7 foreign business ideas that are not yet in Russia

In a world where distances are no longer a serious obstacle, opening a business in another country no longer seems too bold to Russians. Still, the decision to start a business abroad must be carefully thought out and planned. In this article, we will tell you what you need to consider before opening a company abroad, and we will also consider the most profitable states for this.

Choosing a country for business: main criteria

There are several main factors to consider when choosing a country to do business. We will introduce you to some of them in this article.

First of all, one should take into account the political situation in the country. The most stable and favorable in this respect are European countries and the United States of America, as well as New Zealand and Australia.

  • The level of economic crime (bribery, commercial bribery, other fraud) is also an important indicator for a comfortable business. The lowest level is shown by China and Japan.

It is worthwhile to carefully study the taxation system of the country and specifically the business area in which you would like to work, because tax deductions and final profit are closely interrelated.

  • Most Russians, when choosing a country, consider mainly Europe and the United States. Nevertheless, along with comfortable conditions for business, the level of competition in them is also very high. We propose to expand the boundaries and learn about other countries where it is profitable to open a business.

Every year, World Bank experts make a ranking of countries in terms of ease of doing business. The main criteria by which countries are assessed are business registration, lending, taxation, investor protection, and property registration.

We will tell you about the seven most attractive countries and cities for business, leading the "Doing business" rating from the World Bank experts. New Zealand is in the lead in this list by a number of indicators.

Which country is easier to start a business in: Quiet New Zealand

As a result of immigration, the US population increases by approximately one million inhabitants each year. At the same time, almost 80% of new citizens plan in the future or are already working on building their own business. Immigrants from the CIS countries, who often have much greater prospects on the American market than for other ethnic groups, are no exception. Therefore, when considering what kind of business to open in the USA for an immigrant, you can consider both classical models and fundamentally new ideas for yourself.

American Small Business with Medium Capital

The most popular types of entrepreneurship in the United States are trade, manufacturing and catering. To implement in these areas, you will need an interesting idea and start-up capital from $ 50,000 to $ 300,000.

What is profitable for a Russian immigrant to trade in the USA

In this category, you can open both a regular retail outlet and an online store. For the first option, it is necessary to take into account that, in contrast to domestic realities, in the states, private shops are significantly inferior to large corporations and literally work on self-sufficiency, and therefore, without proper experience, it is better not to open points of sale for footwear or clothing, especially branded ones. As a rule, such a business takes a lot of personal time and in this light the following options will be more profitable:

  • Small outlets (islands) in malls or entertainment centers with souvenir (handmade soap, candles) or small-scale products (sunglasses, bijouterie, accessories, small gadgets). Americans do not skimp on useful little things and often spend very decent sums on them.
  • Vending machines. A significant share of the market in this direction is reserved for large corporations, but this applies only to products such as drinks, snacks, contraceptives and hygiene products. The very principle of shopping through vending machines attracts Americans, and therefore, if you have an interesting and fresh idea, you can quickly develop your own global network. For example, recently in the United States, vending machines selling disposable chargers are gaining popularity.
  • Fresh flowers. Unlike the domestic market, flowers in America are bought not only for a gift, but also for decoration of events, reception offices and just for decorating a home interior. Therefore, your own business in this area can bring good income to its owner. At the same time, the fact that you are an immigrant from the CIS in such a business may even become your advantage, creating a kind of brand.

A vending machine sells casual Uniqlo apparel in a New York mall

In the field of online commerce, you can choose almost any direction, the main thing is that specialists with excellent knowledge of the language and minimal emphasis work in the call center of your store. Ordinary Americans are distrustful of foreigners and it is better not to focus on your origin. The most popular and cost-effective types of goods for an online store can be called:

  • Animal feed and goods. This type of product is in high and constant demand, and therefore, if you supplement such a business with subscription services, you can quickly develop a permanent customer base and receive a stable profit.
  • Watches and small gadgets. In this direction, it is not so much shops that work well as landing pages. In contrast to the domestic market, American consumers are safe to shop online, due to the efficient operation of postal services, which allow delivery on the same day. At the same time, they are greedy for fashionable little things and accessories, and therefore, with the right choice of goods, you are guaranteed success.

Which production will be profitable in the USA

If you have a good starting capital of $ 100,000, you can open your own production. At the same time, there are two directions in which you can achieve high results:

  • Craft products. Products created in mini-factories using unique recipes or technologies. Such products are produced in small batches, which makes them more affordable than custom-made models, but at the same time they are an order of magnitude better than mass products. It can be: beer, coffee, tea mixtures, furniture, accessories, bags, shoes, sports optics, as well as goods from eco materials.
  • Spare parts and universal small parts for mass demand. The American market is distinguished by one peculiarity - by producing and selling many small things, you can earn more than if you create one expensive thing. So, for example, you can invest large sums and burn out in the luxury plumbing market, or you can simply produce high-quality gaskets for garage taps, building an empire on it. Ideal if it is your unique and patented little thing.

There are quite a few variations of international and local business that take root well in all corners of the planet. It is rather difficult to determine their source, since the process began immediately in many states. Below will be listed the best business ideas that are not available in Russia.

