10 best business ideas of the year

great summer business ideas

Do you want to earn extra money in the summer, but don't know where to start? Here are 50 great ideas on how to get extra income in the summer.

Picnic baskets

In good weather, many go out into nature - couples in love, friends, families with children. They all bring sandwiches and drinks with them for an outdoor snack. You can offer vacationers comfortable picnic baskets.

Growing and selling watermelons

Juicy and sweet watermelons are in great demand during the summer. Be sure to sell them in a place that can be clearly seen from afar.

Pool maintenance

Swimming pool cleaning in season is an easy way to make money without additional investment. Advertise your services and you will have a job.


This business can make good money because tourists love to take souvenir pictures. The main thing is to skillfully handle the camera so that the photos are successful in the bright sun, on a cloudy day and at dusk.

Top-: Best Small Business Business Ideas for the Year

The success of any business idea is based not on the desires of its creator, but on the emotional and physical needs of the target audience itself, for which this business idea was earned.

Also, the offered products or services should be accessible to a large number of consumers, be interesting to them, or, at worst, require minimal labor and financial investment.

Based on these factors, we have selected the top 10 best business ideas of 2021 that can be of interest to small businesses.

Top Best Small Business Business Ideas for the Year

location: Old and antique restoration

Fixing and bringing newness to old and familiar things has become a popular pastime in Russia again. This applies to many items of everyday use: furniture, clothes or shoes.

The reason for the popularity of this service lies in the consequences of the financial crisis, from which our country still cannot get out: people are trying to optimize their expenses and are thinking about fixing rather than buying new things or items.

  • You can use old household items to start a business;
  • Minimum cash investment;
  • You can buy antiques for restoration on the cheap, with further resale.
  • Success requires a wide range of services;
  • Requires specialized knowledge and skills.

location: Café on Wheels

In modern realities, it is good to open a business that allows you to quickly reorient in case of failure. Therefore, a business on wheels is a great solution. Plus, the mobile way of doing business will set you apart from the competition, give you access to places that standard ideas can't, and increase your customer base.

Almost every type of business requires a car. But a vehicle can be viewed not so much as a help for an entrepreneur, but as a way to embody unusual ideas. Mobile ways of earning are saving on rent, the ability to quickly change location and even the entire type of activity.

The benefits of a business on wheels

The ideas that will be listed below have many advantages:

  • no need to look for premises and pay rent;
  • it is easier to obtain permits to operate;
  • initial investment below;
  • the ability to sell a car in case of poor results and at least partially recover the costs;
  • originality, which attracts customers;
  • a quick way to advertise an idea;
  • an opportunity change location without much effort and cost.

What are the features?

Before starting a mobile business, you need to know about its features. So, registration of an individual entrepreneur or LLC is standard, as is the case with any other idea. But there are other nuances. So, when collecting documents, you will need to additionally obtain a paper from the administration for a trade permit, a permit from the SES, the traffic police, the Fire and other services.

Today, mobile business is no longer a gimmick, but it is still considered a fairly new and interesting direction. Therefore, for now, the entrepreneur has the opportunity to distinguish himself favorably and occupy his own niche.

best business ideas on wheels

Such party bass appeared in our country not so long ago. What are they? This is a bus or limousine with a club inside for a small company. In the salon, instead of the usual seats, there is a dance floor, a musical installation, light music, a mini-bar. In the party bass, you can arrange hen parties, stag parties, corporate parties, birthdays or just parties with friends.

The advantage of this idea is that the participants not only have fun and relax, but also have the opportunity to observe the city through the window, changing their location. Therefore, at the stage of starting a business, it is worth considering the route, making it interesting. These can be major attractions or just beautiful places.

To start a business, you first need a bus and a driver. You also need to purchase everything you need for the disco and bar to work. Initial costs will be from 1 million rubles and more, depending on the region. But it is quite possible to reduce the budget. For example, buying a used bus and converting it into a club.

This service is very common in America, and nothing prevents it from being implemented in our country. In addition, there are more and more pet owners, and in the event of an illness of a four-legged friend, the owner is looking for the fastest way to solve this problem.

The easiest way to “fit the season” is to trade in goods that are in high demand during this period: soft drinks and ice cream, summer clothes and air conditioners, sunglasses, seeds and seedlings for summer cottages.

Meanwhile, there are over 1000 types of activities in the world that correspond to the concept of "summer business" and bring their owners a combined income of millions of dollars. Large firms have been operating for a long time, which are engaged in the only seasonal business. Depending on the season, they change the structure of production, methods of distribution and, of course, the range of goods. There are more than 50 thousand registered "seasonal" firms in Europe alone, and more than 60 thousand in the USA. So the turnover in this area of ​​activity is comparable to any other line of business.

