30 business ideas with minimal investment for 2021

The planet's population is growing rapidly, and the number of jobs is growing slowly. Worldwide trend: people provide themselves with work independently. In Italy, the share of family companies in industrial business is 90%, in Germany - 85%, Spain - 70%. Famous brands Salvatore Ferragamo, L'Oreal, Sitroen, Hynday, Wal-Mart Stores are all family-owned corporations with billions of dollars in turnover. In the small business segment, family companies also occupy key positions.

Pros of a family business: Working for the common good unites a small team and reduces costs. 15 million mini-firms in the United States were organized in order not to pay salaries to employees, to leave money within the family. It is customary to trust members of one team - accounting and control costs are reduced.

Cons: Formal distribution of roles is important for fruitful work. Organizing a clear hierarchy and observance of subordination in a team of relatives can be difficult. In addition, intra-family problems can negatively affect the joint venture and destroy it, even if the start was successful.

Online store

Experts recognize the idea of ​​opening an online store as a convenient start-up for a family. It does not require a large number of working hands, while one person is unlikely to cope with all operations: accepting orders, going to the warehouse, communicating with suppliers, delivering goods, engaging in SEO promotion.

Another idea is gaining popularity in 2021 - the sale of souvenirs, original jewelry, gifts, toys via the Internet. If one of the family members does unusual things with their own hands that may interest a wide audience, the rest create an Internet platform and organize a sale through the worldwide network.

Important! For the full-fledged functioning of an online store, you need to hire an accountant, courier, SEO optimizer, content manager, marketer - all these functions can be distributed among relatives. In addition to financial savings, employees will be interested in a favorable outcome of the case - the order will not fail due to the sluggishness of the employee.

Launching an online store will cost at least $ 1,900 in 2021. This amount includes:

  • payment for hosting and domain name - $ 100;
  • website launch - from $ 1000;
  • purchase of 2 computers and a peripheral equipment, setting up a local network - from $ 500;
  • the first batch of goods - $ 200;
  • registration of an individual entrepreneur, a bank account, notary services - $ 100.

  • payment for telephone lines, Internet access - from $ 50;
  • advertising - from $ 100;
  • website promotion, office expenses - from $ 100.

Small business on organic products

Thanks to the Internet and easy access to information, today anyone can explore certain areas of business and achieve success. To do this, you just need to spend time, develop and learn. Now even young entrepreneurs with no work experience can create their own successful and profitable business. This even applies to teenagers or schoolchildren who want to earn money. What are the best ways to earn money for minors, popular business ideas from scratch for teens? How to start your business correctly and how not to lose it? More than 50 original and real business ideas that teenagers and minors can implement.

How to do business for a minor and why do you need it?

After Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook at the university, and Cameron Jones launched a gift business at the age of 9, which brought him more than a million dollars in income, it is no secret that you can become successful and rich in any age. Many residents of the CIS countries consider this a pipe dream, the realities of life force them to think so, but this is not so, because there are many young entrepreneurs here too. The huge number of bloggers or athletes who have not even reached the age of majority, but have already become successful and recognizable, are an example of this.

In fact, for teenagers who want to make their own profit, it is better to start a business than for adults, because there are more opportunities for minors to grow there. This is due to the tough competition in the labor market - it is much more difficult for a teenager to find a regular job, especially in Russia or other CIS countries, where there is no well-established system of employment for students or schoolchildren. Accordingly, it will be much easier for a teenager to create his own workplace than to try to compete with adults.

Many millennials decide to start their own business because they cannot find their dream job or one that would interest them even a little. Graduated from high school with a medal, university with honors, have a lot of hobbies, developed communication skills, a desire to do your job, and are you ready to receive a small salary first? Perfect employee! And in this case, the best solution would be to become an entrepreneur and invest in your business. Can't find a job? Then make it for yourself!

Teenagers now have a huge advantage over the past generation - more resources for gathering information and knowledge than ever before. If you have the courage and perseverance to take advantage of this, then the possibilities are incredible.

+ Business ideas from scratch for teens

The Internet is an inexhaustible resource for obtaining information, improving your skills and abilities, no matter what kind of business you want to do. In any case, a person has the opportunity to find a source for data, the opportunity to communicate with experts in their field and learn from other people's mistakes. However, the Internet can be a huge source of misinformation, so you need to be careful and careful.

Let's take a look at the TOP business ideas for teens.

Social Media Consultant

Millennials have a big advantage over older users because they grew up with modern technology and see it as part of life, not just a whim or advantage. Today's adolescents intuitively understand how systems work, how the target audience thinks, what is needed and what not to add to social media. Many international companies pay big bucks to young consultants, and there are many teens and high school students who make a living as social media consultants.

Sale of hand-made products

This is a resource for those willing to put in an effort, both physically, emotionally and mentally. Most of all, the result is brought by that field of activity in which you can not only understand, but also feel with all your soul. A work, service or product made with love will attract more demand and benefit more people.

How to create passive income in 4 days

A marathon where you will create passive live income from scratch and learn specific strategies for investing in apartments, houses, garages, cars and even profitable sites

Do not think that there is the same recipe for everyone, which will bring mountains of gold. Every business idea needs to be "tried on" for yourself. Think about how this or that project can be implemented in your region. Come up with your own "chips" and ways to attract the audience and the end customer. Let's figure out how to start a business from scratch.

