What business is relevant in the countryside

To develop a successful business "from scratch" and get income, today you can anywhere, within any district and settlement (for example, Ilyinskoye in the Moscow region) and, of course, the countryside is no exception. On the contrary, recently this direction has been in ever-increasing demand, giving unlimited opportunities and advantages that cannot be found in urban environments.

Agricultural business is a truly limitless area, various ideas are being implemented here:

  • farming;
  • production (food, feed and not only);
  • rural tourism (especially in the Moscow region - in the settlement of Ilyinskoye and others along Krasnogorskoe highway);
  • hotel business (especially if rural tourism begins to develop in the region);
  • entertainment;
  • shops in villages; <
  • roadside service (opening a grocery store, cafe).

The listed examples represent only a small part of the possibilities, the most popular are farming, manufacturing and rural tourism.

It is possible to open a business in rural areas from scratch, and this is considered a fairly profitable enterprise due to a number of advantages, including:

  • availability of free space;
  • affordable prices for real estate;
  • salaries of hired employees from rural areas are much lower than urban ones; <
  • the ability to open production from scratch, i.e. with minimal costs due to low cost and at the same time receive a grant for business development (a grant is a monetary gratuitous allowance for enterprises);
  • the availability of such an important resource as land.

Choosing how to organize a business in agriculture, you should start with a more detailed consideration of each idea, studying its features, varieties, subtleties and possible disadvantages.


Rural areas, and the ideas of working in it, are primarily associated with farming (it will not be difficult to get a grant for its development). In this case, you can choose:

  • vegetable growing ;
  • animal husbandry;
  • plant growing.

For those who decide to deal with vegetables and herbs, you should pay attention to the greenhouse business. It is especially beneficial if the cultivation of crops begins in February and ends in November (other times, large costs are spent on heating the greenhouse). The highest demand is for strawberries, many consumers buy them all year round and are ready to pay any money, therefore it is possible to get high profits for growing this crop and this is a fairly profitable enterprise (it can be opened with a grant).

How I want to quickly and with minimal costs open my own business in the countryside, which will overtake the city in terms of self-sufficiency.

My Mini Business Plan

My name is Arthur. Since my youth, the dream has not left me to open and raise my own business. During the years of perestroika, he tried to engage in trade: he opened a kiosk for the sale of food, but went bankrupt due to a lack of working capital. Studied in absentia as a manager, then tried to master the profession of a broker.

But as my bitter experience has shown - you are not a person without money, no one takes you seriously.

For 2 years now I have been preparing to start a business in my native village. This is not a mastered field of activity, both literally and figuratively. I collect information on activities that could actually generate income. I calculate the costs that I need to meet the minimum, plan where and what buildings to put.

Last year I applied to an agricultural bank with a request to provide a loan of 600,000 rubles for the development of farming. The answer is no due to the lack of collateral for the loan. But then intermediaries in the same bank offered to solve this problem for 50% of the commission of the loan amount ...

During the years of developed socialism, our village was one of the leaders in the delivery of agricultural products to the state. Currently, the previously fertile fields are abandoned, the farms are half destroyed and stolen, the young population left for the city, as there is no work.

I would like to revive my village: to renovate and launch farms, plow and sow fields, revive beekeeping. To do this, I will need to start with a few simpler but more commercially viable areas.

Beekeeping with a well-established system of timely provision of raw materials brings quite tangible income.

To open an apiary, which will pay for itself during the first year of operation, it will double in size, and will bring a profit in the amount of money spent, you need to purchase 50 bee colonies with hives. 1 colony with a hive costs an average of 3500 rubles. In May - June, bees begin to swarm (1 colony is divided by 2). It is necessary to purchase 50 more hives at a price of 1500 rubles / piece.

Equipment and raw materials for 100 families will cost 50,000 rubles. In total, my initial costs for opening an apiary: (3,500 rubles 50 p / s = 175,000 rubles) + (1,500 rubles 50 hives = 75,000 rubles) + (50,000 rubles equipment and raw materials) = 300,000 rubles. The main honey collection begins in July.

From each bee colony, an average of 20 kg of marketable honey is obtained at a price of 400 rubles / kg. It is not a problem to implement it in our region. As a result, we get: (100 p / s x 20 kg of honey = 2021 kg) x 400 rubles / kg = 800,000 rubles.

Many strive to get out of the village, move to large cities in the hope of a big income. But often a good life remains only in dreams, because the lack of one's own home, a quoted education and work experience does not make it possible to start a comfortable existence in a metropolis. Not everyone thinks that even in a small village you can find a way to live with dignity. To do this, you need to figure out how to open your own business in the village and learn how to make money.

