40 ideas for starting a mini production in a garage

Starting a business is often difficult due to the lack of significant start-up capital. The presence of a garage can be considered as an initial capital, since it can organize production activities or the provision of services to the population.

Initial investments cannot be avoided, but it is quite possible to minimize them.

Choosing a business line and developing a successful garage business strategy

Manufacturing in a garage cannot be a large-scale business due to space limitations. But if an activity is required to start from scratch, then this is enough to start.

It's hard to believe, but famous people, founders of such enterprises as Apple, Harley Davidson started their business in a garage. The list does not end with these famous names. Everyone started somewhere. The main stages of planning a mini production in the garage:

  • The most difficult stage is business planning, where market analysis is carried out. We choose a product or service taking into account personal skills, financial capabilities and demand.
  • Registration of business activities.
  • Purchase of tools and equipment for equipping garage premises.
  • Decide whether to hire employees. Their selection and training.
  • Purchase of raw materials for work.
  • Initial adjustment of equipment, development of production technology.
  • Sales of finished products or services.

What kind of production is really organized in the garage

The garage business has its own specifics for cities and smaller settlements, the demand for products in which can vary significantly. In small settlements there is always a shortage of goods and services needed by the population, the production of which should be guided by.

  • auto shop ;
  • forge ;
  • workshop for repairing clothes and shoes;
  • mini-printing house or printing a workshop for printing photographs, applying images to fabric (logos, various pictures, photographs on clothes, hats, bags, umbrellas, etc.), making outdoor advertising.

Substantial income can bring:

  • production of metal structures for domestic use - racks, shelves, gates, weather vane, etc.
  • sewing curtains, bed linen, clothes, etc .;
  • custom-made furniture production with original design, etc.

Charging rent is the simplest idea for using your property. The cost will depend on how the tenant uses the garage - as a parking lot for a car, for a warehouse or other needs. A car repair shop, in which the repair and maintenance of cars is carried out - the use of the garage for its intended purpose. This is a business that does not require large investments, but requires professional knowledge and skills. You can start work in a workshop with simpler tasks - changing oils, filters, brake pads, etc. After gaining experience and creating a customer base, it is logical to move on to more labor-intensive and profitable work - repairing the suspension, running gear, testing and putting into operation electrical equipment, installing alarms, tuning, etc. On the basis of the garage premises, you can organize bodywork - restore the body after damage followed by painting. You can't do without purchasing professional equipment and tools.

Today we will talk about business in the garage and present more than 15 business ideas for aspiring businessmen that can be implemented in the garage. How to minimize the cost of maintaining premises for your business? What kind of production can you open at home? How to organize a source of additional income for your family? The answer to all these and dozens of other similar questions that arise before a novice individual entrepreneur can be the opportunity to open a business in a garage.

Advantages and disadvantages of a garage business

As a rule, starting a small business in a garage is associated with production. You can hardly take seriously an office equipped in a garage space. Although, Apple was "born" in the garage of Steve Jobs' father. Another nuance associated with a mini-business in a garage is the need for financial investments. You cannot do without these at all, if only because you will have to equip the premises for the needs of a particular business, purchase the necessary equipment, consumables, raw materials for production, etc.

But in any case, such costs are incomparable with how much businessmen spend on organizing a full-fledged business. One of the controversial aspects of business in the garage is the legality of such an undertaking in terms of formalizing your business. The garage, first of all, is intended to contain a car in it, and open in it, for example, a retail space, or a specific production without major reconstruction of the premises, "adjusting" it to the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor and the fire inspection. It will be very problematic.

That is why the percentage of "garage" entrepreneurs who register their business as an individual entrepreneur or LLC is extremely small. However, this fact does not stop the existing garage production at all, many of which operate without any documentary support.

Among the problems associated with starting your own business in the garage, you can also include:

  • the disagreement of your neighbors in the garage with your actions. Any production is noise, a lot of strangers, industrial waste, etc., which of course will not delight the "garage" neighbors, who have every right to complain where they should. By the way, one of the options for "pacifying" neighbors is to involve them in business, either as partners or as employees.
  • garages are usually located away from houses, major roads, areas with good customer traffic - of course, this is good for production, but not very good for other types of business. In addition, you must agree that it will be rather difficult for a client to find the right one among tens or even hundreds of “twin” garages, the one in which the production is concentrated.
  • the risk of demolition of garages, especially in a large city, is too great, and even compensation for the premises is unlikely to cover the losses that will be caused to the business. An example is the scandal associated with the demolition of garages in Moscow's Yasenevo, when hundreds of garage owners were not only not paid compensation, but simply "grabbed" the land on which they stood.

And, nevertheless, there are much more pluses than minuses, and the main one is four walls and a roof over your head - something from which a person with an enterprising "vein" will definitely benefit. back to contents ↑

Is it mandatory to register a garage business?