Becoming a businessman and working for yourself is a lot of work. Unlike working for hire, a person who works for himself constantly thinks about business, ways to promote it, and how to resolve certain issues. He clearly understands that he will be able to earn in proportion to the efforts made. It can be 5 thousand rubles. or 300 thousand rubles. It all depends on your desire, motivation and ability to work.

If you have made the decision to go further on the path of becoming yourself as an entrepreneur, let's move on!

How to choose the best business idea?

Most successful people say that in order for life to start changing, you just need to start. Like, everything else will appear by itself.

Experts believe that launching and implementing changes goes through 3 stages:

  • Idea.
  • Implementation.
  • Control.

Starting a business in 2021 is a risky business, so any profitable direction for starting can be called anti-crisis. Of course, the greatest interest today is shown in the least risky activities in terms of investments. These are types of earnings from home, which can be registered as self-employed and work without employees and rented premises, some types of business allowed with minimal investment, or areas that are most in demand or least vulnerable during crises and pandemics like Covid-19.

To understand in which areas you can expect a return, it is worth, first of all, based on the behavior of people during crises. What worries people during these difficult times? What needs do they still have, and which ones come to the fore? In our opinion, the following are relevant today:

  • basic food and water needs;
  • health and safety needs;
  • a desire to save money, reduce the cost of excess and things of non-essential necessity;
  • the need for autonomy / independence from the services of intermediaries and non-universal goods, readiness for long-term "deprivation" and reduction of consumption;
  • separation, the inability / unwillingness of people to physically contact with other people , the need to receive services / goods delivered to your home;
  • online collaboration: the opposite trend, which is the need for people to unite and cooperate in difficult times to solve common problems;
  • the need for retraining and improving their skills;
  • the need to overcome fears and uncertainties about the future.

Next, we will analyze the ideas in those areas that most of all can satisfy the given needs.

Agricultural business

Agriculture, like many other industries, has also been affected by the situation with the coronavirus, and the risks here are certainly great, but the situation does not seem as critical as in other areas.

Firstly, agricultural products will always be in demand. Whatever happens, people always ate and will eat. In times of crisis, people are ready to deny themselves almost everything except food, and the share of the household budget for food is growing. If last year it exceeded 44% of the total budget, then in 2021 it will clearly exceed 50%. This, however, does not mean at all that people will buy more food than before, on the contrary. However, this clearly illustrates the alignment of priorities in a crisis.

Secondly, the return of people to small towns and even villages can be named as one of the long-term consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. It is unlikely, of course, that Russians will rush to study agronomy en masse, but many people who have realized there is no need to be constantly present in the city office may think about other activities, including those that are closer to nature, gardens and vegetable gardens: the air is cleaner, rental fee is lower.

Agriculture can hardly be called a business, for many people it is rather a way of life. We wrote here and here about what types of activities can be found on personal plots and in the countryside. Today, consumers prefer fresh and natural products at a lower cost. And they can be offered it. It is most profitable for such a “small but proud business”, which makes money, for example, from the sale of fruits, vegetables and other things, to sell products through markets and fairs. It is extremely difficult for small businesses and farmers to get into grocery chains, and it is not profitable either: dealers sometimes have to sell their goods for a pittance or even below the cost price.

If you have to do gardening and horticulture, this does not necessarily mean that you need to be equal to the "grandmothers from the market." It is the 21st century, and on the Internet you can find examples of how young eco-farmers make money on services for the delivery of fresh vegetables and fruits. One of the most popular formats is the organization of seasonal subscription services for farm vegetables and fruits with pre-sale of subscriptions. Sometimes buyers do not immediately find out about the contents of such green boxes and for them it comes as a surprise. Of course, subscribers are usually residents of large cities who follow proper nutrition, young families.

Many are increasingly asking the question: "which business is better to open in 2021 and which business idea to choose?" In this article, we have selected the top business ideas for you, for a startup of which you will need a minimum investment.

This means that you do not need large financial costs, personnel, production facilities and expensive equipment to get started.

Manual PrintPen

This is a handheld printer that can print on any surface: paper, textiles, ceramics, glass, metal, wood, and even human skin! You can print anything you want with a height of 26 and a length of 100 mm. You just swipe the gadget on glass or paper and an inscription or a picture remains on it.

This printer connects to a phone with a dedicated application.

The purchase price for the printer will start from $ 100, by the way, you can immediately purchase ink of several colors. The idea is new, so there is little competition so far. You can work through the website or social. networks by collecting pre-orders and then shipping to customers. The margin for this product will be from 30-50%.

Geeek Club Constructor for Learning Electronics

Another new idea that will be available in spring 2021! This is a construction set of 7 robots that resemble the heroes of Star Wars. With this set, you will learn how to solder and become familiar with electronics. Robots are about the same size, but each one has its own memorable appearance and functions.

The price for one set will be from $ 50-70. You can sell constructors through hobby stores, baby products, and also over the Internet.

The scheme is simple: collect pre-orders and send to customers!

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