Business ideas with minimal investment: TOP-22 ideas tips

Social distancing, online conferencing, contactless technology and delivery. A selection of fresh foreign business ideas, start-ups and trends during the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

The year 2021, with its difficult agenda, brought to the first place those areas of business that, although they existed before, have now received a tangible impetus in development. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, most of all business ideas and startups are related to delivery, social distancing, contactless technologies and online learning, and among the most popular products for production are personal protective equipment and social dividers of all kinds. In the selection below, we will consider examples.

Cinema on the water

A cinema in the water, on the water or near the water is not a new idea, but during the coronavirus period, water began to be more perceived not as some kind of exotic element, but as a means of social distancing. In Paris, in the Parc La Villette, a unique cinema called "Cinéma Sur L'eau" ("Cinema on the Water") was opened, where the Seine River became a cinema.

The screen was installed on the shore, and 38 motor boats for the audience. You can watch from a long distance, from benches on the shore, but in this case you do not need to pay for watching a movie. The on-water cinema screenings will take place every evening during the Paris Plages beach season, when the city's embankments are transformed into resort areas.

Sale of nitrogen ice cream

The demand for nitrogen ice cream is growing in the USA, and the Chill-N Nitrogen Ice Cream brand, which launched the product on the market back in 2021, is launching a national franchise. The technology for making nitrogen ice cream is quite simple. After mixing milk, cream and a certain jam or filling, an ice cream is created by adding butter and beaten eggs. Then liquid nitrogen is added to the finished mixture, from which the raw material very quickly cools and solidifies. Unlike conventional freezing, nitrogen freezing preserves the structure of the product and its unique taste.

Protective domes for public areas

The Westin Bayshore Vancouver has an interesting solution to keep patio visitors safe on site. To ensure that guests can safely dine in isolation from other hotel guests and at the same time enjoy the warm weather and surroundings, transparent domes were installed above the tables and benches.

Similar attitudes are now used by Canadian entrepreneurs in the field of yoga. Toronto-based lmnts Yoga and Fitness Studio, an open-air hot yoga studio, has installed 50 such domes. Each dome is about 10 squares of personal heated space from which you can easily observe the instructor's instructions. After each session, yoga areas are disinfected using products that remove 99.9% of all known viruses, including COVID-19.

Another idea on the same topic is the Plex'Eat plexiglass hanging cones for dining areas, invented by French designer Christophe Guernigon.

Many people mean by business some kind of activity that is based on their own resources. This opinion is wrong. If you make repairs in a client's apartment with your own hands or sew a custom-made suit, this cannot be called a business. This is a part-time job - a way to make money, the income from which depends on your time and energy spent. A business starts where other people do your work for you, and you control this process.

Business ideas for beginners allow you to start from scratch and gain a lot of experience. Let's list some more undeniable advantages:

  • Test a product or service;
  • No loan required;
  • No need for sponsored cash injections;
  • You embody your own business idea into reality, and do not dig into someone else's;
  • Opening a business with minimal investment is real and fast.

When opening a large-scale project, there are many more problems than when implementing a business idea with a small cash injection. It can be implemented by any category of the population: both by students and mothers on maternity leave, and by office workers in order to generate additional income.

Business ideas with minimal investment - TOP ideas for business

Before presenting ideas for a profitable business from scratch, there are a few points to highlight. In some cases, start-up capital and estimated income will be indicated. Moreover, material values ​​are in dollars. It is impossible to calculate the profit in some projects due to their dependence on a number of factors.

Eco products creation

Today many of us are supporters of a healthy lifestyle and, as a result, nutrition. That is why organic products are in great demand, which means that the first item on our list will be a business idea based on the sale of environmental goods. This option is suitable for those who have their own farm.

The idea of ​​creating a production of eco products is not new. If you strive to make a profit, it is worth highlighting a few points, without a scrupulous revision of which it is impossible to achieve impressive results. No business is complete without competent marketing of goods.

There are two ways to market products:

There are many business opportunities in 2021. In this article, you will find 15 new business ideas that can be a good source of income for many entrepreneurs. Many of these ideas are not yet in Russia at all. So now is the time to start a new business! Contents

Folding windows and balconies-transformers

Not all citizens of our country have such a simple thing as a balcony. Therefore, transforming balconies will be an excellent solution for owners of private houses or apartments with poor planning.

European designers-developers invented a transformer balcony window back in the 20th century, we still have this niche free.

Transformable balconies look like huge floor-length windows when assembled. They fit perfectly into any interior and create a sense of space. To turn the window into a balcony, just press a button on the remote control. There are various types of structures for such structures.

You can distribute such transformers from Europe, taking for yourself a decent percentage.

For example, the company VELUX from Denmark has been producing such structures for more than 50 years and has proven itself in the market. You can open your own production, but for this you need to purchase expensive equipment and invest a lot.

