2021 business ideas not presented in the Russian Federation: the business of the future

In the past few years, technological solutions have been in demand in various fields. Products that until recently could not enter the market due to imperfect technology or too expensive production have significantly improved their performance. And companies place strong emphasis on customization, personalized customer experience, sustainability and ethical production.


This direction is developing through the integration of high technology and the beauty industry. The market for beauty products is a promising direction: according to IBISWorld, in 2021 it is globally estimated at $ 330 billion, a 2.3% increase over 2021.

Most companies in the industry focus on customized products that take into account the individual wishes of the client. For example, startup Sketchon is popular in South Korea and China - it offers turnkey temporary tattoos. Users can upload their own designs to the app and print the tattoo on their body.

Another product focusing on a personal touch at the intersection of the cosmetics industry and IT is the Canadian startup ModiFace, which uses facial recognition technology and augmented reality to allow customers to experiment with makeup techniques.

New York-based Function of Beauty uses machine learning to make products for every customer. Since 2021, the startup, founded by MIT alumni, has raised $ 12.2 million from venture capital funds including Y Combinator and GGV Capital.

The popularity of the new player was brought by the hair questionnaire, which customers have already filled out 1.5 million times. By answering 15 questions, you can determine the ratio of components needed for a specific client in one bottle of shampoo and conditioner.

In the meantime, similar companies are developing in the US - HairRx, Cloud 10 and Prose. The volume of the market for goods and services in the category of "cosmeceuticals" at the junction of cosmetics and medicine is growing. For example, the Singapore-based biotech startup Austrianova, which is researching tumor therapy and cell repair, plans to transform the beauty industry with its Gel8 product. This technology protects cells from harsh chemicals and other irritants, and maintains the pH level.

The green trend is also changing the industry, with more players offering products like Ethique, a New Zealand-based company that makes solid shampoos, soaps and conditioners in degradable packaging.

In the past few years, investments in cosmetics companies have shown positive dynamics: in 2021, according to Tech in Asia, funding for beauty startups in the world increased to $ 242 million (in 2021 - $ 4.45 million). dollars). In April 2021, venture capital fund Sequoia Capital made its first investment in a cosmetics brand: British company Charlotte Tilbury received £ 15 million.

Cosmetic giants like L'Oreal and L'Occitane are eager to invest in newcomers to this market. Thus, many of the companies mentioned above are finalists of the L'Oreal Innovation Runway startup competition.

More and more people, wanting to gain financial independence, leave their employers, starting their own business. To decide on such a step, you will need to carefully weigh the consequences, calculate possible options, but the main thing is to choose a direction of activity. Business ideas in 2021 that will generate a decent income for the owner are very diverse.

Original business ideas of the year

Among the novelties of business ideas that have not yet spread around the world, but have already attracted attention, the following are distinguished:

  • Economical cutlery. Israeli designers drew attention to the fact that the salt shaker, sugar bowl, pepper shaker and other appliances take up too much space on the table. They own the development of an original gizmo, which consists of three sections and is capable of accommodating several types of spices at once (and not necessarily just spices). The accessory is compact, while becoming a container for products that usually occupy separate bottles. The same Israeli company is engaged in the original execution of ordinary cutlery: spoons, forks, etc. Objects cease to be a fixture for eating, turning into objects of art that can decorate any dinner and even cheer up.
  • Glowing paving slabs. The demand for these products is already high enough, but there are not enough offers. The tile differs from the usual one in that it glows in the dark. It is creative, unusual and very convenient: at night you will not stumble and you will not lose sight of the road.

  • Scented clothes. This is not about perfumery, but about the impregnation of fabrics with essential oils of plant origin. Certain fragrances have been scientifically proven to have therapeutic effects. Therefore, wearing clothes impregnated with extracts of valerian, mint, lemon balm not only soothes, relaxes, but also has a beneficial effect on the body.
  • Vegan store. More and more people refuse food of animal origin. Their trip to standard stores is fraught with difficulties: they have to carefully read the labels of each product in order to buy what they need. There are vegan departments in Moscow and other large cities, but in the provinces this is more difficult. So a store that sells exceptionally healthy vegan products for a small town will be a breakthrough.
  • Smart lights. They are not just a kind of addition to the room, but a stylish accessory that creates a mood. The luminaires are capable of simulating the light of the sun and moon. In addition, these are items of a new generation: they are configured using special applications, and are regulated by the control panel.
  • Online Business Ideas

    During the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, those who did business on the Internet did not remain without work. Most online business ideas are simple, suitable for both men and women, and allow you to work from home without the investment. And this is only part of the advantages of running an Internet business.

    Your site

    A person who is close to programming is capable of creating a website. But even those who are not good at this have the right to use special programs (constructors) that help a beginner to create a simple website on his own.


    The fashion trend - blogging has made ordinary people not only famous, but also rich. You don't have to be a star to draw attention to your blog. The main thing is to be able to present information to subscribers in an interesting and uncommon manner, to find your audience.

