up documents, register with the tax authority, that's right, but you can do it a little later, with the first profit. I think you need to find 1-2 good teams, today this is a rarity, if not strange. You negotiate with them all the nuances on the shore, as soon as you find an object (job), you conclude an Agreement with the brigade, in the Agreement it is advisable to describe everything to the smallest detail, i.e. brigades like to twist their arms on the floor of the road (especially near and far abroad).

We register a company with the tax authority

Nowadays, people usually entrust building a house or renovating an apartment to construction companies. The demand for construction services is constantly growing. Construction is one of the eternal business niches because people will always build.

There are earning opportunities in this niche. But in order to open a construction company from scratch, it will take a lot of effort and financial investments, and to get a permanent income you need to take into account all possible risks. We will analyze all the nuances of business in construction and repair.

How to start a construction business

Where to start a construction business? First of all, you should weigh what financial capabilities you have. It will not be possible to organize a construction business without large investments. If there is no own funds or they are not enough, the help of investors will be required.

An equally important factor is the experience and connections in the construction environment. If you have experience in construction and at the same time you have established yourself as an excellent craftsman, then a start has been made.

Creating a construction company from scratch

It is not so easy to create a construction company from scratch .. Start-up companies often do not have the funds to join an SRO and to purchase modern expensive equipment. Such firms start their business with renovation and finishing work. Finding staff, even with your own instrument, will not be difficult. It is important at the initial stage to establish itself as a company that provides quality services in a short time and at affordable prices.

To expand your business, you can start selling goods and equipment related to construction. There are many options. For example, you can sell paint, wallpaper, concrete, and other finishing materials, and at the same time offer the services of a painter and plasterer.

Choosing the direction of the construction company

Before opening a construction company, you first need to choose your niche: with whom you plan to work. A construction firm can specialize in the construction of facilities or their renovation.

Real estate will always remain a profitable field of activity. Therefore, the construction of cottages and town houses is a promising field of activity. If you choose the right strategy for starting a private construction business, you can eventually open a large company. About all the intricacies of commercial activities in the real estate market further in the article.

How to start a home construction business for sale?

The real estate market is always a profitable field of activity. There is a demand for apartments and houses in both big and small towns. A home construction business can be a very profitable activity if you follow certain stages of its creation.

First, you need to decide on the format of work. Here it is important to choose whether a business for the construction of houses will open independently or with attracting funds from investors. This type of entrepreneurial activity is very costly and requires substantial capital investments. Since the risks of losses in it are also high, it may be worth considering creating an affiliate business. So, the responsibility of each founder will be solely within the scope of the contributed share.

You can also open a construction company. This option of doing business provides for an advance payment by the customer. This will help the entrepreneur to speed up the process of finding start-up investments, but will increase his financial risks due to obligations to the client.

The second thing to do is to develop a concept that will become the basis for further business activities. It is best to choose the territory for the construction of houses near a forest and clean water bodies. It should be possible to bring all the necessary communications to the house:

  • internet ;
  • light ;
  • water ;
  • telephone communication;
  • sewerage system.

It is very important that the buyer has the opportunity to participate in the planning of the house, because only he knows what the result should actually be.

When choosing a region for construction, special attention should be paid to the infrastructure around the future home. It must meet the basic criteria:

  • close location to the city;
  • good transport interchange;
  • official permission to build real estate on the selected land plot; <
  • the presence of an ecologically clean environment (the absence of nearby chemical plants and any other harmful industries).

After choosing a land plot, you must go directly to its acquisition. This is not an easy procedure, since the registration of property rights and privatization has many of its own nuances. In addition, you need to be ready to invest a serious amount of money at this stage.

You need to create a plan for building a house. A topographic survey of the selected area is carried out. For this, a whole sketch is being developed, which takes into account all stages of construction: from laying the foundation to arranging the rest of the territory.

After the development of a plan for the construction of a house, it must be approved and permission to carry out the relevant operations must be obtained. Only after an official permit has been obtained, you can begin construction work. At this stage, the total costs can be about 300 thousand rubles.

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