The cheapest transforming window costs from 180 thousand rubles, you can sell it for several tens of thousands more and earn good money.

Window Filters

Window filters purify the air from the street and bring fresh air into the house, while they ventilate the rooms and protect the room from noise, dust, drafts. Such filters are needed in every home. Initially, you should install filters in the bedroom and children's room, since it is in these rooms that you spend the most time and sleep.

Filters can be easily mounted on windows. Installing one filter in one room costs 6000-7000 rubles, that is, almost all residents of our country can afford such services.

You can distribute these products and make a profit of up to 30%. Your potential clients will be families with small children, kindergartens and schools, educational institutions, sports complexes, medical organizations. You can offer products to them directly or online.

How to create an online business? Entrepreneurs are increasingly interested in starting an Internet business. Many people dream of creating a personal online business that can generate stable profits. And what if it is a business on the Internet with minimal investment? This article has collected the most relevant online business ideas of 2021 that are suitable for almost everyone.

The Internet is firmly entrenched in our lives, online business has taken on various, sometimes intricate forms. Today, thanks to the Internet, you can work remotely without leaving your home and even from anywhere in the world - without an office, paying rent, with a flexible work schedule. Online personal business allows you to earn additional income without interrupting your main job, and sometimes even make serious profits.

There are a huge number of online business options. A person of any profession, with any skills and knowledge will be able to find a suitable option for a business on the Internet.

First, you need to determine your strengths, interests, skills - and based on this, look for a suitable idea for an online business.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs make a serious mistake when choosing an online business based on the level of expected profitability. As practice shows, in the right hands, even the simplest business idea can bring decent profit. But if you do a business on the Internet, in which you do not understand at all, then it is unlikely that you will succeed in this business.

Everything you need to implement an online business: the Internet, a gadget and abilities in a particular area. Moreover, many ideas can be implemented without investment.

Online Business: SEO Agency

If you are an active Internet user, you have probably come across the words: "SEO", "promotion" and "search engines." Have you heard something familiar and familiar? Then you have the opportunity to start your online business by becoming the chief of an SEO agency. Of course, specific knowledge is needed here. Even if you do not plan to do this work yourself, you will have to study the topic. You will communicate with customers - and you need to clearly understand the specifics of the activity. And when you select SEO, then you cannot check the quality of his work without knowledge.

The advantage of a business is the lack of start-up capital. Rather, you can open a business without spending a penny. But your starting capital will be your knowledge and skills. The SEO business is quite profitable: the promotion of one site is 20-40 thousand rubles. This means that you can earn from 10 to 100 thousand rubles, while serving only a few sites. Read more in our article: Own online business: SEO website optimization studio

Online business: Online copy center

The essence of the online business idea is simple but original. Surely you have come across a situation when you need to print any documents, but you do not have a printer at home, and there is no copy center nearby. What to do? The online copy center service will answer this question.

The essence of the idea is as follows: the client sends you an electronic file with the text by e-mail. These can be term papers and theses, e-tickets, photographs, etc. You print them, staple them if necessary, pack them and send them to the customer through a courier. That's the whole scheme. For a fee, you can edit documents. To start an online business start online you need to purchase an MFP. Its cost will be approximately 15 thousand rubles.

At first glance, the idea seems too naive. And there is some truth in this. Firstly, such a service will be relevant only for large cities. Secondly, the cost of the service will be much more expensive than the "printout around the corner". Thirdly, you will have to carefully plan how the courier delivery will be carried out (by a third-party organization or in-house). And fourthly, in order to make good money, you will have to fulfill a large volume of orders.

small business ideas with minimal investment

16 small business ideas with minimal investment - we analyze the most profitable and low-budget business ideas

Everyone at least once in his life, but thought about opening his own little business. The truth is that there are a lot of directions at the start and it is not clear in which direction to move, and which routes are better to avoid. Therefore, in this article, we will consider 16 small business ideas with minimal investment, see what you need to start your own business and what advantages and disadvantages each area has.

Small Business Ideas with Minimal Investment - Foreword

When opening any business, you should first of all try to understand where exactly clients will come to your business?

I think it's clear that no one will find out about you and your business just like that, but let's be honest - hundreds of new small businesses open every day and even more of them are closed.

I say this to the fact that customers always have a wide choice of where to turn, so before starting a business, you must definitely understand where customers will come from, on which platforms they need to look for and how to sell their product.

From experience I can say that you can have an unrealistically cool business, but if you do not have clients, then you will not get any money. Conversely, you may have a terrible product, bad packaging, and you may not be able to sell - but if you have customers (more precisely, requests from customers), you will make money anyway, even if all the processes work badly.

So the first thing I want to recommend is to focus on creating a flow of customers. And it's worth starting with the creation of your site and its promotion.

You can always publish different products and information on your site, plus it can be promoted for free through search engines. Therefore, the first thing I advise you to do is create a website, design it and attract traffic to it.

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