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A franchise is a license that gives its buyer access to the franchisor's business model. For a certain fee (lump-sum payment), the franchise purchaser receives a work scheme, access to business processes, materials for advertising, the right to use a trademark, information support, assistance in hiring and training personnel. The buyer of the franchise (franchisee) opens a business with his own money, it is important to analyze all the nuances in order to decide which franchise to choose. The amount of the initial investment is usually known in advance. This allows you to choose the optimal offer based on the available capital. After starting a business, the franchisee pays royalties on a monthly basis - a fee for using the license.

Franchise types:

1. Commodity - the resale of goods under the brand of the franchisor. For the license buyer, such cooperation is beneficial because there is no need to start production. His business is to sell. The rest is provided by the franchisor.

2. Manufacturing - making goods according to brand standards. The franchisor provides equipment and production technologies, recommends suppliers. The task of the franchisee is the production and sale of goods.

3. A franchise in the service sector gives you access to the franchisor's know-how and technologies. The buyer of the franchise accordingly provides services according to the standards established by the franchisor.

Franchise benefits:

Alexey Voitov, owner of the KAPIBARA Sushi franchise and author of the FRANCHISE podcast. ive:

“I started my business with my own project - Kapibara Sushi, which a year later began to pack into a franchise. Later he bought the Coffee-Like franchise, and then the Imagine franchise. Why? Because working on a franchise is profitable! The franchise must be correct. The right franchise saves time looking for answers in any situations that arise in the course of work. The right franchisor will transfer them in the form of instructions and regulations. The business model has been proven and is generating revenue. The franchisor provides honest indicators, complies with agreements, he has a professional team. I analyze a franchise company on my own checklist. Only in-depth analysis allows you to create a complete picture of the franchisor and make the right decision to buy a franchise.

What are the benefits of running a franchise?

Every year, Forbes, an authoritative publication in the world of business, publishes ratings of franchises based on these portals, expert opinions. The assessment was based on 5 criteria: the average annual revenue of the franchise outlet, ROI, payback period, profitability and the share of multi-donors. In total, Forbes identifies 30 successful franchises and divides them into 3 groups depending on the investment. In the article, we will consider the TOP-10 franchises according to Forbes with investments up to 1 million rubles.


The Forbes network of ice cream parlors and desserts "33 Penguins" closes the TOP of the franchises of 2021 according to Forbes. The company offers more than 70 varieties of ice cream, and also presents a unique collection of low-fat, sugar-free treats - ORGANIGbar. In addition, everyone can please themselves with delicious desserts, candies, drinks.

Since 2021, the network has been developing according to the franchising system, and today it has managed to “conquer the heart” of 180 cities in 5 countries of the world (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan). For its efforts, the company was awarded major awards in the field of franchising: "Golden Franchise", "Franchiser of the Year", "Franchisee of the Year".

Number of franchise outlets: 1505

Annual revenue of the franchise outlet: 4.7 million rubles


Children's football school "Football" was opened in 2021 in the "northern capital" - St. Petersburg. The initial idea of ​​the founders of the project was to prepare children aged 6-7 years for admission to children's and youth sports schools. Today, about 10,000 kids from 3-7 years old are engaged in the sports section.

At the end of 2021, the company decided to launch a franchise, despite the fact that the school operated successfully for a short period of time, the risk was justified, and more than 40 points were opened in a year. To date, the Football brand is spread across 61 cities.

Number of franchise outlets: 132

Annual revenue of the franchise outlet: 1, 8 million rubles


The top franchises of the authoritative Forbes magazine include companies in a variety of industries, and the only representative of the entertainment industry is Brain Slaughterhouse. This is a quiz, which is a game of questions and answers in bars and restaurants, where you can relax and spend an exciting evening with the company of loved ones. Usually such a game lasts about 2, 5 hours and contains 7 rounds of 7 questions, but the time spent in pleasure passes unnoticed.

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The 2021 crisis has changed the small business franchise market - some of the popular niches have become unclaimed. For example, catering and travel companies. However, the demand for other franchises has grown due to the pandemic. If you are ready to start a franchise business, look in this article for the top 10 profitable franchises for 2021.

How we identified the best and most profitable franchises

Every year in Russia, business media form their own ratings of franchises, based on open sources and insider information.

To determine the most interesting franchises for small businesses, we studied the ratings from Forbes and RBC.

However, publications pay attention to expensive franchises, in which the size of investments is estimated at millions of rubles.

For a small business, a franchise of this kind is not the best option, especially if your business starts in a small town, where a priori you cannot count on high profits.

Therefore, to fill in the rating tables, we used information about franchises not only from the ratings of leading business publications, but also from open sources - sites with the selection of franchises and catalogs of 2021.

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Small Business Franchise Ranking of the Year

Below you will see two tables with ratings of franchises: with small investments up to 500 thousand rubles and with investments from 550 thousand to 1.3 million (we were guided by 20 thousand dollars as the largest amount that an entrepreneur is ready invest when starting your own business).

Rating of franchises by payback period

Popular franchises are a convenient way to start a business. Ideally, you get a well-known brand, a ready-made development plan, marketing and advertising support, and work with trusted suppliers. But you may not be lucky. Then there is a risk of facing tough corporate rules and regulations that hinder development, lack of support from the franchisor, and low profits.

To avoid disappointment and not lose money, you need to be especially careful when choosing a franchise - to study the contract, communicate with other franchisees, and correctly assess your capabilities. In 2021, the most popular franchises in Russia were bakeries, beauty salons, cosmetics and clothing stores, fast food establishments, children's educational projects, and gas stations. What is a franchise and how does it work.

popular franchises in Russia (up to a million)

JuniorCode Children's Programming School

Payback period: from 5 months.

IT school teaches children from 4 to 18 years old. There are different training formats: development centers, creative laboratories, summer intensive courses, IT mastery studios. Can be opened in any city with a population of 30,000 or more. The requirement for the premises is at least 35 square meters, compliance with sanitary standards.

Why consider this small business franchise:

  • training is a growing market, and programming is one of the most demanded specialties;
  • the school is part of the international system "Sports League", whose specialists provide ready-made business model for work, provide consultations, promote development;
  • one of the best management systems for children's schools, which received a grant from Skolkovo;
  • provision of materials for teaching;
  • advertising support from the franchisor.

"Belarusian Cosmetics" chain stores

Payback period: 12-20 months.

The chain has more than 50 own stores of various formats. The assortment includes about 5,000 items of cosmetics, the mark-up on goods is 80-150%. You can open it as an "island" in a shopping center, street retail, or work with a company on your own behalf as a wholesale partner.

Why pay attention:

The official catalog of franchises for 2021-2021 of the TopFranchise portal contains more than 900 current franchise offers from the best companies in Russia and abroad. With the help of our catalog, you can select and buy a successful franchise to open your business. The catalog contains TOP-franchises of the leading franchising companies for organizing small and medium businesses in various sectors of the economy.

There are over 900 of the coolest franchises in the catalog

Search for a franchise in the directory

Catalog of franchising companies

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