Business ideas with an investment of 500,000 rubles; analytics and recommendations

There are many business options for 500,000 rubles. Ideas for new directions often come from the USA. The profitability depends on the chosen niche, business organization, consumer demand. Our editorial team has analyzed the most profitable options and is ready to share with the readers.

Business ideas for rubles

With half a million as start-up capital, you can open a profitable business in different areas:

  • trade ;
  • food service ;
  • vending ;
  • service provision;
  • Agriculture.

New, untested types of business should be treated with caution, as there is a high risk that the idea "will not work." But if it goes off, the startup may turn out to be more profitable than traditional activities due to minimal competition.

Franchise Vending Business

The idea is to install a self-service machine in any place with high traffic:

  • shopping and entertainment centers;
  • supermarkets;
  • office premises;
  • educational institutions;
  • large sports complexes;
  • polyclinics;
  • railway stations and airports.

Classic vending machines for coffee, drinks and snacks

The most common options are coffee and snack machines. The cost of one device, depending on the configuration, starts at approximately 100,000 rubles. Used devices are cheaper. In order to increase the income, it is recommended to organize a network of 3-10 devices. From each one you can receive from 5 to 25 thousand rubles of net profit. Maintenance costs are minimal because the rent is small and no staff is required. The business pays off in six months or a year.

Own store

With half a million in initial investment, you can organize a sale:

  • clothes or shoes;
  • children's toys;
  • food.

Anyone can open a business with an investment of 500,000 rubles. This amount is not so large by the standards of the business, and the options that will be considered within this framework are quite popular. Entrepreneurs with no experience need to start with this.

What kind of business can you open for a thousand rubles

There are many ideas where you can invest 500 thousand rubles: advertising agencies, storage and maintenance of information, clothing brand, etc. However, it should be understood that business is always a risk. This is why all aspiring entrepreneurs start with the most popular business ideas.

Most Popular Ideas

Now for business ideas. First, not all of them will be successful in all regions of the Russian Federation. Before launching, you always need to analyze the amount of supply and demand in a particular constituent entity of the Russian Federation, as well as what potential competitors offer to consumers.

Cafe opening

The first thing to define when opening a cafe is the concept. If it is created more for pastime, then the whole emphasis should go into the design. In the case when the direction is more gastronomic - to the kitchen. However, this does not mean that a balance cannot be found.

The initial payment will be about 400 thousand rubles, but often they spend all 500 thousand with further payback.


Trading as a business idea is the least expensive, but requires good skills. So, you can rent a small room and buy products that you subsequently need to sell - within 300 tons. However, it is also worth considering the availability of sales, advertising and service personnel.

Initial contributions usually range from 200 to 400 thousand rubles.

A sum of 500 thousand rubles is often enough to start a small business. There are many ideas for this. We will analyze 5 of them, each of which requires investments for renting a small space, purchasing equipment and paying for hired labor.

Repair shop

Is there a thing in a person's house that never breaks. To find one you have to try pretty hard, and therefore the idea of ​​opening a repair shop can be a very profitable business. The direction of repair can be chosen based on personal knowledge and skills and on the level of customer demand. One of the most popular is computer and phone repair. You can also deal with the decoration of residential and office space or shoe repair.

Depending on the chosen direction, the amount of required investments will vary. But for any of them, 500 thousand will be enough for renting premises, purchasing and installing equipment and hiring employees.

Beauty salon

The beauty industry has taken a solid position in the market in recent years and is not going to retreat. Even in a small town, you can find a hairdresser, massage parlor or a whole beauty salon. People like to take care of themselves, tidy up their hair and nails, relax and enjoy various procedures. And this position has both a positive and a negative aspect. The positive is that beauty services are in high demand. On the negative side, such demand is fueling increased competition.

The future business should be based on these judgments. It is important to understand that a start-up capital of even half a million rubles does not guarantee the success of your business. To achieve it, it is necessary to think over the concept of the institution, develop a clear algorithm of actions, calculate all possible costs and risks, and most importantly - find a place that will attract customers by its location.

