2021 auto business ideas with minimal investment

The question of how to make money on a car is asked by many motorists, since the purchase of such an expensive vehicle requires money for subsequent maintenance and annual maintenance, but rarely brings income. But with proper use of the car, you can restore the financial balance and provide monetary support.

Tips before choosing an option to earn money

Before starting a business with your car, you should carefully weigh all the possible advantages and disadvantages, since a car is not a cheap thing, and you must always have money in reserve for its maintenance. The better the assembly and the more representative the brand, the more it requires investments.

Not every car is capable of recouping the investment. If the costs of maintenance and fuel exceed the payment for services, then such a business will not generate income. It is also necessary to take into account force majeure circumstances that may arise in the course of work.

Here are some tips that will save aspiring businessmen from unnecessary expenses:

  • The car must be insured.
  • Vehicles must always be dispatched for maintenance on time.
  • Do not agree to trades that are likely to result in a loss.
  • Always conclude an additional contract for the provision of services.
  • Don't agree to unfavorable terms.
  • Always write out a document on the completion of the provision of services in full and require the customer's signature.
  • Require complete information from the client about the desired services.
  • Be honest and straightforward with customers and employers.
  • Work as a formal entrepreneur or self-employed.

Compliance with simple rules when working with a client or customer will allow you to save your business and your car and provide legal protection to all parties to the transaction.

Top Ideas

Here are some popular ideas on how to make money on your car. Many of them can be used only as a side job, since they do not imply the constant employment of a motorist. But with due diligence and interest in developing your own business, each of the services offered can grow into a large business.

Car Monitor

For Russia, this service is not yet so popular, since families prefer to look after children on their own and take them to institutions, be it a kindergarten, school, section or even a clinic. However, in cities with a population of over one million, there is a tendency when both parents are employed in the family, and it becomes necessary to delegate the care of the child to a hired employee who will not only look after him at home during the day, but also take him where necessary.

A car is not only a means of transportation, but also a good source of additional income. Many car enthusiasts who have started their own business in this area have managed to achieve great financial success. If you are interested in this area of ​​activity, we bring to your attention some of the most popular auto business ideas that are great for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Auto resale

This is one of the most requested auto business ideas of 2021. You can earn decent money by reselling cars. At first glance, such a business may seem complicated, but in fact, if you can understand its essence, everything is extremely simple. All that is required of you is to buy inexpensive domestic cars for next to nothing and resell them for a little more. This is far from a new auto business, since many enterprising citizens are engaged in this business in our country.

Another option is to buy damaged cars, repair them and sell them at a higher price. For example, if you buy a car for 200-300 thousand rubles, you can get 10-15% of the net profit from it. Over time, when you have experience, you can start reselling foreign cars. Thanks to this, you can significantly increase your income.

In order to realize this idea of ​​an auto business, you need a decent start-up capital. In addition, you need to carefully research the market to understand which cars are in the highest demand. This is a risky business, so it is advisable to buy several cars at once for resale. In case of a failed transaction, you will be able to compensate for the loss with the profit from the sale of other vehicles.

Driving cars

Before buying a car, be sure to check:

The purchase of one car will require approximately 1 million rubles. From its sale, you will receive 100-150 thousand. net profit. Such an idea of ​​a new business in Russia in 2021, with a competent approach, can bring a solid stable income.

Parts Sales

The number of vehicles on the roads of our country is constantly increasing, respectively, the demand for components for cars is growing. In this regard, we can safely say that the sale of spare parts as an auto business is a rather profitable and promising business that can bring good profit.

In addition to spare parts, you can also sell consumables:

Trading on wheels is an idea that came to us from the USA. There, the business has been successfully using mobile points for decades. You can also lease a van, convert it and do what you love in Russia. There are many options for making a commercial vehicle profitable.

SberLeasing understands why the mobile business is so good and what opportunities it opens up for entrepreneurs, and also shares ideas on how to use specific cars to develop their business.

The advantages of a mobile business

What business on commercial vehicles can quickly pay off and show good results?

Coffee shop on wheels

Cars selling quality coffee were first used by the North American company Seattle Coffee in 1992. Now this business model has become widespread throughout the world. The main thing for the success of a mobile coffee shop is to take a favorable position. Best of all, drinks are sold in parks, near shopping centers, on the streets where offices and educational institutions are located, as well as at major transport junctions.

For the success of such a business, it is important to focus on the quality of drinks and their low, in comparison with coffee shops, price. Selling instant coffee "3 in 1" will not work - the client is unlikely to come back to you if he does not like it. You need to use quality beans and hire a professional barista. And from the equipment you cannot do without a coffee machine, refrigerator and an electric generator for autonomous operation.

Which car is suitable for such a business: FIAT Doblo.

