Business in the countryside: 19 ideas

In the new year, I want to start everything from scratch. So why not start your own business? This article invites future entrepreneurs to familiarize themselves with business ideas that will be especially in demand and relevant in 2021.

Production of paving slabs and decorative stone

The paving slabs and decorative stone business can be very profitable and interesting. You can diversify it by creating tiles that glow in the dark. It is created using a special technology, the secrets of which are revealed by the owners of the franchise.

A franchise is a great alternative to your own business. You don't need to start organizing from scratch and look for an original idea. The concept, technology, operating principle and methods of attracting customers have already been invented by other people. All a young entrepreneur needs is to buy a franchise and start working.

An example of a franchise in this area is the production of LuminoSkol tiles.

Family Psychotherapy

10 years ago, psychology was perceived by Russians as something meaningless and useless - a waste of money and time. Now with the development of society and the acceleration of the pace of life, people are paying more and more attention to what is happening inside them, and often decide not to torment themselves with litigation, but to sort things out with the help of a specialist. But not only single therapy is entering the service market, family psychological support and similar sessions are also spreading. Family psychotherapy can be a real solution to many problems and has already helped to save more than one family.

Of course, to open such a business, you need to have a specialized education, practice and good references. But if an entrepreneur has such a set, and at the same time has the necessary entrepreneurial acumen, then such a business will quickly begin to develop.

Interactive Sandbox

The sphere of children's entertainment is actively developing, because the demand for them is constantly growing. At the same time, both children and parents want to get acquainted with something new, and therefore they are looking for something unusual that has appeared on the market not so long ago. One such example would be an interactive sandbox.

Who among us in childhood did not build majestic castles from sand and did not bake Easter cakes, so this activity will be interesting for the younger generations, especially if the computer draws a picture and makes the imaginary come true.

The interactive sandbox is equipped with a computer, scanner and projector. Together, they analyze the available material created by the child and project additional images onto it (material). For example, if a child builds a bridge and draws a ditch under it, then the equipment directly under the bridge in the ditch will depict a river.

Fans of the magic button are constantly looking for some passive income options - which can ensure the flow of money regardless of activity and investment. In fact, investing in passive income is always the desire and even the dream of many modern people. Let's try to understand the new ideas of passive income using specific examples that are applicable and suitable for an ordinary person.

Consider two options for obtaining passive income:

  • Passive income with investments and start-up capital

Passive income without investment

Types of investment with investments

Topic for those who are looking for where to invest their money to get passive income. That is, it is assumed that there is capital available that can work for a long time and bring its dividends.

Renting out property

This option is suitable for those who have start-up capital to buy property, or the possibility of obtaining a profitable mortgage. Also, the idea can be a source of passive income for those who live in an apartment large by the standards of their family. There is an undiscovered potential in the ability to rent an apartment at a cheaper price, and the proceeds can either be invested in the purchase of real estate through a mortgage, or in the creation of other capital.

If you wish, you can also rent out your basement and various auxiliary buildings. By road, you can transport goods or the passengers themselves. Various construction tools are in no less demand. Why go to the store and buy an expensive drill when you only need to make a couple of holes in the wall?

Cryptocurrency Investments

With the advent of high risk, the opportunity for large returns appears. Perhaps I would not consider such an investment option, knowing how the bitcoin rate fell over time. However, this is said by those who do not know the whole history of Bitcoin. Let's take a look at the logarithmic graph.

Binance is the leader in cryptocurrency trading, and that's where you can buy it profitably. Receiving passive income from investing in the cryptocurrency market is not very different from the method of investing in stocks, we wrote about it below. However, there are several differences. They will not all fit into one article, I recommend material from CRYPTOSLIVA - Investments in cryptocurrency from A to Z.


Hello friends. Today's result of my mental work is dedicated to those who are seriously thinking about starting their favorite and very profitable business. In the article, I will give recommendations to aspiring entrepreneurs and analyze, based on publicly available statistics found on the Internet, which business brings a lot of income. Let's talk separately about Russia and Ukraine, specifically about the capital and other megalopolises, about a small provincial town, a residential area, remote and unconquered by competitors, and also discuss promising options for women and those thirsty who have only ambitions instead of start-up capital.

General guidelines for starting a business in any region

Initially, consider an impromptu rating by business area, universal geographically:

