Business with a quick payback idea

Beginning entrepreneurs are usually looking for quick-payback business ideas that make it possible to return the investment with a decent percentage in the shortest possible time. But the fact is that it is the beginners who are most difficult to find such an area due to the lack of experience and connections.

Features of the organization of a fast-paying company

Therefore, an experienced businessman calculates the amount of necessary start-up investments, monthly expenses and possible profit before proceeding with organizational activities. Based on the results obtained, he makes a conclusion about the degree of return on business. Fast-payback businesses allow you to return your investment within 12 months. If the period increases, then the activity is not considered highly profitable.

Business ROI

  • Starting investments amount to 1,000,000 rubles.
  • For the first year of work, a profit of 600,000 rubles was received.
  • In the second year of activity, we managed to earn 800,000 rubles.
  • Two years of work have brought a total of 1,400,000 rubles. net profit.
  • This is about 58,000 rubles. per month.
  • But a million rubles returned within 17.5 months, the rest of the money is considered profit.

In principle, this is an example of a profitable and profitable enterprise that can hardly be called a quick payback. That is, such a business can be created only with minimal investments at the start, which are easier to return. But such an enterprise, most likely, will not bring much profit, and a substantial amount will have to be invested in its development.

Business ideas

  • repair of computers and laptops;
  • website development;
  • vending business;
  • second hand;
  • cleaning companies;
  • implementation of intellectual and information services;
  • much more.

To understand the essence of these enterprises, you need to familiarize yourself with their description in more detail.

For example, repairing computers and laptops is a fast-paying small business with minimal costs. Because it does not require the purchase of equipment and rental of premises, it is possible to organize a visit to the client's home. An entrepreneur has enough knowledge in the field of PCs, the ability to work with software and register as an individual entrepreneur. Over time, you can rent a room and buy new equipment. Since investments practically do not exist, the immediate payback of the business is "on the face". Website and web resource development does not need a lot of start-up capital, but you should not expect serious income and easy work.

Vending machines and cleaning services

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The natural fear when starting your own business is the lack of return on business. In some cases, such fears are based on errors in calculations or on the desire to get everything at once. Both options lead to the fact that the entrepreneur loses control over the situation, ceases to believe in himself and stops working.

To prevent this from happening, it is important to immediately understand that it takes time for the net profit to appear. Money invested in starting a business will not return immediately, especially if serious amounts have been spent.

In addition, it is important to draw up a business plan that will reflect all the prospects and risks, all costs and revenues, and will help in the future to competently manage your business. It is also important to choose the right niche. If you want to start making money "into your pocket" within six months, then you should not choose a direction with long-term prospects, such as a vineyard or an apple orchard. Choose something more affordable that starts working here and now.

Dining room

Catering establishments, whether they are cafes or expensive restaurants, are becoming an increasingly popular type of service among the population. Canteens have also become popular, since they feature full-fledged hot meals at an affordable price.

If you decide to open your canteen, you will have to solve various organizational issues, starting with registration of an individual entrepreneur and uploading to hiring employees. The difficulty of opening a catering establishment, as a rule, lies in the execution of various papers and obtaining permits. Your dining room - its guest room, kitchen, employees - must fully comply with sanitary standards and meet fire safety requirements.

It will take about a million rubles to open a canteen. This amount is associated with the purchase of a large number of equipment (refrigerators, stoves, dishwasher, etc.) and furniture (tables, chairs, shelves, display cases). It is also necessary to repair the premises, adjusting it to the established legal norms. It will be cheaper to rent a premise in which the canteen was already functioning.

On average, you can receive about 30,000 per day, with the expectation that 150 people will visit the institution during the day, and the average check will be 200 rubles. It turns out that monthly income will be 600,000. Taking into account various expenses (utilities, employee salaries, tax deductions, purchase of products, etc.), the net profit will be close to 200,000. This means that such a business will recoup the investment in 5-6 months ...

Joiner's workshop

Wood products are valued more and more every year, and therefore a carpentry workshop can become a very profitable business.