Fitness club

Sport today plays an important role in people's lives. We care about our diet, our lifestyle, our health and our figure, which pushes us to buy healthy food and gym membership. But while we are acquiring this, someone is making good money on it.

Half a million rubles will be a good start for starting a small gym. With this money, you can rent an area of ​​30 or more square meters. m., renovate the premises, equip it with all the necessary equipment and hire a certified specialist.

Consulting Services

Are you well versed in legal matters or accounting? So why not try yourself in the field of consulting, while working not for an outsider, but for yourself?

Such a business idea is likely to require even less investment than the previously set amount. The main expenses will be spent on renting premises, buying computers and paying for the work of employees (at least 2 people). You can also install automated programs to speed up the process of completing tasks.

In this article we will tell you what kind of business you can open for 500 thousand rubles. We will offer 13 profitable ideas in the field of sales and services. Each option is suitable for both small and large cities, regardless of the level of competition in the niche.

Hookah Bar

Hookah bar is a profitable business with a quick payback. Despite the fact that in any city there are such establishments, it is quite easy to separate from competitors. To do this, it is enough to combine a hookah bar with a bar, create a suitable interior and think over a pricing policy available to the target audience.

The main expense item when opening such an establishment will be to create an appropriate interior. The rest of the investments will be spent on the purchase of mixtures, coal, hookahs and accessories for them. This also includes renting premises, marketing and staff salaries.

You don't need to get any licenses or additional documents. But without the permission of the SES, Fire Inspection and Rospotrebnadzor, it will not work to open a hookah bar.

Such a business can bring in from 120,000 rubles per month. But this is subject to competent advertising campaigns, promotions and other events to attract visitors.

An important factor will be the location of the hookah bar - preferably the city center or a place with high traffic. And the institution must also work at night - especially from Friday to Saturday and from Saturday to Sunday.


Antikafe is a place where people come to rest or work. It hosts various events: master classes, trainings, business meetings, entertainment programs for children and adults.

Most often, nothing is sold in such an establishment. Visitors pay for their stay in the anti-cafe. And treats like tea, coffee and biscuits are offered for free.

If you plan to sell alcohol, you will have to obtain a license to sell such drinks. For smoking, you will need to organize a separate place.

For the organization of a small anti-cafe, where visitors will come just to relax or to some events, 500,000 rubles will be enough.

Many start-up entrepreneurs are interested in what kind of business for 500,000 rubles can be opened from scratch. And not in vain, because in order to start working for yourself, it is not at all necessary to have tens of thousands of dollars of initial capital.

All you need is a good idea and you can start your own small business. It is desirable that the capital be your own, and not borrowed or borrowed. Below we will tell you which own business is better to invest in so that the risks are minimal. So, what kind of business is worth creating for 500 thousand rubles, what is the most profitable?

Franchising and Vending Business

These two options involve a minimum of time and effort on your part. For 500,000 rubles, you can buy an inexpensive franchise (an option with minimal risk) or start a vending business, which has been gaining momentum lately.

Vending differs in that it sells goods, but without the participation of the seller. These include coffee machines, other drinks, toys, food vending machines, and even hospital shoe covers.

Among businessmen it is believed that an investment in a vending business will pay off in a year or two.

The main thing is to place the machine in the most suitable place with the greatest traffic.

A new vending machine costs about $ 2,500-3,000. For half a million, you can buy either 2-3 new ones, or 5 used pieces.


What business to open for 500,000 rubles if you want to create your own store? This amount will allow you to open a small clothing store in a residential area, where there will be few competitors.

Either a point in the market, or rent a ready-made pavilion in a shopping center. The traditional option is only women's clothing or a lingerie store, provided that the premises are rented.

We don't have much money to open a grocery store, although a live beer shop or a cake and candy store can be created for this amount. This is provided if you live in a small town. In big cities, however, it will be difficult for small stores to compete with large and retail chains.

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