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Corporate Gift Strategy

As a kid, I hated going to friends' birthdays because I always had terrible gifts. Mom bought them in a hurry. I learned my lesson well - to come with a bad gift means ruining the holiday for myself.

Now I'm looking at what partners fill our office with in December: alcohol, tea, candy. I think my mom helps with gifts and them :-)

For many companies, corporate gifts are a big chunk of their budget. But they still operate without a strategy. Probably, they think that gifts cannot be rationalized. But they are wrong - you will be surprised how many charts we have collected for you in this mailing list.

We did a little research to find answers to the questions:

Can I improve my gift by reducing my budget?

Which gifts are more likely to be liked?

What does your gift say and what does the recipient hear?

How to come up with a gift idea?

As you know, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. But we decided to disregard popular wisdom and find out what the recipients - employees, customers, business partners - really think about corporate gifts.

Regulars of one very popular and respected by us handmade-portal helped us in this. It was on this meeting that the discussion on this, as it turned out, very topical topic flared up. So here we go:

  • where recipients send all sorts of "cool stuff" with logos;
  • when a bag of sweets turns out to be more desirable than retro players, globe-bars and other "VIP-presentations" »;
  • what corporate gifts really like and are remembered by partners, clients and employees.

Our internal philologists turned out to be adamant: we slightly corrected the spelling, punctuation and (in places), stylistics. But the essence of the statements and the examples given were left unchanged. We hope that the readers of our blog, who, due to their occupation, have to order corporate gifts, the unbiased opinion of the recipients will help make the right choice.

In preparing the material, information from the cableman portals was used. u and livemaster. u

Junk unnecessary and unfunny

The best corporate gift is a creative gift. This statement has become so commonplace that “not creative” is already noncomilfo. Therefore, manufacturers specializing in the production of corporate gifts compete with each other in the height of the creative thought. Companies on the eve of the holidays are looking for the most creative gifts among the simply creative. And the recipients in bewilderment shrug their shoulders and put presents on the far shelves of bookcases. And this is at best ...

God. How I hate all these corporate gifts! I have tons of this stuff from my husband's work. Something turns out to be floated on Avito, something - in the trash. Pens, diaries, Christmas balls with emblems, mugs, all sorts of "fun" now lie dead weight on the mezzanine. For me, it’s better not to give anything, by God!

The main problem with corporate gifts is complete and absolute uselessness. They give some kind of "cool stuff" that take up space on the desktop and collect dust ... Therefore, those gifts that can really be put into action please.

I also agree that gifts, even corporate gifts, should not be just an idea. They must also have a vital function.

As for "creative gifts" ... I often throw them away before I bring them home. In one company on March 8, women were presented with funny and incredibly vulgar gifts. I threw mine on the way home, because it was somehow awkward to keep in the office, and my husband was then serious and without a sense of humor.

This whole "creative" line of souvenirs, to be honest, has already set my teeth on edge. Most often it is not worn (T-shirts, scarves, umbrellas) and is not used (piles, pads, etc.).

Gifts to business partners are a difficult choice and a stage in establishing further connections and smooth work in the future. Upon receiving a presentation, the partner will appreciate the respect for himself and his company, and if it is an expensive thing, good financial stability, generosity and a solid reputation of your company.

TOP of the best gifts for business partners

  • A set of whiskey shot glasses or glasses. In this case, you can make an engraving that will remain in memory for a lifetime.
  • Coins, magnets or figurines brought from other countries, if a person collects them.
  • Pen, notebook - any stationery, always useful in offices. It is important not to skimp on the quality of the product when buying.

  • Special organizer bag in the trunk of the car.
  • Covers or car mats.
  • A set of screwdrivers or other tools. Suitable only for men.
  • Coffee maker or coffee machine, depending on the budget, this option can be used as a gift to the partner company.

    A short list of gifts for business partners. Especially often this question is asked by the bosses, who have a large number of people under their command. You can enumerate and invent endlessly, but you can always keep the main list with you, sometimes replenishing it with new ideas.

    New Year gifts for partners - TOP ideas for the New Year

  • Warm woolen socks with an original pattern.
  • Figurines of animals symbolizing the coming year are corporate souvenirs for the new year.
  • Foam or bath salt. Who does not like to lie down and relax in a warm bath after a hard day's work.
  • A jar of red caviar. One of the products that symbolizes the New Year's festive table.
  • Candles. This is more suitable for the fair sex. Can be decorated with a New Year theme.
  • Nice lunch box. These are New Year's gifts for partners who take care of their diet.
  • A piggy bank in the shape of an animal - a symbol of the coming year.

  • Neck pillow. Suitable for an office worker.
  • A set of exotic teas or coffee, depending on the tastes of the recipient.
  • Table clock in the form of Santa Claus.
  • An apron if your partner likes to cook.

    Such gifts to partners for the New Year can be given without hesitation in the choice.

