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A well-established service that allows you to simultaneously promote your groups on social networks, as well as earn money by completing simple tasks (like, repost or comment, subscribe, join a group).

The minimum price per subscriber is 1 rub. Like - from 15 kopecks.

The cost of completing the task is 30-96 kopecks (the number of tasks will depend on the quality of your groups and personal pages, the number of friends and subscribers).

The minimum withdrawal amount is 25 rubles. (can be withdrawn to phone, webmoney, Yandex and qiwi wallets). The lower the amount of earnings, the faster it is withdrawn.

A site that allows you to find absolutely free of charge all the official information about individual entrepreneurs and legal entities.

By such information we mean: extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and USRIP, profit and loss statements, reports of Rosstat on the activities of companies, a report on the affiliation of a business to small and medium-sized businesses, as well as participation in public procurement.

All information for the site is taken from official sources, and is also updated daily. Registered users can receive reports on changes in some parameters about selected individual entrepreneurs and legal entities.

This site can rightfully be called a lifesaver for those who are just starting their own business and have thought about such important parts as corporate identity, corporate standard, etc.

The site allows in a few minutes, based on the direction of your business, to create a logo to your liking using templates and their combinations.

You can download a small logo for free. In resolution and in the form of business card templates, letterheads and favicons - can be downloaded for an additional fee. However, not very big.

More and more people come to the conclusion that it is necessary to acquire a website. This business idea is driven by the ratio of costs - creating a resource to the benefits it brings. The content of the site costs a penny, the problems that arise are easily solved with the involvement of numerous freelancers. It doesn't take a lot of time to get used to site management, you just have a desire. Therefore, demand is growing and will continue to grow for many years to come. And, as you know, demand gives rise to supply and the business idea of ​​creating sites can be planned by people who do not even know how to create them.

  • Investments: 50 thousand rubles / month
  • Profitability: 50 thousand rubles / month
  • Payback calculation: 1 month
  • Staff: 3 people

Who is a business website development for?

Something needs to be understood for an idea - what is a CMS, development, template, functionality, layout, as well as the correct design, user-friendly fonts and some similar moments. After all, it is the performer who must understand the ideas, tastes and needs of the customer in order to fully develop the project for him.

The performer's abilities are especially relevant when the customer is inexperienced and cannot find his bearings on his own. This moment is the most important in the idea! Unscrupulous "businessmen" take advantage of the incompetence of the customer and sell template development. But this plan is a road to nowhere. You can develop only by giving a person a project with which he will cope and which will solve his problems for at least some time. The counter advance of loyalty in the form of recommendations will not keep you waiting.

How to organize a website development business on the Internet?

How can one approach this plan if there is no deep knowledge, but there is a desire? It's quite simple to start, you need to draw up a business plan for the company to create websites, there are only a few main points:

  • Customer profile - newbie or already working with sites
  • Initial specialization - on which management system solutions will be offered, will the client be assisted in filling, selecting graphics, promotion and so on.
  • In which niche the development will be provided - business card site, landing page, online store or another idea.
  • How will you find customers or advertise your services?

For the initial plan, you should choose a very narrow specialization of building sites as a business. To implement the ideas of customers, you need to select colleagues - you will have to look for them among friends or on freelance exchanges. The number of employees depends on the tasks set. At least the company cooperates with specialists:

  • Graphic designer for concept and visual design.
  • Layout designer for assembling blanks into a template.
  • Programmer, for the implementation of custom solutions of the client, integrated into the site.

The plan may require an optimizer, copywriter, photographer and more.

Indeed, if a client does not want to pay the amount for website development, but is ready to double or triple the amount for a website with a semantic core, text and turnkey photo? What should a businessman do to reject an offer? But that's not how money is made. Therefore, even before searching for orders, you need to recruit a virtual staff. And for this, you need to understand the basics enough to separate ability from hack and good quality from mediocre.

Options for creating websites as a business

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "Site of business ideas". We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

Website for business ideas

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