Possible income options

A business based on the sale and purchase of goods will flourish even in a small town. Opening a store is one of the best ways to make money in the village without large investments. Of course, at first, you will need a small amount of funds to rent the premises, put it in order, start a business and purchase the first batch of goods.

Opening a cafe or bar will be less expensive, because the range of products in these establishments is more limited. And if you agree with suppliers on the deferral of payments for the goods, then the investment will be minimal. Do not forget about exclusively rural options for earning money - growing plants and animals. Eco-friendly products are becoming more popular from year to year, so it's easy to find a sales market.

Action tactics

So how to start your own business? First you need to decide on an idea for your business. If it will be a trade or the organization of a large farm, then you cannot do without a number of documents. You will need to formalize entrepreneurship, register with the tax service and in all funds to which deductions will be made.

But first you need to make calculations. In the professional environment of economists and analysts, this is called a business plan. To organize your business, you just need to calculate the estimated costs and possible income.

At the same time, it is worth remembering that every agricultural business is associated with a certain risk: adverse weather conditions, pests and contamination of plants, marine livestock can lead to colossal losses. You should not expect failure, but you need to be prepared for possible problems.

Work as usual

If you do not have the opportunity to find funds to open a store or cafe or this niche is already occupied, then you should not be upset, you can look for other business ideas for the village. Most often, villagers are engaged in raising poultry and animals, which they sell to dealers.

And if you start selling pigs, cows or even the same ducks and chickens on your own, you can earn a lot more. For this, it is not even necessary to look for transport and a place for trade in the city, it is enough to tell that on such and such a day you plan to slaughter animals for sale, and the demand among the local population will be provided. By the way, it would be better to place your ads in a local store.

Purchase and sale of business equipment

Purchase and sale of business equipment

A village business can be very profitable without a large initial investment. We present an overview of the best ideas for starting a business in the countryside with the calculation of the initial investment.

Green business is a promising area with low competition. The market for the consumption of green products is growing steadily. To successfully implement the project, it is necessary to sort out the "pitfalls" of the business, find sales markets and draw up a financial plan.

Despite the fact that chickens are unpretentious birds, a lot of money will have to be invested in the development of a poultry farm. The problem is that chickens cannot be bred in urban areas, so you have to acquire a country house and equip a poultry house.

Beekeeping is considered a risky business with a long payback period of about 4 years. However, entrepreneurs prefer to do this business more for the soul than to get a stable income.

There have always been many mushroom pickers, fans of mushroom picking, in our country. But those who have mastered their cultivation, unfortunately, are not enough. But this is not so difficult. And it brings a lot of money.

On the rabbit meat market in Russia, demand significantly exceeds supply. There is an excellent opportunity to gain a foothold in the industry and achieve business payback in the shortest possible time. However, the case will have to devote almost all of your time.

Healthy eating is becoming more and more popular, and you don't know how to make money from it? Simple: open a quail farm. Quail meat contains a huge amount of vitamins and proteins, and therefore it is much healthier than chicken meat.

An entrepreneur who decides to enter the goat business now has a chance to gain a foothold in the market at the stage of its inception. But there are also risks - the product is not familiar to a potential consumer. You will have to spend a lot of effort and money on marketing.

Entrepreneurs have a new opportunity to generate income from agriculture - by providing professional consulting assistance to farmers in the development of innovations and modern management methods

Russians consume little fish due to its high cost. There is an unmet need - so if an entrepreneur can offer fish products at a reasonable price, his business will surely flourish. However, high production costs and high upfront investments stand in the way of prosperity for elite fish farming. It's wise to start with a mini-farm while keeping diversification in mind.

A person living in a rural area has excellent opportunities to start a business.

Of course, some business ideas for the countryside are seasonal or even exotic in nature, but, nevertheless, the proximity to land and nature provides a rural entrepreneur with such opportunities that urban business executives are deprived of.

Growing greens

One of the most promising business ideas in rural areas without investment is growing greenery for sale.

With a competent and timely approach, by the end of the summer months, monthly profit can reach 90-120 thousand rubles from a plot of 10 acres.

Of course, in the general sense, the cultivation of garden crops is seasonal, but ...

In addition, the cost of fresh herbs grows significantly during this period.


  • low cost of planting material,
  • lack of special professional skills,
  • high profitability,
  • constant demand for products.

  • the product does not retain its presentation for long.

Growing organic products

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