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Today it is not at all necessary to go shopping, because everything you need can be ordered online. Moreover, there is no need to even waste time preparing food - it is much better to order food delivered to your home.

A business created in this service sector can become very profitable, and besides, it has many prospects. Undoubtedly, there is competition for him and even great, but having the desire and working hard, you will find your niche that will make you successful.

Food delivery: features and nuances of business

Food belongs to the kind of goods that under no circumstances leave the market, because "you always want to eat", everyone and constantly, despite the crisis or other troubles. Food delivery services, although they have appeared relatively recently, are rapidly gaining popularity for many reasons:

  • busy people in big cities do not have time to buy groceries in the store or do not find time to prepare food;
  • some firms provide their employees with the delivery of ready-made meals, the so-called , business lunches (or the employees of offices and corporations themselves order this kind of services);
  • in many establishments (pizzerias, sushi bars or restaurants, etc.) there is immediately production and delivery (you can eat with them or arrange for courier services);
  • on a large scale, this business is already called catering and assumes that you can serve large events (banquets, various holidays, meetings or special events).

Of course, you can and should start small, because not everyone will be able to immediately conquer the market. Before you open home delivery of food, you need to carefully prepare. It is best to create a business plan, because this way you can gradually distribute all the points and not miss anything.

  • For your business to be profitable and successful, analyze this market segment, collecting all the relevant information about your city.
  • Decide on the form of your business. There are several options:
    • use ready-made food from a restaurant (cafe), but sell it with a certain mark-up due to the delivery service;
    • cook yourself (this can be a completely family-owned, home-based business when you do everything at home or in a specialized kitchen). In this case, you can also sell your services in different ways, that is, either involve other relatives in the business, or hire a courier with a car;
    • sell not only ready-made food, but also semi-finished products (you need to be able to prepare them ), as well as standalone products, doing business through online orders and delivery.
  • Each of these options has advantages and disadvantages. To choose where to start, assess your financial capabilities and try to analyze all possible risks. After that, go to prepare the material and legal base. Serious work awaits you.
  • Already in the course of the organizational process, you will have to find a place suitable for preparing and storing food, suppliers of goods, decide on transport and other work moments.
  • Next, you need to do advertising and search for clients. This is a very important point, because it will be possible to talk about the payback or profit of a business only if it has an established customer base and constant development.

As you can see, it will take a lot of effort, time and money to implement this idea. But, having a clear plan of action, you can start translating your idea into reality.

Where to start?

Before starting a food delivery business, you need to figure out how you can stand out from your competitors. To succeed, you must constantly be on top, pleasantly surprise your customers and make them contact you again and again. It will be good if you manage to organize a full cycle of services, that is, from food preparation to delivery.

If you already have your own restaurant or other establishment (cafeteria, canteen, pizzeria), then you can simply add a new service - food delivery by courier. Then you do not have to search for premises, suppliers and personnel. Also, the issue with the registration of permits and other documentation will be removed, the business concept will also be clear.

However, having your own restaurant is not acceptable for everyone. Perhaps at the initial stage, you do not have the necessary amount or experience to start such a business. While opening a food delivery service as a small company or a family business is quite possible. That is, you can start from the other side, and once you have developed and gained a foothold in the market, you can already invest in the institution of your dreams.

Some people think that at the moment it is quite problematic to start a business from scratch in the capital. But this is not the case. There are many areas of activity that allow you to start your own business with a small start-up capital. Business ideas 2021 with minimal investment in Moscow, which we present to you in this article, have repeatedly proved their efficiency in practice. You can safely take one of them as a basis for developing a successful business.

Laser engraved glass

To implement this new business idea 2021 with minimal investment, you will need special equipment. Its cost depends on the size of the project. For a small home workshop, you can purchase a machine for 5 thousand rubles. Due to the low cost of equipment, all initial investments will pay off in just a few months. One centimeter of a drawing made by a master costs 20-25 rubles. It's not bad.

For a workshop located in a walk-through area, it is necessary to purchase full-fledged equipment of domestic or foreign production. In this case, you will have to spend 2-4 thousand dollars. There are machines that cost up to $ 30,000. But such equipment is usually used for serial production of products. Some manufacturers of laser engraving machines offer them for rent, the cost of which does not exceed $ 250 per month. If such a business develops successfully in Moscow with minimal investment, over time, the machine can be redeemed.

Fresh flowers machine

According to experts, a business idea for girls 2021 selling fresh flowers is seasonal. But if you change the approach, this line of business can become quite profitable all year round, even with a small financial investment. To do this, you need to purchase a special vending machine - floromat, and install it in a walk-through place. Such equipment will cost you 160 thousand rubles. This is one of the best business ideas in Moscow and has many advantages:

  • The opportunity to start;
  • You don't have to rent a large space and hire staff;
  • The vending machine works 24/7 and breaks;
  • Sales reporting is carried out automatically.

This 2021 minimal investment business idea in Moscow has its drawbacks. First of all, this is an unusual form of selling flowers, to which domestic consumers are not yet accustomed. Another important drawback is the small assortment. Customers who want to purchase original compositions will continue to turn to flower shops. It is also necessary not only to choose the right place for installing the machine, but also to protect it from vandals, so as not to incur losses.

