Best Business Blogs for Entrepreneurs: The Envybox Version

A common way to make money on the Internet is your website or blog. The second option is not that expensive and time consuming. But do not think that it is easy to do it. You will have to work tirelessly, investing emotions, thoughts, funds and time into your resource. You will earn on the blog exactly as much as the resources you previously spent. If there are many of them, then you will provide yourself with a high income. This does not in the least frighten those who seek to try their luck in this field, which is relevant today.

Blog designers dream and set themselves the goal of developing, creating (with maximum investment: value, creativity and uniqueness), and promoting a blog or website to get good dividends. Do not think that this dream is utopian. When promoting a blog, you can get up to a million or more annually. We're not joking now. It is no coincidence that many people are already seriously engaged in the creation and promotion of a blog. There are a huge number of blog projects and thematic sites on the Internet. They can be created by schoolchildren or students, retirees or housewives. Sometimes it even happens that a blog is created absolutely selflessly. People just want to share some information or valuable knowledge with others, find like-minded people and attract interested ones to their team. Usually these are topics of a socio-political nature. If such a blog generates income, then it becomes an excellent reward for those who created it. This phenomenon occurs in the world of the Internet, but it is quite rare.

Ways to make money How to monetize

You own a website, but don't know what you can earn on a blog? Next, we will look at such a profitable activity as blogging. The blog is created for the purpose of making money. What methods are there?

Contextual advertising. This option is the most profitable and very simple. It is important to supplement advertising with a thematic support. Perhaps it will be an annotation to a service or product. Another option is the author's text, which describes all the benefits and benefits. Very often, reviews of satisfied visitors become accompanying material on the blog. If the communication is lively and fun, then the rating of the blog will constantly grow, and with it your income.

Sell blog links. This is a very simple matter. Visitors come to you and acquire certain links to the information they need. This saves time, which would be spent on long searches for information on the worldwide web. You get paid for it. There is even an opinion that selling links is much more profitable than earning on contextual advertising. Even a blogger without experience can have 5,000 rubles a month.

Banner advertising

This way of making money is unusual. Money will be a great additional income.

Partnership Programs. For example, your blog is about finance markets. You can go to the website of a brokerage firm, register there and become a referral. You will be paid some kind of deductions for attracting clients to the broker. These programs exist in almost all subjects.

Advertising posts. Most often, advertisers themselves ask to place them. But if you wish, you can do an independent search.

Sell your blog. This is also an option to make money. Often you can get a lot more for the site than the costs that were needed to create it.

Posting interesting stuff will make your blog successful

We have talked about the main ways that will allow you to make money on your blog. Success awaits you only if you achieve the necessary PR and TIC indicators in terms of height. This is the number of links that lead from other sites to your blog, as well as the maximum authority of those links that lead directly to your page. In both cases, it is imperative that there are as many visitors as possible. This indicator characterizes traffic.

I present to you my translation of a wonderful article written by a successful blogger Tina SJ. In my opinion, this is the best that has been written about creating blogs. If you are planning to start an internet business, be sure to read this article. Trust me, it's worth it!

How I got subscribers in three months

Hi, my name is Tina. On September 27, 2021, I started a small blog, Think Simple Now, with zero experience in blogging, internet marketing and writing. By Christmas, 3 months later, I had 2,135 subscribers.

I'm new to blogging and I read very few blogs. Also, I don't follow any blogging blog tips, except for a couple of articles I read at the very beginning on dochdosh and problogger.

I am often asked how I achieved this, and I decided to make an article in the form of a report on my experience, hoping that others can benefit from what I learned. Using my example, I want to show you that you can make a profit and achieve your blogging goals by starting from scratch. I learned that there are no real secrets to blogging success, all it really takes is a deep desire to do it, along with the motivation to take action.

I had three important reasons why my blog was successful

Specific purpose and focus - you can't get what you want if you don't know what you want

Content creation is what I spend the most time on. Content and understanding that your audience is your king.

Promotion of materials are the steps I have taken to bring my blog to market. Everything is easy to reproduce. Only proceed to this stage, after the second is completed. Without quality content, all your marketing efforts will be ineffective.

Each step builds on the previous one, so it is very important to follow the sequence. Let's look at each stage in detail.

Specific goals and focus

Why goals?

It is very important to understand why you are starting a blog. What is your motivation?

