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At the end of last summer, Facebook updated the rules for contests and promotions on the social network - now companies can do it right in their feed, without using third-party applications. Under the new rules, brands can apply for contests through likes, comments or messages. It would seem that such a great opportunity for promotion - take it and use it. However, this raises a problem - many SMMs simply cannot think of contests for their pages! If you rank yourself among their ranks, don't be discouraged. Below you will find 30 ready-made contest templates - just insert your data into them, post to your Facebook group and watch your subscribers' activity increase.

Guess how many candies are in the vase in this photo. Whoever gets closest to the correct answer will receive 10 boxes of chocolates! The winner is determined tonight.

This is one of the easiest contests - just take a photo with a lot of your product: if you publish magazines, then take a picture of the bookshelf full of them, if you make shoes, then a bunch of shoes. Ask your followers to guess the exact number of pieces in the photo. It's quick and easy - both for you and for the contestants. You can do the same with all the options below - take them as a basis and come up with what you can do specifically with your product!

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  • “Most of all I love the sea and the sun, and also ...” Tell us what you love to do on the beach. The author of the most interesting comment will receive tickets to the sea! Hurry up, we will enter the name of the winner on the tickets tomorrow, at 18:00 Moscow time.
  • What is the name of the first astronaut to go into outer space? Everyone who answers correctly gets a chance to win tickets to the Cosmonautics Museum! Our rocket with prizes will start to the winner tomorrow at 17:00 Moscow time.
  • "Honestly, my dear, I don't give a damn" - which character from which movie uttered those words? The first person to guess correctly will be able to win [nice bonus]! The name of the winner will be announced in the next entry on our page.

As you can see, contests can be invented out of thin air, your own erudition, a bunch of shoes and funny photos. Just follow the following formula and you will succeed:

Call to Action + Nice Bonus + Rules of Participation + Dates

Facebook is the largest social network in the world and the opportunities for promotion there are endless. Master these horizons before it's too late.

Adapted from Nathan Latka's 30 Facebook Timeline Contest Ideas That Drive Likes and Comments.

The "Best Business Idea" competition is a unique opportunity to create your own project under the mentorship of successful entrepreneurs from Evastopol and the Republic of Crimea.

ABOUT THE COMPETITION Show in full. 50 people will take part, among schoolchildren and students (technical school / college). They will have a powerful 2-month intensive with 10 successful entrepreneurs and experts in their field.

And according to the results of the competition, the most active will receive PRIZES from partners.

Project objectives: - development and popularization of youth entrepreneurship; - development of entrepreneurial potential among youth; - basics of entrepreneurial literacy and business planning; - creation of conditions for the implementation of entrepreneurial initiatives among youth.

How to start thinking about an idea

1. Often a startup's story about their project begins with the phrase: "People want this, so I make my product." It's dangerous to start with this.

2. When you look at successful startups, they rely not on what people want, but on what they do. They ride horses - we'll give them a cheap car. render completely. They're taking a taxi - we'll give them Uber with delivery in five minutes. They travel to other cities, where they stay in hotels - we will give them a cheaper option for housing in rented apartments.

3. As soon as we start with what people want (but do not do), we get unclaimed hallucinations.

4. I hit myself on the hands from time to time when I start thinking about an idea with what people want. So you beat yourself too.

I am publishing a review from the co-organizer of the competition Prosev Tatyana

Do you think business is for adults? You can start your own business right now! Meet like-minded people, test your idea with experienced entrepreneurs and gain useful knowledge for free!


A platform where you can find friends who are interested in business and are full of fantastic ideas.

On this platform, mentors will conduct an educational program in the main entrepreneurial disciplines, teach project thinking and help make your business idea real.

A platform where you will be helped to realize your business ideas using the theory of argumentation. While your friends are saving, you can take action.

On this site you can find like-minded people who are also interested in business and are full of fantastic ideas. And get a tablet, e-book or smart watch for it.


To create conditions for the implementation of entrepreneurial initiatives among students and to find entrepreneurial projects that are promising for the socio-economic development of the Kurgan region - these are the main goals and objectives of the competition.


1st place - Maksimov Ivan (Kurgan, 27 gymnasium)

Idea: "Center for helping people in difficult life situations."

Ivan plans to become an entrepreneur and create a center in the Kurgan region, where everyone in need will receive not only a roof over his head, but also a job. The first 10 days a person who finds himself in a difficult life situation will be able to live for free, then for a fee. At the same time, work and return to normal life.

2 Place Gribanova Daria (Kurgan, 32 gymnasium)

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "Competition of business ideas". We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

The names of the winners of the business ideas competition are announced

From February to March, an educational session for young entrepreneurs was held at the Coworking Center of the Youth House - free master classes on promoting, creating and running your own business. The final stage of the event was the in-person defense of the business ideas competition.

The competition was held in several stages - the correspondence stage of selection, consultations with an expert and full-time defense. Teams or single representatives sent in questionnaires in which they described their business ideas, built an implementation plan and calculated the cost of the business.

On face-to-face defense in 3 minutes, the finalists had to tell briefly the essence of their business, its relevance, target audience, competitive advantages, start-up capital, payback period, risks and ways to overcome them.

A total of 17 projects were announced, 11.

The winners of the Contest were determined in the nominations "Looking into the future" (in the age category from 16 to 23 years old) and "Perspective" (in the age category from 24 to 35 years old), as well as in the special nomination " Social entrepreneurship ".

  • The nomination "Looking into the future" went to Ekaterina Ponomareva with the idea of ​​"Transfer of technology for extracting essential amino acids from the culture liquid of biochemical industries." The technology proposed for implementation will make it possible to obtain products, with their subsequent implementation in the preparation of premixes, compound feeds and feed additives with a lower cost, since the target products will actually be separated from production waste.
  • Dmitry Matveev won in the "Perspective" nomination with the idea of ​​"Production of functional food nanoemulsions based on natural ingredients." The aim of the work is the development and implementation of technologies for probiotic products, with a partial replacement of milk fat with stably stable food nanoemulsions containing useful microelements.
  • A special nomination "Social Entrepreneurship" was given to Alexander Stolyarov - "Re-equipment and adaptation of enterprises of the Voronezh Subdivision for People with Disabilities."

Ideas in the field of it-technologies, culture, art, trade, sports were also presented at the Competition.

“I received answers to many questions that tormented me, but, importantly, they saw me, heard and offered support, both mentoring and financial, and here it is impossible to retreat!” competition participant Evgeny Tischuk.

The project of creating a small enterprise for the repair of electronic devices "Project ISIZI" was presented. The project received 1st place in the city competition "The best youth business idea"

Over the next few decades, the SERVICES for REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE OF ELECTRONIC DEVICES will be ACTUAL AND DEMANDED on the market.

The city of Khabarovsk is no exception: "Long, expensive, poor quality" - all these are signs of malfunctioning of many companies that provide services in this area. But not only individuals, but also legal entities have such problems. Individual entrepreneurs, commercial and government non-profit organizations that cannot afford to have an electronic device maintenance specialist on their staff.

When analyzing this problem, it became clear that the market lacks companies capable of high-quality service of electronic devices. The disadvantages of most operating companies are high cost, low quality in a low competition environment.

We see several ways to solve this problem:

The first option is to force all firms to undergo mandatory certification and attestation, but this option is hardly feasible, since it depends on the legislation of the Russian Federation. The second option is to create a company with qualified specialists, which has quality certificates and guarantees for its services.



Application for participation in the city competition

"Best Youth Business Idea"

Surname, name, patronymic of the author

(10th grade student of MBOU SOSH # 76)

Address of educational institution, telephone, email (details)

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