    What to give a business partner for his birthday - ideas

  • A bouquet of flowers. It is advisable to give if your business partner is a girl. For showiness, you can find out in advance what colors she prefers.
  • An original birthday present - a portrait of the birthday boy, made in an unusual style, for example, a cartoon. Such a gift can be presented for the anniversary.
  • A bottle of wine and a set of expensive and rare cheese to it.
  • Personal diary, possibly leather-bound. Suitable for a person who loves to record everything, control and not miss anything.
  • Coins, badges or souvenirs from other countries, if the birthday person is a collector.
  • Certificate for the SPA-salon. An excellent excuse to relax and escape from the daily hustle and bustle.
  • Gift certificate for cosmetics. More suitable for a girl.
  • Certificate for a home appliance store. Any certificate is an original birthday present.
  • Belt. Always a necessary and demanded thing in the wardrobe of almost every man. It is important that it is made of leather, not cheap material.

    Are you a creative person and want to start your own business that will bring inspiration and satisfaction to the benefit of people? We offer you TOP business ideas for the sale and production of goods and souvenirs!

    We all love holidays and gifts, but often choosing the right gift turns into a headache, long shopping trips and a lot of wasted time. Considering that there are a lot of situations when it is necessary to present a present, you have to constantly come up with new ideas and puzzle over an original gift. Solving these problems can be a great way to make money and create your own in-demand and profitable business. Consider what services related to gifts and souvenirs can be implemented in 2021.


    Gifts to colleagues and business partners must comply with business etiquette, be useful and emphasize the prestige of the company. Until recently, the most popular gifts were mugs, diaries, calendars and other accessories made in the company's corporate colors with a logo. But most people are fed up with them, and interest in unusual and non-trivial gifts has increased. These include handmade gifts, creative kits, constructors, fun games and puzzles.

    What you need to start doing such a business: if you can make all the products yourself, then for a start you can limit yourself to only the necessary equipment and creating an account with which the services will be advertised. If your own talent is not enough, you will have to use the services of a designer.

    The advantages of selling corporate gifts: small start-up capital, constant demand, increasing during the New Year, February 23, March 8, high markup for services provided.


    The client chooses the value of the gift and tells about the preferences of the recipient of the surprise and ideas for filling. Why are these services popular? Because this allows you to save time, meet the assigned budget and please your loved one with an original gift that will produce a wow effect.

    In order to start making money on this business idea, you will need: create an account on social networks where you will promote your service, the minimum investment to start accepting the first orders, boxes and details for a beautiful design.

    Advantages of the idea of ​​selling boxes with surprises: no large investments are required, can be combined with the main activity, high marginality of the product, no cost of renting premises - everything can be done at home.


    A bouquet is one of the most popular gifts that helps out during any special moments. But if you want to be creative and surprise your loved one with an unusual gift, then you can choose a bouquet of fresh strawberries, beer sausages or socks. This gift idea is popular not only for its originality, but also for its practicality, because if the flowers stand for a couple of days and wither, then this bouquet will definitely find a use.

    If you want to start making money selling original bouquets, you will need: an account on social networks or a one-page site where you will post photos of your work and thus attract new customers; items that will make up bouquets, find suppliers of quality products, as well as purchase decorative elements that will decorate the composition; arrange delivery.

    Remember how many times you were given unnecessary things "without a soul"? How many plastic organizers, low-quality standard notebooks and pens, Chinese paperweights and chargers, desk clocks and meaningless figurines - how many of these “gifts” are stored in the bottom drawer of your desktop or even flew into the trash can the day after the holiday? >

    André Maurois once said: "A gift chosen with love is immediately recognized by the desire to guess the taste of the addressee, by the originality of the idea, by the very manner of presenting the gift." We, Benkoni, have been working in the corporate gifts market for over 5 years and we can say with confidence that the French writer’s dictum is true. A real gift creates an emotional "anchor" between two people, but this is not only its strength: in the market of corporate gifts, such a gift is also a powerful advertising tool.

    A tool that can convey not only your respect for a partner, employee or client, forming warm feelings for your brand, but also serve as a good advertisement. And this is not the case when you can just buy something "more expensive", the choice of a successful business presentation is a whole range of works, and we will try to show both the algorithm used in our company and the opinions of people who have visited the donor site and / or recipients of corporate gifts.

    Never choose gifts without collecting recipient data

    The main rule when choosing a good gift is its relevance. In order for your gift to be not only effective, but also effective, before choosing it you must:

    • evaluate the target audience of recipients (gender, age - at least, but the more data, the easier it is to hit the target);
    • find out if there is a company of some generally accepted hobby or specifics (for example, the idea of ​​giving expensive alcohol to employees of a fitness club may not be well received by the recipients of such a gift);
    • to clarify whether there is a connection to a professional or national holiday.

    Having collected all this data together and having received the figures of the desired budget, you can start choosing a gift. It is worth noting that sometimes it is impossible to find out all the information, in which case at least the gender and age of the recipients will be needed in order to choose a universal option.

    Best Corporate Gift Concepts from Benkoni Developers

    Regardless of whether the gift is universal, or - for a specific event, it must comply with at least one, or better - several of the concepts listed below.

    Concept A gift should convey an idea

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