What business to open in a big city

Large cities provide a lot of opportunities for people who decide to open their own business. You just need to find your niche, best of all, the one with less competition. Those wishing to start their own business do not need to invent anything, they have already been invented, successfully used and periodically new business ideas appear in the big city that can be used.

the best business ideas in the big city

A big city is good for business development because it has more paying customers, people are ready to pay not only for ordinary goods and services, but also try something new with interest. If you live in a small town, read our selection of topical small town business ideas.

Children's entertainment center

Children's entertainment centers in the mall are convenient for parents who can calmly go about their business, relax or have fun.

To organize the center you need:

  • purchase equipment for games and entertainment;
  • provide salaries for 2 animators;
  • purchase furniture, additional equipment.

The total cost of the costs - 1,888,000 rubles. The monthly income will be 375,000 rubles. The entertainment center will pay off in less than 4 months.

If you have no more than 100,000 rubles for your business, read our article: Best ideas for a business for 100,000 rubles

Private kindergarten, development center

A private kindergarten or development center is relevant for mothers with pedagogical education who will be able to look after their child and earn money.

Cost items for opening a private kindergarten:

  • purchase of furniture, equipment, toys, dishes and other necessary inventory;
  • costs of fire safety, burglar alarms;
  • food for children and workers.

Ideas for business in a small town: 7 areas worth paying attention to + 12 ideas for implementation + 10 features of a business in a small town.

But even if you were born in a small town and did not consider it necessary to move to a larger city, this does not mean at all that you cannot engage in entrepreneurial activity.

There are business ideas in a small town.

And there are many of them.

In addition, as a resident of a small town, you can take advantage of its key features that are not available to novice businessmen in huge cities.

Small Town Business Ideas: Key Features

Such settlements may include small towns, urban-type settlements and even large villages.

Do not think that if fate decreed that you were born in a small town, then the way to business is not yours.

The main thing is a promising idea that can be implemented based on the key features of your locality.

Small business in a small town has its own key features:

Each of us at least once in his life thought about creating his own business. For some, this is an escape from the office and unwillingness to spend time and knowledge "on an uncle", for someone - the need for self-realization, and for someone - the opportunity to independently manage their personal time. But the most important criterion for everyone who wants to create their own business in a small city or a large metropolis is financial freedom and an increase in living standards. At the same time, those eager to set off on an independent voyage mistakenly believe that it is easier to succeed in large cities and metropolitan areas than in small ones.

In order to refute this myth, let's look at the concept of "small town". As a rule, these are cities with a population of less than 50 thousand. And as practice shows, it is much easier to organize and develop a business in a small city than in a large one.

In this article, we will cover the following issues:

  • What are the pros and cons of owning a business in a small town?
  • What is the best business to open in a small town?
  • What business ideas working for a small town in 2021 with minimal investment?
  • How to start a business from scratch?

So, let's start sorting it out in order.

Choosing business ideas that can be implemented in a small town

The benefits of doing business in a small town

Advantages (+) of doing business in a small town:

  • Small start-up capital. In small towns, business costs such as renting premises, utilities, personnel and advertising costs are significantly lower.
  • High efficiency of word of mouth. In small settlements, the popularity of a product or service is largely due to acquaintances and personal reviews.
  • Quite a lot of free niches due to the limited availability of goods and services. Many innovations appear in small towns with a considerable delay, which, undoubtedly, can be used by “bringing” a business idea from a large city in which it has already been tested.
  • Low competitive environment.

The main disadvantages (-) include a limited potential audience (each client will be "worth its weight in gold") and a rather low purchasing power (in small towns, population incomes are orders of magnitude lower than those of residents of large cities).

What new business can you open in a small town

There is an opinion that a really profitable business can only be opened in a big city, and in a small one there is nothing to try, but this is not so. Of course, the specifics of the business will differ from the business in large cities, but the income will not be long in coming. Moreover, there are much more small towns in Russia than large ones, and it will be more profitable and easier to develop your business in such a way.

Hello! Today we will talk about business in a small town and give 28 profitable business ideas.

The article will be useful to those who are tired of working "for an uncle", and those who are thinking about creating their own business due to the loss of another job. Also in the article I will give 28 business ideas for a small town that are the most profitable.

Business in the provinces has a lot of its own characteristics compared to business in large cities. If this specifics are taken into account even at the stage of business planning, then you can grab yourself a completely monetary niche.