Do I need to register my small business opened in a garage? Russian legislation gives a very clear answer to this question - any entrepreneurial activity without proper registration is illegal.

Another issue that directly affects entrepreneurs, which bureaucrats of all stripes absolutely do not care about, is how to arrange a garage in the form of a production area. In part, it is this factor that makes many "garage businessmen" work at their own peril and risk. Maybe in the near future the issue of helping small business will be considered in reality, and not only on paper and in the words of the "powers that be", but so far in 2021 there is no clear solution to this problem.

As a business idea for men, consider starting a business in a garage. This property can bring real profits with minimal investment. The founders of the largest corporations Apple and Harley Davidson began their activities in such a room.

Depending on the size of the area, you can open your own production or provide services to the population. This will help save on rent, which means it will reduce the cost of starting a business. Of course, garage space won't be enough for a large-scale business. However, this is a great idea for a startup or small business.

Tips & Tricks

When opening your own business, you can register an individual entrepreneur or not.

BBQcash recommends choosing the first option, i.e. according to the legislation of the Russian Federation, any provision of goods or services for money more often than once a year is called entrepreneurial activity, which means that a citizen is obliged to pay taxes.

Consider an example when it is not necessary to issue an individual entrepreneur: Anatoly repairs strollers, bicycles, etc. in his garage. At the same time, he does not place advertisements about services anywhere, mostly acquaintances turn to him. His profit and clients are inconsistent, the premises are not equipped for entrepreneurial activities.

When registering an individual entrepreneur, the following rules must be observed:

  • Get all the necessary papers from the tax office.
  • Re-register the garage as a business outlet in the municipality. You need to call the architect, who will take measurements, and do whatever he says.
  • Observe certain requirements: the building must stand on a foundation, be decorated in accordance with all the rules, have an emergency exit, be fenced off (in a residential area), have a parking lot.
  • After inspection by the architect, an act will be issued, which must be certified by signatures in the fire inspection, utilities.

These are just standard rules. Each area has its own requirements. In addition, laws are constantly changing, so first of all you need to contact the city administration, tax service and the Chamber of Entrepreneurs. They will tell you what to do.

Step-by-step steps for a beginner entrepreneur starting from scratch:

  • Assess the business: will there be a constant influx of customers, what is the competition, what is the budget for its opening.
  • Make an informal assessment: how long is it planned to be engaged in this business, is there staff, support from partners, etc.
  • Create a business plan. Otherwise, the case will simply burn out.
  • Estimate the size of the room. A lot of space is needed for production (for placing equipment, storing raw materials and finished products). If there is not enough space, an extension can be made (this requires permission from the municipality).
  • Analyze the location. If the garage is located outside the city, and in the settlement itself there is a similar organization, then no one will go far. There are exceptions, but very rarely.
  • First you need to try to produce a product or provide a service, only then start a business. When a project requires equipment, it is better to start with a used one. If the idea burns out, then at least with minimal investment. When things go uphill, you can spend money on more expensive equipment, and used equipment will remain just in case (breakdown, expansion, etc.).
  • Improve room performance. It will be much more pleasant for customers to purchase products at a point with interior and exterior decoration. In addition, it is more comfortable for employees to work in good conditions: in warmth, cleanliness and comfort, which means that they will conduct their labor activity better. Additionally, you can carry out sewerage, heating, so as not to freeze in winter, equip ventilation.

Choosing a direction and developing a strategy

Good day, seekers of financial adventures and eager to become financially independent. Today the topic is more masculine, but maybe even ambitious ladies will be interested in a couple of the above ideas. Let's talk about what kind of business you can open in a garage. Although, if desired, the garage can be easily replaced with any other room. In this article I will not give advice and recommendations. I planned to devote this material entirely to ideas, some of which I found on the Internet, and the rest were the product of observations obtained in the process of my own life and work, as well as the scammers of relatives, friends, acquaintances and acquaintances of my acquaintances. It is clear that there are a great many ways to make money with your own garage, but I was looking for those business options, the creation of which requires minimal investment.


Speaking of the garage, the thought immediately suggests itself about income related to vehicles, so let's start with what kind of business can be opened in this area with minimal investment:

