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Small business and manufacturing is a demanded and popular area of ​​investment. But where can you find business ideas in manufacturing?

Manufacturing a variety of goods in an ever-changing national market is the most efficient type of business activity that can bring a stable and constant income, the size of which depends solely on the size of production and the strategic plan of the enterprise.

In the context of import substitution, business production forms the right economic relations not only between contractors, but also in the interaction of companies with their customers. With the right choice of the product to be produced, a quick entry to the market is guaranteed. In the future, it is possible to aim at profitable relationships with external partners.

In order to find out what promising production areas exist, we have collected the most attractive investment areas for small and medium-sized businesses. Some of the ideas can be implemented at home, while others need a specially designated space. However, investments in such business ideas of production are minimal, and profitability, if properly organized, is high.

Rabbit breeding

Rabbits, as you know, are not only valuable fur, but also an easily digestible dietary meat, which is in great demand. Experts predict that only for 2021-2021. demand can triple and this mini-production promises to be profitable.

  • Minimum initial investment;
  • Proven and studied technologies of keeping and breeding;
  • Low saturation of the market with meat;
  • Productivity - 20-30%;
  • Return on investment - 3-5 years;
  • Animals are fertile and in just one year a female can grow up to 8 times;
  • Two areas of activity - the production of meat and skins, that is, waste-free production;
  • You do not need to have special expensive equipment or special knowledge;
  • Mini production is suitable for development at home.

Rabbit meat is rarely found on the shelves, therefore the cost of a kilogram is high, it is beneficial if you consider that raising domestic hares is not expensive. The cages necessary for keeping are made independently from inexpensive materials; some breeds can be bred in pits.

Furniture manufacturing

On the Russian market, the production of frameless and wicker furniture is rapidly developing. Popular are a variety of puffs of non-standard sizes and configurations, oversized armchairs with a bright design, which look harmoniously in children's rooms, sports and game halls and even in offices.

To start mini-production, you need to find a suitable room for the manufacture of furniture, purchase equipment for sewing. You can start yourself, but with the expansion of the business, you will have to hire additional staff.

The manufacture of furniture and decor items from wicker vine is an ecological production, that is, what is quoted on the market at the highest rates. You can start work at home, in the country or in a small free room. The most serious problem will be the purchase of raw materials, but if you harvest the vine yourself, you can get an autonomous business, not dependent on external factors.

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The peculiarity and advantages of a small business is to anticipate demand and supply the consumer with the necessary goods and services. Let's discuss the demand for which goods and services will grow rapidly due to the new realities in the world.

There is no reason to believe that the body of the Russian person is somehow special and therefore not susceptible to coronavirus, which means we can look at how events are developing in Italy, Spain, the United States and draw conclusions. What is happening with them today, with a 99% probability will happen with us. Only 2 months later, which means there is an opportunity to prepare.

1) Now we see that thousands of people die every day in Europe and the United States, crematoria cannot cope, there are not enough coffins, graves, etc. therefore, some countries have to convert ice rinks, airport terminals and exhibition centers into morgues. What conclusion can be drawn for Russia? Demand for coffins will skyrocket, so it's time to start mass production. Whoever has time to prepare a large enough amount will get rich.

2) Quarantine will hit the economy. There will be a lot of unemployed and hungry, which will cause an increase in crime. Already, a lot of news about cases of looting and robbery comes from Western Europe. and the crisis has not yet begun. This means that the demand for security services will grow significantly.

An apartment renovation business is a promising idea for people who are engaged in the construction and decoration of premises. Each of us at least occasionally has to make major or cosmetic repairs - when entering a new building or to renovate old housing. In this case, most people hire a team of professional repairmen. How to create such a team, find clients and how much you can earn is the topic of this article.

How to create passive income in 4 days

A marathon where you will create passive live income from scratch and learn specific strategies for investing in apartments, houses, garages, cars and even profitable sites

How to make money on renovation and decoration of apartments

Repair is an expensive undertaking, and as a rule, about half of the estimate is the remuneration of repairmen. Such a lucrative business attracts many. Despite the obvious advantages (high marginality and demand), it also has its disadvantages, the main of which are high competition and difficulties in finding customers.

