Business ideas from scratch in Belarus

By implementing business ideas that are not in Belarus in 2021, you can build a more successful business. Lack of competition leads to more efficient and faster development of your own business, you dictate your own rules.

Business idea: Car interior cleaning with dry fog

Abroad, the service of cleaning the interior of the car with a dry fog is in great demand. This work is carried out with special equipment that forms a fog without moisture and fills the car with certain odors. This equipment is not very expensive and can be ordered, while its efficiency is high. You throw fog into a closed car interior, wait for a while, and then open the doors. The fog dissipates, and the interior feels fresh and clean.

Providing such a service at the car wash can earn extra money and attract the attention of a new client. Many people want to get rid of extraneous odors in the vehicle, especially since a large number of drivers smoke in their car. It is quite difficult to sell a car with a burning smell, so the service can be in great demand in the market.

Tip: Purchase a quality and proven fog generator, so you will improve the quality of services and attract the attention of a potential client.

Business Idea: Recycling

In Europe today, garbage is already a valuable resource that is simply unforgivable to squander. Garbage contains a huge amount of recyclable materials. You can start recycling certain materials, you can bring your business to a fairly high level. All you need to do for this is to negotiate with the authorities the collection of waste or its delivery to your recycling facility. Such enterprises already exist in Belarus, but there are few of them and they operate in a large processing area.

If you look at garbage as a resource, you can understand that it contains huge profits and opportunities, the main thing is to take advantage of these opportunities. You can recycle paper, you can set up your business to recycle only metals. You can also accept non-working household appliances, inside of which there are a huge amount of valuable parts and even precious materials.

Business Idea: Home Automation Systems

Today there are all the necessary tools and resources in order to carry out a complete automation of a private house. You can set the lights to turn on automatically, you can use the drives to open curtains and roller shutters, you can install music throughout the house and play it locally. There are a lot of opportunities and it is quite simple to implement them, but at the same time there are no companies that implement all this or there are very few of them.

You can walk through the cottage town outside the metropolis and offer customers this service. Surely there will be those who are interested in this. In Europe and in the West, such services are in great demand. Smart homes are developing and when this becomes a trend, you will be the first to offer this service to a client.

Many experts say that a ready-made business in Belarus, today, the most relevant are 3 areas of doing business:

  • Pharmacology and medicine;
  • Agriculture;
  • Health and medical tourism.

The best business ideas for small businesses in Belarus should be sought based on these three scientifically based vectors. We will not focus on the first and third points - we will focus on the middle one. There is a logical explanation for this: urbanization in the country is proceeding at a rapid pace, the demand for high-quality food is growing, and will continue to grow.

Best Small Business Business Ideas in Belarus

Our daily milk, cheese, butter, meat and so on are livestock products. Livestock and poultry are industries that need high-quality modern feed. Scientific research and the practice of feeding livestock and poultry have proven that the most effective gains in weight, milk yield, and growth are achieved when combined mixtures are used. Therefore, a business with a perspective is the production of animal feed.

Compound feed granulated

Compound feed - consists of various crushed feed products, with the addition of micro-additives. The composition of all components provides a complete diet for animals Combined products are produced on special equipment in specialized workshops or mini-factories.

Feed production is a matter of the present and the future

Opening a mini-mill for the production of compound feed is a great business idea. The study of the prospects for the development of animal husbandry and poultry farming showed that the products of these areas are in demand now and there is a tendency towards an increase in demand. And, therefore, the need for the use of feed will increase every year and the investment will quickly pay off.

The technological process will fully comply with all established standards only when modern equipment for the production of compound feed is installed at the enterprise. All equipment is simple and quite affordable for a novice entrepreneur:

  • Universal crusher;
  • Auger mixer;
  • Dosing weighing electronic unit;
  • Auger conveyor and separator;
  • Operator control panel of the line.

Process of work of a compound feed manufacturing enterprise

In general, the production of this material looks like this: Grain and other components enter the grinding unit. Here all the material goes through crushing, weighing and dosing. Further, the prepared raw material enters the mixing unit. This block is designed to obtain a homogeneous mass. This is achieved by vigorous stirring. When the mixture is prepared, it is enriched with the necessary additional additives. The additives are added manually by a specialist.

How to start your own business? Options for starting a business from scratch

Open or buy a ready-made business, franchise or turnkey business.

Have you ever thought about your business?

The modern world offers us a lot of opportunities. There was no such abundance of options for what to do before. In the era of the Internet, boundaries are erased and the entrepreneur is pleased with literally everything, take it and do it.

However, your business is not always a walk in the fresh air in good weather. Sometimes, this is a long way along an unbeaten path: hunger and cold, fear and hardship, less often joy and pleasure. Such a path can be traversed only when you know exactly what awaits you at the end of the path: what is it all for? Or, when the path is an end in itself. In other words, your own business is either just work, but with a load of responsibility, or a vocation, a certain way of life that gives pleasure.

