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Continuing the cycle of informational and educational articles, now we will tell you in detail about what marketing research is. Marketing research is research in the field of business that studies the behavior of the client, his desires and needs, as well as an analysis of competition and market conditions. This collection of data can significantly increase sales as well as improve the effectiveness of advertising. Indeed, without marketing research, it would be difficult to understand which advertising works and which does not. Thus, marketing research brings specifics into the business, eliminating any uncertainty.

Stages of marketing research

  • The very first stage of the study is quite simple. His task is to find out the age, income, and interests of a potential client. Create a psychological portrait of the buyer.
  • The second stage is to assess the level of demand for a product or service. As part of this stage, you need to understand how often customers can make purchases and how much goods can be sold per unit of time (month, quarter, year).
  • Here the researchers are faced with the task of determining why the buyer decided to buy this particular product and not some other. If you correctly determine the motivation of the client, then you can further stimulate it.
  • The purpose of this stage is to find out how the client sees this product in relation to similar products. Does he consider this product: better, worse, or on a par with competitors.
  • Determine how buyers feel about the change in the company's pricing policy. How much demand falls when the price rises, and how much it rises when it falls. Based on this research, effective promotions and discount systems can be developed.
  • Find out how customers feel about the brand as a whole. Do they like the name, product packaging, etc.? If not, what needs to be done to make the brand more attractive.
  • This is the testing phase. Test run of innovations. The purpose of the study is: to find out how the attitude of customers to the product has changed after the application of any innovations. Also, here you need to find out how much advertising influences the choice of the buyer, and whether the buyer himself can navigate by advertising. For example: are street advertising signs understandable for people, do users feel comfortable on an advertising site?

Secret Business Research

Alternatively, you can resort to interviewing regular customers. They can also tell a lot about business. Based on their impressions, you can compile some statistics that will help in the development of your business. After all, no one can help any entrepreneur better than an ordinary client, who, as you know, is always right. In some cases, you can order a ready-made marketing research. Many firms are engaged in providing the services of specialists who can easily analyze any business. Of course, such services cost money, but on the basis of the data received, you can change your business for the better. It should be noted that such an audit is very popular with modern entrepreneurs.

The evolution of marketing research

The first marketing research began in the United States at the end of the 19th century. Then it all boiled down to the usual customer survey on the "like-dislike" principle. Then, small studies of steel are carried out at large European enterprises.

What is Network Marketing

No matter how your acquaintances, relatives or friends tell you, network marketing is a way to promote products, for example, when you join a company, you start telling your friends, parents and acquaintances about its products. The main feature is the ability of each client to become a distributor. Very often people are mistaken about network marketing, I would like to dispel all these delusions.

Some people believe that network marketing and traditional business are not related in any way. And one cannot agree with this. After all, for example, cellular companies are constantly using methods of network marketing. For example, in order for the seller to receive a bonus or some other privilege, he needs to sell a certain amount of products. And also often use the method of network marketing, gyms, they arrange certain promotions, for example, if a person brings three friends, then a month of classes is a gift. Such methods are quite common and work well.

Let's try to figure out network marketing - a path to success or an invention?

How it works

How do you need to develop correctly in this area? What do you really need to constantly call customers?

So, once you get into this area, you will learn three things:

  • 1) Use the products sold personally. For example, a weight loss product. Use it, and then, based on personal experience, talk about the product you are promoting. Believe that when you know what you are talking about and understand it, then people will believe you.
  • 2) Constant sales. Especially when you get started in this field, you need to sell in all different ways. Use imagination to achieve the result. For example, you can create a blog and write about products there, or arrange a fair. In any case, do your best and take action.
  • 3) When you learn how to perfectly do the above two points, then you can move on to this. Teach people what you can do yourself. Share your knowledge and experience with newbies. Conduct master classes, webinars.

This method can bring a good income.

And to make it more clear how the work in network marketing takes place, let's look at this process from completely different angles:

  • From the side of the MLM company. The main feature of promoting products in a network way is that you do not need a lot of funds to advertise products. The company is worried about promotional materials for its distribution partners and building a vocational training system. Thanks to the high-quality transmission of the MLM idea, the business of the firm depends from person to person.
  • From the buyer's side. The buyer is attracted by reasonable prices, samples, beautiful catalogs and products that have a quality guarantee. Therefore, often in firms based on direct sales, there are certain products that are not on sale anywhere else.
  • From the side of the entrepreneur. If there is no money for investments, but you want your own business, then such people come here. Because the system already exists, the market too, and many companies are familiar to the population. In addition, there is good training and assistance in network marketing firms that greatly contributes to starting your own business.

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In this century, Ukraine has reached a high general level of education. Against this background, the low level of economic education in the country is striking, especially in comparison with the developed countries of the world. Meanwhile, Ukrainians today have to solve much more complex economic problems than citizens of stably developing countries. And the lack of economic education is becoming an increasingly tangible disaster.

Our country has switched to a new market path of economic development relatively recently. Among the new terms characterizing the market economy, a special place belongs to the word "marketing", which in just a few years has become a prestigious and necessary reality.

The widespread adoption of marketing has given rise to many different definitions. But in all definitions the words "consumer", "exchange", "activity" are necessarily present. They form the foundation of marketing, the main formula of which is "Produce what is sold, not sell what is produced." Marketing is a multifaceted activity where psychological, social, moral, financial and economic processes are intertwined.

At the present time, the tasks of developing the technology for working in market conditions, and hence setting up an active marketing policy at the enterprises, come to the fore. Experience shows that active marketing activities, combined with effective financial and personnel management, provide an enterprise with profit growth without attracting outside investment.

