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Women's business is becoming more and more interesting in the market, women achieve great success and can earn much more than men. Here are some business ideas for women in 2021 in Belarus that you can try to implement.

Business Idea: Animation Show

Women are more responsible and creative, they can be great holiday organizers. If you notice in yourself the ability to entertain children, then why not try yourself as an animator. Today such services are in great demand in the market. Animators are needed for child's birthdays, for various events of kindergartens and other institutions. The cost of the services of a good animator is quite high, while parents are willing to pay, since no one saves on children.

In order to start a business, you need to spend a minimum amount of effort and time, you need to purchase suits and various accessories. Most of the work is done completely free of charge, you come up with a script, follow the trends in the children's world, use what children like best today. As a result, the children remain happy, which means that the parents thank you generously for this.

Business idea: Baby monitor service

More and more parents cannot find free time to take their child to kindergarten or school. In big cities, this problem is more than relevant, so you can help in solving it. If you love children and have the right to drive a vehicle, as well as have your own car, you can offer your services for the delivery of children to schools and kindergartens.

The cost of such services can be quite large, while you do not spend a huge amount of time on the implementation of your work. You can take your child to school, after which you will have a huge amount of free time until the evening when the child will need to be picked up from school. Women are much more trusted in this area, so you get a huge advantage.

Tip: Install a quality child seat in your car and get your vehicle ready for travel. The quality of service plays a very important role here, parents want to see your professionalism, cleanliness and safety of the car.

Business idea: Selling cotton candy at events

You buy a special installation for the preparation of cotton candy, after which you can start organizing your own business. By installing your equipment at the event, you get access to a huge number of customers who will definitely buy cotton wool for themselves or their children. Girls in this area are much more trusted, because cooking associations are always comparable to women. This is why you can have a lot more customers than your competitors.

The advantage here is that you spend a minimum amount of sugar to make cotton wool, while at the same time selling the finished product is much more expensive. The profitability of this business is very high, so you will quickly recoup the money spent on the purchase of equipment for the preparation of cotton candy.

Belarus is a country with good economic potential, therefore it is a fairly promising direction for businessmen with foreign capital. The facts testify to this exhaustively: the Republic of Belarus, in comparison with other countries, has managed to maintain a relatively stable economic situation.

In addition, there are many advantages that undoubtedly play an important role in the development of entrepreneurship in this country. So, for example, for enterprises working in rural areas or employed in agriculture, there are special preferential tax conditions. The presence of free economic zones on the territory of the Republic of Belarus, as well as specialists of various categories with higher education, contribute to the dynamic development of entrepreneurial activity in this country.

All this, of course, makes the country very attractive in the eyes of foreign investors, who have probably thought more than once about what kind of business to open in Belarus. Despite a stable economy and free niches in the field of entrepreneurship, the Republic of Belarus, frankly, does not have sufficient resources, such as, for example, Sweden or Germany. However, there is plenty of room for commercial activity here.

Wishing to open his own business in Belarus, a person faces many problems and questions. It is important not only to correctly draw up all the paperwork and register your business, but also to conduct it correctly, so that there are no problems with local legislation or simply not miscalculate with the choice of the industry in which the business will be opened. It is necessary to determine exactly what will be in greatest demand.

A person who wants to open a business from scratch in Belarus should know what entrepreneurial activity is. From its general definition, several particularly important aspects can be distinguished:

  • This activity is always carried out independently;
  • Everything is carried out solely at your own peril and risk;
  • The activity is carried out for stable profit.

These are all basic elements that any future entrepreneur should know. Also, to open your business in the Republic of Belarus, you must go through state registration, after which it is possible to create a legal entity or become an individual entrepreneur. If you ignore the state registration, then the business owner can do significant damage. Business activity in accordance with paragraph 1 of Article 12. of the Administrative Code is considered illegal without state registration, and this will entail a large fine and seizure of profits for the entire time that the business has been operating.