What to consider when starting a business in a small town

The specifics of entrepreneurship in small towns are related to the specifics of their economic development.

Low purchasing power. Please note that your future customers and buyers are provincial residents, where salaries are low, the labor market is small, and there is simply nowhere to earn much. Agree that selling some exclusive expensive items is simply stupid. Examples of such a business include: a fashion boutique, a car dealership, a VIP-class beauty salon, a purely vegetarian restaurant.

Similar business ideas in a small town will not find their customers - instead of profit, you risk getting a loss.

Shortage of basic commodities. Yes, it happens. Analyze the availability of shops and pharmacies in your area. Is there a supermarket in your part of the city, or do you need to go to the other side of the city? Or maybe in your city there are no clothing stores representing popular chain brands, and all residents of the city either go to dress at the local market or go to a shopping center in a neighboring city? Or maybe there is one pharmacy at all in your village? Analyze the situation: what is not in your city, but would very much like to see in the future?

Plan to expand further. In a small town, business development may be limited. Why? Everything is simple here. At first, your business may attract a large number of customers, but then the growth in demand for your goods or services will begin to slow down and stop altogether - the city will run out of people who want to buy something from you. If you want to develop further, you should think about it in advance. Perhaps, over time, you will be able to expand, and the number of your clients will be able to replenish the residents of nearby points.

Low barriers to entry into business. This can be attributed to the advantages of doing business in a small town. Indeed, the cost of renting premises, advertising, and wages to workers in the province is significantly lower than similar costs in a large city.

Favorable competitive environment. In the provinces, it is easier for a budding businessman to get government support to start a business. Small businesses are often encouraged, and there are many support programs out there - this issue should also be investigated. If you can use some kind of privilege - you need to do it! Some of the entrepreneurial niches in your year may be vacant.

Advertising in the form of word of mouth. On the one hand, this is great. Since the news of your newly opened store will quickly spread throughout most of the city. But, this phenomenon has a minus: if you make a mistake at least once, the whole city will also know about it.

What kind of business to open in a small town

Material on the topic: "Business ideas for beginners in a big city" with full explanation and justification.

Anti-ideas or how to properly search for a profitable business idea in a small town

The peculiarities of life in a small town are associated with the fact that it has everything, but always in a reduced scale or distorted perspective. Small cities should be considered with a population of 30 to 100 thousand people, usually of regional significance.

In such settlements you can find shops, restaurants, recreation facilities, sports and recreation sections, taxis go there, and most often only the airport and universities are absent. However, each type of human activity gets its own characteristic features. Let's take a look at a business example.

The calculation of local merchants is simple and straightforward. All those who are rich will go to big cities for clothes and luxury goods. There, the choice is wide, and the prices are lower. Therefore, for their fellow countrymen, local merchants buy everything the simplest and cheapest. Fortunately for consumers, the modern market is saturated so that you can also choose something of high quality from cheap ones.

Residents of small towns are big couch potatoes. They only eat out when the need arises. This creates a reason for the lack of competition. All niches have already been occupied by 2021. There are 3-4 cafes, 2-3 canteens and 1-2 restaurants - that's enough. You can open new ones, but they will be hard to break through. Here we immediately need to note one trend: chain stores and cafes have long mastered the regional market.

In almost every cafe you can find the Three Gudgeons or Tomato cafes, Magnit, Pyaterochka and similar discounters have become an indispensable attribute. They have already crowded out 80% of local merchants. Mainly only the brand shops of some households have survived. For example, if a local merchant owns a farm or poultry farm, then his brand store in the city will survive, and the rest simply cannot withstand the competition.

This niche, unpredictable during the crisis years, also turns out to be “crushed” for some large corporations. And they can afford to either, by reducing the volume of production by 2-3 times, somehow survive, or bankrupt entire subsidiaries. Try starting brick making from scratch or starting a candle factory. And the enterprise cannot be profitable. All attempts end with some kind of own production living for a couple of years, and then disappearing.

What to do?

Let's not bore the reader with a list of the troubles of modern Russia. The factors noted above were given only in order to bring them up to date, to make them feel the flavor of the area and the spirit of the times. Now immediately about what to do. Let socio-political publicists look for the answer to the question of who is to blame.

Incomprehensible demand with understandable calculation

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