A business blog can be an effective tool for drawing attention to a company - it can help you grow your customer base and provide information about your products.

The Social Media Examiner has published the principles for creating a successful business blog, and the CPU publishes the translation of the most important ones.

Define goals

Running a business blog is a long-term commitment: an investment of time, energy and effort. As soon as you stop updating it and sharing relevant information, interest in it will disappear. So ask yourself the following questions from the start:

  • Why am I doing this?
  • What do I want from a blog?
  • What will my audience get from it?

You may be looking to boost sales, or increase your customer base, or start a business from scratch, or become the face of a brand, or even write a book. Depending on what you need, you will develop a content plan. Beware of vague categories, your goals should be as specific and detailed as possible. Each time, before coming up with another topic for a post or determining its content, you should turn to your main tasks and ask yourself how they correspond to your plans.

Research your audience

To create relevant and useful content, you need to be clear about your audience and their desires. You must satisfy her need for specific information - exactly the one that she lacks. Remember that you cannot be liked by everyone at once.

If you are providing specific services to a wide audience, explain the processes in a simpler language, detailing all the mechanics you describe. If you are a founder of a B2B service and an expert in a specific niche, look for new information useful for professionals. Use the analytics of your website and social networks to find out the socio-demographic composition of the audience and draw up a specific portrait of the reader - then you can start creating a blog.

Determine the frequency of posts

How to learn to do business?

How to learn to do business? You can graduate from the university with a degree in management and management. You can buy an entire section of economic literature from a bookstore. Or you can simply subscribe to blogs of successful entrepreneurs and study directly online. Let's try?

Dmitry Potapenko's blog

A well-known Russian businessman, formerly in charge of Karusel and Pyaterochka, now a managing partner of the Management Development Group, maintains a blog for entrepreneurs. It publishes useful tips adapted to domestic realities, analytical articles, interviews with successful people, the author's own reasoning. In one of the latest striking articles, for example, Dmitry asks why his management style is called ruthless, and, as always, finds a logical answer.

Zest: every week Potapenko publishes his commentary on the most important events in Russia and in the world.

Andrey Zinkevich's blog

It is read by Igor Mann, Vadim Dozortsev and Maxim Batyrev (we will also tell about them, but later). He helps companies carry out high-quality systemic marketing, with the help of which they can improve business processes and get more profit. Company owner Ad. ize Andrey Zinkevich writes on a blog on various topics. The most popular are systemic marketing, self-promotion, email marketing, content marketing, etc.

Zest: all materials are divided into categories, structured by topic.

Blog of Maxim Batyrev

Daddy Kombat shares his thoughts in LiveJournal. The Great Sold of All Russia, the writer and business speaker publishes interviews with his beloved, holds competitions among managers and generates useful articles with enviable regularity. Each post of Kombat is a ready-made article for a popular blog. For example, what are the seven deadly sins of a manager, how can and cannot punish people (for example, in no case should you ignore or invade your personal space), what should be the page of managers on social networks.

We share ideas of what to write in the company's business blog. We've prepared over 100 ideas for your business blog posts to help you create a content plan for a few months of working with a business blog. Since business blogging is a long and ongoing process, you'll need a starting point with ideas to ensure that your blog will live and work for the business for a long time. Some of these ideas for a company blog, or an entrepreneur's blog, you can easily convert into multiple topics and posts to plan for the future.

Here are over 100 ideas for your business blog

Blog ideas related to you and your business

1. Start with yourself as an entrepreneur and business founder and write an article that describes you as a business person in detail.

2. Talk about your business over a cup of coffee. Tell your readers how your business is doing (no tie) and how you represent the business in the future.

3. Why is your business important to potential customers? Explain what you and your business are doing for your customers. Show the importance and usefulness of your business, the products and services that your company produces.

4. Showcase your company's business team on the blog. Introduce your professionals successfully doing work for clients.

5. Explain the problems that your business successfully solves, tell about it in simple language.

6. Post photos of your work environment, your office, or business. Show how the work is being done within your company.

7. Post photos of your business buildings. Showcase your buildings, offices and other premises that your company uses for business activities.

8. Post photos of your employees. The idea is to show real people who are behind your company. Using these ideas, you will begin to humanize your company.

9. Post photos of your employees with your clients. Show in photos how your employees interact with partners and customers.

+ business blog ideas to improve the company's business

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