Best business ideas in Moscow and the Moscow region

Today we will tell you which business is better to open in Moscow in order to make good profits and which business ideas are the most relevant at present for implementation in the capital of Russia.

Retail in Moscow

Trade is the most widespread type of small business in Moscow. Therefore, be sure to consider opening your own retail outlet, local store or small stall.

Your starting capital will increase depending on what you choose for yourself. Now you can sell whatever you want.

The most important thing in this business is to study customer demand, set a reasonable price for your products and start selling.

In Moscow, you can sell popular goods at any time, for example, fresh food, clothes and shoes, children's toys.

Assess the competition in advance, and then start registering your activities with the tax office, then move on to renting a retail space and hiring employees.

Provision of tourism services in Moscow

If you want to become an entrepreneur in Moscow from scratch, then take a look at the tourism business. You can start your active activity on organizing a full-fledged holiday abroad in paradises or attracting new foreign tourists in order to show them Moscow and other Russian cities in all their glory.

In the first case, renting an office space and creating outdoor advertising will not hurt you. If you are inclined towards the second option, then your own website with a price list of all services will definitely come in handy for luring people from abroad to Russian soil.

It would seem that today, with the proliferation of smartphones equipped with the most powerful microcameras with at least ten megapixels of resolution and fantastic zoom among the general population, photography as a kind of business should have become a kind of marginal occupation. However, not by Moscow standards. The demand for these services is so fantastic:

  • the density of the population, which is observed in Moscow;
  • the density of capital, which is present in the capital of Russia,

is stable and even more growing! Small business in this area demonstrates progressive development and is inclined to develop into franchise projects, growing literally from scratch (vivid examples: the franchise offer of the car shooting studio "Photostand-360" or the franchise of the photo studio "PROSTOPHOTO").

Moreover, professional photography is a skill and even a talent. With an advanced smartphone, not everyone will be able to create an eye-catching frame. Plus, this industry has received a new, rapidly growing and practically unlimited segment - photography of goods for virtual storefronts.

This is not at all the same as taking pictures for the sake of an avatar on social networks. This is an urgent and necessary need. With the development of Internet commerce and the emergence of powerful global trading platforms and even Internet auctions, thousands of people (and in fact - small entrepreneurs, those who are now commonly called self-employed) were drawn into this transnational trade.

However, to participate on global Internet sites, you need to create and systematically promote your own account.

This is a showcase of an online store, where the entire product line should look elegant and festive (even the administration of the sites themselves have requirements regarding photos placed on virtual showcases).

This is where the bottomless abyss of work for today's professional photographers lies. And this is quite an urgent need on the part of the business community, which is capable of generating a high wave of orders. You will need:

  • Renting a studio space (quite a budget option is possible);
  • Professional tools for forming correct lighting;
  • Professional camera (the better the it's better).

At first, the photographer starts his own business alone. However, then (with the growth of orders), as a rule, he has one or two assistants: assistants are engaged in routine - photographing commodity items, and the business organizer serves off-site orders - weddings, holidays, corporate events.

Moscow is the capital of our homeland, a huge city with great opportunities. Here you can earn in different ways. So how do you develop your own business in Moscow? We will give you a few examples of how to do business in Moscow.

Earnings through cleaning

You can open a store where you can sell clothes, food, household goods. But you must admit that not everyone has a certain capital to open their own store. Get involved in cleaning. What it is? We will answer you. Cleaning (from English cleaning - cleaning) is cleaning of apartments, offices. Your investment is not required here. There is no need to rent a room, hire drivers and assemble a large cleaning team. You can find customers using the Internet or print media. The team can also be assembled via the World Wide Web. In Moscow it will be a very profitable business. The only investment in it will be the purchase of detergents and items for cleaning the house. So, we can say that this is a fairly profitable business that does not require a lot of investment and effort.

Walking pets - dogs

A lot of people just love pets, so they get them. Muscovites buy dogs, but how often they do not have enough time to walk their pets. This is where the problem arises. What to do? You can derive some benefit from this problem for yourself. You can start a pet walking business. Hire a few people, maybe even teenagers, who will be engaged in walking dogs, cats and other pets. This business does not require a lot of investment. One has only to find clients and responsible executors. And that's it, your task is done. You can make good money on this, and you will receive money in the form of interest from each client, as an intermediary. But what can you do without the initial capital. How can you start a business in Moscow from scratch?


It is not easy to start a business if you have no money, but how good it is to have a truck. There is a car - there is an idea. You can organize a trucking business.

Here are just a few examples:

  • You can transport food. To do this, find customers on the Internet and deliver products to their stores. Thus, in Moscow over the weekend, you can earn from 10 to 12 thousand rubles.
  • Deliver building materials to construction companies. For a month you can earn up to 30-45 thousand rubles of net profit.
  • Delivery of land, sand, rubble around the city. You can also make good money on this. The main thing is desire, the rest is yours.

