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Many believe that it is almost impossible to make money living in a village. Therefore, the outflow of population from less populated regions increases more and more every year. However, if we take into account the well-known phrase “where I was born, I came in handy there”, you can start to realize yourself even in your own small village.

The most important thing in this business is to take into account the desires and capabilities of the selected target audience. The topic of our article is how to make money in the countryside, as well as TOP business ideas to stop traveling to large cities to earn money.

How to choose an audience for your business

The main business success is based on the correct understanding of the audience. You cannot sell a product that will not initially be in demand or cause distrust. As a comparison, we can cite a completely life situation, when dreams of a large and profitable income in the village remain beyond fantasy.

For example, in the village they start selling expensive equipment or furniture. Despite the potential high demand and lack of competition, residents may simply not have the money for such a purchase. Villages are different, so it is imperative to take into account its average earnings and employment.

Many people start selling expensive clothes, which is also a mistake. The forces that were spent in one direction may not fully justify themselves. Ultimately, people of the age who make up the bulk of the target audience will go where there is everything from hammer to robe.

It is imperative to study the main employment of the population. In the villages and villages, people are very often engaged in agriculture. Therefore, even plant seeds or a household tool can easily bring the first income.

Speaking about how to make money in the countryside, you should not set yourself a territorial framework. If there are no business development prospects, then it is imperative to consider employment in urban or regional CA. If there is a large city nearby, you can start a more global project that will consistently bring good income.

Today, the tourism sector is also developing well. Speaking about the village, it can be noted that even here you can make good money using only natural resources. If there is a river or lake nearby, you can easily arrange even a small boarding house from your house. People from larger cities will only be happy to go to the countryside for a week to get some fresh air and eat natural food. Bowfishing is also in great demand.

For reference! Bowfishing is a special type of fishing where spears, pitchforks and arrows are used for fishing, not the usual fishing rod or spinning rod.

Today we have to find out about the TOP-10 best ideas on what you can earn in the village. The average income, expense and possible prospects of such a business will also be presented.

Bowfishing Earnings

As described earlier, bow fishing is a special type of fishing that is only gaining popularity in Russia. You can implement it with a small special land in the territory of the region of residence. It can be either someone's property or a rented reservoir from the state.

Good afternoon, friends! Now more and more people are interested in the question of opening a highly profitable business in the village. Let's talk about a business in a village or what you can earn in a village in our time. It is difficult to say which business is the most profitable as it depends on the specific location.

Business in the village or what you can earn in the village

Entrepreneurship suitable for rural areas can be divided into several basic groups:

  • Manufacture of non-food products.
  • Product processing.
  • Farming.
  • Provision of services.

What kind of production to open in the countryside

Manufacturing in rural areas is much easier than in urban areas, since land is much cheaper to rent. This raises the question of logistics and communications. The difference is what kind of business you intend to start. If it involves high turnover, then you are unlikely to count on the purchasing power of exclusively local residents.

There are several options here. For example, implement it in your own store (network). Or negotiate with those to whom you will supply your goods.

Even those who do not have a lot of capital, as a rule, are looking for a way out of the market, covering one or several villages. With relatively small volumes, you can export goods on your own transport or rent it. The above applies to any type of business other than the provision of services.

The release of non-food products in rural areas can be started from scratch or with the investment of some amounts. In the first case, production will be profitable:

  • Bath brooms;
  • vine items.

Manufacturing and installation of modular greenhouses

Investments from 60,000 rubles.

In rural areas, it is very popular to build greenhouses for growing various crops. Both ordinary residents and private farms are engaged in this.

You can deal exclusively with manufacturing, but if you add installation, you can not only increase profits, but also the attractiveness of the offer.

This will help sell your product, which is very important, since the manufacture and installation of modular greenhouses is a seasonal business. Demand begins from the beginning of spring, in fact, around this time and it is worth starting.

It is advisable to conclude contracts with different clients in order to provide themselves with work for the entire season. It is worth looking for farms, greenhouse complexes and other private customers.

The profitability of such a business is about 100-150%. On average, investments pay off for 4-5 orders. To start, you need to purchase a set of tools and equipment.

Installation and repair of the roof

Investments from 150,000 rubles.

With the start-up money, you purchase all the necessary tools and consumables. It should be noted right away that it is better to organize a brigade. Of course, you can work independently, but there are several "buts" when working with a team:

  • First, the speed of order execution.
  • Secondly, the quality of work is higher.
  • Third, work is done much safer.
  • Fourth, compensation for knowledge and experience.

Setting up a business in the countryside is possible both on the scale of your own farm in the courtyard, and in the form of a large project for the development of the village. The choice should be based on personal skills, initial capital and the demand for an idea.

An option for earning money in the countryside is growing vegetables.

How much money is needed to develop a business in the countryside

It is impossible to unequivocally determine the amount to open a case. In one type of entrepreneurship, the minimum investment will be required - up to 50 thousand rubles. Other business ideas require RUB 10 million. and more.

State assistance

Farmers and agricultural producers receive support from the state.

  • assistance in creating tourism infrastructure;
  • provision of land plots;
  • concessional lending;
  • refund of part of the funds spent on the purchase of animals or plants.

Entrepreneurs must be entered in the budget register. After that, the person will receive the necessary subsidies.

What kind of business can be opened in the village - types of programs

It is necessary to analyze the demand for the product that is planned to be released, calculate the cost and methods of selling the goods.

When I was just starting to look for something to do, ways to work part-time and business to my liking, I browsed the Internet for several months, reading many articles about successful self-employed, types of business that has risen from scratch, lists of ideas for individual entrepreneurs and the like.

I especially carefully studied materials with ideas of my own business in small towns with a small population

As a result, most of these tips have no practical application in terms of real development where the population is less than ten thousand. Such small settlements have their own specificity of demand.

For example, they often write about opening their own thrift store, a store selling items for handicrafts, about providing services for walking animals and their overexposure, opening a fitness center, advertising agency or recruiting agency, providing real estate services. Lots of tips for opening stores.

But now even the smallest cities have supermarkets selling everything (from groceries to household chemicals): Magnit, Pyaterochka, Dixie, full of hardware stores and hardware stores, department stores and flower shops, hairdressing salons, tire shops, pharmacies, cafes. And we are witnessing with our own eyes the gradual closure of small private shops that cannot compete with larger ones.

In general, more and more stores are being built and opened, and the population is getting smaller. Of course, it's good when you can buy everything on the spot and not go to the regional center for any item. But people are fleeing from quiet small towns, even despite the richness of the surrounding nature and super-clean ecology, to noisy cities in search of decently paid jobs and the best for the development of their children.

It means that something needs to be produced, grown or made (renovated), focusing on local specifics

Plus, now, in the era of mass computerization, mobile and Internet communications, an additional market for the sale of goods and services has actually appeared.

I know a lot of successful pastry chefs, needlewomen, builders, craftsmen, who, of course, haven't earned millions, but they have enough for bread and butter. For some, this is the main income, for others - additional earnings, and for others it is just a hobby for the soul without a sales orientation, but, nevertheless, it is in demand with friends and acquaintances.

Here everyone decides for himself and according to his capabilities and abilities, what and how to do.

And I made my own list of what would be in demand and actually possible to implement in a small town:

Some of the items on my list, I really considered as an opportunity to start my own business.

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