45 business ideas step by step guide on how to start a business

Along with the new year comes renewed mood in society, consumer interests and opportunities. We will select the top 10 business ideas with minimal investment for the new 2021. And since people have become more discerning, the business format must also adapt to these conditions.

  • Selling nuts and dried fruits at home
  • Carrying out walking tours
  • Delivery of lunches to offices
  • Production of educational business boards
  • Sale of beer bouquets for men
  • Sale of shawarma
  • Business on goods from China
  • Organization of scientific shows
  • Provision of car baby services
  • Delivery of flowers and fruit baskets

Let's try to highlight a common pattern of 10 best business ideas to implement in 2021 with minimal investment:

  • the cost of the goods should not be too expensive;
  • it is best to use goods of periodic, but stable use;
  • it is desirable that the business allowed people to save on the use of familiar goods and services;
  • services should be enjoyable and distract from everyday hustle and bustle;
  • trust in goods and services should be supported by social popularity using social networks;
  • people who are tired of the crisis need to be given good service and smiles.
  • the type of product is selected from the statistics of demand in a particular category at the end of 2021

If we collect all these characteristics into a general business model, then it can be described as follows:

Business in 2021 offers the consumer a product popular among the population in beautiful packaging for reporting on social networks or a convenient, friendly and pleasant service that brings pleasure, distracts from the daily hustle and bustle and, in some cases, saves time and even money. Everything should be calculated on the statistics of the outgoing 2021.

Let's move on to the selection of the best business ideas with minimal investment in 2021.

Selling nuts and dried fruits at home

Recently we published an article "Business on nuts and dried fruits at home. Business idea number 135" and it became the most popular blog article.

This means that this business idea is gaining popularity and competition is growing rapidly. We must be in time.

Everything is simple here - you buy good quality nuts and dried fruits at a wholesale base, pack them in beautiful packages and sell them.

For the first purchase - the investment will be minimal.

Guided walking tours

The expert community approves the choice of an idea for a small business based on a working business and "someone else's" experience. Many business ideas of a profitable business came to Russia from other countries: the USA, Asia, Europe. To open his own, successful business, a person must have the ability - the ability to concentrate, apply knowledge, skills, personal abilities to achieve a certain goal, popularly called "grip".

The right business idea should be accompanied by the setting of a specific goal for the businessman. He must clearly see what he will gain as a result of concrete actions. A thorough analysis of market segments and the choice of a niche of activity will help in determining the direction of business.

Top Small Business Ideas

It is difficult for novice entrepreneurs to construct an idea for a future business, it must have parameters:

  • Simplicity of the business process. Example: opening a fast food outlet in a recreation area is easy, but organizing a new entrepreneur to process tires into fuel is much more difficult. Complex processes for a novice businessman may not be clear. He will have to: carry out economic activities using the legal addresses of several companies (a manufacturing company, a trading house, a balance holder), obtain a license for a type of activity, keep records of companies - it is difficult for a novice businessman.
  • A beginner businessman always focuses on small investments in business. Organized production should not burden the entrepreneur financially.
  • A starting entrepreneur's business idea should have a high profitability. This is necessary to correct incorrect actions in the process of work, since there will be many mistakes at the initial stage, no one is immune from this. Profit should neutralize erroneous decisions.
  • In 2021, the parameter of business engagement (immersion) is important. In other words, an entrepreneur must 100% understand all the processes of his activity, which means: work on holidays seven days a week, think over the issue of time for the family, make all decisions independently, fully understand the production processes, know the work of each mechanism. Reporting should be done independently

Idea of ​​Opening a Coffee Shop

There are a lot of novelties in the choice of business ideas for a budding entrepreneur, but the factor of success, based on the needs of society, always trumps other arguments. When opening the point of providing a coffee product, you need to pay attention to the following features:

  • the place where it will be located should be "walk-through" (many people): near a public transport stop, near a large shopping center, in a quarter of offices for business;
  • have a varied assortment, this service is mainly used by women, which implies the presence of desserts and syrups, organize a coffee to go service;
  • for a small coffee shop, 50 square meters are enough, ¼ part of the area must be provided for the kitchen , if the establishment is calculated for 50 - 60 people, an area of ​​180 square meters will be required;
  • it is recommended to purchase snacks for the coffee shop from the partners of manufacturers, as well as cakes with culinary products, but your own kitchen always has an advantage.

  • coffee brewing machine;
  • coffee bean grinding machine;
  • mixer;
  • refrigeration unit; <
  • showcase for desserts;
  • dishes for visitors.

Attention! Experts recommend starting marketing activities (advertising) of the business a little earlier than opening a coffee shop. Use all the possibilities for this: flyers, advertisements in the media, on the Internet, social groups, create an advertising brochure.

Author: Editor-in-chief · 08.2.019

Opening a business is the dream of those who are dissatisfied with their salaries, who are tired of working for their uncle or want to become a "big boss". Ideas are limited by the amount of money, which makes it impossible to buy a ready-made business like a grocery store. Or you can't get a loan for the required amount, which can act as a start-up capital.

With a careful study of the topic, it is easy to find options for a small business without investments or when there is enough savings from a salary to start. In any case, starting your own business easily fits into 6 steps. They are worked out separately in order to immediately notice mistakes and correct them in time.

  • making a profit from a hobby - selling crafts, photographing services, performing repair work (even offhand it is easy to come up with 15 ideas);
  • creating a home business - growing vegetables , making jams, cakes, soaps, knitting things;
  • opening a small production - production of furniture, paving slabs, profiled sheets.

At first, they choose industries where no investment is required. For example, there is a tool, a room that will house a mini-workshop. It is also important to have experience, a portfolio, which makes it easier to find clients. And the confidence on their part will be higher. Read more about business ideas and criteria for choosing a niche in the article.

How to choose a business idea: what to look for before starting a business

But even money does not guarantee that the idea will work out and bring profit. Before you can find an option, you will have to try a lot of proposals. A business will become profitable if it provides sufficient income and you like it.

Competition plays into the hands of novice businessmen. Suppliers are ready to provide raw materials and goods in installments. Or provide equipment for rent.

The first step is to make a list of qualities that a businessman must meet. If there is a complete match, the business will generate 100% income When deficiencies are identified, the appropriateness of investments is assessed.


A startup is associated with effort, waste of time, labor, nerves. Sometimes at first you have to sacrifice relationships with family, contacts with friends. Salary becomes a source of business investment.

At the start, it is important to get moral support from family and friends. Or at least agree that they do not interfere with "useful advice."

Finding premises, purchasing goods and hiring staff is not enough. You will need to debug the process of trade, deliveries, returns. You will be able to relax when the work goes on automatism. If a person is ready for stress, business will go.

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