First, you need to choose what kind of activity to engage in, answer the question: "What business to do in Belarus?" First of all, you need to start from what you like more than what you want to do, in which area you have the necessary knowledge to make money. You need to understand what you want to do all your life so that it brings you pleasure, not just money.

Business ideas for Belarus

Considering the fact that the Republic of Belarus is located practically in the very center of Europe, we can safely say that the most important transport routes pass through the country. So why not take advantage of this? The roadside service began its development relatively recently, and today some routes of international importance are literally "stuck" with all kinds of cafes and eateries.

But here, too, there are so-called "white" spots. First, a diner is not always a roadside service. And secondly, there are still a sufficient number of roads on the territory of the country, on which there is not a single, even the most seedy, institution. Therefore, it is advisable and profitable to invest in this area. The main thing is to put your heart and soul into it, so that you have the opportunity to have a snack, and spend the night, and, if necessary, do minor repairs. At first glance, it is expensive, but good and high-quality roadside service has always been valued and appreciated.

Around the same opera - hotel and restaurant business. Belarusians have always loved to eat well and relax. Unusual interior, delicious cuisine, friendly staff, harmonious value for money, as well as a bright idea for a restaurant are the key to the success of a catering enterprise. Currently, not many cafes and restaurants in Belarus can boast of excellent cuisine and decent service, and if they can, then this pleasure costs an indecent pretty penny. Therefore, this idea for business in Belarus can also be considered.

Construction and renovation - this area will never go out of commercial fashion. Along with the growth of the population, the demand for real estate is increasing, so opening a business in the construction sector is a suitable option for foreign investment.

If you want to open your own business, but there is not much free money or there is a fear of losing it, you can start by buying an inexpensive ready-made business. We looked at what offers for the sale of a business up to $ 5000 are being placed in Minsk. They also asked the head of the b4y portal. y and business broker Denis Schos to comment on what to look for when buying a ready-made business.

We have considered advertisements for the sale of a ready-made business on several sites (irr. y, olx. y, b4y. y, megapolis-realt. y).

These are the areas in which, according to our observations, you can purchase a ready-made business up to $ 5000.


As a rule, small pavilions located inside shopping centers are sold. Here are some examples:

  • Has been operating since 2021
  • Cost: 10,000 rubles ($ 5,000). The cvetik online store is also available for an additional fee. y
  • Area 7.2 m 2, isolated room inside the store

The announcement states that there is a complete package of documents. The business is sold together with unsold goods.

Vending business

Another inexpensive start-up idea is the vending machine business. Here are examples:

Vending machine for the sale of sweets, toys, chewing gum, and, if necessary, shoe covers. Cost of one machine: $ 3500.

Coffee vending machines. 3 points in checkout areas and service stations. The cost of one device is $ 2500 in the checkout area, $ 3000 at the service station. The seller notes that the profit at the points is approximately $ 230-260 per month.

Online Sales

Even now, when many businesses are working for survival, there are areas that continue to develop steadily. The demand for the products they offer remains. For details, contact Vladislav Bolbatovsky, business analyst at the Agency for Strategic and Economic Development.

Vladislav Bolbatovsky. Photo by Evgeny Filippovich

- Of course, the IT sector is developing at a high rate in the country, in which new jobs are constantly being created and unique projects known throughout the world are born. But besides this area, our agency identifies a number of industries that today can be attractive for investment and have an upward trend:

  • Medicine and pharmacology
  • Agriculture
  • Health tourism

Why these particular areas?

First, these industries are, to a certain extent, “eternal themes”.

Secondly, the decline in solvency to some extent contributes to their development and growth. Consumers are increasingly preferring cheaper (than imported) Belarusian products and services - Belarusian medicines, rest in local sanatoriums.

Photo from techblog. n. h

Third, there are a number of fundamental factors driving the growth of industries. For example, the development of trade and economic relations within the EAEU.

Medicine and Pharmacology

The market of medical services, equipment and medicines in Belarus and the EAEU countries is growing steadily.

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