Idea Server Water Heating

Nerdalize Company implements ideas for small business in Russia. She proposed to heat the water in the house using servers, which allows homeowners and the owner of data servers to benefit. The essence of innovation is as follows:

  • A special heater receives energy from the server (computer) cooling system;
  • This approach allows you to save about 40% of energy, cut costs 300 euros per year for the average home);
  • Environmental benefits by reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

At the moment, the startup Nedalize has become quite successful and has received an impressive investment of 320,000 euros.

Something similar was offered in Germany by Cloud & Heat, but they asked for at least $ 15,000 for the installation and purchase of the server. Nerdalize installs servers for free, charging only a monthly fee, which is actually more profitable than a simple monthly electricity bill.

Idea Car Service Aggregator

For the aforementioned franchise, the cost of entry will be about 135,000 rubles for assistance in organizing, providing access to a large project and other nuances, while the potential income is declared - over 100,000 rubles per month. The only task on the part of the entrepreneur will be to conclude contracts with local car services.

Thus, this foreign business idea is quite fresh for Russia, and considering the number of car owners, it is also relevant.

Idea # Automatic key making machine

Automation of manual labor is taking over the world more and more, gradually moving to the Russian space. Today, craftspeople who specialize in keymaking may lose their jobs, since it is now possible to make a copy of a key simply using a machine in a shopping center or elsewhere.

In a difficult market situation in 2021, maintaining the stability of their positions in business requires a serious revision of the conceptual policy of almost any enterprise.

In order to survive after a shrinking market volume, increased competition, companies are forced to tighten control over costs, to concentrate efforts on the creation of new products, an up-to-date type of service.

Owners strive to tap into fast-growing markets that offer new sales opportunities, which should increase the efficiency of the enterprise.

In Europe, where the reassessment of the economic situation forces businesses to reassess their priorities more dynamically, to create new types of activities, this trend is especially noticeable.

Investors' interest in dynamic emerging markets has increased significantly, as they are considered the main sources of business growth on a par with innovation processes.

Specifics of European business

The global global crisis has not only reduced the capacity of markets, but also pushed the leaders of the countries to tighten the economy, and business owners to actively seek new directions to expand their business. Today, new niches are being actively formed for its growth.

  • The broadest prospects are associated with innovations in terms of the development of new digital and operational services, goods, eco-trends in food, clothing and tableware production, cars.
  • Fast-growing markets give owners more room to grow and they are increasingly rethinking their corporate strategies. Therefore, now many are interested in the development of social networks and cloud technologies.
  • Foreign business ideas of business are not always effective in our regions, but if you choose a proposal that is fresh and relevant for people, then innovation will only increase profitability.
  • For example, many small towns lack online shopping malls, children's entertainment centers, creative studios, and even places to eat in a pleasant atmosphere.

Basic business risks of doing business in Europe:

1. Political upheavals (the eurozone is especially sensitive, where the threat of a deep recession is still felt).

2. Strengthening the role of the state in regulating various industries, increasing the national debt, which may affect the company's income.

3. Market, macroeconomic risks.

Many of our blog users would like to know what kind of business is making good money in America. Where and how to find a business idea. Only the most interesting and relevant!

It is well known that entrepreneurship is thriving in the United States, trade is developed in China, and industry in Germany. These conclusions are based on various studies and on the economic performance of the above states.

Such a clear division is facilitated by the fact that in the United States, almost every day, a lot of new, interesting ideas for developing their own business are born, which have not been used anywhere else and are often unique. In addition, it should be noted that most of these ideas cannot be competitive and therefore do not take root in the vastness of the Russian Federation and in other CIS states. We propose to draw a parallel between the search for a successful business idea in the United States and the search for a gold mine in a vast territory. But, you see, after numerous attempts and successful detection of such a "vein", the gold digger begins a new, secured life.

Top Most Successful US Business Ideas That Helped Get Rich

We will be among the first to describe the successful business experience of Brad Hughes, a native of the United States, who earned $ 5.3 billion. This American entrepreneur began to make money off the usual installation of lockers, placing them on the Autobahns.

At that time, the beginning of the creation and growth of such a business could be immediately ranked as a small business. But at the same time, in the originality and elementarity of the idea itself, he surpassed many other areas of profitable business that started with him at the same time.

The latest ideas from American startups

Top two deserve Ralph Lauren with his $ 5 billion. The calculation of his idea, in our opinion, is generally typical for all small American businesses. Specifically, his business consisted of placing images of horses on T-shirts. A pretty trivial invention, it brought in incredible profits in the end.

Top three - Jeff Bizos with $ 4.4 billion. His super idea was born out of the growing prosperity of the Internet, and the results that this businessman was able to demonstrate are well known - this is an Amazon store project. om. This is a typical example of how a new idea for making money was born and developed on the basis of a rapidly developing market. It is important that this particular activity not only brought a lot of money, but also glorified the owner of this business all over the world.

Top four went to Ty Warner with $ 4.5 billion in revenue. He has become a shining example of how the idea of ​​a successful small business in America can make a lot of money. At first glance, a very simple idea was that the entrepreneur began to produce soft toys in small batches, namely bears. Moreover, each bear had its own name. Of course, buyers started collecting them and sales started. This is how people with little start-up capital became successful in America.

You can continue to give examples, of which there are plenty, but these four are enough to understand what small business is built on in America. The rational kernel of each of them, in fact, begins to grow with a simple idea, gets stronger on a simple implementation, and, as a result, brings maximum income.

The conclusion can be made like this:

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