24 business ideas that are not in Russia

Business as usual can make money. But the more original and exotic it is, the more interest there will be in it. Often, at the same cost, an exotic or unusual business can generate more income than people are used to. You just need to properly advertise it and find exotic business ideas for your niche or your client.

The most exotic business ideas in the world

We have compiled the top 5 unusual business ideas in the world that can be fully implemented in Russian conditions.

Poisonous Spider Breeding

Scope of sale: for sale to lovers of exotic and pharmaceutical companies that make various preparations based on spider venom.

What you need: a terrarium (10,000 rubles), a pair of spiders for divorce (depending on the species, from 2,000 to 5,000 rubles), food, overalls (minimum - special elbow-length gloves that a spider will not be able to bite).

Starting capital: 30,000 rubles.

Business expansion options: if you ask yourself with spiders, you can try to breed snakes and other poisonous (and harmless) exotic reptiles both for the purpose of selling and for opening the Exotarium (a zoo of exotic reptiles).


Description of the service: it is not always convenient (and not always allowed) to travel with pets, especially exotic ones, in public transport. You can open a taxi company, which will be comfortable for both the animals and their owners.

What you need: first, several cars equipped with special devices for transporting passengers: belts, cages, hammocks, terrariums, bars between the front and rear seats (it will be useful when transporting large and aggressive predators). Taxi cabin and seat upholstery should be scratch-resistant and easy to clean. It is clear that the desired cell, etc. the driver will take, depending on the order received, so as not to carry everything in one car at once.

There is a saying for good reason: everything is new, it is well forgotten old. Its relevance has been confirmed once again. So, in recent years, there have been more and more reports that Russian entrepreneurs are finding new sources of income. And they find them in the past - they revive forgotten or decaying production.

Intoxicating Money

The latest example is plans to revive hop production in Russia. Although it cannot be said that growing hops is a forgotten business. But the expression “going downhill” characterizes the state of the industry in the best possible way.

So, in 2021, 227 hectares of land were sown with hops. For comparison, in 2021 this figure was 395.1 hectares, and in 2021 - 396 hectares. At the same time, the gross yield of hops in 2021 decreased to 19.9 tons with a yield of 0.9 centners per hectare. In 2021 and 2021, these figures were 307 tons and 7.7 centners per hectare, and 275.7 tons and 7 centners per hectare in 2021.

If we revive the Russian hop industry, then brewers will buy domestic products. According to the president of the National Union of Malting Barley and Malt Producers, Alexander Mordovin, beer producers will spend up to five billion rubles a year on hops from Russia.

Today, Chuvashia produces the bulk of hops. But the republics of Mari El and Udmurtia, Ryazan, Moscow and Kursk regions, as well as a number of other regions, are also excellent for growing this crop. At the same time, a state program to support hop producers has already been launched in Chuvashia. If successful, it will be expanded to other regions.

It's in the barrel

An oak barrel is an irreplaceable thing in wine and cognac production. But, as it turned out, no one makes such barrels on an industrial scale in Russia.

As a result, when a large wine producer needed a thousand barrels a year, no one could offer such a volume. A forgotten business, as they say.

The performance of the new venture is impressive. Fanagoria will produce about 300 oak barrels per month. As for the production of wine barrels, it is planned to produce several dozen of them per month.

Siberian flax

Siberian entrepreneurs have taken the revival of linseed production very seriously. For this, they created a special department of light industry, which operates under the auspices of the Interregional Association "Siberian Agreement". Its goal is to create favorable conditions for the development of new production.

Author: Alexander Dolgoruky How does it happen that someone comes up with a business idea that seems to everyone else just crazy and has no right to success, but it (the idea) shoots out and makes it a millionaire generator and even a billionaire? Why do some decide to implement the most insane idea to eat and ... win, while others have been looking for "their" idea for years and lose over and over again?

What is this - a special vision, an inhuman belief in success, some kind of a founder's quality that only he and no one else has? What is the reason?

Happy Entrepreneurial Accident

My personal opinion (IMHO) much here depends on the case. Yes, yes, many businesses at the start did not think of their creators as super successful. It's just that everything has grown together, as they say: "at the right time and in the right place."

Please understand me correctly in order to succeed in business, you must have many qualities of an entrepreneur, no doubt. But good luck, lucky chance ... must be present.

I will give an example not from business - the Ozero cooperative. See which of its members in the past currently hold government posts?

Do you think that many of the statesmen would be at the peak of their success now, if not for the case that allowed them to successfully become a shareholder of this cooperative? And before heading Gazprom, who did Mr. Miller work with in St. Petersburg?

Want a business example? Excuse me. One of my acquaintances, who borrowed money from me for cigarettes back in 2021, in 2021 accidentally met his colleague friend on the street and who had connections (a relative) at a large enterprise.

Word by word, but they took advantage of this connection, created a business, and in a few years my friend became a real dollar millionaire. A chance meeting.

Entrepreneurial Passion

Many startups start with the passion of their creators. Passion allows many who win to ignore the seeming madness of an idea that is obvious to all others.

