2021 Service Business Ideas

New ideas for business in a small town, what kind of activity will be profitable in 2021? Overview. Doing business in a small town has both advantages and disadvantages. In cities with a population of up to 50-100 thousand word of mouth works great: you can save on advertising. Rental prices are lower, and there is no competition in some niches.

But there are also enough shortcomings: conservatism and low paying capacity of the population, long payback period. All the traditional business niches in a small town have long been hopelessly occupied: hairdressers, manicures and nail extensions, shoe and clothing repairs, bakeries and draft beer. In short, almost all small business ideas that are recommended to aspiring entrepreneurs will no longer work. In addition, the pandemic has added complexity.

The specificity of the business is influenced by both the geographic location and the specialization of the region: on the Black Sea coast, a mini-hotel will be profitable, but in a non-tourist town in the middle zone, it is unlikely. Somewhere you can open a cheese dairy, but somewhere it is more expedient to make building blocks. Sushi at democratic prices (the "Social Sushi" franchise) will be successful in one provincial town, while in a more conservative settlement it is better to sell kebabs.

However, practice shows that a business built in a small town may well reach the federal level. This is how a large economy-class supermarket chain, Magnit, was created. Mattress manufacturer Ascona started a business in a rented kindergarten building in Kovrov. The Voronezh family company ProDerevo made furniture on the balcony - and gradually reached a turnover of 300 thousand rubles a month.

Franchise or business from scratch

Does it make sense to use a franchise in a small town, or is it better to build your own business? Choosing between a franchise and your own business is not easy to make. Building a business from scratch is easier if you have a good idea, funding and self-confidence. A franchise solves the problem with advertising, risks, and starting a business.

Among other advantages: • financing - banks are more willing to give loans for franchises; • high survival rate - at least 70% versus 30% in an independent business; • recognizable brand; • support of specialists; • well-developed business model (technology, marketing, logistics); • clear perspectives (experience of other franchisees).

A franchise can be more expensive than starting a business on your own, because it provides not only a lump-sum fee, but most often also royalties and advertising fees. Another drawback is that the franchisee is not allowed to engage in any outside activity under the same brand. Often, he also cannot independently choose suppliers, assortment, and regulate pricing policy.

Review of popular franchises

Franchises for small towns are less expensive, take into account the needs and incomes of the population.

Among other offers, the following franchises are interesting: 1. Children's goods and services (private kindergarten, courses) - investments from 165,000 rubles. 2. Stores with low and fixed prices (Fix Price): installment 300,000, royalties 4%, investments from 4.4 to 6.1 million. 3. Auto parts store "amx24" - investments from 300,000. 4. Dry cleaning of upholstered furniture and carpets - investments from 145,000. 5. Kitchen studio "Maria" - from 1.8 million 6. Coffee shop - contribution from 465,000, 3% royalties, investments - 2.8 million 7. Sweet Club confectionery - contribution from 75 000, investments from 100 000. 8. Laboratory diagnostics "Hemostat" - costs from 100 000. 9. Pharmacy "Evalar" - investments 75 000, royalty 0.1%, installment 5000. 10. Pharmacy A5 - investments from 300 000, installment - 60,000. Average turnover - 150,000 per month. 11. Optics salon - investments from 1.2 to 1.6 million, payback period 3-6 months.

Ideas for your own business in the city

Starting a business in a small town is difficult. Without a clear plan, with a small start-up capital, this is doubly difficult.

Purchase and sale of business equipment

Purchase and sale of business equipment

Internet cafes are a promising and constantly growing area of ​​business with moderate competition. To start a successful business from scratch, you need to calculate the financial risks, the cost of renting premises, repairing and purchasing the necessary equipment, as well as develop a marketing plan to attract customers

Disinfection service is a promising field of activity. It is assumed that the demand for disinfection services will grow during at least 2021-2024. To successfully enter the market, you need to carefully prepare and sort out all the pitfalls of this industry.

