Business ideas for women that really work in 2021 - overview and tips

Buying and selling business equipment

Purchase and sale of business equipment

Penoizol as a sound and heat insulator has become more popular than expanded polystyrene. It is an inexpensive material that is highly fire resistant. The production of penoizol can become a profitable business, since the initial investment is minimal, and the workshop itself can be located even in a small garage.

Champignon mushrooms have come under the food embargo - that is, they simply cannot be imported into the Russian Federation. Against the background of this artificial restriction, mushroom farms in Russia themselves began to grow like mushrooms after rain.

It won't be easy to become a confident player in the liquid soap market. Hindered by factors such as high competition and the need for large start-up investments. You will have to attract creative and expensive people to create a strong brand.

The hookah business is fashionable, but, unfortunately, quite risky. All efforts of an entrepreneur can be nullified by strict legislation, which states: smoking in public places is prohibited!

The label making business may seem "undignified", but in reality it is one of the cheapest types of manufacturing business. Due to the fact that a minimum of equipment is needed, the payback of this business comes quickly enough.

The advantage of a children's cafe as a business is that the idea is still considered original - in cities with a population of up to 300 thousand. man you will not find such institutions at all. However, opening such a restaurant will require considerable investment.

Glass processing is an underdeveloped sector of economic activity. In Russia, only 20% of cullet is recycled. Of course, this provides excellent opportunities to start your own business.

Do you know what proportion of Russians regularly consume tea? 98%! Most of them, however, prefer to buy tea bags in supermarkets, but this situation has developed due to the lack of alternatives. Open an elite tea store and accustom customers to its taste - then you will have no end of customers.

The lingerie market in Russia is experiencing another heyday. Moreover, Russians have finally begun to take an interest not in Chinese consumer goods, but in branded products. So opening an elite lingerie store is more than a promising idea.

26-year-old Swede Philip Tusander was working on two mediocre businesses when he came up with the idea to create a watch. He drew the design of the watch and the logo himself, in Photoshop. Philip named the brand Daniel Wellington.

Today DW is one of the largest watch brands in the world. Now the company earns $ 250 million a year, which is more than the annual revenue of VKontakte. At the same time, the cost of one watch, including packaging, is only $ 7.

Success comes to the one who acts. And today we want to give you a quick guide to action: profitable business ideas for 2021. Thanks to working with projects in various niches, we clearly see what is happening on the market and what kind of business will be relevant in 2021. We also analyzed cool cases from the USA and Europe to find ideas that are not yet very competitive in the CIS.

Which business idea to choose

Starting a business is a massive change in life that is not always easy. The main difficulty in the beginning is choosing an idea and business strategy that are close and interesting. To make it easier for you to decide, you should:

Step 1. Assess resources: what you have and what you can attract

Think about money, time, mental strength, character traits. When starting a business, remember that this is a risk, and you should not invest 100% of your resources in one project. For example, if your start-up capital is small, it is better to start with a small business that does not require large investments. And if you know in advance that your managerial qualities may not be enough, consider a partner who will take on some of the responsibilities.

Step 2. Think about your skills and desires

Growing your business takes a lot of effort. Therefore, it is important that your idea is not only promising from a financial point of view, but also interesting for you personally. For example, if you know that your city does not have a good quest room, but you don’t know anything about quests (and, more importantly, you don’t want to understand it), it makes sense to look for another idea for a startup.

Think, what are you good at? Your area of ​​expertise is ideal for your first business experience. If you have worked for a company for several years and you know that you are an expert in your field, try to work on your own. For example, an experienced accountant can easily open an accounting outsourcing business.

For starting a business, the crisis year 2021 is not the best option. The choice of areas was noticeably limited, and the risks of burnout increased significantly. But there are 14 business areas where entrepreneurs will have the greatest chance of success despite the crisis.

Opening a business during the crisis of 2021 is a risky business, therefore any profitable direction for starting can be called anti-crisis. Of course, the greatest interest today is shown in the least risky activities in terms of investments. These are types of earnings from home, which can be registered as self-employed and work without employees and rented premises, some types of business allowed with minimal investment, or areas that are most in demand or least vulnerable during crises and pandemics like Covid-19.

In order to understand in which areas of business a return can be expected during a crisis, it is necessary, first of all, to proceed from the behavior of people during the period of quarantine and crisis. What worries people during these difficult times? What needs do they still have, and which ones come to the fore? In our opinion, the following are relevant today:

  • basic food and water needs;
  • health and safety needs;
  • a desire to save money, reduce the cost of excess and things of non-essential necessity;
  • the need for autonomy / independence from the services of intermediaries and non-universal goods, readiness for long-term "deprivation" and reduction of consumption;
  • separation, the inability / unwillingness of people to physically contact with other people , the need to receive services / goods delivered to your home;
  • online collaboration: the opposite trend, which is the need for people to unite and cooperate in difficult times to solve common problems;
  • the need for retraining and improving their skills;
  • the need to overcome fears and uncertainties about the future.