    This business starts from scratch, and as the blog develops, additional resources are invested in it. It turns out that the blog owner does not lose anything: if he doesn’t burn out, he will not be in the red, and if it goes, he will make a lot of profit.

    The year 2021 for starting a business is not the best option. The choice of areas was noticeably limited, and the risks of burnout increased significantly. In what areas do entrepreneurs have the greatest chances of success?

    Opening a business during the crisis of 2021 is a risky business, therefore any profitable direction for starting can be called anti-crisis. Of course, the greatest interest today is shown in the least risky activities in terms of investments. These are types of earnings from home, which can be registered as self-employed and work without employees and rented premises, some types of business allowed with minimal investment, or areas that are most in demand or least vulnerable during crises and pandemics like Covid-19.

    In order to understand in which areas of business a return can be expected during a crisis, it is necessary, first of all, to proceed from the behavior of people during the period of quarantine and crisis. What worries people during these difficult times? What needs do they still have, and which ones come to the fore? In our opinion, the following are relevant today:

    basic food and water needs;

    health and safety needs;

    striving to save money, reduce the cost of excesses and non-essential items;

    the need for autonomy / independence from the services of intermediaries and non-universal goods, readiness for long-term "deprivation" and reduction of consumption;

    separation, inability / unwillingness of people to physically contact with other people, the need to receive services / goods delivered to your home;

    online collaboration: the opposite trend, which is the need for people to unite and cooperate in difficult times to solve common problems;

    need for retraining and advanced training;

    Starting in 2021, you can start your own business with a small investment, but you will have to spend a lot of time. It is important to understand that it will not work to open a production line without a certain budget, but a number of services can be provided.

    You can start your own business by installing vending machines. It doesn't take a lot of money to buy your first machine. As it develops and pays off, the business can be expanded.

    In most cases, it is impossible to imagine the business of the future without a franchise, the popularity of which is only increasing every year.

    The relevance of the franchise can be explained by a number of signs:

    • a ready-made idea just needs to be implemented;
    • the seller company regularly updates and improves system development;
    • personnel are selected according to the already established rules;
    • maintaining statistical data, regular monitoring.

    Thanks to this solution, it is possible to recoup the funds invested in the activity in a short period of time.

    Top new business ideas of the year with minimal investment

    Large-scale production is not necessary to start earning decent money. Often, profits can be made with a small budget. There are a large number of foreign business ideas for both men and women. In most cases, the budget can be about 100 thousand rubles. Consider the top 10 popular small business ideas if needed. It is important to understand that the payback rate directly depends on a responsible approach to the implementation of your own business.

    Business Ideas for Men

    There is a certain list of ideas, mostly for men. Starting your own business with minimal investment is not difficult, as it might initially seem.

    • Automotive Services Aggregator. The bottom line is that the business owner finds car services within the city, concludes contracts, after which he creates a website and places a list of services with a price on them. A user who has visited the site can find a suitable option for himself not only in terms of price, but also in terms of distance.
    • Car rental through a mobile application. Undoubtedly, the investment price depends entirely on the vehicle brand. However, at first you can use your own car. In European countries, such a business is relevant.

    Consultants at trainings assure entrepreneurs that any project can be made profitable. But the risks can be significantly reduced if you thoroughly analyze the requests of the target audience, as well as think over the strategy and calculate the business plan of the intended enterprise.

    What you need to know before starting a business

    Factors to consider when planning a business:

    • First, you need to draw up a plan of expenses that should be covered by the entrepreneur's initial capital.
    • Competition needs to be taken into account. The smaller the settlement, the lower the competition and the wider the field for the implementation of your ideas. But you also need to take into account that the requests of the target audience can naturally be lower in a small city, as well as sales volumes.
    • Of course, meeting basic human needs can be a good business idea for a budding businessman. This includes the following areas: medicine, food and household goods, material industry and points of its sale. Therefore, opening pharmacies, grocery, hardware or clothing stores, hairdressing salons is a win-win option. Especially in high traffic areas.
    • It is better to rely on ideas for business and areas of their implementation, in which the entrepreneur is well versed.

    Flower shop - is it profitable? Read more in the article.

    In order to determine which business is the most profitable, it is necessary to highlight the factors that determine its "profitability":

    • The speed of refund plays an important role, because it is more profitable when the income from sales is returned as soon as possible from the moment of investment.
    • A profitable business should focus on an area in which there is great demand from consumers.
    • Profitability, that is, income should increase in parallel with the amount of goods or services sold.
    • The low price at which raw materials and materials are purchased increases the profitability of the business.
    • The return on assets shows how correctly the investments were made and whether they are paid off by the profit received.

    Small Business

    To organize a small business, you will need minimal labor and money investments. You can gather a small group of people you know and start renovating, cleaning apartments, or opening a budget fast food, café, or kiosk that sells inexpensive items such as hot dogs or soft drinks.

    Not so long ago, the most popular business was network marketing, the principle of which was to sell goods directly from hand to hand without renting premises. Examples of such successful projects are Oriflame or the Forex exchange.

    The most promising business areas

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