Indeed, does not an ordinary fisherman look stupid for half a day, sitting on the shore in the desire to catch a couple of roach the size of a child's palm?

Perhaps one day he will catch a huge fish, shouting to the whole world: "Ide". and he will be hired to work for central television.

Starting your own business in a village from scratch has both its pros and cons. On the one hand, this is low competition, minimal non-production costs, federal and regional benefits, subsidies, and grants. On the other hand, aspiring entrepreneurs need to be prepared for problems with a lack of professional staff, low purchasing power of the local population, serious time and financial costs for promoting a company, distance from suppliers and potential customers, and, consequently, a possible increase in transportation costs. However, having the desire and opportunities today, you can solve any issues of successful business in the village.

Those who believe that business in the village is limited to breeding cattle and small ruminants are greatly mistaken. The rapid development of information and telecommunication technologies, the state policy of supporting the Russian agro-industrial complex provided the formation of comfortable conditions for running your own business in rural areas with the subsequent sale of finished products in regional and federal sales markets.


Beautiful landscapes, clean air, natural products, lack of noise, crowds of people - agritourism is increasingly called the most promising direction of the tourism business. Such a vacation has long existed and is in high demand in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Finland and other European countries, while in our country it is still gaining popularity.

This business niche is relevant for rural residents who own a farm, on the basis of which it is possible to promote tourism services for townspeople who dream of being closer to nature. The most problematic moment when starting a business in the field of agritourism is finding clients. The solution to this issue should be addressed as early as possible by launching advertising on radio, television, and on the Internet.

It would be nice if there is a river, lake, forest, interesting natural monuments near the rural hotel. A big advantage will be the construction of recreation areas and enclosures for pets on the territory of the hotel. Guests must have access to the kitchen, three meals a day must be included in the accommodation.

Dairy business

The demand for milk and dairy products has been, is and will be. Every 5-6 residents are engaged in the production of milk, cottage cheese, sour cream and other fermented milk products in Russian villages and villages. Such activity is quite profitable, while it does not require special knowledge or skills. However, only a few backyard owners manage to turn a small household into a profitable, stable business that will bring serious money.

You can start a business with a herd of 10-12 cows. An adult, milk-producing animal costs 50-70 thousand rubles. Also, when opening a farm, it is necessary to decide how milking will be organized - manually or mechanically. In the first case, you will need to hire at least two milkmaids, in the second - to spend money on the purchase of automatic milking machines. The average salary of a rural milkmaid is 18-20 thousand rubles, the equipment will cost a novice farmer 300-600 thousand rubles.

One cow gives about 450-500 liters of milk per month. Taking into account pregnancy, calving, feeding a calf, a cow is milked for 7-8 months per year, which is 4,000 liters of finished products, in the case of its wholesale at a price of 30 rubles per liter, 120 thousand are obtained from one animal. Profits can be increased by purchasing equipment for the production of sour cream, cottage cheese, kefir, fermented milk whey or yogurt.

Felting boots

The business of felting felt boots is quite specific. Market saturation is average, while consumer demand is quite low. For sale, you can produce both ordinary children's and adult felt boots, as well as souvenir or decorative items that will be of interest to visitors to thematic exhibitions and fairs and just fans of everything unusual.

We have collected promising business ideas that are not in Russia or are just beginning to appear in our country. The unchanging law of this world: the very cream goes to the pioneers. Developing a qualitatively new business project is both risky and profitable. But there is no need to “reinvent the wheel,” there is another way: to evaluate business ideas that have already been successful abroad, but have not yet been widespread in our country.

An overview of 24 promising business ideas that have free niches in Russia. Some business ideas are completely new, others are just beginning to emerge, and there are existing ideas with great potential.

foreign business ideas

We present topical foreign ideas for starting a small business in our country. This is a great chance to present a unique product or service, while at the same time having the experience of foreign entrepreneurs at hand.

) Street chargers for smartphones, tablets, laptops

A business idea will be relevant for about a decade - until humanity solves the problem of rapidly discharging gadgets. The project solves the problem of people whose smartphone, laptop, tablet is discharged. For a symbolic cost, the device is put on charge and locked in a locker (this is one of the ideas). Another option, during the charging time, people are encouraged to drink coffee and have a snack.

To start the project, it is enough to register as an individual entrepreneur, buy a machine, rent a place in a crowded space - a park, a shopping center, an entertainment complex.

To make the project pay off faster, consider the advice of foreign businessmen: 1. Buy quality devices with up to 30 cables. Do not choose Chinese models that quickly fail. 2. Use your machine to place advertisements: for example, to stick a film with an invitation to a nearby cafe or beauty salon. This will increase the profit from one device to 10,000 rubles per month.

A project with the purchase of one machine costs 100,000-150,000 rubles. There is no need to maintain the vending machine - one person can handle the maintenance and collection of the collected money. You can earn up to 3000 rubles a day on one machine - in a month the purchase of the device will already pay off.

) Key Duplicate Machine

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