Business in agriculture: ideas, first steps

Far from the variety of urban proposals, there are more opportunities to develop faster and more efficiently, it is easier to hit the first profit. There are several original ideas in the village that will make it possible to realize a business on the ground, with a minimum investment of 1-2 thousand rubles. This can be a service of selling berries or fruits from your garden, selling flowers, selling seedlings.

Per year

Today there are business ideas and startups that differ from the standard proposals that are being implemented in rural areas today.

Business creation ideas for car owners

Such a business will be most effective in an area where there are not only rural residents, but also urban summer residents. To implement this idea, you need to post ads in the village, create ads on Internet resources and repair the car, while waiting for a call from customers.

The most profitable ideas in agriculture

Perhaps in the future it will be possible to offer customers not only fresh fish, but also frozen, salted, smoked fish.

  • In the absence of a pond, reservoir, lake, you can start breeding animals, for example, cattle. Initially, you will need to have 5-6 thousand rudders for the purchase of several young individuals (goats, pigs, calves, etc.)
  • Creating an apiary - breeding and raising bees, collecting honey is always an effective and cost-effective business, because 1 kg of honey costs at least 700-800 rubles. Sales can be established not only to individuals, but also to shops, food stores, boarding houses, etc. To start developing such a business, you will definitely need to learn the basics of breeding bees.
  • The business of growing roses or any other flowers (lilies, hyacinths, snowdrops) requires 2-4 thousand rubles in investments for planting material and fertilizers. Greenhouse arrangement for a start requires 2 thousand rubles of costs, agricultural technology will cost 3-5 thousand rubles. Initially, you will need to negotiate with flower shops (bazaars, spontaneous markets or hand-made sales), advertisements on the Internet, the creation of groups in social networks.
  • The direct start of strawberry cultivation will require from 5 to 7 thousand rubles for planting material and fertilizers, but the payback will be visible already in the first year of strawberry cultivation. However, if you do this business not seasonally, but constantly, in winter, strawberries in greenhouses require artificial pollination. For this, it will be necessary to invest at least 10 thousand rubles.

Business on agricultural land

On the land of the agricultural purpose of the idea, you can start growing and then selling turkey, chickens or quails. In addition to poultry meat, you can also sell eggs, down, feathers for the production of pillows. Today, the cultivation of pheasants is very relevant. To breed poultry, initially you will need to have 3-4 thousand rubles for the purchase of young animals. Arrangement of the territory for cultivation will cost 10 - 12 thousand rubles (poultry house, paddock, feed, etc.).

Among the common business ideas in rural areas, the options for growing and selling mushrooms, both fresh and pickled, salted or dried, are no less relevant. Oyster mushrooms, champignons, porcini mushrooms, as well as medicinal shiitake mushrooms are offered for cultivation today.

Fresh business ideas in agriculture is a topic that is increasingly raised by leading Russian economists at business conferences. Whether farming can be profitable and how to prosper - make a conclusion based on the facts.

Agricultural Business

The economic situation shows that the industry requires significant material, energy and time costs.

In general, the agro-industrial complex is highly profitable. The product increases in price several times, going through intermediate stages: cleaning, processing, transportation, sorting, packaging, distribution to points of sale.

  • climatic changes;
  • deterioration of environmental conditions;
  • epidemics, sea livestock, poultry;
  • insect invasion - pests on crops;
  • natural disasters;
  • high state quality standards;
  • inspections of sanitary and epidemiological services;
  • difficulties in obtaining accompanying documentation - certificates, invoices.

In which areas can we observe the highest amounts of net income - what do analysts say?

Profit and profitability - which business is profitable in the agricultural sector

  • breeding chickens, geese;
  • growing grain, fodder crops;
  • pig breeding.

Dairy enterprises can apply for the concept of "the most profitable agricultural business": if breeders give a penny for the purchase of raw materials from farmers, although it is not easy to raise and maintain a cow, then they sell processed and packaged products at a price twice the cost ...

business ideas in agriculture from scratch

Promising paths for a budding entrepreneur:

Most of the people living in rural areas want to start their own business. First of all, you need to decide what you can do and how best to approach the development of the project. Of course, there are a lot of ideas for business in the agricultural sector, but not every entrepreneur may be suitable for one or another way of earning money.

Possible obstacles to starting a business

Today, the authorities are convincing the population that it is advisable to engage in agriculture and assure that the farmers are guaranteed full support. But most entrepreneurs, nevertheless, are in no hurry to associate themselves with business in this direction - after all, to open any event, you will need to invest a lot of money. However, according to statistics, business in rural areas is considered a fairly profitable start-up. While a commercial product is being created and comes to sale, its price can increase significantly after going through many stages of preparation: cleaning, processing, transportation, sorting, packing and identification by points of sale.

