Business bestsellers of all times and peoples as one of the tools for the success of an aspiring entrepreneur

I present TOP 50 - the best books on business, after reading which, the world of business will become more understandable. This business literature will suggest ideas for managing business and people to survive in today's competitive world.

For convenience, the lists are divided according to the general idea of ​​the authors, and the classic paper version will become an adornment of any library.

Startup Brand

1. Blank Steve, Dorf Bob. Startup. Founder's Handbook;

A practical guide for novice businessmen will help you avoid many commonplace mistakes.

2. Rhys Eric. Business from scratch. Lean Startup method for quickly testing ideas and choosing a business model;

A reasoned and simple guide for every entrepreneur or businessman. The startup methodology is described, with all the subtleties and nuances. Recognized by readers as one of the best for business development.

3. Alexander Veres, Pavel Trubetskov. How to open an online store. And not close in a month.

The authors give a simple vision of how to create an online store for a long time and without problems. A practice book based on my own experience, what could be better?

4. Salenbacher Jurgen. Build a personal brand. How to find opportunities, develop and stand out;

By reading good books, you can not only develop thinking, but also solve many problems, as well as find answers to questions of interest. Most newbie entrepreneurs think about getting rich quick in the first place, without taking into account the many nuances.

A businessman must set a specific goal, build a correct business plan, and select employees.

To build a long-term business, you need to live it, be a businessman from the inside, so books for entrepreneurs should accompany an entrepreneur from the very beginning and the entire path of doing business.

Every year, a lot of useful and informational valuable books are published that will help you build a business from scratch, invest correctly, and withstand fierce competition.

For New Entrepreneurs

Many modern books for doing business have successfully passed the test and helped many novice businessmen to quickly build a profitable and profitable business, and established entrepreneurs to get out of crisis situations and stand among competitors.

We offer a list of books that will help you start building your own business:

  • Bodo Schaefer - “The Path to Financial Freedom”, “Breakthrough to Financial Success”. These books offer rules for achieving success and also focuses on personal effectiveness. This literature is known among residents of many countries.
  • Vasily Loshkarev - “Business from scratch. Tips and Practice ". This literature will help you familiarize yourself with various situations on a difficult path, as well as how to create a clear business plan and build a win-win business.
  • Mike Mikalowitz - My First Business. For the newbie-entrepreneur, this book will provide a lot of useful information regarding building a personal file, get acquainted with common mistakes among entrepreneurs, and also learn the secrets of the success of famous businessmen.
  • Konstantin Baksht - “Building business services from scratch to market dominance”. The author of this publication has considerable experience in running a personal business, therefore, on his own experience, he will be able to show the vulnerabilities of start-up entrepreneurs, and also provides information on building their own business on the example of real successful companies.
  • Walter Isaacson - "Steve Jobs". This edition, probably, was not read only by first-graders, because it very easily and simply describes the difficult path of a businessman from the very beginning, how hard it is to build his own business and keep it “afloat”.

This is a very short list of references that a newbie entrepreneur should read in order to successfully start a business and withstand fierce competition.

Also, these and similar popular publications will help build teamwork, actively expand your business and make win-win contributions. One of the above publications can be like a handbook for an individual entrepreneur, which will become an advisor on the path to development and elevation.

For aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs

Hundreds of successful and famous businessmen have gone a hard way to achieve their goals, but the modern world dictates its own rules.

Recipes for wealth have been in demand at all times, and motivational literature is one of the few creations that make a profit for publishers. The problem is that on the wave of interest a number of "dummies" appear - secondary literature copying the ideas of the donor publication. The level of education in schools is high - anyone can write advice and impersonate an expert. At the same time, bestsellers that are read by several generations of entrepreneurs appear every 10 years.

Among the variety of literature on business, there are 7 books, each of which is able to turn a person's consciousness, turning him into a businessman - a designer of his own destiny. Reading books by successful people is interesting and informative if they give specific recommendations and bring them closer to the goal. The listed works were written at different times, but all of them are of interest to modern entrepreneurs.

Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill

This Talmud is one of the first places for businessmen in terms of frequency of mention in special literature, although it was written in 1937. It's no exaggeration to call it a kind of Entrepreneurship Bible, since it sets out the fundamental principles of doing business that are not outdated to this day.

