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The huge assortment of clothing on the market is not yet a confirmation that any customer can find something to their liking. Some are not satisfied with the design or material of a particular item, while others cannot find their size. Clothing suppliers, in turn, strive to reduce the cost of production as much as possible and use cheap synthetic and blended fabrics, which adversely affects the quality of products. render completely. Therefore, for a certain circle of consumers there is an alternative solution - a visit to a sewing studio, where you can order clothes for your figure made of natural fabric. What is characteristic - the cost of a custom-made item will be slightly more expensive than a store one, since the upwardly tending trade margin is approximately equal to the cost of the master's work, so today we will talk about how to open a sewing studio.

It is understood that the atelier will be opened in a large city where there is a high concentration of the paying population, which would be interested in purchasing high-quality materials with an individual design. Sewing ateliers of this kind are predominantly aimed at a female audience, but there are exceptions. In addition to sewing products from scratch, you can also repair textiles. In addition to the workshop itself, you can open your own store selling materials of European quality in different price categories, including casual and evening models. This will require a constant workload of equipment and the hiring of several craftsmen for "streaming" clothing. in the hall where customers will be received, it is necessary to display mannequins with samples of clothes. In order to acquire the widest possible range of materials, it will be necessary to establish links with stores that provide suitable types of fabrics. Recommended working hours: daily, from 10 am to 8 pm. On weekends, the working day can be shortened slightly.

The territorial location of the atelier is a place of large gathering of people. The best option is the first floors of residential buildings in courtyards and near highways, as well as shopping malls. and at first, a room with a working area of ​​up to 50 sq. ... with the possibility of moving to a larger room located nearby. Renting premises with a perspective allows you not to lose clients. The interior of the atelier should be divided into at least three rooms. The first is a reception area with samples of fabric and accessories, as well as fitting booths. the second - a cutting and sewing workshop with an attached compartment for ironing and pretreating fabrics before cutting. second - sanitary rooms (toilets, pantries for detergents, rooms for eating). Workplaces for craftsmen must be lit in accordance with specific standards (almost 5 times higher than the requirements for living quarters). Sewing equipment often requires 380 volts. The electrification of the atelier needs to be thought out in advance. As for the repair, there are no special requirements: just light walls with a coating that can withstand wet cleaning, a high-quality ventilation system and the absence of surfaces that retain small production waste. In the long term, you can hire home-based employees to expand the scale of production without resorting to redevelopment or renting a new premises. tart costs for organization

The business plan of the sewing studio initially implies the purchase of a minimum set of sewing equipment and the expansion of its range as the business develops. Below is a detailed list showing the costs of preliminary preparation of the premises. repair: about 200 thousand rubles. vein machines, overlocks: 150 thousand rubles. ironing equipment: 40 thousand rubles. Furniture for the reception and sewing room: 40 thousand rubles. jokes: 10 thousand rubles. box: 20 thousand rubles. expenses for materials for sale: 100 thousand rubles. addition: 460 thousand rubles. By purchasing used equipment, you can save a lot of money, but in this case, you will need the services of a mechanic to establish the serviceability of the equipment and establish it properly.

After solving the issues of renting and equipping the premises, purchasing all the necessary elements, you need to come to grips with advertising. As a rule, an advertising campaign takes the form of an announcement and starts several weeks before the opening of a workshop. Advertising has several effective directions and forms: 1. Announcements on special boards in the area where the workshop is located. ... Sending invitations to mailboxes. ... Publishing ads in print media, local TV and the Internet. ... Advertising through partner stores. In the first stages, it is important to inform the residents of nearby houses, offering discounts on tailoring and repairing clothes, thus forming a client base, gradually expanding to more remote areas with the help of advertising.

For permanent work, you will need to involve at least two seamstresses, two receptionists and one cutter. Receptionists can simultaneously perform the duties of saleswomen in a store. Accounting services can be provided by third parties on a contractual basis. The same goes for the cleaning ladies. If necessary, you can involve a designer at a time. For sellers, a fixed wage is set (not less than 12,000 rubles), for employees of the cutting shop, a minimum wage plus a quarter of the cost of all manufactured materials. When hiring cutters, it is important to pay attention to work experience and references from previous employers.

List of monthly costs. ... Premises for rent, utilities: 70 thousand rubles. ... Advertising: 10 thousand rubles. ... Fabric, accessories for the store: 40 thousand rubles. ... Consumables for orders: about 20 thousand rubles. ... Salary for employees, including the contractual one: about 60 thousand rubles. addition: 200 thousand rubles. Note: the order price includes the cost of consumables. Thus, item 4 can be ignored, that is, the costs of it are covered by the clients.

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