Actual business idea: how to make money organizing an Internet cafe in Moscow

How to open a cafe from scratch: a ready-made business plan for a cafe

The location of the cafe should be determined according to the following criteria: The first or second line of houses, the presence of good pedestrian approaches to the building of the cafe. Distance from other fast food outlets. Proximity to office buildings, manufacturing companies, and (if possible) residential buildings.

One or more emergency entrances.

Availability of a warehouse and the possibility of unhindered access for vehicles.

Business idea: how to open a cafe

Also, don't forget about SNiP, fire standards and details, for the devil is in the details - what if you are not allowed to place a sign on the facade? By the way, here's another thing: you shouldn't rent or buy premises where some cafe has already closed - even if you don't believe in karma, it is quite possible that the place is really unfortunate.

As for the eternal question, buy or rent, experts recommend not to rock the boat and choose a lease with subsequent purchase. And we are in complete solidarity with them.

When you open a cafe from scratch, you will need to purchase a lot of equipment.

Business plan for opening a cafe from scratch: where to start, step-by-step instructions

If this is a children's cafe, foresee in advance the costs of equipping a play corner or mini playground so that little visitors feel comfortable in the cafe. The site can be equipped in the adjacent park or on the summer veranda. For a children's cafe, include more cooking items on the menu.

It's a good idea if the cafe has a convenient entrance and its own parking.

The standard menu includes, along with snacks and cooking, about 40 items.

With the right approach, opening a cafe from scratch is a great idea for a business. In order for the invested amount of money to bring the expected return, it is important to take into account all the nuances of the chosen area and think over the details - from choosing a place to buy or rent to obtaining the consent of inspection services to open an institution.

The first stage of opening a cafe from scratch - registration of an individual entrepreneur or LLC

Doing business is impossible without registering yourself as an individual entrepreneur (IE) or a company establishment (for example, a limited liability company).

The process of registering an individual entrepreneur is easier and faster than setting up a full-fledged company.

When establishing a company in the form of an LLC, it will be necessary to spend more time on the formation of a package of documents required for registration, consisting, in particular, of:

  • orders for the hiring of a CEO and an accountant or a formalized consent to perform their duties by one person;
  • decisions of the founders to create a company;
  • an agreement on the lease or purchase of premises, the address of which will be indicated as legal;
  • articles of association and others.

When organizing an LLC, it will be necessary to create a constituent fund, its minimum size is now 10 thousand rubles.

For correct reporting, it is important to initially correctly define the code for OKVED. For the cafe, the main number will be 55.0, accompanying - 52.3 and 52.5

It is imperative to notify Rospotrebnadzor about plans to open a point. Otherwise, the owner could face a fine.

Licensing of activities and choosing a system for paying taxes

You don't need to make a license to open a cafe. The only exception is the registration of a permit for the sale of alcoholic beverages and / or tobacco products. Only beer can be offered to visitors without a license.

The restaurant business is becoming more and more popular in Russia. Now you can open a cafe or bar of exactly the kind you have always dreamed of. This could be a mini café or a fast food diner. You might want to open a pastry shop or make the first children's cafe in the area.

There are many options, but what are the first steps you need to take to open a cafe? Where to start a business plan and what to look for when this is the first project?

Choosing a room for a successful establishment

The first key moment in creating a place where you can have a snack is the choice of premises. The success or failure of the project will depend on it. You can make a chic renovation, create a unique atmosphere and hire a brilliant chef. But if an unsuitable area is chosen, then there will be no visitors: the cafe and the ticket office will be empty day after day. Unfortunately, there are a lot of such examples among those who think

A business plan starts with finding an area. When choosing a beachhead, pay attention to the state of the main communication systems. Pay attention to sewerage, water supply and heating. A good option would be to buy out the old dining room, which already has a kitchen. It is harder and more expensive to build a new cafe from premises that are not adapted to cooking, but cheaper: hangars and warehouses.

Most eateries and bars open in residential areas. If this place already had a dining room, pub or restaurant, then everything is in order, you can open a cafe in a residential building. But if you decide to open a cafe for the first time, where to start the process in order to avoid a lot of pitfalls? If the sounds of music and the aromas of the kitchen become uninvited guests of the tenants' apartments, then problems can begin very quickly. Therefore, it is worth taking care of good zoning of the room, soundproofing and exhaust hood in advance. If residents find the neighborhood inconvenient, the cafe can simply be closed.

Rent or redeem?

Renting is not the best option. Especially when it comes to a large cafe. The rent tends to grow, and not because of the good economic situation in the country. If you suddenly decide to move, the repair and clientele will remain with the owner. Most of the eminent, established restaurateurs opened their business with the purchase of premises in the property. After that, the institution can be advertised on a large scale, realizing that the cost of PR is an investment in the future. In addition, if the project for some reason does not take place, you can always lease your area, and subleasing is more difficult.

