Assessing 10 ideas for making money in the summer

Many lines of business are subject to the seasonality factor, which affects the financial performance of the company. Whether it is trade, manufacturing or the service sector - no one is immune from its influence.

Statistics show that the best time for a quick start is the summer season. Having properly organized the business at this time, you can not only quickly recoup the initial costs, but also make good money.

The available options will allow not only experienced businessmen to develop, but also aspiring entrepreneurs.

Features of seasonal projects

In order not to be mistaken with the choice of "occupation" for the summer, it is worth describing in more detail the concept of "summer" business.

Selling soft drinks, selling clothes for the summer, and selling ice cream can be successful examples.

Let's analyze the features of the business for the summer season, which will help us when choosing a direction of activity, they are as follows:

  • Assumes a quick start.
  • Only a minor initial investment is required.
  • A short period of activity. Such a business can only be effectively carried out during the appropriate season.
  • Large markup for a product or a large service charge.
  • Maximum demand for the product during the season and high profitability of the business.

Which direction to choose?

Based on the above criteria, several areas of activity were selected, which will be detailed below.

In a separate article we will tell you how to keep records on the simplified taxation system for LLC.

Soft ice cream sale

Most areas in business, in one way or another, are associated with seasonal factors. Moreover, the influence is palpable in literally all directions, from retail trade to the service sector. Whether or not to take this factor into account when planning is an individual matter, but what everyone should really think about is the opportunities that open up for an entrepreneur.

The most favorable season for "quick" money has been and remains summer, summer business really makes it possible for a relatively short period of time not only to return investments, plus make good money. Moreover, the options are well suited for both beginners and experienced entrepreneurs.

On the eve of summer, it's time to think about the possibilities of additional earnings and start realizing summer business ideas. Today we'll talk about the most popular ideas for this season. True, in the next article we will consider ideas that are not so popular among the people, but most likely also more attractive due to less competition.

top ideas

The standard and already banal ice cream trade comes first

The popularity of the ice cream trade can hardly be overestimated. Having a certain relationship with the ice cream wholesale base, I can say that literally since May all refrigerators have been disassembled, as, in fact, more or less good places. By the end of May, "ice cream makers" with refrigerators begin to "huddle" literally in every free corner. I can confirm its profitability. The margin for a pack is about 30-40%, the rent for a refrigerator, the place is not high, but there is a big minus, this is competition.

  • - high demand during the season;
  • - high profitability;
  • - small expenses for organizing the idea;
  • - ease of direction.

Cons of ice cream trading

  • - very high competition
  • - great dependence on weather conditions, location.

The organization process is as follows:

  • We conclude an agreement with a wholesale base for the sale, rent of a mobile refrigerator.
  • We rent a retail space with the ability to connect to electricity.
  • We agree on a storage location for the refrigerator, equip a trading place. We buy an umbrella, a chair.
  • We make out an individual entrepreneur, it is optimal to immediately take UTII. Option with the seller is possible, the salary depends on the revenue.

The second place is occupied by no less trivial trade in draft kvass, beer, etc.

Main characteristics of business in summer

Summer is not only a time for relaxation, sun and swimming, but also a great time to earn extra money.

Summer business is especially relevant for residents of resort towns, in regions with local attractions, and not only.

The main desire is to make money.

Summer business is only seasonal, so it starts with the beginning of the heat and, accordingly, ends - around the beginning of the school year.

Having made a decision to implement your business idea in the warm season of the year, you need to start preparing for the start in advance, so that with the onset of the first heat you can fully work.

Stages of preparation for the implementation of summer business:

What business ideas can be for the summer

There are a lot of options to make money in the summer: from selling soft drinks to opening a summer mini-cafe.

Everything will depend on the location, demand, competition in a particular segment and your ingenuity.

Some of the important conditions for the correct conduct of summer business (depending on the field of activity) are:

Summer is the most favorable time for organizing business in the resort town, where thousands of tourists come. By choosing a good business idea, you can earn enough money to live on it for the rest of the year, even if the investment is small. Any of the 12 options for a resort business below, with an approximate calculation of the costs of opening and organizing, will allow you to quickly grasp the essence of a business idea and start promoting your business.

Sale of souvenirs

Thematic souvenirs and all sorts of trinkets are always in demand among tourists. Popular products include: magnets, mugs, shell, wood, ceramics, amber, jewelry with semi-precious stones, and much more.

Business is beneficial because:

  • The sales value of the product is at least doubled.
  • Additional permissions required for product sales are not required for souvenir sales.
  • A point located on the outskirts of the beach or in the city center will give good revenue in a few days.

The following expenses will be required to organize a trading place:

  • Purchase of goods - approximately 50,000 rubles.
  • Payment for renting a trading platform for the summer period on the beach - 150,000 rubles.

Rent of beach equipment: sun loungers, umbrellas and others

Recently, the service of renting beach equipment has become quite common. On almost every beach you can see plastic sun loungers, umbrellas and sun loungers rented.

If you liked the business idea, then clarify some of the nuances:

  • When purchasing beach furniture, they are guided, first of all, by its attractive appearance, convenience and quality.
  • The number of purchased equipment usually depends on the number of tourists on the beach.
  • This business is not for one season, so take care of storage space in advance during the cold season.

Items of expense and income:

  • Rent of a small warehouse for storing inventory - 6,000-6,500 rubles. per month.
  • Transport costs for the delivery of beach furniture at the beginning of the season - 6,000-6,500 rubles.
  • One sun lounger costs 12,000-13,000 rubles. (at least you need at least 20 pieces), umbrellas - 350-850 rubles.

Business in the summer - a selection of profitable ideas

In this article, we have compiled a TOP selection of interesting and profitable business ideas for making money in the summer.

While everyone is resting, you can earn good money in the summer, and even try your hand at an independent business. Start drawing up a plan right now and think over everything carefully in order to get the maximum profit with the minimum investment.

Preliminary marketing research

To minimize risks, it is recommended to conduct a market research before starting a business. It involves polling the target audience and studying the local market. The purpose of the study is to find out how popular a product or service can be, to calculate the approximate size of investments, markups, payback periods, and net income.

Here is a sample list of questions that will help assess the economic viability of the project.

  • What sells well in summer in your city?
  • What is the level of competition for certain goods / services?
  • Are there any goods / services that are not yet represented in your city, but can gain popularity?
  • How much are you willing to invest to start? Remember that you cannot spend all the money, as it is impossible to be 100% sure of success. In addition, in business there is such a concept as "risk management" - that is, a list of force majeure and troubles that can happen to an entrepreneur.
  • How complex is this business? Do you have a sufficient level of knowledge / experience?
  • What is the best location? For example, if you plan to sell kvass or ice cream outdoors in the summer, then any area will do, even if there are competitors nearby. Fast food sells well in holiday destinations, downtown or business districts. Beach accessories - in the market or by the beach.
  • Is it possible to expand the business in the future, to do it all year round?
  • How sales depend on weather conditions?

Take a few ideas and explore them across all the parameters presented. Marketing research can help you make the right decision. Then make a plan of action and start implementing the project.

Most Popular Summer Businesses

Summer is a time of vacations, long walks in the fresh air, fun with family and friends. For most, this is a vacation, and for some it is an opportunity to earn extra money or even open their own business. If you have a desire to get busy, you need to start planning in the spring.

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