Business with China

To make your business profitable in Moscow with minimal investment, you can combine several areas of activity. You will spend about 50 thousand rubles on the purchase of the necessary equipment. Fabrics, accessories and consumables can be purchased with money that customers make as a prepayment. If you want to increase your income, you can offer clothing repairs to clients. One order costs 100-300 rubles. A good master can fulfill 10-15 orders per day. Individual tailoring will bring you 1500-3000 rubles in net profit. This business idea with minimal investment in Moscow has been tested many times in practice. You can rest assured that you are guaranteed to achieve success if you move in this direction.

Nowadays, a printer can be found in almost every home, and in the offices of large companies there are dozens of them. When the toner runs out, the owners of such equipment are in no hurry to buy new cartridges, since it is much more profitable and more economical to refill the old ones.

To implement the idea of ​​small business 2021 with minimal investment in refilling cartridges, you will need only 40-50 thousand rubles. In addition, you should get some experience in refilling different types of cartridges. If you have never encountered such a case, the necessary information can be obtained from the video instructions on the Internet.

Hello! Today we are publishing another selection of profitable and promising business ideas for 2021. We divided them by the amount of the initial investment, so that it would be easier for you to choose a profitable business idea based on your finances. At the end of the article, we also provided links to other collections of ideas.

Small business, as defined in Wikipedia, is entrepreneurship based on the activities of small firms, small businesses that are not formally members of an association.

This business in different countries is determined mainly by the number of employees, in Russia, according to the law "On the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises", adopted in 2021, small businesses include enterprises with up to 100 employees.

Currently, thanks to government initiatives, small and medium-sized enterprises have additional advantages, especially in the field of production and innovative technologies. There are various government programs to support small businesses. In this connection, it will now be quite logical to organize your own small business, preferably with small investments.

In order to take the first step in organizing a business, you need a good, working idea. Here are some working, proven ideas for starting your own small business.



Since the purchase of upholstered furniture hits the budget quite hard, now, not everyone can afford to throw away an old armchair or sofa, and buy a new one in return. In addition, usually it is the furniture upholstery that wears out, while the frame itself is still quite strong.

Therefore, the business of hauling old upholstered furniture in Russia and the former countries of the USSR will be in great demand for a long time. And if you look at the overall level of declining welfare and increasing unemployment in the world, then this business is relevant in other countries as well.

There is no need to make big investments to organize a business of upholstered furniture hauling. To get started, you need a furniture stapler and simple tools that are in every home (hammer, pliers, scissors, keys, screwdrivers, etc.) and, of course, your arms should grow from the right place.


Custom-made curtain sewing is a business that can be organized by any woman with artistic taste, sewing machine sewing skills and a desire to have her own creative and very profitable business.

Own business is not only status, it is freedom of choice and the ability to bring significant benefits. This is stability that employees do not have. These are numerous preferences that help to cope with difficulties in the early stages of activity.

Since March 2021, the Government has adopted, according to which individual entrepreneurs who start their own business for the first time are exempt from taxes for 2 years. This document deals with industrial enterprises, processing of agricultural raw materials and food production, as well as those who intend to work in the field of innovation and IT. In April, absolutely all regions introduced this law, and it is already in effect.

The nuances of starting a business in a crisis

Despite the difficulties, small business lives and develops, constantly increasing the share of revenue in GDP. If in 2021 it was 22%, then in 2021, according to Rosstat, it was already 22.6%. In terms of the number of people, this is several million new small and micro enterprises, which provide almost 17 million jobs.

Of course, starting your own business during a crisis is associated with great risks. But these risks can be avoided if you have a clear understanding of what today's market wants from business.

And the market is satiated with trading companies, there are so many of them that each new wave of decline washes away from their homes by the thousands. More than half of small businesses are trade: shops, boutiques, wholesale companies. They are experiencing all the negative consequences, while profitability falls dramatically. This does not mean that in a crisis life is worse, but that the economy demands, and the government is turning towards production workers and the service sector.

What not to do at a time like this

In the current crisis, it is highly undesirable to open a company or individual entrepreneur that will exclusively engage in trade. The time for quick money is gone, so it's worth investing in more promising areas, which will be discussed below.

The crisis is throwing weak players out of the market, but consumer demand remains. Entrepreneurs who fill the vacant niches need to use more efficient production models and management methods in order to be competitive.

Fear of competition is the first obstacle for a young person with good ideas.

Most entrepreneurs are essentially artisans. They know their business and know how to sell their products, but they sorely lack the skills of competent management. Each person has a ceiling of possibilities. If you work alone, it is very quickly achieved, and further movement becomes impossible. Only the ability to organize work, the availability of knowledge about modern management methods contributes to constant growth.

Every year it becomes more difficult to generate new successful business ideas.

Constantly growing risks and a decrease in the purchasing power of the population reduce the availability of available business opportunities and starting a new business it is imperative to calculate everything in a business plan.

Working business ideas in a crisis

There are still some niches that can show relatively high profitability

Online Photo Printing Business Idea

This sense of the idea consists in accepting orders via e-mail for the production of printing digital photos and then sending them to the customer using a courier delivery service.

Orders are accepted not only from your city, but also from other areas.

Thanks to a variety of services, photos can be delivered to many areas where there are no local photo centers. This will be the main target audience.

To implement this business idea, it is not necessary to have printing equipment at home.

The most important thing is the presence of a delivery service branch and a large photo center nearby.

This photo services market is still at the stage of formation and is practically free. At the first stage, the costs will be spent only on the creation of the corresponding site. Advertisements can be posted on various forums and local ad platforms.

Business idea of ​​opening a hostel

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