Don't think that entrepreneurs who have found their niche in the summer business work three months a year. Summer is just one of four varieties of seasonal business. Among them, perhaps the most pronounced is the winter business. However, if you are not afraid to switch from one type of activity to another, you can get very tangible benefits in this field all year round.

The most profitable seasonal business is not trading in its usual sense. The future, and, perhaps, the present, lies in the production of seasonal goods, and the main thing here is not to make a mistake in the choice. The main thing is that the product should be located at the intersection of industries or market niches. As a rule, in each niche there is already a leader, and at the “junctions” there is no one, and identifying those that are empty is the primary task.

By the way, one of the most successful products for seasonal business from Russian practice, which has filled just one of these “joints”, is the Raptor electrofumigator with a liquid filler, which repels mosquitoes and flies. The profitability of this business for the creation and promotion of a new product must be at least 60 percent.

In addition to high profits, seasonal business is also characterized by high risks. Therefore, a profitability of one hundred percent or more is what is considered a professionally executed project.

What could be the most promising next summer? We have selected ten businesses that, in our opinion, have good prospects in the coming season.

Diligent worm

The palm here is headed by a strange, at first glance, activity called "vermicultivation". This "pasta" term refers to the cultivation of thoroughbred Californian worms. As it turns out, worms are the most lucrative pets. For example, the total profitability for cattle is now no more than 18%, while the worm easily yields 300%, and this is not the limit. By multiplying, it produces three main products. The most important reason why the worms are bred is the vermicompost they produce, as well as the extract from it, which is a valuable concentrated fertilizer.

In addition, another source of income is their offspring, which is handed over to fishing shops as bait and feed for fish, for flour in compound feed, which improves the quality of livestock products; it is also sold as broodstock to other farms.

Calculations show that if a farm of 400 heads annually sells milk for 6-9 million rubles, then during the same period cows produce so much dung that, if processed, you can get 15-18 million rubles. Now is the time to get involved in this business - as you know, there is enough manure in Russia, but there are only about a hundred farms that process it into valuable fertilizer. According to experts, at least 1.5 million tons of vermicompost is required per year for Russian farms and household plots, while the total production today is only one hundredth of the demand. So you don't have to push your elbows to win a place in the sun.

By the way, recently you can take a franchise on worms. Domestic craftsmen adapted the "Californian" to local conditions, crossed with aborigines and gave a new promising breed, which received the symbolic name "Prospector". To ensure the first "harvest" of worms and vermicompost for the summer season, it is time to buy producers and prepare a field of activity for them. In a heated barn, "housewarming" can be carried out already in March. There may not be any start-up capital here at all - if you manage to agree with the nearest farm to clear its "Augean stables". The purchase of the first batch of worms will cost 3-5 thousand rubles. With good care, you will be able to provide yourself with broodstock in the future.

Cold takeaway

Thinking about which business to start? Not sure what to do? Then these 10 business ideas will help you to realize your skills and knowledge. These ideas are very popular with newbie businessmen. However, they have good prospects for the future.

Every month all over the world it opens more and more new businesses and projects. The following collection of ideas has been tested by many businessmen. These options are also in high demand not only in the current 2021, but also in subsequent years.

Idea: Auto Shop

The business of selling automobile goods will never lose its popularity. After all, the number of cars is only growing. Despite the growth of online stores, a large number of shoppers are looking for standard stationary stores to purchase inexpensive materials and parts. You can work in different price categories and sell different areas of auto materials.

Idea: Manicure Studio

Professional manicure is always in demand among women in all regions of the country. This trend has led to the growth of specialized salons that will allow you to quickly create a manicure. You just need to know in advance about all the necessary investments, as well as the costs and subsequent profitability.

Idea: Stickershop

When choosing an idea for a business in 2021, you should pay attention to stickers. This topic is very popular among teenagers and young people. Characters from cartoons, movies, as well as various singers and famous personalities can become images for stickers. In big cities, there are even special outlets called sticker shops. The sale of souvenirs and figurines in the form of famous heroes is also very popular.

Idea: Bakery

This idea is very popular in business. The number of bakeries is only growing. The most attractive things about such a business are: great demand and the opportunity to get along with a large number of competitors. Due to the small format, the bakery can be much easier to adapt to the preferences of local residents. This will make it possible to always offer something unusual and fresh, rather than bread factories with their standard products.

Idea: Pizzeria

If someone thinks that today you cannot surprise anyone with pizza, then this is a big mistake. Pizza remains a popular dish with all families. Customers can be offered various options for fillings, dough composition, etc.

Idea: Vending

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