Away car repair shop

Car owners often find themselves in unpleasant situations: they can puncture a tire on the road, or something breaks right on the way. It always happens at the wrong time and always far from the nearest auto repair shop.

Most of the troubles that occur with a car are minor breakdowns, for the elimination of which, although special knowledge and skills of a car mechanic are needed, they can be solved with a simple "field" repair right on the road, near the house or in the owner's garage. In such situations, mobile workshops come to the rescue, which are engaged in emergency repairs. They quickly come to the place and solve the problem.

Machines have long invaded the life of mankind and changed it forever. Hardly anyone can imagine existence without comfortable cars that quickly transport people from one point to another. Many are willing to invest huge sums of money in order to buy themselves a good mobile vehicle that makes them feel free and comfortable.

Car owners spend a lot of money to refuel their cars, buy new devices for them, change tires and so on. Therefore, the automotive business can truly be called a "gold mine" that can bring decent incomes, as well as bring great joy to those who use the car, offering new opportunities to car owners. In this article, we'll take a look at the top 10 auto business ideas that have passed the test and made it to the top of the rankings.

Snow removal from cars

Winter in Russia is a harsh time of the year. Especially when everything is covered with snow. Even people who walk find it difficult to wade through the snowdrifts, what can we say about car owners who have to dig their car out of the snow every morning? Therefore, if you want to make good money during the winter period, then you can safely take on this job.

This type of business brings good income, but, unfortunately, it cannot provide you with constant payments, as it is only suitable for the winter season (November and March may be included).

Creation of original hotels from old buses

This type of business was invented by the owner of the Chinese amusement park Tai Tai Mountain Park, who bought old buses and made various original hotels in the style of Disney cartoons out of them. Therefore, if you want to propose to people, then you can use this idea, which is considered one of the most unusual of all 10 ideas for the automotive business.

If you want to promote this business in Russia, you can use pictures with all your favorite Soviet cartoons as decoration.

For those who will be able to attract people to their bus houses, there will be a good prospect of earning a decent amount and chatting with people who, judging by the choice of the so-called hotel, love original ways of traveling. Accordingly, they have something to share with you.


This aspect includes several ideas at once that may be of interest to both you and potential buyers. They bring good earnings, and creative people also enjoy.

In fact, you can make very good money from the design, especially if you are dominated by creativity. All people love their "swallows" to look beautiful and sometimes even unusual.


A car is one of the most frequent large purchases in Russia today. Both the poor and the rich buy cars. For some it is a vital necessity, for someone a hobby, but for someone it is work. But in each of these cases, the car requires the proper attention of the owner. Enterprising people take advantage of this state of affairs and offer the population a variety of services and goods that can satisfy the needs of the car and driver. We present to your attention several business ideas aimed at satisfying the needs of consumers with cars.

Snow removal services

For those who do not consider the idea of ​​starting a business as something long-term, such a great way to make money in the winter, like digging up snow-covered cars, is suitable. This service is in great demand among residents of megalopolises (Moscow and St. Petersburg). The average cost of providing such a service varies in the region of 1-1.5 thousand rubles. The service can be estimated several times higher if the call is accepted promptly and the work is completed in a short time.

In addition to cleaning the cars themselves, you can also offer cleaning the areas around them, towing, lighting cars, etc.

You can start such a business small: buy a shovel and post a few ads on social networks. You can start a business on a big scale: buy snow removal equipment, hire staff (snow cleaner, mechanic and operator), rent a room and do advertising.

Salon banner service

Renewing a car for many motorists is equal to renewing their body and soul. The services of tailoring covers for car seats are in great demand, but services for hauling the entire cabin are also gaining popularity. These services are used by motorists, who own old models, and owners of premium cars.

Such a business can be organized right in your garage, which will significantly save the financial resources of a novice entrepreneur. However, you should not skimp on materials that will be used in the work. You can get up to 200 thousand rubles for a high-quality hauling of the salon, and the client will definitely advise you to someone else if your consumables do not disperse in a few months. For upholstery and sewing of covers, you can use velor, leather, flock, vinyl, carpet.

Truck wash service

This idea implies the creation of a specialized business focused on a specific type of transport: trucks, buses, trucks, etc. To organize it, you need to purchase serious washing equipment, which will cost 300-3000 thousand rubles. The cost depends on the manufacturer of the equipment, the functionality of the equipment and the type of washing system (automatic or manual). Typically, such car washes are installed on highways, parking lots or industrial areas.

Trade in Truck Parts

Another idea for servicing large vehicles is selling auto parts for trucks. This business has not yet been fully mastered by compatriots, which leaves a niche available for beginners. However, opening an auto parts store can be a difficult task, since it requires large material investments - from 2 million rubles. In addition, for the store to be profitable and develop successfully, it must have an experienced manager. In other words, a businessman should be well versed in this area.

Original trailer production

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