Best new business ideas with minimal investment in 2021

It is quite logical that most of the small business ideas for 2021 with minimal investment will relate to the service sector.

This segment of the economy is distinguished by just modest investment requirements for enterprises operating in it, high return on investment and, as a result, quick payback of projects.

But the most interesting thing is that some types of services in this area are experiencing a real renaissance. For example, professional photography.

It would seem that with the massive proliferation of smartphones equipped with microcameras with stunning resolution, this industry should smoothly and quietly rest in Bose. However, a second front suddenly formed for her, and this is not at all about photographing ceremonial events.

Online commerce has taken off to the top of the popular lines of business. With the help of international platforms (such as AliExpress or eBay), absolutely everything is bought and sold, but the most common positions are consumer goods.

And it is precisely these positions that need the most favorable presentation, one might even say - advertising. And when placing new positions (as well as updating old ones), good, high-quality photos are required. And photos are needed every time new (even if the product is the same), because the consumer does not want to look at the same picture: it is boring - variety is required!

All this opens up an almost limitless market for manufacturers of professional photography services. Only instead of participants in ceremonial events on the stage there are models (yes) with promoted tradable consumer goods (there are hundreds of items of one type).

Starting capital is minimal. We need expenses for an office studio (without it it will be impossible to attract bulk orders), as well as a “fancy” camera. But the most valuable thing here is the idea.

Website Promotion

In modern conditions, this is the most relevant business idea in 2021 with minimal investment. Promotion of customer sites can be carried out by any of the preferred methods for you as a performer. Here you are absolutely unrelated. The result is important - and not even entering the top of the search engine results. It is necessary that as many users as possible visit the site.

Customers of these works to promote Internet resources are mainly sellers of goods and services who carry out their commercial activities through the World Wide Web. The scale of Internet commerce is becoming more and more and the horizons of its limitations are not yet visible: it is understandable, buying through the network is cheaper and less troublesome.

Therefore, it can be argued that the market for these services is extremely promising, and most importantly - practically unlimited. To start this activity, specialized knowledge is required, but they are of an applied nature, therefore, having devoted 3 months of free time to self-development, it is quite possible to comprehend the basics of an Internet promoter.

It makes sense to start with creating your own website, where your own services would be advertised and promoted. An office is not needed here, but it will take about $ 500 to create a high-quality Internet resource.

The best business ideas New business ideas

Content formats

Materials are presented in the following formats:

  • Real business ideas are concentrated in success stories. These are not easy assumptions, but 100% true stories of those entrepreneurs who have achieved success in their niche. They honestly "without cuts" talk about where they started, what methods they used, what is especially worth focusing on.
  • A unique format developed by the Moneymaker Factory is product ideas. Here we consider a single product / product on which it is possible, if not to "put together" a fortune, then decently earn, for example, on start-up capital.
  • Cases with a step-by-step and detailed analysis of fresh ideas, including those with methods of promotion and introduction to the market and a short financial model.

Is it easy to start a business?

No, not easy! That is why, in order to open your own business, to make it successful, and, therefore, profitable, you need to calculate everything in detail, analyze your strengths and weaknesses, and understand what you understand inside and out.

A short algorithm for a successful path will look like this:

  • Let's decide on a niche in which you consider yourself a dock (well, or at least a specialist);
  • Choosing a suitable business idea;
  • We analyze the external environment (market capacity, level of competition);
  • We select the optimal form of business activities and tax regime;
  • We register activities in accordance with the requirements of the legislation.

How to choose from a variety of your business idea and succeed

Now let's look at the second point in more detail in order to understand how to choose the most popular and profitable business idea correctly.

  • Expertise. Choose what is close to you in spirit, in which you feel like a professional. A competent bank analyst can easily open a consulting firm, but whether he can organize a successful marriage agency is already a question.
  • Attachments. The amount of capital investment should be lifting, so that in case of ruin, the loss of money does not become a tragedy for you and does not lead to the sale of your only apartment or kidney. Practice shows that if this condition is violated, then you will think how not to lose your invested funds, and not how to open a successful and profitable company. Therefore, almost all publications indicate the size of the start-up capital, and this point should not be overlooked.
  • Perspectives. When choosing, soberly assess how fresh and promising the chosen idea is. Does it make sense to open a fast food outlet near McDonald's, or a grocery store in the immediate vicinity of Magnet? It is better to choose a direction that will favorably differ from competitors, for example, with the same Magnet, an "eco-shop" can be very successful, and with "McDuck" an institution focused on healthy food.
  • Client stream. We recommend that you always take into account the target audience and location, because the format that ideally "went" in Moscow may not work in a small town or village, on the contrary. Obviously, an elite beauty salon will look inappropriate in an industrial area with a large number of enterprises, but a pub will be very profitable.
  • Legislation. Carefully study the regulatory and regulatory documents for the chosen niche in order to assess the legal risks. Let's say you want to open a hookah bar, and an analysis of legislative acts will tell you that there is a serious risk of tightening the legislation in this area.

Take advantage of our free consultations

The peculiarity of our portal is that we do not conduct a monologue, but prefer a dialogue. If you have any questions, you can always find support by asking a question on the forum, and experts will give you answers to it.

Only new and relevant small business ideas in 2021, which everyone can use. By borrowing ideas and coming up with their own, Russian entrepreneurs earn from 100 thousand rubles. per month!

Peeping business ideas from competitors, creating the best solutions based on them is an effective strategy that can lead to success. This idea was expressed in his interview to Forbes magazine by Evgeny Tsaplin, a lecturer at the Higher School of Economics and CEO of Telecom-Project JSC. You can't argue with a successful entrepreneur, and therefore we bring to the attention of novice entrepreneurs the best business ideas of 2021, which have been successfully implemented in Russia and really work.

Through the mountains, through the forests ...

Starting a franchise business will require 350 thousand rubles. and own freight transport (at first you can rent it). The advantage of working in the SDEK team is active cooperation with China, a potential leader in world trade via the Internet: 10 offices of the company operate in the border provinces of the DPRK.

Bird's-eye view

Initial investments - from 250 to 450 thousand rubles. (quadcopter price). Business requires aircraft certification and pilots with airworthiness certificates. The average cost of a 3-minute video is 120 thousand rubles, of which 25% is the pilot's income. Among the clients of the High Level agency are Moskomsport, Porsche, the Holi paint festival.

Coffee on wheels

Initial investments amounted to 2 million rubles. With this money in 2021, entrepreneurs bought a 25-year-old GMC van, refurbished it and decorated it in a unique style. At first, they wanted to use the car as a catering point, but shopping centers were reluctant to make contact, and entrepreneurs moved into the catering industry. In 2021, the profit from the sale of coffee is 300 thousand rubles / month, and businessmen have half repaid the loan taken to open their own business. Selling coffee from cars is a free niche to try yourself in!

New format car wash

The advantages of such a car wash are obvious: minimum costs (it is enough to purchase employee uniforms, cleaning products, order advertising) and the ability to install service points in the busiest places (in parking lots, next to shopping and office centers). Initial investments do not exceed 200 - 300 thousand rubles, the payback period, according to the owners, is 6 - 8 months.

Electronic Pleasure

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