  • Trade is definitely in the first place. What to sell? This question can be answered only after a thorough analysis of the market in a particular region. But always and everywhere there is a demand for food, medicines, consumer goods and all kinds of children's paraphernalia (food, newborn, clothes and toys).
  • The service sector is in second place in my rating. A person is inherently a lazy being, and if there is an opportunity to shift some tasks onto a neighbor, he will gladly do it. This category includes cleaning offices, private kindergartens, laundries, dry cleaners, the services of electricians, plumbers, all kinds of adjusters and other specialists to facilitate human life.
  • I gave the third place to medicine. It is so arranged by nature that even the most hardy and leading a healthy way people, after a few decades from birth, need medical help - some more, some less. This includes all kinds of medical and dental services.
  • The fourth position is rightfully taken by beauty - these are mostly hairdressers, but also fitness centers, gyms, services of makeup artists, manicurists, depilation and so on.
  • The fifth place, in my opinion, belongs to the construction industry. We all want to have decent housing and are constantly rebuilding it due to need or whim. Therefore, everything related to construction and repair will never sink into oblivion. In addition, pre-fabricated construction is rapidly gaining momentum - buildings on metal frames, hangars and other structures - it is convenient, quick and less expensive.
  • Education is in sixth place. It is so fashionable now to know languages, and to lead children in educational programs - English, Chinese and other languages, preparatory courses for school, music, drawing, dancing, robotics, aerobics, swimming - all this is in demand today both among children and among adults.
  • Next in line, that is, the seventh in my ranking, is microfinance. This area requires an impressive start-up capital, but the profit is huge.
  • In eighth place, I put the auto industry, that is, everything that is connected with motor transport - these are car dealerships, services, car washes, auto parts stores, and so on.
  • I give the ninth position to tourism, sports and recreation. All this is fashionable, in demand and profitable.
  • The last line in my improvised hit parade is IT and marketing. First of all, this is the trade in gadgets and their maintenance, as well as various options for earning money, implemented in the vastness of the World Wide Web. Well, and how much without advertising. In fact, this type of activity requires very little investment, and the return, if successful, is simply crazy.

In my rating, I did not touch on the sphere of production and farming, since a large income in them can be obtained only by guessing with the product, or rather, with the availability of demand for it, but below the business ideas from these categories will also be take place.

Private Business Ideas

Further, as they say, fewer words, more action. I will try to briefly describe the most popular, again, in my opinion, Internet statisticians, business ideas for a specific area and audience.

Russia as a whole

It is difficult to answer what kind of business one hundred percent brings a lot of income in Russia today. Yet it directly depends on the abilities, capabilities and luck of its organizer. The following areas can be singled out as the most promising:

  • Food and household goods. It can be both simple shops within walking distance, and supermarkets, wholesale centers and shopping malls.
  • Construction and repair. This includes pre-fabricated, industrial and private construction, as well as repair work, installation of doors, plastic windows, stretch ceilings, and so on.
  • Furniture. Humanity prefers comfort both at home and in offices. Practice shows that Russians increasingly prefer solid wood furniture.
  • Advertising. Businessmen of all formats in the 21st century appreciated marketing and realized that the advertised product, whatever it may be, is sold much faster, which means the fastest inflow of capital.
  • Services of professionals of various activities - nannies, tutors, photographers, videographers, animators, nurses, cleaners and so on.
  • Dentistry. Traditionally, dental treatment and prosthetics services are very expensive, but they are in demand everywhere, therefore, this business brings huge income.
  • Farming. People are increasingly looking to consume healthy foods that are free from artificial substitutes and preservatives. Therefore, they are willing to buy products from private farms, which can be sold either through their own shop, online representation or a small outlet in large shopping centers.

If we talk about business ideas that are relevant for implementation by women, then here we can highlight the service sector (nannies, nurses, tutors), farming, hand-made, trade in food and children's goods, cosmetic and hairdressing services , marketing, breeding of plants and animals, preparation of confectionery (cakes, pastries) to order, assembly of fruit, sweet or original bouquets and so on. All of these can also be counted among the ideas for starting a home business.


It is important to understand that regardless of the business idea, location and other factors, there are always very real risks that you need to be aware of and take them into account when making a decision.

Business in the countryside is an excellent option for entrepreneurship with its own advantages and disadvantages. Let's start with the latter.

Disadvantages of a village business

Benefits of a village business

All that remains is to find a good business idea and do business in the village. No need for stereotypes about agriculture. This is far from the only line of business in the village, and there are 19 confirmations of this.

Growing and selling flowers

Investments 300,000 rubles

Flowers are always in good demand, and during the holidays there is a real excitement. In most villages, flowers are grown for beauty and for themselves. This hobby can be turned into a successful business.

This will require a greenhouse (many yards already have it) that needs good lighting and adequate heating. All that remains is to find an amateur gardener (if you are not going to do it yourself) and buy good planting material.

Finding a wholesale warehouse that will buy all your products should not be a problem. The most popular option is to grow roses, they are always in use.

What business to invest in: pros and cons of such a decision + 5 criteria for classifying investments in business + 6 options for how to invest in business.

How to increase your capital and not lose money? From the very beginning of the economy, people began to ask this question on a daily basis.

Developed infrastructure in different directions has opened up ample opportunities for the development of private investment. Today we will analyze in which business to invest money for both a novice businessman and a pros in this matter.

Depending on the desired level of employment in the business, you will need to choose the area that best suits your needs. It is up to you to easily receive a monthly small passive income or devote a lot of effort and time to developing your own business.

Before moving on to specific options, consider the theoretical information.

Reasons to invest in business

About 60% believe that only people who already have significant start-up capital can invest in business. This is one of the main misconceptions.

Choosing the right investment direction will minimize risks and multiply even the minimum investment. It is now possible to get money for a business in any bank in the country on quite democratic terms.

Not every business will require you to have a deep knowledge of financial and economic spheres. There are a lot of areas in investment where an ordinary citizen can understand the intricacies of work and start earning real money.

Let's take a look at what good and bad things to expect from a decision to invest in a business:

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