The book appeared thanks to Robert Taylor - the owner of a specialized magazine. He commissioned the young author for a series of articles about successful people of our time - interviews and interviews lasted 20 years. The book has gone through 42 editions in the United States and has been translated into dozens of languages. The first Russian translation appeared only in 1993.

All Hill's advice is considered axiomatic. Think and Grow Rich is an encyclopedia book, a donor book, written with talent and credibility. 90% of modern literature on business in one way or another in their own way repeat Hill's 3 axioms:

  • Negative thoughts slow down and destroy.
  • A person sets his own boundaries.
  • If you wait for the right moment, it may not come.

What else can you learn by reading Napoleon Hill:

  • how to motivate yourself on the way to business heights
  • how to build teamwork
  • why find and read specialized literature
  • how to effectively use your mind and knowledge
  • what is the secret of the success of rich people.

Important! As a journalist, Hill has studied the biographies and business stories of hundreds of successful entrepreneurs; on their basis, he deduced a universal formula for success. It sounds like this: our affairs are governed by the power of thought.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki

Kiyosaki, whose bestsellers consistently occupy the top lines of the ratings, was not at all the child of a poor man - his father, Ph.D., served as Minister of Education. But the Hawaiian native learned financial literacy and positive thinking from the father of his schoolmate.

The idea of ​​starting a business or building a successful career is visited by every person who wants to become successful and financially independent. But in most cases, it remains an unfulfilled dream, or it breaks against the first obstacles encountered on the way.

In such cases, people start looking for the reason for their failure, trying to achieve what they want in a different way, which often leads to the loss of significant amounts of money and precious time.

Secrets of competent business management allow you to open business books in which you can learn from the experience of successful people who have conquered the heights of entrepreneurship.

The top 10 best publications of this kind should be read by every person who is looking for inspiration, motivation, wants to change their worldview and start acting.

Walter Isaacson "Steve Jobs"

The biography of the legendary CEO of the world's most famous company Apple will be the best example for aspiring entrepreneurs and people who have long been involved in their own business.

This book is currently the most popular business literature and tops the top 10. It tells the story of a successful entrepreneur and tough leader who was able to build a multi-billion dollar business from scratch.

Journalist Walter Isaacson was inspired to write a biography by the proposal of Steve Jobs, who learned about the terrible diagnosis. The famous entrepreneur wanted his story to be told honestly, without any embellishment or thickening of the clouds.

He spent a lot of time with Isaacson talking about his business secrets. Jobs wanted a journalist to highlight all of his achievements and the many failures that happened along the way, which would help budding entrepreneurs avoid mistakes they made.

The book turned out to be truthful and impartial, which led to its high rating.

After reading the book "Steve Jobs" each person understands how much effort and work is required to achieve the desired result in any undertaking. Success doesn't come by itself.

It is not for nothing that the people are burning that one head is good, but two is better. So let your "second head" be smart books that will help you develop your business and be successful in your activities, bringing moral satisfaction and material rewards.

The Wall Street Wolf Method by Jordan Belfort

Subtitle promising - revelations of the world's best salesperson. And the story itself will reveal many secrets of successful business:

  • how to become successful sellers;
  • how to negotiate and masterfully close profitable deals;
  • public speaking techniques and persuasion secrets; <
  • some interesting strategies for being a successful salesperson.

This is all written by a professional and a really great salesperson, for those who wish to reach the heights. One of the indicators of the correctness of the strategies described is a lot of positive feedback from readers and the fact that a second book has already been published, a continuation of the Wall Street wolf method.

Time is money! Approved by Benjamin Franklin

The book under this title includes two printed works of a man decorating a hundred dollar bill. By the way - he is the only one who ended up on American money, although he has never been the president of the country.

But his service to the United States is so great, since his portrait was on a prestigious banknote, that reading his Autobiography, as well as Advice to a Young Merchant Written by an Old One, is not just informative. From these writings, you can take a guide to action on how to become successful and rich.

The second was generally called by some readers "a squeeze of useful and working advice."

Skills of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

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