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Purchase and sale of business equipment

Services 14:40, 06 February 2021

How to open a hotel in the city

The hotel business is one of the most profitable, but there are also pitfalls here. We will tell you which hotel format to choose, how to find clients and promote your services on the market. We calculate the profitability and profitability of the hotel business taking into account the seasonality

Services 15:31, 29 November 2021

A law firm as an example of a difficult but profitable business

Law firms are in great demand on the market. A large number of personnel in the field does not prevent professionals in their field from developing and expanding their business. Such a business does not require large investments, therefore it is popular with entrepreneurs.

Pharmacy: a promising business for serious investors

It is not easy to make money at a pharmacy with the current situation on the pharmaceutical market, however, the competent implementation of a business based on drugs and other pharmacology will allow the owner to have a stable and high income.

Services 12:40, 30 October 2021

Medical center: a good cause, bringing high income

Medical services all over the world are in constant demand. On the desire of people to be healthy, you can earn over two million rubles a month! Despite the large start-up investments, the medical services business pays off in a year and a half. However, in this case, the selection of qualified employees plays a key role.

Experts and businessmen define any crisis as the best time for startups, new ideas and launching a business that solves the problem of the current crisis. Business magazine B-MAG. U continues the series of reviews - business ideas in the era of COVID-19. Today we present to you eight interesting business ideas created by entrepreneurs and designers during this difficult time for the world.

Consider 8 business ideas developed in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic

Lexon Oblio UV Sanitizer & Wireless Charger

We use smartphones every day to stay in touch, but it's worth remembering that due to regular use, a large number of microbes accumulate on the surface of phones. A wireless charger and ultraviolet sanitizer in one Lexon Oblio device will help protect phones from germs.

The device looks like a small vase that holds a telephone. This is a QI standard wireless charger. The LED indicator on the device shows the phone's charge level without removing it from the charger.

In turn, the ultraviolet rays of the sanitizer destroy 99.9% of bacteria and germs from the surface of the phone, protecting smartphone users.

Autonomous robot sanitizer UVRoboclean kills% bacteria

Most people try to keep their homes clean and hygienic, so disinfectants have become an integral part of our lives. Unsurprisingly, there is a new device on the market, the UVRoboclean robot sanitizer.

It works on any surface and kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and pathogens. The sensors of the device prevent it from falling, so you can safely leave it to work unattended.

UVRoboclean can also be simply brought to various surfaces for decontamination. Such a device will ensure the cleanliness of not only your home, office, but also a number of other places.

The concept of a removable airplane partition to protect against infection

In the era of social distancing, French engineer Florian Bargeau developed a concept called "PlanBay", a removable partition that is easily installed to provide greater hygiene. Baffle side panels reduce the risk of infection and the overhead airflow is directed directly to the person, creating a “protective bubble”.

The idea of ​​PlanBay is to prevent the spread of infections from one person to another in the cabin of an aircraft, without the obligatory observance of a distance of 1 meter. This distance is difficult to maintain in an economy class cabin, even given the empty middle seat, Barjo said.

The success of any business depends on the amount of knowledge. Any successful businessman has a lot of useful information. You can not consider yourself a favorite is mediocrity. It is necessary to be constantly aware of emerging new innovative ideas, important news of the business world. And for this you do not need to listen to unverified rumors, it is better to pay attention to trusted sources, and the best business magazines will always come to the rescue. Thanks to them, both established business sharks and newcomers will be able to obtain the necessary information.

Just don't buy the first edition you come across. Before making this seemingly insignificant purchase, it's worth finding out which top business magazines are favorites among their brethren.

The best business magazines will be able to give new shades to the usual morning or become an excellent companion in the hated traffic jam. They will not only help to brighten up the time, but also fill the brain with new, and most importantly, useful information. Life-changing business books should also be read if you want to achieve something.

Harvard Business Review - Tops TOP "Best Business Magazines"

Opens a list of the best business magazines Harvard edition. Their magazine has managed to get the attention of managers, financiers and businessmen from all over the world. It began its existence since 1922, and for 85 years it continues to delight customers.

Here are collected questions related to the topic of business management. A lot of useful advice, ideas, knowledge, which are often followed by famous leaders of huge companies. A huge number of people are responsible for the creation of each new issue. These are professional journalists, managers, professors.

As for our country, the list of the best business magazines in Russia, also not without Harvard Business Review. After all, it began to be published back in 2021, having received the attention of many Russians. Business ideas are often highlighted here, you can read about the organization of earnings on Belgian waffles and other information.

Forbes is the favorite publication of millionaires

The best business magazines in Russia and abroad simply could not fail to include this edition. It was founded by Berry Charles Forbes back in 1917. Today, the business publication is considered the most authoritative. Probably there is no such person who has never heard of the popular Forbes list and has not dreamed of being on it. It constantly includes the world's leading entrepreneurs.

Forbes was first published in 1918, and it consisted of only 30 positions. Over the years, editors have been able to notice how popular these lists are gaining. Therefore, for the attention of the public, steel offers not only the most popular businessmen, but also made ratings of millionaires, celebrities, famous corporations in the world.

People from all over the world signed up for a monthly subscription. After all, you cannot miss the next number. It's not for nothing that he was called the most widely read in America among the entire business press. The reason for this success was the veracity of the articles, open criticism of famous people in politics and the business world.

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