Before opening a carpentry workshop, you should decide what kind of products your company will produce. You can start making furniture or start making kitchen utensils. It is important that supply is matched with the demand on the market. You should not immediately start making several fundamentally different products. Without proper experience and a certain client base, you can waste your time and go at a loss. It is better to start with a narrow focus and gradually expand your activities.

A fast-payback business is the cherished dream of every aspiring entrepreneur. Why fast payback? Yes, because, in fact, it is not enough to invest money in a business and quickly promote it, you still need to think over profitability, competition and organize many secondary issues. But the ideal scheme is when the invested funds with a good percentage are returned to the organizer of the business as soon as possible, which, in fact, is a fast-paying small business.

Usually, it is very, very difficult for newcomers to the business to find such areas, there is little experience behind them, and connections do not allow varying ideas. But then what to do? To do this, you need to master the arts of organizing and planning your business. Competently select several ideas for future activities, calculate profitability, payback. Choose the best idea from the selected ideas. If you have the initial funds - good, but not - find an investor and work hard, work ...

Franchising is a business on ready terms. All you need to do is choose the most profitable, profitable franchises in Russia.

You can even start your business in the garage. How to do it - read with us.

Calculating the return on business

One of the main criteria for a successful startup in Russia, as well as in other developed countries, is the return on business. Nothing hard, math. At the very beginning of his journey, an entrepreneur is faced with a vital question (of course for a business) - the size of the initial investment and the period of their return. Of course, a business with minimal investment is a fast payback and has significantly lower risks than an open business in which a substantial amount of money was invested. Therefore, the calculation of the payback should be made by the entrepreneur at the earliest stages of the formation of the business. In an amicable way, the calculation is made in one of the main sections of the business plan. But we also advise you to calculate everything before organizing business planning!

How is the payback period of a business calculated? Business development specialists have developed a special formula that characterizes the payback. We will not cite it. And let's explain it in an accessible but professional language. For example, you invested 800 thousand rubles in your business in 2021. In 2021, you were able to earn 500 thousand rubles, and in 2021 the income increased to 650 thousand rubles. As a result, in 2 years of fruitful work, your business brought you 1 million 150 thousand rubles, that is, on average, about 48 thousand rubles per month (1,150,000 / 24 = 47,916). So, you returned 800 thousand rubles in 16 months (800,000 / 48,000 = 16.6). Residual funds are profits, not refunds.

Now let's look at popular ideas for fast-payback business in the Russian Federation.

The fastest paying business in Russia - ideas for everyone

A new look at familiar business ideas

It is worth remembering and not forgetting that the fastest-paying business with minimal costs and all of the above is relative, since everything depends on the combination of the purposefulness of the author of the business idea and many factors inherent in the chosen field of activity. And remember, almost any business under the guidance of a professional leader can pay off in six months or a year, and an inexperienced manager will not have enough time to return the initial investment!

Experienced entrepreneurs may say that long-term planning is simply unwise today. Economic and political changes sometimes follow completely illogical algorithms, and the decisions taken by the government turn out to be unexpected even for experts. Therefore, a person who is going to open his own business, in order to avoid financial losses, should first of all consider ideas that guarantee the return of the invested capital at least for several months. Fortunately, there are many newbie-friendly business options with minimal investment and a quick return on investment in 2021.

Dry cleaning of upholstered furniture

Many people believe that to keep sofas and carpets clean, it is enough to vacuum them once a week and wipe them with a damp cloth every six months. But upholstery fabrics and pile coverings are an ideal environment for a variety of parasites and microorganisms that cause allergies, asthma, dermatitis and a whole list of unpleasant symptoms in humans. To destroy unwanted guests, you should call a furniture dry cleaner at least once a year.

If an entrepreneur has a car to visit customers, he will be able to launch this business project with a quick payback with a capital of 60-70 thousand rubles. The funds will be used to purchase equipment such as:

  • Cloth extractor;
  • Professional vacuum cleaner;
  • Steam cleaner;
  • Dry cleaning concentrates ...