Before opening, you should contact the specialists in order to find out whether it is profitable to open a cafe, to take into account all legal regulations and guest requirements. Based on these recommendations, a project plan is drawn up. After the business plan of the cafe has been received, an example must be submitted to Rospotrebnadzor. After agreeing on the project with government agencies, you can proceed to repair and redevelopment.

Meal with good taste

It is very important to choose a unified concept and style of the restaurant or cafe. What audience do you want to work for? Who do you want to see among the guests? Answering these questions will help you understand the values ​​of your potential visitors and develop a suitable image. Do not forget to take into account your ideas, because now your personal dream is coming true.

A cafe is a place that primarily serves hot coffee (latte, cappuccino, espresso), tea and other hot drinks, cakes, snacks and a small selection of food (breakfasts, lunches ...).

In the West, this word is synonymous with a coffee shop, but in the territory of the countries of the former USSR it is called any restaurant (usually small in size) of fast food with a small assortment of dishes.

Prospects for opening a cafe

The general decrease in the income of Russians influenced the choice of cafes and the size of the average check, however, the number of visitors fell slightly. The culture of eating out is constantly evolving, in this regard, our country is moving towards common European indicators.

In September 2021, at one of the sites of the Agency for the Strategic Initiative, the analytical group “RBC. Market Research ”presented a report on the prospects of the restaurant business. It shows a positive, albeit small, growth in the catering sector (Fig.).

Fig. 1. Research by RBC as of the 2nd half of 2021 (more than 500 participants)

There are many arguments in favor of opening a cafe. Today it is a popular pastime. People come there not only to eat, but also to relax, unwind, chat in a cozy atmosphere, and celebrate an event. The main thing is to successfully choose the format, place and make it pleasant to visit. Let's name several factors that influence success in this type of business.

  • Large cities have a fairly large selection of recreational facilities, while medium and small ones are chronically lacking. And in megalopolises they are located very unevenly, mainly in the center. In a remote residential area, the idea of ​​opening a cafe can be quite successful.
  • An endless variety of formats, directions, designs, kitchens opens up a space for imagination. You just need to take a closer look, perhaps there is a lack of a children's cafe somewhere, and a sports bar will be a great success near the campus.
  • The crisis has mostly affected the expensive restaurant business. The flow of visitors flows into the democratic price segment, and here again small and inexpensive catering establishments benefit.

Types of cafes: specialization by area

According to the definition of GOST 30389-2021, a cafe is a catering enterprise that sells hot dishes, confectionery, purchased goods, including alcoholic and other beverages to visitors. Entertainment programs may be offered. Its difference from a restaurant is very subjective. It is believed that the latter is obliged to provide guests with a wider and more complex range of specialties.

However, the official documents, as usual, are behind the times, and in fact we are seeing a lot of fast food restaurants. At the same time, cafes often offer a unique menu that attracts a stable contingent of visitors. They can be conditionally divided into several types:

How to open an Internet cafe: step by step instructions

For example, let's take a standard internet cafe with 20 seats with 24/7 operation. An indicative plan of actions that must be completed in order to implement this business idea and make money on it looks like this:

a) through the tax authority to acquire the status of "individual entrepreneur" and obtain a certificate of the OGRN. This beautiful piece of paper will be your ticket to the world of entrepreneurship. As a rule, the process of issuing an IP does not take much time;

b) rent a suitable room. A basement in a residential area is not an option. The penthouse in the center is the same. It is best to stick to the principle of "aloof and in people." Ideal - to find a room on the ground floor of a residential building and not far from the city center;

c) renovate the future of Internet cafes and decorate the interior in a memorable style. Do not forget to be sure to check all communications for defects and malfunctions. At the same time, it is necessary to pass an inspection by the fire and sanitary-epidemiological services.

Believe me, they will have complaints. Your task is to fulfill all their requirements as soon as possible and get the coveted permissions.

d) purchase equipment and furniture. Computer tables should be large enough to accommodate plates of food and drinks.

It is better not to buy ready-made computers, but to pick up components with a specialist and order the assembly separately - it will be cheaper and more reliable.

e) configure computers, purchase and install the necessary licensed software. Draw a dedicated line of wired Internet from a reliable operator;

e) hire qualified personnel. Since the Internet cafe is round-the-clock, the staff will work in two shifts, 12 hours a day. Accordingly, you need two bartenders, two technical specialists (operators) and one administrator. I also strongly recommend hiring a security guard to work at night or conclude an agreement with a private security company and place an alarm button in an inconspicuous place;

g) purchase food and drinks;

h) place advertisements in all available sources. A good influx of customers is provided by flyers scattered by postmen for a reasonable fee in the mailboxes of residents of nearby houses.

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