Having learned about such nuances, almost every businessman asks how to start a business in agriculture. But here the entrepreneur must take into account the emergence of possible difficulties in the work. And the worst factor in this matter is the inability to predict further problems. Typically, the main risks of engaging in this industry are as follows:

  • weather and climate change;
  • environmental deterioration;
  • diseases of birds and livestock;
  • natural disasters ;
  • the destruction of plants by insects;
  • the highest state standards of product properties;
  • regular checks by government services.

Also, sometimes there are difficulties in obtaining all permits. As you can see, many obstacles for an entrepreneur are not excluded. Although, of course, any project will have its risks and benefits. Let's try to find out which is the most profitable farming business from scratch to act for sure.

The most promising areas

It is possible to judge the profitability and profitability of a business only after the situation with competition has been thoroughly examined and the real level of demand for products has been found out. These indicators affect the following activities:

  • breeding birds (chickens, geese, turkeys);
  • plants (growing grain or forage crops);
  • breeding pigs.

Of course, your own dairy will also become a highly profitable and promising business. Although, its overhead costs will also be considerable. This explains the significant rise in prices for dairy products and beef.

Nowadays, there are all kinds of business projects in agriculture, which can be done by every willing entrepreneur. We will only consider the directions and formats of startups that guarantee stable and considerable profits. Let's start with the classic production methods.

Setting up your own farm

Today, farming is considered one of the most profitable and affordable occupations. But this kind of occupation in our country is not yet so popular, so everyone can do this business without any problems. Since this activity is still in its infancy, you are unlikely to face serious competition. As a rule, the industry is occupied by about a third and a beginner can easily find the necessary niche.

Do you know how to create an agribusiness? We will tell you where to start and what to look for when creating a business in the agro-industrial complex from "0".

The most important life hack on how to do this is at the end of the article.

A brief step-by-step plan for the implementation of an investment project in agriculture

Agricultural Business Ideas

Any business starts with an idea, but without implementation it is meaningless.

And without competent implementation, its economic feasibility is very doubtful.

A business idea must be not only relevant, but also financially sound, otherwise it makes no sense to implement it.

So you have a business idea, what to do next?

Implementing a business idea is not so easy. You need to understand technology, production, economics, government regulation and other aspects of the project.

Pre-investment phase

The first step is to create a holistic concept of the project, understand the production technology, draw up an investment plan and a financial model with a business plan.

For design, you will have to draw up the most detailed technical task, find technological equipment suitable for the level of mechanization and automation, arrange it in accordance with the technological process.

Russia is the largest country in the world. The area of ​​agricultural land in our country is huge. The only problem is that more than 90% of this land is located in areas of risky farming. Such climatic conditions mean that when running an agricultural business, there is a rather high risk of getting a loss in the event of unfavorable climatic conditions. Nevertheless, in recent years Russia has come out on top in the world among grain exporters and is confidently moving towards complete self-sufficiency in food products.

Of course, most of the successes of agriculture in our country, in recent years, are associated with large agricultural holdings. Only large-scale, mass industrial production of food products is capable of ensuring the extremely low cost of the final product. Does this mean that small business in agriculture is doomed and has no prospects? Of course not! On the contrary, all over the world and in Russia, in particular, there is a growing interest in products produced on small farms and peasant farms. Consumers are not afraid of high prices for such products.

Today, despite the general decline in the rural population in Russia, there is an increase in interest in agricultural production among the economically active part of the urban population. This is due to the mass of social, economic and psychological factors, the discussion of which is beyond the scope of this article. But one of these factors must be mentioned. Investing money in land is the most reliable way, if not to increase, then to preserve capital.

How much land is needed to engage in agribusiness

Agricultural production is closely linked to land. Therefore, any agricultural project starts with the land. How much land do you need to own (lease) to make an agricultural business profitable? It all depends on the type of activity you choose.

If hundreds of hectares are needed to grow crops profitably, then a successful rabbit farm can be located on several hundred square meters.

Breeding animals requires less space, but it should be borne in mind that the purchase of feed is a significant cost item. Therefore, having our own feed base significantly increases the profitability of the business. If you are not tied to a specific land plot, then when looking for it, you should provide for the possibility (and desirability) of further development.

Poultry farming is a promising business, despite the presence of huge poultry farms. Modern industrial technology provides a low production cost, but consumer confidence in its quality is low. If you have five to eight hectares of land for growing feed, then you can guarantee the consumer that poultry meat is grown with the right quality feed.

So, let's try to consider the agricultural business in the context of the possibility of a quick start and the earliest possible profit.

Livestock and Poultry

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