Best Self-Development Audiobooks That Are Suitable for Listening

Good afternoon! In this article, you'll learn one way that you can progress and learn new things without wasting time. Yes, this method is called self-development audiobooks.

The books you are about to see are perfect for listening to. They do not contain diagrams, tables and complex wording. As you listen to these books, you can exercise or drive without worrying about missing out on an important thought.

P. ... I took into account the previous comments, so Russian and English-speaking authors will alternate one after another.

Think and Grow Rich

Posted by Napoleon Hill

Duration - 9:41:31

Listener feedback:

Think and Grow Rich is a work that has raised generations. From year to year, she is in the top among the books on self-development, although it was published back in 1937. I put it at the beginning because this is the first book I read at a conscious age and then listened again.

In the course of the hearing, I always remembered successful people from the world of sports, business and cinema, who, one to one, do the same as Napoleon Hill narrates.

The whole essence of the work can be reduced to one idea (I will not tell you which one, so as not to spoil). However, in order to grasp and realize this idea, it is required to listen to the entire audiobook, and more than once. A convenient audio format from Liters will help you with this.

Personality Tattoos The Rules of My Life

Author - Maxim Batyrev

It used to be that a book was the best gift. Now the pace of life has accelerated so much that spending time reading a book is an unaffordable luxury for many. But the solution to this problem has been found - audiobooks.

What is an audiobook?

An audiobook is a sound file recorded in a common sound extension - MP3, sometimes WAV, in which the narrator of the work is recorded. In more advanced versions of audiobooks, there may be sound parts recorded by various speakers (polyphonic audio), background sounds, melodies, arrangements - they allow the listener to "plunge" more fully into the atmosphere of the work.

An audiobook can be transferred both on a digital medium (disk, flash drive, memory card, etc.) and sent by e-mail or downloaded from the Internet as an audio file. For the sale of audiobooks on discs and online stores, cover designs are often developed.

You can listen to audiobooks at work that does not require concentration, in hours of traffic jams, during long trips. They are in great demand among students who are simply physically unable to read the entire required volume of literature for the session. Therefore, audiobooks are becoming more and more popular.

Creating audiobooks is a promising business, i.e. in Russia it is not yet very common, while in Western Europe and the USA they are very popular and in demand.

What is the essence of the audiobook business

There are three options for running this business:

  • Offer your services as a speaker on the audiobook site. There they will make a selection of material that you need to voice. You will discuss the payment with employers, and it will depend on your voice and artistic abilities.
  • Create your own website and post self-voiced books there. In this case, you can earn from the sale of each downloaded book and advertising.
  • Open a home recording studio and distribute digital audiobooks. Bookstores and music stores will help you with this.

Today I propose to dwell in more detail on the second option - creating your own and using third-party online stores for the sale of audiobooks.

To get your own store, any modern "engine" is suitable - a CMS system that allows you to sell digital goods. Pay attention to Simpla and PrestaShop. The advantage of these systems is ease of use, "friendly" attitude towards them from search engines and ready-made gateways for connecting to the most popular online payment systems. You can sell immediately after installing the system on hosting and adding your audiobook to the store.

To install, connect and configure CMS systems, you can use the services of freelancers. Prices for such services are moderate and start at 500 rubles. for "turnkey store".

There is a very unusual review on my blog today. Why I recommend this course and what are the “pitfalls” - you will find out everything by looking at my review (and necessarily a video review below). The course is worthy of attention, and the main idea about making money is almost brilliant, but at the same time it is simple and within the power of everyone.

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Download audiobooks and earn money

Earning money from audiobooks and simple books haunted me personally. The course, download audiobooks and earn from 80,000 rubles a month, will open the curtains of such earnings. After all, today THIS is a real niche where you can build your income or even passive income. I will tell you my reviews and examples in the video review below. Always normal people read, read and will read (or listen to) books. And in the modern frantic rhythm of life, sometimes you choose an audiobook and listen to it in the background, while I myself am doing something. For example, I often listen when I am hiking. All thoughts and a partial solution to this aspect and earnings I will say in the video below, do not miss it!

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By the way, the course Download audiobooks and earn from 80,000 rubles a month one of the few courses about which I personally cannot give a definite answer as to whether the course is working or not. This course is both working and not at the same time. But the method of earning is worthy of attention. After all, you will learn the basics of earning from the course, and then you can start earning with your head turned on. But do not rush and do not jump to conclusions with this type of earnings. One thing can be said that the YES course on making money on audiobooks can be profitable with due diligence.

