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Yekaterinburg ranks fourth in terms of population among Russian cities, which means that the opportunities for starting your own business are practically unlimited: the consumer audience is huge.

Yekaterinburg is often called the capital of the Urals, which is due to both the territorial location and the importance of the city as a major industrial, cultural and educational center of the Ural Federal District.

Opening your own restaurant

Yekaterinburg has a myriad of offices and institutions, educational institutions, where a large number of people work and study, who daily need high-quality and fresh meals. But since there are enough traditional restaurants and bars, a more popular and profitable business is opening a home-cooked restaurant and delivering food to consumers.

This type of business has established itself as profitable in a large metropolis, and creativity of ideas, professionalism of chefs, quality and service, reasonable prices is the way to gain a positive reputation and regular customers.

Pay attention to franchising as an option to quickly open a catering outlet: minimum costs, a ready-made business plan.

The organization of this business is somewhat troublesome, since working with food requires appropriate permits, solid investments for the purchase of high-tech equipment for the kitchen, but the payback quickly enough covers the costs.

Bank as one of the types of successful business

Despite the apparent abundance of financial institutions of this type, there is a stable demand for banking services. In Yekaterinburg, thousands of square meters of housing are commissioned annually, which are available for most of the city's population using a mortgage loan, the need for consumer and business lending is growing, cash transactions are always in demand, etc.

You can open an interbank structure, a bank of a certain specificity, or choose a universal retail direction. It depends on the market research and the entrepreneur's decision. The main document for opening is the license of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, in addition to which a rather serious package of documents has to be drawn up. The necessary financial resources to open a medium-sized banking organization are approximately half a billion rubles.

Yekaterinburg, the capital of the Urals, is one of the five most densely populated cities in Russia: the number of its inhabitants is approaching 1.5 million. The indicator is growing every year - this is due to the migration of the population from the region and neighboring regions: the largest city in the Urals is the third largest educational and business center in the European part of Russia. To understand what kind of business to open in Yekaterinburg, you need to study the statistics on companies and analyze free niches.

Region Features

50% of able-bodied Yekaterinburg residents work in small and medium-sized enterprises. This is partly the merit of the regional authorities that provide support to entrepreneurs. A special fund has been created in the city to help a novice startup not only in choosing an idea for a business in Yekaterinburg, but also in creating a strategic plan, state registration and choosing taxation. On the basis of the fund, there are business incubators that provide preferential conditions for launching a project: inexpensive rental space, assistance from accountants and lawyers. The incubator also attracts investors to the project. An initiative group of Ural businessmen submits proposals to a special Council under the head

City Administration, which develops programs to improve the environment for the development of entrepreneurship. In search of answers to the question "what kind of business can be opened in Yekaterinburg", first we will reveal the features of the region's economy.

  • The unofficial capital of the Urals is the industrial center of Russia: there are 220 engineering, metallurgical, food and chemical production facilities in the city.
  • Six federal highways and the Transsib pass through Yekaterinburg, which makes the city a major transport hub.
  • The average salary is 32,600 rubles: Yekaterinburg is among the top three cities in terms of income.
  • According to statistics, the most profitable areas for starting a project in the region are trade, catering, industry and construction. However, the competition in these areas is significant - there are too many players on the market.
  • Yekaterinburg is one of the ten most popular Russian cities for business travel. Last year, 400 large-scale events and conferences were held in the region.
  • Due to the rapid population growth, industrial development and the irrational use of natural resources, the ecology of the region is rapidly deteriorating. According to the Pollution Index 2021 Mid-Year, Yekaterinburg ranked second in the list of the dirtiest cities in Russia.

Best Business Ideas

Considering the number of entrepreneurs in the region, we can conclude that the b2b sphere is relevant in the city, providing goods or services for business. Below are current ideas on how to create your own small business in Yekaterinburg with and without investments.

Mobile Application Development

The number of people using smartphones is increasing every day. 70% of the time that a user interacts with a phone is working with applications for purchases and payment for services. Almost every business owner thinks about the development of online sales, and the mobile application platform is a simplified service for the client. You can create a company without start-up capital: this does not require equipment, office, or specialized education. To build a portfolio, you can use free servers and tutorials. Experienced employees can also be hired, leveraging the progressive remote labor market represented by a large number of developers. A beginner businessman will need basic knowledge of marketing and the ability to sell services.

D Print

The appearance of 3D printers on the market made a splash: profiled equipment reproduces any layout - from souvenirs to full-fledged residential buildings. The cost of the printer starts from 15 thousand rubles: the machine can be independently assembled from spare parts, making the purchase cheaper. Equipment configurations allow you to create volumetric objects, apply engraving, milling materials. Since the capabilities of the printer are not limited, you need to choose the target audience: whether souvenirs will be produced for retail customers or advertising attributes and molding of spare parts for corporate clients.

The cost of investment depends on the scale of the business: the difference between home production of figurines and a workshop for the production of plastic packaging is millions of rubles. A useful skill for a budding entrepreneur is the ability to create layouts: rendering will become an additional service that will increase sales. With a thorough approach to the organization of business processes, the project payback horizon is 1 year.

Construction of country houses

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From the "passport" you will find out what income a real business for the production and sale of salads can bring, the features and organizational chart of this business.

Age of business: The company was founded in 2021.


business ideas that can be opened in Yekaterinburg:

Business: production of balance bikes for children

Bike runs appeared on the market just a few years ago. The main reason for their creation was the inability of some children to maintain balance, pedal and drive.

Business flower canning / Flowers in glycerin

When they say that money is “just lying around underfoot” it comes to mind that even more of it is “lying around” in garbage cans. And it's not about recycling waste or plastic. This is a separate big topic.

Natural cosmetics production as a business

Natural cosmetics are becoming more and more popular. Users want to buy natural products to get the most out of their skin.

Opening of a mini asphalt plant

The asphalt business is quite specific, but profitable. To equip an enterprise will require not only knowledge, but also expensive technical equipment.

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