  • Renting a garage for someone else's car. Not every vehicle owner can afford to purchase a garage and the reasons often lie not in a lack of finance, but in the inexpediency of such an acquisition for a family. Therefore, many car owners prefer to rent a garage space for the winter months or even the whole year.
  • Auto repair shop. Ideal for those who like to dig under the hood, who have brought this lesson to a professional level.
  • Tire fitting. An excellent option for a business, really working, low-cost and profitable, quickly repayable and easily organized in the garage at home (meaning the private sector).
  • Diagnostic center. A place where repairs are not made, but diagnostics of the problems that have arisen.
  • Center for changing oils and other working fluids in a car.
  • Tuning center. A kind of workshop where cars are upgraded, for example, drawing, carbon fiber covering, installing a spoiler, halogen headlights, and so on.
  • Center of upholstery of the interior of an auto or sewing, sale of seat covers.
  • Auto parts store. You can specialize in Russian or foreign cars.
  • Workshop for adjusting the camber, wheel alignment. A demanded service that must be carried out at least once a year in order to keep the steering and chassis of the car in good condition and increase the wear period of the rubber.
  • Car wash. If you make the room heated, then this activity will generate income all year round.
  • Center for the sale or repair of bicycles, related parts, as well as storage of two-wheeled comrades in the winter. A bicycle is also a transport loved by many, which also requires maintenance and storage somewhere other than the balcony.


The second most popular ideas in my rating of what kind of business you need and can open in your own garage are related to production. What to produce? I have several options - take it, use it and earn your first, second and subsequent millions:

  • Metal products. This can be cutting, forging, assembling items such as fences, gates, fences, decorative items, doors, window bars and much more.
  • Plaster decorative sculptures and moldings for house facades. You will need molds and raw materials.
  • Furniture mini-production, which can be easily opened not only in the garage, but also in a separate room of a private house. This can be a workshop with equipment leased to shabashniki, a mini-sawmill that cuts raw material and the formation of cabinet furniture elements, a workshop for the production of sofas and armchairs, an assembly workshop in which headsets, cabinets, tables and so on are assembled from finished parts. ...
  • Turning. It will take a machine tool and skill.
  • Glass products - window frames, mirrors, cabinet furniture glazing elements.
  • Metal frames for prefabricated structures, as well as plastic frame bases for greenhouses. If we are to take on the manufacture of frames, then why not expand the assortment with both metal and plastic.
  • Chain-link mesh. This material was invented back in 1978 by the brilliant German Karl, by whose last name it was named. It remains in demand to this day among summer residents and in other areas, so it can bring a good income.
  • Building materials. It can be foam blocks, paving and facing tiles, insulation, sand-lime bricks and a whole bunch of other things, which any construction rarely does without.
  • Number plates for private houses.
  • Keys. People constantly lose the keys to an apartment, intercom or mailbox, so this type of business remains relevant at all times.
  • Boots. There is nothing warmer than felt boots, but in the modern world they have become a fashionable and expensive wardrobe item.
  • Artificial marble and concrete. Small investments at the start, conscientiousness and advertising will help you quickly create and promote this business.
  • Wooden staircases of various formats, both attached and interfloor for private houses.
  • Plastic windows. The competition is great, but it is quite possible to make money on this.
  • Stoves for baths and private houses. Relevant for villages, villages and suburban areas.
  • Sandpaper. Anything can be produced, as long as there is demand.
  • Monuments, wreaths and other funeral paraphernalia. This type of service is in demand everywhere and always.
  • Elements of outdoor advertising - banners, light boxes, glowing letters.
  • Commercial equipment - showcases, shelves.


Moving on to the third category, which contains small business ideas that actually work when implemented in a garage. Here I have included everything related to trade. You can trade anything. It is not so much the type of product that is important as the location of the outlet. For example, if you live in a village or a small town, then it is good if your garage store is located on the side of a busy roadway, then you can organize a brisk trade in building mixtures, household equipment, the same netting, and at least something, even products. In any case, you should attend to the design of the retail outlet in accordance with all the rules and laws of the Russian Federation.


Friends, what else is the garage used for, of course, for storing things, so opening a warehouse in your own premises for storing someone else's property may become a natural and profitable solution. Think for yourself. People often have nowhere to store many things, especially seasonal items - bicycles, winter or summer tires, and so on. And you have a place that is idle. So why not let those in need put something there for a fee. In this way, you can earn good money, while not investing or doing anything with your own hands, but only having your own garage.

More ideas

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If you have such a room as a garage, then let it not be empty just like that, make a business on it.

The first thing you can do is just rent it out. You will receive a stable, but still small profit.

This is not as profitable as opening your own mini-production in the garage. In this case, significant profits and growth prospects await you.

So let's take a look at some of the mini-manufacturing business ideas that can make a good garage business.

Setting up a mini-production in the garage

First of all, decide what you like best.

For example, you can produce various building materials in your own garage - cinder blocks, paving slabs and others.

You can also equip a mini car wash or a mini - car repair shop. And your clients will be neighbors from your own garage cooperative.

In addition, you can choose the food industry, namely to breed laying hens or grow mushrooms.

You can also make some types of furniture or repair them in the garage.

You can also adjust the production of forged products. And also master other activities. For example, to produce packaging, paints or even plastic or wooden windows.

If the garage is not in your ownership, then you should draw up a special lease agreement.

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