Earnings from audiobooks

Course Download audiobooks and earn from 80,000 rubles per month, you will see not in video format, but in text. Not just a PDF, but an electronic version of the book. Here pages can be flipped back and forth. It looks quite interesting and even cool. No matter how I personally feel bad or good about text training courses. But if the course is written correctly, then it is even better than sitting and waiting for the author to say what is needed in the video. Although on the other hand, the text format for 2021 does not seem to roll ???? And in my opinion it would be more interesting to study here in video format. Although - the idea is conveyed clearly and understandably, then everyone will choose one or more options for earning.

Surely you are tormented by this question. The course is called Download audiobooks and earn from 80,000 rubles a month. So where to download? The answer is simple, as always. The author suggests uploading everything to YouTube and making some modifications to the audiobook. What and how is already covered in the course. But in my BONUS, as the third option for earning, it is not at all necessary to upload it to YouTube, but ... you can do it in a different place.

Download audiobooks and earn reviews

On the one hand, there is "water" in the course in the form of the author's words how he came to this type of earnings. But on the other hand, just this “water” helps to understand HOW people think. And already knowing how you can safely make money on it. And not only this!

And remember also that when there is demand, then there is supply. People listened to (read) books and will continue to do so. With or without you! So why not try to make money on it. And start earning passive income over time? The price of the course is ridiculous by today's standards. So think and decide for yourself. Is it worth understanding and trying or just passing by? The choice is yours, and I will tell you my verdict in the video below.

Many rich people realize that they owe their success to books. In most cases, it was the books that gave these people the appropriate education or the impetus to action that eventually made them millionaires. It is for this reason that books are so highly valued in business.

Content of the article:

In addition to the fact that books, like grains, put thoughts into people's heads how to earn their capital, they themselves can become a good source of income. For example, writers make their living by creating literary masterpieces. If you do not observe yourself with special talents for writing, you can start recording audiobooks. In our age, this is a fairly profitable business, and below we will tell you why.

Other types of profitable business Chips productionProduction and sale of asphaltOpening of a pastry shopInstallation of satellite dishesRepair of apartmentsBicycle business

Audiobooks - a business from scratch

Audiobooks have been gaining popularity lately. Let's see what this product is?

Audiobooks are books recorded on a voice recorder. For many people, they are valuable because with their help they can familiarize themselves with the greatest literary masterpieces or just good works of art without reading them at all. They can listen to them in their player or through the headphones of their phone in the same way as they would listen to, for example, the radio, with the only difference that it will benefit their cultural and intellectual development.

For this reason, these products are extremely popular in modern society. People of the 21st century are used to the fast pace of life. The relentless pursuit of success leaves them no time for themselves, let alone time for reading. And this is where audiobooks come to the rescue. They allow you to get acquainted with the greatest literary masterpieces, doing extraneous things - washing, ironing, cleaning. You can listen to them on the way to work and school, as well as while driving your own car, during walks and long journeys. This easily explains why the audiobook business is in high demand in our country.

How to record an audiobook

This type of private activity is convenient in that it does not require practically any costs from you. In order to record an audiobook, you only need a voice recorder, the literary work you are going to record, a room with good acoustics and silence. Types of business without investment Selling board games Tutoring Jam production Selling baked goods on the street

The essence of the method and monetization options

Earnings from audiobooks by Anton Rudakov. Friends, before immersing yourself in work, be sure to first read the entire course materials and only then begin to gradually implement the acquired knowledge into practice.

No need to fly ahead at breakneck speed. Study everything very carefully to get a complete picture of the methodology and not ask unnecessary questions later.

Pay special attention to the first and last chapters: they present not only the concept of earning money from audiobooks, but also give a rational sequence of actions that will help you work more productively:

This is done with the preamble, let's get down to business.

In this introductory section, I will tell you about the essence of the method, how I came to it and got it to my mind, as well as what implementation models it has and what nuances should be kept in mind, to avoid problems and achieve maximum results. The section will be large, so I advise you to tune in and gather strength to overcome it. So let's go.

Earnings on audiobooks in a simple scheme looks like this:

we will use audiobook snippets to sell full versions.

The algorithm of actions looks like this:

  • find and download a popular audiobook on a specific topic;
  • cut off an introductory fragment from it in the editor (up to 30% of the entire length of the audiobook), which will end with interesting place;
  • convert the audio recording to video format with overlaying a background and special text;
  • upload the resulting video file to your YouTube channel dedicated to a particular genre of audiobooks;
  • we get free views of the video and redirect viewers interested in continuing the audiobook to purchase its full version.

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