Home delivery is a promising business area that is actively developing and allows the owner to quickly go into profit. For the successful implementation of a business, it is necessary to correctly calculate the initial investment and disassemble the pitfalls of the business.

Accounting services are a highly demanded and highly competitive business. For the correct implementation of the project, it is necessary to register a company, purchase the necessary software and analyze all the risks of the industry.

Wedding business is a promising area of ​​business development. For the correct implementation of the project, it is necessary to prepare, choose the least competitive segment of the wedding business and make the correct calculations to ensure success.

The market of educational and developmental services for children is very diverse and constantly growing. We figure out how to choose a room for a club, hire staff and what documents are required for opening. We calculate the business profitability and possible risks.

The hotel business is one of the most profitable, but there are also pitfalls here. We will tell you which hotel format to choose, how to find clients and promote your services on the market. We calculate the profitability and profitability of the hotel business taking into account the seasonality

The business of opening a photo studio is a promising area where the demand for services is steadily growing. For a competent launch and development of a project, it is necessary to choose a place where the photo studio will be located and to arrange it correctly. Choose equipment, calculate the cost of opening a studio and payback.

Law firms are in great demand on the market. A large number of personnel in the field does not prevent professionals in their field from developing and expanding their business. Such a business does not require large investments, therefore it is popular with entrepreneurs.

Medical services all over the world are in constant demand. On the desire of people to be healthy, you can earn over two million rubles a month! Despite the large start-up investments, the medical services business pays off in a year and a half. However, in this case, the selection of qualified employees plays a key role.

The life and work of a modern person is unthinkable without the service sector. After all, almost every day we need to go somewhere, order something, repair something. Therefore, services can be said to be part of any business process. Moreover, the majority of business ideas on services, even in a crisis, can flourish and develop, and most importantly, bring good income. No wonder business service delivery ideas are so popular. And now we will tell you what is the advantage of a business in the service sector, and also consider different options for business ideas that can become successful and bring good income.

Benefits of business on services

As already noted, the service business has a huge potential in terms of development. And this is not the only positive point, because the advantages of business ideas for the provision of services are:

  • Possibility of a quick start;
  • Possibility to organize a business with minimal investment;
  • High level of demand (there will always be consumers for services as a business , regardless of whether they are provided in a large metropolis or in a small town).

Of course, while focusing on business ideas for the service sector, we must not forget about the cons, which are not so many, but still exist. The fact is that there is a lot of competition in this area. And if you have already decided to take on the implementation of a business idea for the provision of services, then you must be ready to offer your customers something that competitors do not have. That is - the best conditions, higher quality, favorable price, etc. Therefore, before starting, do not be lazy and analyze the local market situation in order to find out as much as possible:

  • What is the need for certain services;
  • What do your potential competitors offer to the consumer (perhaps there are unaccounted for needs of the local population among their services);
  • What are their prices for services;
  • What is the paying capacity of consumers.

Having collected such information, it will be much easier for a future businessman to answer the question - what services can be provided to the population in the city or even the region where he is going to build his own business. By the way, when determining your direction in the service sector, think carefully about what you would like to do and, in general, whether the idea you like coincides with your interests, knowledge and skills, with financial capabilities. After all, experience and skill are the main stone laid in the foundation of the future business. Well, finance is a guarantee of a quick start.

Areas of business on services

But if you are not ready for such responsibility (and someone else's property is very responsible), then you can look for a business idea among the classic options for earning money on the provision of services in various branches of human activity, where the main ones can be called: <

Educational services

Services can be provided here:

  • Tutoring ;
  • Learning foreign languages;
  • Learning to play instruments, etc.

Over time, interest in some services decreases, while in others, consumer demand increases. Let's take a look at the most in-demand and profitable services that will be popular in 2021.

