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Work never brings the desired capital. The salary will always seem small, and in order to make large purchases of real estate, you will have to apply for a mortgage. Entrepreneurship is another matter. Own business is a real source of income. While the employee is working on other people's projects, he helps the employer enrich himself. This time we will talk about the most promising business ideas that require minimal investment.

Success in business largely depends on two factors - idea and implementation. It is because of the complexity of the organization that people give up entrepreneurship and prefer work. If the idea can be borrowed, then you will have to implement it yourself.

We have selected the most relevant business ideas 2021-2021, which are suitable for residents of large and small cities. Moreover, they do not require huge efforts or investments.

TOP business ideas for aspiring entrepreneurs in -

Starting your own business requires experience, basic knowledge of laws, tax rules, and so on. In this section, we have selected ideas that are suitable for novice businessmen. However, their implementation requires at least a small amount of capital.

Business idea: reselling things on Avito

Today, a huge number of different sites with ads are working on the Internet. On the territory of Russia, one of the most popular and demanded is Avito. This site is used by hundreds of thousands of people, and the number of ads is in the tens of millions.

On Avito, people not only want to sell a product, but also buy it. The bottom line is to buy things at the lowest cost, and then sell them at a higher price. This mediation option brings a good percentage of each transaction.

You can search for buyers from different cities. Today, there is a delivery with cash on delivery, due to which trust arises between the seller and the client.

Alternatively, you can purchase goods in bulk at a discount and then sell them at retail. Against the background of such an idea, an entire online store may appear in the future. You can buy and sell a wide variety of things. Among them, the most popular are:

  • auto parts ;
  • computer parts;
  • accessories;
  • home appliances and so on.

Trade turnover will depend on several factors. First, the size of the investment affects. It is better to buy several things at once from different categories. Secondly, markups on the cost of goods. Remember that too high a price will take longer to find a buyer. The minimum markup will allow you to quickly sell products, and the proceeds will be put back into circulation. Earnings from such activities will be approximately up to 100,000 rubles. However, with proper skill, it can always be increased.

Dealers often come to villages to buy things there for a pittance, and then resell them profitably via the Internet.

The beginning of the new year is a great time for new discoveries, beginnings and goals. If you are overtaken by the realization that you no longer have the strength to work "for that uncle" and you want to depend on no one, then it's time to think about starting your own business. But if you are one of those who believe that “a bird in hand” is better and risk is not a rewarding business, then there are interesting ideas for you for additional income.

Remember the cartoon "Around the World" and the famous phrase from it: "Do you have a plan, Mr. Fix?" It is with such a phrase that it is worth starting. It is necessary to draw up a phased plan.

First, you need to decide which area is closest to you, and you are good at it.

Secondly, to study the market of this business and competitors (it is good if you can offer a service or a product that will have some kind of "feature", thanks to which you will be able to differ from others).

In the third step, you need to figure out what investments you will have to make, if any. There are many business ideas in 2021 when you can start your own business without any investment.

For example, a party organizer or a toastmaster for a wedding. All investment is to buy a newspaper with ads. Very often, newlyweds are looking for not very expensive options for toastmaster, since a wedding is not a cheap pleasure and in some places you want to save money.

This is a great start. Yes, you will provide your services for less than the existing rates, but if you do well, it will be a great experience and advertisement for you. It is also optional to purchase requisites for the event. You can delve into your old things and play with what you have on hand.

The fourth stage is to think over business development. You are not going to start your own business for one day, so it is important to have a plan for business development drawn up in advance. It's okay if you later have to change and adjust it, this is normal. The main thing is that you understand exactly where you are going and how.

Finally, you need to study the possible risks associated with the chosen business in order to know how to get around and avoid them. True, in most of the ideas that will be proposed in this article, the risks are minimal.

More information on how to draw up a business plan can be easily found on the Internet.

In this article we will tell you about a business from scratch, or rather about the 50 best, working small business ideas that will always be relevant. These are real business ideas, they are relatively simple and accessible to everyone.

Coffee shop on wheels

An interesting business idea from scratch - a coffee shop on wheels, you will need a mini-bus, a coffee machine, additives, syrups, coffee, milk, disposable dishes, as well as a seller to sell goods. The size of investments for opening this business is $ 11,800, the net profit per month can reach $ 1,500.

For active sales, choosing the right location will bring you the greatest possible profit. The mobility of this business will definitely play into your hands.

In the morning and at lunchtime, you can concentrate on office workers and sell goods near large business centers. In the evening, and in the summertime at night, crowded parks and busy squares of the city center are well suited for sales.

In addition to the option of self-development of the concept of an enterprise and a business plan, you can purchase a franchise that will cost in the region of $ 5,000-7,000. In this case, you will receive everything you need: from a vehicle to a coffee preparation technology and a uniform clothes for sellers.

Inflatable bouncer for children

A variant of a business idea from scratch, with minimal investment. The purchase of a children's trampoline and an air blower from a Chinese manufacturer will cost around $ 3,000. At the same time, the net profit per month can be up to $ 2,000. Your business will pay off in 2 months, provided you choose a suitable place for placement.

On holidays, the time of visiting the attraction is reduced from 10 to 3 minutes, and the cost is doubled. It won't stop you from attracting enough customers to make money without interruption.

Depending on the region, the season runs from May to October or less. Installing a trampoline in a large shopping center, by prior arrangement with the administration, will help make this business independent of the season.


The newest and most promising business ideas for small, medium and large businesses, for beginners in entrepreneurship in 2021 in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and other countries.

Types of business by location:

Fresh business ideas from the best and time-tested

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