Clothing and footwear repair

Another type of business that you can start from scratch is clothing and footwear repair. This type of work is well suited for girls and women. More than 10 million people live in Moscow, and there are clearly those people who need to adjust their clothes or shoes. This business can be developed both at home and in a separately rented room, it all depends on how much money you have. For this business, you will have to buy threads, needles, sewing materials. Agree, it's not so expensive. You can search for clients on the Internet, you can also advertise in a local newspaper. We are confident in the influx of customers, because you just have to start, and a certain level will be reached. The main factor here is belief in yourself.

Product Business

Let me tell you one little secret, although what is the secret that before writing another blog article, I will definitely get acquainted with what “fellow competitors” have written on this topic from other business blogs ... And so, having identified the next topic for my post - "What kind of business to do in Moscow", I, as usual, decided to familiarize myself with other materials. And what do I see in the top 10 search results? Almost everyone has the same thing.

Moscow is a city of huge, almost limitless opportunities, where a variety of ideas are good for business. Still would! That is why a certain part of the inhabitants of other Russian cities every month moves there in the hope of an opportunity to find themselves in a “fairy tale” where a beggar becomes a rich man, Cinderella becomes a princess, and an enterprising young man will certainly create a successful business. Somehow in this spirit. But for some reason, many do not take into account the fact that Moscow is, first of all, an absolutely indifferent city to everything and everyone, in which it is very difficult to survive, and to launch a business idea is even more difficult.

Moscow is full of disappointed people who, with exactly the same dreams and plans, came here a few years ago with full confidence that they will conquer all the peaks, now working in cafes, car washes, etc. - in general, making money for someone.

Such a pessimistic beginning, according to my idea, should show you that your hometown is full of business opportunities, you just need to look around. But, if you are still not scared, then go ahead and conquer the capital with new and well-working old business ideas.

Open a construction equipment rental company, a travel agency, your own cafe, and even a tire service or a car wash - we will leave it to those who have start-up capital for this. Leave such ideas, in this business in the capital everything has been divided for a long time, and it will not only be difficult for another competitor in the supply market to break through - it is almost impossible for a non-native resident without connections. Therefore, we will focus on more realistic opportunities that do not require large investments.

Well, after the accumulation of certain funds, it will be possible to think about larger-scale projects. In the end, you can go to a dream in different ways,

Own taxi

Although the idea is new, it is available to everyone who has a driver's license and does not require their own office. Two things are required for implementation: to have a car, and a good knowledge of the city. The first question is not so difficult - now there is a car in almost every fifth family, the second is also solved very simply - with the help of a navigator.

However, here, as elsewhere, there are difficulties and nuances. "Bread" places - airports and train stations are already "occupied", and colleagues "in the shop" are unlikely to welcome the newcomer with open arms. The maximum salary of a bombila in the capital is from the strength of 60 thousand a month with intense exhausting work, in the company you will get even less - a maximum of 40 thousand (this is in the best case scenario!).

Therefore, you need to look for regular customers, or come up with a "chip" that distinguishes you from others. For example, a child's taxi that takes children to / from school. Purchase and delivery of products ordered by the elderly, service for residents of one or more specific houses at a discount, etc. In fact, the question of what kind of business to do in Moscow is not so difficult. Show your imagination and things will go uphill. By the way, additional sources of income with a personal car can be viewed here.

The modern citizen of the capital is beginning to pay due attention to food that has a beneficial effect on health. Because of this, various stores began to appear on the market instantly, like mushrooms, and ordinary suppliers of safe food or products from the farm appeared. A real example is D. Kopiski's cheese dairy from Britain, which was established in the Vladimir region.

Business ideas in Moscow, which offer delivery of safe food 7 days in advance, became the way out for the constantly running inhabitant of the capital. The bottom line is as follows. For a specific amount, the buyer is delivered a set of food and a list of easy recipes, according to which practical meals can be prepared for 7 days. The first on the market for this service were "Food Party" and Elementaree.

Car Service

The capital regularly feels a lack of entrepreneurial activity related to car maintenance and repair. Even during the crisis, people buy cars, which means that the demand for the service is growing rapidly. If a person has skills in this area, then he knows all the details of this activity.

To realize your business idea from scratch in Moscow, you need:

Vending machine

Not so long ago, uncomplicated fast food was prepared and sold everywhere: hot dogs, shawarma, and so on. In addition, migrant traders, who most often worked in such points, regularly raised many questions. The authorities of the capital are persistently and purposefully eliminating such stalls.

Nevertheless, a developed analogue and part-time new business idea in Moscow is street vending, namely coffee machines and pizza machines. If you attach a unit for the production of french fries to them, then a standing automated cafe will come out. These devices are mounted in special boxes with an anti-intruder protection system. In a walkable place, one machine earns about $ 2,000 (120,000 rubles) per month, including operator fees.

Unusual hotel

If a person is looking for a business idea in Moscow with minimal investment and also loves plants or animals, the idea of ​​making a hotel for animals or flowers will suit him. When planning a trip or vacation for a couple of weeks or a business trip for several days, most people have a problem - who to leave their pet with or who will take care of their favorite flower.

In this case, hotels come to the aid of animals and plants, and the owners themselves, where employees are not only engaged in taking care of flowers and pets for the duration of the clients' trip, but in addition they know how to cure standard diseases.


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