Service Sector Niche Ranking

According to experts and according to opinion polls, the population most often asks for help from specialists in the following areas of service:

  • Medicine. All people of all ages need professional treatment, therefore, medical institutions, laboratories for the study of analyzes, dental offices, the help of psychologists and aesthetic medicine always remain in the first place in popularity among the population.
  • Household sphere. The fast pace of life of a modern person leaves no time for solving everyday everyday problems. Therefore, such proposals as minor repairs of household appliances, cleaning services, sewing or rental of festive clothes and fancy dress costumes, car washing and much more that people may need in everyday life are a relevant business at all times.
  • Transportation. This business niche includes passenger transportation services, cargo delivery, and delivery of goods. Having your own vehicle, car or truck, makes it possible for the owner to provide services to both the population and companies.
  • Finance. Citizens' literacy in financial matters leaves much to be desired. Consulting and financial intermediation services are always in demand. Accounting support and preparation of tax reports by third-party specialists is a service that is used by both large companies and small entrepreneurs.
  • Jurisprudence. Appraisal of real estate and potential of the company, notarial and advocacy, legal advice, representation in courts and other government agencies - this is not a complete list of business ideas in this niche.
  • Others. Selected service areas worth paying attention to. Organization of parties, hairdressing, aesthetic services, individual tailoring and repair of clothes bring a stable income. Everything related to ritual services (making attributes, conducting mourning ceremonies, organizing burial places) will never lose its relevance.

As the service market survey shows, the profitability of these niches is growing steadily, and the interest from the population is increasing.

The most demanded services in Russia

Regardless of the region of residence, people invariably use the services of professionals, both occasionally and on an ongoing basis.

Therefore, in order to successfully organize your business and stay afloat, you need to study the whole range of services that are in high demand and will not lose their relevance in the next decade.

Household renovations

Wide niche for private entrepreneurship.

  • This includes renovation services, design work, landscaping.
  • Services of electricians, plumbers, carpenters, welders are in high demand.
  • Small service companies "Husband for an Hour" provide assistance in repairing household electrical equipment, disassembling and assembling cabinet furniture, repairing plumbing fixtures, installing curtains, and partially replacing communications.

Looking for business idea services on the internet? Then this article is for you, in it we have prepared for you a list of 25 profitable business ideas from scratch. They can be launched without experience in business, as well as with minimal investment. We will also talk about why it is best to start your entrepreneurial journey with services.

Idea Services Business

Perhaps everyone who wants to start a business dreams of finding the perfect niche that will bring profit and pleasure. But how do you find one, especially if you have no experience in business? And if you are asking yourself the same question, then you should start your first business with services.

Benefits of business on services

Firstly, service business is one of the most accessible types of entrepreneurship. To start your own business, you do not need large investments.

Secondly, you do not need to buy raw materials for production or deal with logistics and delivery issues. Also, you do not need to buy expensive equipment and machines.

All you need to get started is your skills, knowledge and experience. At the start of a business on services, you do not need an office and hired employees. You can start on your own, and when you get up and running you will get a small office and hire employees.

The only basic criterion for starting a successful business is the high demand for the services you are thinking of providing.

Service business ideas: how to start from scratch?

First of all, you need to understand what you can do and what you have competencies. It can be anything like your job or hobby. However, if you do not have competencies or you still feel that you do not have enough experience, then it is better to postpone the idea with a business for a while until you gain mastery. Also, so that you can decide on ideas and direction, we have prepared for you a list of business services ideas from 25 niches for every taste. Here are the topics you can develop from scratch:

Manicure, hair extensions, etc.

This niche is certainly not suitable for men, this idea is for girls. Services such as hair extension, eyebrow tattooing, manicure, etc. are in great demand and will always be in demand. To get started in this topic, you need to take special courses. Your first clients may be friends, relatives, or even neighbors. You can provide such services at home, or visit clients. Of course, over time, when you get better, you can rent a small office. Developing this idea, you can earn quite good money.

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