1. The concept and essence of marketing

The term "marketing" e derived from the English word "market", which means "market", first appeared in the early twentieth century in the United States. Ing is an ending meaning action. Initially, marketing was understood as sales market activity. In the future, the content of this concept has expanded significantly, it already included a set of functions of sales activities, such as market research, assortment planning, pricing policy, distribution of goods, sales promotion, advertising, etc.

As a result, by the beginning of the 60s of the XX century, marketing turned into a "new entrepreneurial philosophy", or a new approach to entrepreneurial activity, the essence of which was that the basis of any economic decisions in the development, production, sales of products and after-sales services should be informed about the conditions and requirements of the market, since this is the most reliable guarantee of achieving the goals of the enterprise.

In the 70s, in the context of a dynamic growth in the scale of production, expansion and renewal of the range of products produced, the creation of large production and sales complexes, the complication of economic ties, marketing begins to be seen as a communication system that connects all types of firm resources with a changing external environment.

Today, marketing, in addition, can be considered both as a management function, and as an economic concept of enterprise management, focused on demand, and as an academic discipline, which characterizes it as a rather complex and versatile phenomenon. Among specialists, there is no single generally accepted interpretation of the concept of marketing. In the literature, there are many definitions of it, where, as a rule, one or another aspect of marketing or its element is highlighted.

One of the most general definitions is given by the famous American marketing theorist F. Kotler: marketing is a type of human activity aimed at satisfying needs and wants through exchange. A similar but more specific definition given by the American Marketing Association characterizes marketing as the process of planning and executing an idea, pricing, promoting and delivering ideas, goods, and services through exchange that serves the purpose of individuals and organizations.

With the development of the market and the constant appearance of a large number of business projects, a marketing consultant in any city with the right self-promotion can open a good business. Small business development strategy is largely dependent on marketing, so a marketing consultant will help any business grow upwards.

Marketing Consultant Skills

Starting capital: 1 - 10 thousand rubles

Monthly profit: 3 - 45 thousand rubles

The main skill of a marketing consultant, even the main subject is his brain and the ability to think in an original way. Education (in terms of having a diploma) is not as important as it seems, but it certainly won't be superfluous. If you have a well-developed thinking ability, you are a creative person who can see "things through and through", then it will not be difficult for you to learn the skills of a marketing consultant.

Analytical skills, i.e. understanding of the business and the topic that he will have to face when promoting a product or service. Ability to evaluate an idea on the market in the fastest way and find options for both developing the idea and fighting competition. Also looking for ideas for revolutionary progress in simple everyday things.

Knowledge of the market and customers. A marketing consultant must understand how to promote this or that idea on the market, make it more popular, attracting more and more customers. It is also important to know the psychology of the client, how to convey to him that this product or service is simply vital for the client.

Instant search for solutions. If a marketing consultant can come up with options and come up with a rough plan for small business development in 15 minutes, then he will definitely amaze the client.

Communication. The marketing consultant needs to constantly find ways to communicate, both with clients and with ordinary people. The more you communicate, the more you get to know both the customers who buy the service and the customers who come to you for advice.

The more you read business literature, the more knowledge you have and the more ideas you have for developing a particular business.

Critical thinking develops with the help of various literature. Not everyone has the ability for independent opinion, so such thinking implies the search for new, non-standard solutions.

Being able to listen and hear the client is also important. Not every person is trained in this skill, despite its seemingly simplicity.

What is "entrepreneurial marketing" and why is it needed?

The difficult situations in which companies now find themselves - the high rate of market renewal, a large number of competitors from various countries - make it necessary to somewhat revise the very organization of marketing in a modern company. Fig. 1 will help us to imagine what is happening in this area. 23-1.

Fig. 23-1. Classic and new models of organization of the marketing service of the company

If you describe a good traditional marketing organization in a fairly large company, then most likely it will be some kind of marketing department, which includes several divisions, namely:

1) the brand management department responsible for the creation, marketing and development of brands included in the company's portfolio;

2) customer service department, studying customer requests, as well as analyzing their complaints in order to understand how to further develop the company's product range;

3) a distribution organization department responsible for the selection and development of product promotion channels;

4) marketing communications department responsible for advertising and other methods of forming customer opinions about the company's products;

5) marketing research and analytics department, which monitors the market and the results that the company has achieved.

Here everything is "according to the classics", nothing of the tasks of the marketing service has been missed, and it is clear who and what of the marketers should do in the company. Is this marketing organization good? Yes, of course - before us is a company in which regular and comprehensive marketing work has been established.

However, today we find that such a marketing staging is no longer enough. Sales conditions in some markets are changing so quickly that a different - more flexible and faster - marketing model is clearly needed. And this other model is already beginning to be seen in business practice. This is the so-called entrepreneurial marketing organization. Let's try to explain what it is.

In companies that have implemented this model, instead of an ordered structure of the marketing department, and sometimes something much less structured next to it, there is something much less structured - a marketing reservoir. This is a division that includes two types of specialists.

The first type is focused specialists who are well versed in technologies for solving specific specialized marketing problems. But along with them, specialists of the second type live in the marketing reservoir - potential managers of new marketing projects (“integrators”). The essence of such a marketing organization is that as soon as top managers of the company come across some interesting idea for creating a new product or service (for example, the idea of ​​someone from the company's employees), this idea is immediately "thrown" into the marketing reservoir. and an "integrator" is assigned to it. It becomes the center of a new project team responsible for bringing a new idea to the commercialization stage as soon as possible. Accordingly, the system of its reward is being built.

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