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business ideas with minimal investment

Speaking about general trends, in particular, in 2021, it should be noted that most business ideas with minimal investment are related to making money on the Internet, hand-made or mini-productions in a rural garage.

The ongoing crisis has hit large and medium-sized market players hard, but small entrepreneurs remain virtually unharmed due to their business mobility.

In our list (the most complete of those existing in runet) you will find a wide variety of options in various spheres of life and economy.

We intentionally did not describe every idea from A to Z, since this list is only a list of opportunities, and not a business plan for any project.

You can learn more about a particular business model in our separate articles, links to which will be posted below.

So, we offer you 70 topical ideas for your own business, for the start of which you will need a minimum cash investment, as well as your experience.


The earning opportunities in this segment are enormous today, and they continue to grow.

This is primarily due to the stable growth of mobile traffic and the number of Internet users around the world. Thousands of new online stores, publishers, blogs, and more are popping up, which in turn creates excellent niches for small businesses.

Small business plans with minimal investment: ideas and options

A business with little need for start-up capital is not a dream, but a reality. There is a chance to find an opportunity to start your own business without large expenses.

An entrepreneur can either use saving methods, or apply alternative sources of investment, or choose an idea for implementation that does not require substantial investments. Our overview of ideas and solutions will allow you to start a business from scratch.

Purchase and sale of business equipment

Services 14:40, 06 February 2021

How to open a hotel in the city

The hotel business is one of the most profitable, but there are also pitfalls here. We will tell you which hotel format to choose, how to find clients and promote your services on the market. We calculate the profitability and profitability of the hotel business taking into account the seasonality

Services 15:31, 29 November 2021

A law firm as an example of a difficult but profitable business

Law firms are in great demand on the market. A large number of personnel in the field does not prevent professionals in their field from developing and expanding their business. Such a business does not require large investments, therefore it is popular with entrepreneurs.

Pharmacy: a promising business for serious investors

It is not easy to make money at a pharmacy with the current situation on the pharmaceutical market, however, the competent implementation of a business based on drugs and other pharmacology will allow the owner to have a stable and high income.

Where does business start

Any enterprise, regardless of its size, once grew out of a business idea. Moreover, a prerequisite for the success of this idea was its originality. To reformulate, the idea was potentially successful and suitable for business implementation.

An idea is the basis of any business plan, a kind of sketch of what should be the result. Starting point for business development. A business idea can be formulated in one sentence, or it can be a whole well thought-out concept. The main thing is that it should be and can be realized.

Successful and suitable business idea

Suppose you already have a ready-made idea, or maybe more than one. First of all, you need to evaluate it in terms of potential success. If ideas similar to yours have already been successfully implemented (production and sale of ice cream, for example, or yoghurts) and occupy a large segment of the market, you should think about whether you will be able to take your place in this segment.

And it's important to remember: the more competitors you have, the more difficult it will be to get on your feet, and the profit will be small, since competition plays a significant role in pricing. In order not to find yourself in such a situation, try to find an idea with a good potential for success.

The next point is to assess how ready you are to implement your business idea. For example, opening a store without trading experience and the necessary knowledge is not the best option.

Look for an idea in the course of which you can maximize your skills, abilities and apply your knowledge. How to determine if an idea is suitable for further implementation? As easy as shelling pears: Answer the question why you succeed in this business better than others. Another way to find a suitable idea for a successful implementation is to pay attention to your hobby. It is possible that it can become a good basis for further business development.

From idea to business plan

Any business idea, even a deliberately successful one, must be approached wisely. Drawing analogies with other areas of our life, we can cite the example of construction. Without a detailed plan, project estimate and other accompanying documentation, nothing will work out or it will turn out badly. That is why you can’t go anywhere without a business plan.

A business plan is a program for carrying out business operations, the actions of a company, containing information about the company, a product, its production, sales markets, marketing, organization of operations and their effectiveness.

The business plan must contain an accurate, concise, understandable and accessible description of the proposed business. It is an essential tool used to address a large number of different situations, allowing you to select the most promising desired result and determine the means to achieve it.

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