15 business ideas with minimal investment with a quick payback

Greetings, dear readers and blog guests. The world is constantly changing and new types of businesses are emerging. If earlier certain activities were unpopular, then over the past few years, the demand for certain types of services has increased dramatically. In particular, people prefer to be at home and try to make money on the Internet or take single orders, trying to keep communication with customers to a minimum. The article has prepared a real list containing working business ideas with minimal investment.

The advantage of this selection is that you don't need a lot of capital to open your own business and even in some cases you don't need to rent a room. You can open an office at home and take orders.

What do you need to start your own business?

Business ideas with minimal investment: TOP with quick payback

After reading additional literature, having completed several courses, the entrepreneur wonders what business ideas to open with a minimum investment. This list contains business ideas for both men and women and are neutral.

: Repair of household appliances and electronics

It costs only good advertising to attract customers. In 2021, a difficult situation turned out all over the world, the coronavirus epidemic began and many people simply do not have the money to buy new equipment. If you are well versed in electronics and can fix computers, televisions, then you can raise money in this niche. Then there are two ways to organize your activities.

  • First: receive equipment at home.
  • Second: go to the client's house.

The latter option is more popular, especially in large cities, where there are constant traffic jams. It's one thing to fix a laptop, but another thing to drag your TV across the city and get stuck in traffic jams.

: Husband for an hour

A niche for men who have golden hands. You know how to qualitatively repair broken things, you are good at plumbing, then this type of service is right for you. The initial investment is the purchase of tools to repair leaking taps and broken things.

Both young and retired men can engage in this type of earnings. For the latter, this can be a good additional increase in their pension. The profit depends on how many people use the service. To attract more customers, place an ad on Avito.

Masters perform different types of work. Here are the ways you can make money.

You have decided to start your own business, but have not yet chosen which one? The main criterion when choosing a direction should be the demand for the product or service that you plan to sell. The greater the demand for a product, the greater its turnover, and even with a small net profit per unit of goods (or one service provided) due to the number of applications, you can quickly start earning large sums of money. Let me share a few business ideas that made entrepreneurs rich in 2021.

Business Idea Selling Electronic Cigarettes

After the adoption in 2021 of the law on protecting the health of Russians from the harmful effects of tobacco smoke, electronic cigarettes and hookahs have become very popular in our country. The harmful effects on the body from smoking "smoke substitutes" have not been proven, so even teenagers can indulge in electronic cigarettes without hiding their addiction. There is no prohibition on the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors.

A point for the sale of electronic cigarettes and fillers for them can be located anywhere (on the street, rent a department in a department store or a large shopping complex, or put a vending machine). Statistics show that the query "electronic cigarette" in the Yandex search engine in May 2021 alone was more than 750 thousand times. Investments in such a business will pay off no later than six months.

Business idea Food production

Love comes and goes, but you always want to eat - every person knows this unwritten law. Therefore, to make your dream come true, you can choose an interesting direction in the production and sale of food products. This niche is so multifaceted that every entrepreneur can show their imagination and realize their skills. Restrictions on the import of foreign goods can perfectly play into the hands of an enterprising businessman.

Here are some food business options:

  • Own production of cheese of different varieties and colors;
  • Growing rare vegetables and fruits;
  • Selling food in edible packaging. This idea originated in France, but will soon conquer the whole world;
  • Production and sale of homemade products. Compotes, preserves, pickles, like grandma's - who can stay indifferent?
  • Mini - bakery in a residential area of ​​the city;
  • Author's desserts (cakes, pastries, cookies, etc.).

Business idea Business for health

Nowadays it is fashionable to be healthy, every self-respecting person takes care of his figure, well-being and appearance. Therefore, health care has become an urgent direction in business. Business options for beauty and health:

  • Economy class gym. You can rent a small space and invest a little money in filling your hall. A barbell, a classic strength trainer, a horizontal bar for men, gymnastics mats and hoops for women. A client who decides to save on subscriptions to expensive fitness centers will visit you;
  • Sale of smart bracelets, which include a heart rate monitor, pedometer, a device that monitors sleep phases, and more;
  • Sale of sports nutrition. Now, almost everyone who goes to the gym must take some kind of drug after training to achieve a quick visual effect from their workouts. And this is another great business opportunity.

Business idea Active vacation

Passive reclining on the beach or going to the cinema has not attracted anyone for a long time. After a hard working week, people want to get new vivid impressions, spending a minimum of money and time on them. An entrepreneurial businessman can offer his services to hard workers in need of unloading, and at the same time raise capital. Let's consider several types of outdoor activities that you can open without large investments:

The information below gives a basic understanding of business ideas with minimal investment. The figures in the article are very approximate and can vary greatly depending on the region. Each field of activity has its own characteristics and pitfalls; it is impossible to list everything within the framework of this review. We deliberately do not indicate the possible income, this metric entirely depends on how much you will invest in advertising, what channels you will use and how effective the company will be, what kind of employees you will hire, how you will work on your reputation, and so on. The article is not a guidebook, does not pretend to be a coach, it is intended to give information - interesting business ideas for beginners with minimal investment and inspire changes, possibly the best ones in your life!

Here are our 15 business ideas for businesses with minimal investment:

Cleaning of apartments and private houses

Among the interesting ideas for small businesses with minimal investment is the cleaning of apartments and private houses.

Introductory to start:

  • The target group of clients is wealthy, solvent people who live in private houses and apartments with a large living area (from 100 m²).
  • Advertising - business card site, message boards (OLH, Free of charge, Prom, Kabanchik), business cards, word of mouth.
  • Material support - uniforms for employees (clothes, rubber gloves, etc.), transport, detergents / cleaning products, cleaning equipment (optional).

Initial costs:

Total, the minimum investment for starting a cleaning business, with 1 employee ≈ $ 2600.

Of course, there are options for how to turn around with less investment, for example, instead of buying a car, you can use a private car or use a taxi service as needed. You can make a business card website yourself, etc.

The cost of services in the cleaning business varies greatly by region. How quickly you get back on your investment and start earning depends on your pricing policy (dumping competitors or investing in the reputation of an expensive company), as well as your ability to work with advertising, staff and customers.

Scaling - possibly in the direction of cleaning commercial premises (offices, shopping centers, etc.), as well as in the deployment of a network of cleaning services throughout the country.

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