Next, we will analyze business ideas and business trends that are relevant during the crisis in those areas that can most of all satisfy the above needs.

Agricultural business in crisis

Agriculture, like many other industries, has also been affected by the situation with the coronavirus, and the risks here are certainly great, but the situation does not seem as critical as in other areas.

Firstly, agricultural products will always be in demand.

Whatever happens, people always ate and will eat. In times of crisis, people are ready to deny themselves almost everything except food, and the share of the household budget for food is growing.

If last year it exceeded 44% of the total budget, then in 2021 it will clearly exceed 50%. This, however, does not mean at all that people will buy more food than before, on the contrary. However, this clearly illustrates the alignment of priorities in a crisis.

Secondly, the return of people to small towns and even villages can be named as one of the long-term consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. It is unlikely, of course, that Russians will rush to study agronomy en masse, but many people who have realized there is no need to be constantly present in the city office may think about other activities, including those that are closer to nature, gardens and vegetable gardens: the air is cleaner, rental fee is lower.

An entrepreneur with rich experience will tell about business for women. This is an easy, lively overview of business ideas for women in the 2021-2021 crisis. What kind of business for women is in demand in the market today? What can a modern business woman do in today's crisis situation? Consider women's business, its types, directions and features today, and also, we list 10 types of failed business for women, which is not worth doing today.

I am an entrepreneur Ksenia Safonova, I present 5 interesting topics for women's business - business from scratch (you can start a business without money, you only need your time, desire and diligence), a business with minimal investment (small investments are required in the business ), a business with investments from 100 thousand rubles (a more serious startup if there is little capital), business ideas for the home (your own business, as a hobby and part-time work at home), business ideas in today's coronavirus crisis (business options that operate in a crisis) ...

And yet, the top 10 failed business ideas in 2021 that are not worth pursuing today in 2021, I will tell you the reasons.

Ideas for start-ups are perishable goods: what “shot” today will be completely unprofitable tomorrow. The reasons are different: coronavirus, the situation on world markets, changes in legislation, fashion, the number of competitors, etc. Consider what kind of successful business a modern woman can do today, what women's business ideas really work in 2021.

Business from scratch for women

Here I have collected five mini-start-up ideas that show that a profitable business does not always require money. Having started their business from scratch, with due diligence and determination, many women have grown from it a serious, successful business:


Today, translations from Turkish, Chinese, Korean are highly valued. Profitable cooperation with legal agencies, work with technical articles. The cost of a page of translated text starts from 500-1000 rubles, and much more is paid for technical and business translations. If you are fluent in these foreign languages, you will have ample opportunities.

As you grow a loyal customer base, then you can open a translation agency and hire translation assistants to the team. In addition to private translations, a translator will be in demand in foreign companies (if you want to work for your uncle). In a word, language translation is a promising business in our digital, global world.

Walking the Dogs

Now it is becoming a demanded business, if "dog walkers" are seriously busy walking dogs, they receive income per month more than the salary of office workers. But here, it is important not only to love animals, but also to be able to handle them.

The more wards you have, the higher the income: for an hour of walking, dog owners pay 300-400 rubles and more. Dog walkers offer services both through social networks, advertising on the Internet, and through word of mouth, there are also special sites that offer services for walking dogs and overexposing pets.

Tutoring, student work to order

"Business ideas - options with minimal investment for small businesses + new ideas that are not yet in Russia

Until now, many citizens of the Russian Federation and other CIS countries are in no hurry to open their own business and continue to work for their uncle. Some are stopped by a high start-up capital, others - by the fear of "burn out", and still others - by lack of experience. This article contains 2021 business ideas that even a novice entrepreneur can implement. Some options do not even require investment.

From this article you will learn:

Steps to take before launching a business idea

A person who has three important qualities is capable of starting a business from scratch: courage, sociability and a flexible mind. But before implementing any idea, you need to perform three steps.

Estimate starting capital

Business investment is an integral part of the start. Calculate how much money you have to start your own business. For a start, you should use your own savings.

IMPORTANT. it is better to study business ideas in 2021 with minimal investment than to borrow funds from a bank. After all, interest will have to be paid even if the project does not pay off.

Looking through the TOP business ideas of 2021, you should focus on the realities and market trends. In particular, find out the answers to the following questions:

  • what products / services are in high demand at the moment, and why, will they still be relevant in 5-10 years;
  • what is the level of competition in the niche and in your region;
  • how much money will be required for advertising and promotion.

Business ideas that do not exist in Russia are not enough to simply copy taking into account the experience of Western entrepreneurs. It is necessary to take into account the psychology and income level of local clients, peculiarities of legal regulation, tax burden and administrative barriers. Otherwise, as a result of the implementation of the idea, you will receive "zero" income.

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