The hardest part comes in the first months of work, when the company has not gained a reputation. If you complete at least a few orders, you can start word of mouth, but these first orders still need to be found. The peculiarity of this niche is that the usual promotion channels do not work well here. You can advertise in a newspaper or on a bulletin board, stick it up in the entrance or distribute flyers at construction markets. But most likely, the effectiveness of such advertising will be very low. People usually trust the renovation to people they have worked with - or have been recommended by friends.

Features of this business:

  • you can start without registration, over time it is enough to issue an individual entrepreneur with a simplified taxation system:
  • the average profitability in this niche is 35%:
  • you can start with small investments and recoup them already in the first months of work, there is always a demand for construction services. Even in a crisis, people do not refuse repairs - although many are trying to choose more budgetary options;
  • there are opportunities to expand and scale the business;
  • it can be difficult to find qualified employees - professionals are in demand and prefer to work for yourself;
  • this is a seasonal business, in winter there will be few orders;
  • there are many competitors on the market;
  • there is a risk of falling into unscrupulous customers.

What apartment renovation services can be offered

The list of repairs is huge. It all depends on your experience and staff qualifications. It is important to correctly calculate your strength right away and not offer what you cannot do.

Main types of work:

  • replacing electrical wiring;
  • replacing plumbing;
  • rough work - priming and plastering walls, floor screed, leveling walls and ceilings; <
  • roofing work;
  • wallpapering;
  • painting on any surfaces;
  • dismantling and installation of doors, windows, partitions;
  • tiling;
  • waterproofing the bathroom;
  • laying parquet or laminate;
  • installing skirting boards.

Purchase and sale of business equipment

Purchase and sale of business equipment

Even if you know how to sew at least a little, you can take two seamstresses as assistants and open your own workshop. True, this format is more appropriate for small and medium-sized cities. In a metropolis, a completely different approach is needed.

You can also open a carpentry workshop in your garage - starting investments in this case will be small. With minimal investment, this business idea is gaining popularity.

Russian school uniform is strongly associated with the USSR and egalitarianism. However, it is still relevant now. Modern legislation requires students to dress in accordance with general requirements. And you can make money on this.

The toilet paper business can hardly be called romantic. However, paper can be classified as a basic commodity, so the demand for it is guaranteed.

Sometimes wealth is literally right under our noses. Or rather, under your feet. But we don't want to notice him. These words can rightfully be attributed to the paving slab business

Plastic windows are still called Euro windows, although they are also common in Russia. The business in the production of windows is relevant and profitable, because the demand is huge.

Foam production does not require large premises and significant investments. Any beginning entrepreneur can organize such a business.

Sawmill business is not a cheap pleasure. You will have to compete with the real "Goliaths" of the industry and invest significant funds in the launch of the business.

Foam concrete is a modern material that is in constant and unremitting demand. Making this building material can be very lucrative.

The flour milling business has great prospects. Because of tense international relations with the United States, China will definitely need a reliable flour importer, and Russia is best suited for this role

Issuing paper bags can be very lucrative considering the government has declared war on polyethylene. How to start your own bag production?

In the modern world, it is possible to organize the production of any product even in small rooms. We have selected for you 18 of the best machines from China for the production of various products in the garage. I would like to remind you that the concept of "business in the garage" is rather arbitrary, and here we mean a small area for small production.

In this list, basically, equipment worth up to half a million rubles. Some machines cost 6000, 25000 rubles, some are more expensive.

C stitching chamber

This is equipment for food production, with the help of which you can quickly and in large quantities get dried vegetables, fruits, berries, meat and even seafood.

It allows you to launch a huge range of products, from healthy breakfast muesli to snacks. The cost of the device is about 26,000 rubles. If you own a suitable space, then there will be no rental costs, which is a big plus.

The cost of raw materials - initial products, will be included in the cost of finished products. By the way, it is good to do this business during the season of fruits and vegetables, when products can be purchased at the lowest possible price.

You will find customers for the sale of finished products in food supply stores, canteens, cafes, children's and government institutions.

Automatic packaging machine

This machine is designed for fast filling of bulk products into small bags. Packing size and shape are customizable.

The equipment does not require large production areas, it costs 54,000 rubles. The machine is suitable for starting a business for the production of food products, for example, tea, herbal phyto-picks, seeds, and can also be used in almost any field of production for packaging small parts and elements.

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