Doing business or not, everyone decides for himself, but those who have decided to plunge into the business world can start moving along this path in different ways.

Business and competition are primarily about thinking flexibility. Starting a business is not always associated with a tedious study and starting a project from scratch. Business entry models vary.

Options for starting your own business and becoming a business owner

Start a business from scratch

The option is not tricky and obvious. Do you want to become a store owner? Find a place, suppliers, buy goods, equip a store, buy trade and cash register equipment, hire personnel, register a company, complete all relevant documents, figure out how to attract customers, etc. Put it together in a step-by-step action plan and implement it.

Belarus is the closest neighbor of Russia. The mentality of Belarusians and Russians is in many ways similar. Both countries are just beginning to master the rules of the game on the world trade field. But, if Russia is more actively introducing new technologies, then Belarus has largely withdrawn into itself.

How to work here, are there any bureaucratic obstacles and how many days or hours does it take to register your own company in this article.

Business culture of Belarus

In 2021, Russia faced the imposition of sanctions due to the situation in Ukraine. The Russians immediately felt the rise in prices, the rise in the price of the dollar and all imports. The supply of many goods and services from abroad has ceased.

If for Russia this situation turned out to be an extremely difficult lesson, since its own production in many areas is in its infancy, Belarus has been living on self-sufficiency for several decades. Western countries regularly impose sanctions against both personally leaders of the Republic of Belarus and against Belarusian companies.

Preference is given to the production of natural fabrics and cosmetics, food. The sale goes to Russia, to the territory of the former USSR. The documentation is in Belarusian or Russian. Entrepreneurs, striving for cooperation with European states, are actively studying English and French.

Internet commerce is practically undeveloped here. A small number of enterprises have their own websites and offer their products in the global network. The one who is the first to master this market will receive significant advantages over competitors.

At the moment, the conclusion of an agreement with a foreign company in Belarus is possible after personal negotiations between managers or proxies with the obligatory discussion of all the details and nuances of each item. If at any stage of the negotiations changes are made, the discussion of all points begins anew.

Pros and cons of starting a business in Belarus

  • government support for medium and small businesses;
  • no need to learn the language;
  • registration is not always required;
  • territorial proximity and cooperation of countries.

  • corruption (almost the same as in the Russian Federation);
  • high taxes;
  • instability of laws;
  • unwillingness of people to work.

Immigration to Belarus

Ideas for a business from scratch in Belarus as well as opening your own business is quite possible and at minimal cost. Therefore, everyone can start a business and earn money. Business ideas will help budding entrepreneurs find their way and take the first step towards success.

Business ideas from scratch in Belarus

Ideas for business from scratch in Belarus are very diverse. It is possible to work in the field of Internet sales, small production, or engage in the provision of services. The main thing is to correctly calculate your own and take into account several significant factors:

  • Market specifics. It is important to understand what exactly is in demand at the moment. As a rule, the most popular products or services are offered by a large number of other firms. Therefore, competition should be taken into account. And this is a very important factor;
  • The specifics of the place of residence. If a person lives in a rural area or a big city, this inevitably affects his capabilities;
  • Personal preferences and skills. It is recommended to give preference to those activities to which there is a predisposition. Having your own experience will allow you to survive in a competitive environment and make your offers more interesting for consumers.

Poultry business

It should be noted that this kind of entrepreneurial activity can give a lot. First of all, it must be borne in mind that the product sales market is always open. It is a retail trade of its farm products, which are always in price. Meat can be handed over to dealers or to processing plants. It can be used to make homemade canned food, which is highly valued. In addition, such a business does not need large investments and it is possible to start with almost no own funds:

  • you only need to purchase chickens or grown poultry;
  • you can make cages yourself. At the same time, they do not need a lot of space, since they can be arranged in several tiers;
  • growing poultry for meat does not require the purchase of additional devices. The drinking bowls and feeders necessary for this have a very primitive design, therefore, it will not be difficult to do it yourself.

What birds to grow

There is a basic rule for raising poultry for meat. Waterfowl are not allowed to be kept together with those birds that cannot swim. Accordingly, it is necessary to ensure the separate placement of ducks, geese and chickens, turkeys, as well as guinea fowls.

It should be noted that the average period for raising broiler birds is only one and a half months. During this time, the chicken gains marketable weight and reaches a mass of 2 kg. and more. Turkeys also gain the necessary weight for slaughter in two months or a little more. This growth rate creates a very fast turnover of products.

When it comes to starting your business, it is recommended to start with chickens and turkeys. They do not need to create special conditions like waterfowl. Moreover, they do not need a lot of space. There are breeds that are resistant to disease and unpretentious. They are perfect for starting your own business.

The benefits of raising birds

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