Business trend; Destruction

Today we have witnessed a hitherto unheard-of aggression in society, and therefore the need for a business of "letting off steam" is more acute than ever. What kind of things can be broken and destroyed, taking away the soul and emptying the pocket?

Even for a layman, far from psychology, it is far from a secret that the destruction of objects allows you to "let off steam" if you are angry at someone who "got you" or at the situation as a whole. What happens if you don't let off steam? What can come of this? And it will turn out from this - auto-aggression, destroying the person himself. It usually manifests itself in self-injury, in a destructive (self-punishing) lifestyle, in masochistic contacts with those people who only clearly spoil your life - from boyfriend to employer, in unconscious psychosomatic diseases. Or. Or outward aggression will result, and then sooner or later the person will be fined, sent to a psychiatrist or sent to prison.

In general, do not be afraid to vent your anger at little-needed things that are not related to wildlife or cultural monuments protected by UNESCO. People relate to such needs with a rare, empathic understanding.

There is the following story among the piano tuners. When setting up a tool, the tuner sometimes needs a conventional hammer, which the workers use to hammer nails into the walls. The layman (piano owner) often does not know that such a hammer is needed in the middle of tuning. Therefore, when the tuner asks the lady to “bring the hammer,” the lady gives a stereotypical comic reaction - she rounds her eyes in horror and asks the master in a tragic whisper: “Are you tired of tuning my piano?”

So, what are we for? There are more and more people who are "tired of tuning someone else's upset piano". Therefore, the need for a business of "letting off steam" is more acute than ever. No sedative pills smooth out more the growing madness of our life, "from which" they need to be taken.

What kind of things can be broken and destroyed, taking away the soul?

Those things that cost nothing or ridiculously little. For example, boxes, containers.

Those things that are no longer anyone's property. For example, houses officially slated for demolition.

Those things that cause the greatest rage, replaced by their substitutes, that is, safe allowed "substitutes". For example, you hate monitors and office equipment, but you cannot break them at work. Find the decommissioned ones - those that no longer belong to anyone, and break them.

Those things that are the traditional archetypal object for the outburst of anger. For example, a poor plate or a stuffed animal, an image of the enemy.

And finally those things that get smashed and destroyed effectively. For example, ripped feather pillows and feather beds.

Modernity offers a variety of abundance: technical innovations, fashion trends, culinary dishes, entertainment for children and adults ...

On the one hand, it's great: there are plenty to choose from.

On the other hand, the huge assortment is often confusing and offers to part with the contents of the wallet without much need.

This is fraught with satiety, the inability to form a personal taste, the inability to appreciate what you have. You can call it a search “from good to best”, or “from moderation to excess”.

Of course, multi-market opportunities help you find yourself, develop and get better.

For future minimalists, mass abundance may even help. A large selection of goods and services can be considered the flip side of minimalism. You learn to choose the main thing, to filter out unnecessary things, to be more conscious about purchases and even desires.

The idea to write on this topic is inspired by the "cat's house", which is great from an old nightstand.

Neighborhood cats like to live at our dacha. And to make their life more cozy and comfortable, the bedside table was turned into a beautiful, reliable, warm house, and put in a barn.

It is now the favorite place to live for tailed friends.

More about this in the article “Country Minimalism”.

Is it easy to seduce you?

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Make money simply by reselling for more

Without a creative approach, even in such a serious matter as business, nowhere. That is why many entrepreneurs can be compared to inventors who offer the world something completely new and useful. Sometimes the ideas of businessmen seem strange, but on closer examination they turn out to be truly ingenious, like, for example, a gas station that itself comes to the client.

AdMe. u became interested in stories of people who were able to realize their strange ideas and make money on it. Inspired by their example, I just want to bring something similar to life.

A love story that you and your partner can become heroes

How do you like the idea of ​​becoming a character in a book about love? This is quite possible if you turn to the spouses-writers Kathy Newbern and J. S. Fletcher (J. S. Fletcher). Their brainchild is the YourNovel project. om, which helps ordinary people feel like the heroes of the novel.

Writers offer their clients several main stories to choose from. Any of them can be slightly edited for yourself, and then get a book, the main characters of which will be you and your loved one. On the cover, by the way, you can ask to take your photo.

Depending on whether this book is paperback or hardcover, with or without photography, it will cost between $ 49.95 and $ 134.95. You can order the novel electronically, and then it will cost $ 39.95.

Gas station that comes to the client by itself

If you live in Texas or Silicon Valley and work for a major corporation like Oracle, Cisco, or Facebook, you don't need to drive anywhere to fill up your private car. Booster Fuels will bring gasoline directly to your office parking lot and replenish fuel supplies. You just need to remember to leave the gas cap open.

The service is popular as it helps to save time. The company has recently introduced additional services: windshield washing, replacement of windshield wipers and tires. Booster Fuels currently operates in only 2 US states, but over time plans to expand into markets in other countries.

A camera that will help you remember every minute of your life

The creators of this device were inspired by one of the series of "Black Mirror" and decided that the idea of ​​remembering absolutely everything is not so bad. The Narrative Clip camera can be attached to clothing and will take 2 photos per minute wherever you go. If you take it with you on a trip or even just for a walk, at the end you will receive a detailed photo report.

The cost of such a camera is $ 199. You can choose the color of the device (black, white or red) to disguise it on your clothes and not attract the attention of passers-by.

There is a saying for good reason: everything is new, it is well forgotten old. Its relevance has been confirmed once again. So, in recent years, there have been more and more reports that Russian entrepreneurs are finding new sources of income. And they find them in the past - they revive forgotten or decaying production.

Intoxicating Money

The latest example is plans to revive hop production in Russia. Although it cannot be said that growing hops is a forgotten business. But the expression “going downhill” characterizes the state of the industry in the best possible way.

So, in 2021, 227 hectares of land were sown with hops. For comparison, in 2021 this figure was 395.1 hectares, and in 2021 - 396 hectares. At the same time, the gross yield of hops in 2021 decreased to 19.9 tons with a yield of 0.9 centners per hectare. In 2021 and 2021, these figures were 307 tons and 7.7 centners per hectare, and 275.7 tons and 7 centners per hectare in 2021.

If we revive the Russian hop industry, then brewers will buy domestic products. According to the president of the National Union of Malting Barley and Malt Producers, Alexander Mordovin, beer producers will spend up to five billion rubles a year on hops from Russia.

Today, Chuvashia produces the bulk of hops. But the republics of Mari El and Udmurtia, Ryazan, Moscow and Kursk regions, as well as a number of other regions, are also excellent for growing this crop. At the same time, a state program to support hop producers has already been launched in Chuvashia. If successful, it will be expanded to other regions.

It's in the barrel

An oak barrel is an irreplaceable thing in wine and cognac production. But, as it turned out, no one makes such barrels on an industrial scale in Russia.

As a result, when a large wine producer needed a thousand barrels a year, no one could offer such a volume. A forgotten business, as they say.

The performance of the new venture is impressive. Fanagoria will produce about 300 oak barrels per month. As for the production of wine barrels, it is planned to produce several dozen of them per month.

Siberian flax

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