Opening dry cleaning as a business with good profitability is focused primarily on private clients. But the number of customers may well be restaurants, hotels, hostels and other establishments that have mattresses, sofas, armchairs and carpets. How much does the work cost:

  • For a double sofa - from 1000 to 2021 rubles;
  • For a large sofa - from 2021 to 5000 rubles;
  • For a chair or armchair - from 500 to 1000 rubles;
  • For a carpet or carpet - from 200 rubles per square meter.

According to statistics, the average check in this business with a quick payback is 2021–2500 rubles. After deducting all expenses, an entrepreneur who serves two clients a day will have 75 thousand rubles a month left.

Sewing bed linen

This demand allows a budding entrepreneur to think about the prospects of sewing bed linen as a small business with a quick payback. Clients can become not only individuals, but also various institutions - hotels, hospitals, kindergartens, boarding houses, hostels. The assortment should contain:

During a crisis, many people are looking for ways to solve the problem of a total lack of money. Some - go to work, others are trying to find a good part-time job. But there are also those who are convinced that it is possible to make money on the crisis as well. Therefore, despite the global economic problems, they think strategically and boldly make plans for the future, because they are confident that a good business idea from scratch with minimal investment and a quick payback in 2021 can be an excellent start in big business. The main thing is to find this idea. And now we will tell you how to do this, well, and show you what new business ideas in the world of 2021 can become successful in our country.

How to choose a business idea?

In the modern world, there will be no big problems with choosing an idea for a business. Indeed, in our time there is the Internet and one has only to ask in the search engine the phrase: "List of the best niches for business in 2021", how you can get many interesting results, starting with advice on what business to do with minimal investment in 2021 and ending with specific ideas, how to earn 300,000 rubles urgently in 2021 without investments or even more. But, as experience shows, this approach to solving the problem is not entirely correct, because even if a person on the Internet finds something suitable for himself, there are not always guarantees that it will come to the successful implementation of the plan. Especially if this person has never dealt with business projects and has no idea what to consider in such a choice.

Setting goals

  • Personal interest (the idea should correspond to the interests of a person, his certain skills, knowledge and abilities, or at least his willingness to learn);
  • The amount of start-up investments (this is there may be ideas that do not require financial investments, with minimal investments, well, or with large investments - for example, a person can afford to buy a ready-made business with a quick payback);
  • Rapid payback (there are business ideas with the fastest payback, where the invested funds can be recouped in a few days, and there are those where earnings will have to wait for several years. And in business it is always very important to know exactly what to expect).

The level of competition in the selected business area and consumer demand for a service or product that will form the basis of a business idea (you should not, for example, resell body care products if there are a lot of specialty stores around. at the same time, if a person knows how to cook environmentally friendly soap from natural ingredients, then among the ideas of 2021 what to sell in an online store, he can safely occupy his niche by offering these products to consumers who know a lot about such things, and at the same time stay out of competition) etc.

When everything became clear with the criteria, then the future businessman needs to determine the field of activity that will bring good income. According to experts, the ideal areas where a business can be quickly turned into a plus are:

  • Provision of services;
  • Trade;
  • Small production;
  • Commercial activities;
  • Agricultural production, etc.

But, in general, the list should include all areas of interest for a future businessman (after all, sometimes, in the language of experienced businessmen, good business ideas literally lie underfoot in completely unexpected places), and only after that you can start analyzing them. Well, since in a difficult economic, political situation, any business is exposed to all sorts of risks, including financial, then, as already noted, when choosing an idea, you need to take into account all these points and, first of all, you need to take into account business ideas with minimal investment and quick payback. Because the sooner the businessman returns the invested money, the more guarantees that he will be able to move on. And even if he decides to wind up the business, then at least he will not be in the red.

Idea implementation

  • Initial investment;
  • Fixed costs;
  • Implementation paths;
  • Expected profit;
  • Risks, etc.

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