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Given the unstable economic situation, businesses that require small investments and are able to quickly recoup themselves are becoming relevant. The top successful projects, whose revenues are several times higher than the initial investment and the peak demand for which will be in 2021, were prepared by Ekaterina Soyak, CEO of EMTG.

1. Fixed Price Stores

In a crisis, such a business is beneficial, first of all, for entrepreneurs - with a fixed price for a product in a store for purchase, it usually costs no more than 10 rubles. Therefore, from one unit of goods, you can get a revenue of at least 500%. An excellent example in this direction is the domestic Fix-Price chain of stores. Now the company operates more than 2,000 retail outlets throughout Russia, of which about 250 are franchised and actively enters neighboring markets. Over the past 5 years, the number of fixed-price stores in our country has increased by 1000%.

The direction is actively developing on the domestic passenger transportation market and is in greatest demand in Moscow, which accounts for up to 65% of all orders. These companies traditionally do not advertise their reports, but informed sources indicate that the turnover of taxi aggregators in the capital region is 20 billion rubles. per month, while in Western countries they incur billions of dollars in losses. Over the next two or three years in Russia, this business will remain promising, especially in the Russian regions, where such concepts do not yet occupy a leading position, but have a huge potential for development.

Business for the delivery of ready-made food to your home - food constructors that allow you not only to eat a ready-made dish, but to prepare it yourself from the provided ingredients - are also becoming a very relevant direction today. This is a global trend. According to some estimates, by 2021 the turnover of this market will grow to $ 10 billion per year. Again, while this service is gaining popularity in the capital, but within the next 2-3 years it will bring colossal profits to those who start developing this business in Russian million-plus cities.

4. Catering Franchises

Today, this is the only segment in the catering sector showing stable growth against the background of the anemic state of the domestic economy. When located in points with a large concentration of potential customers, the return on business with a properly organized process can be as little as 3-4 months. In 2021, the winners will be not only restaurants, but also casual coffee shops, cafes offering coffee to go, and, of course, sports bars. This is due, among other things, to the upcoming 2021 FIFA World Cup.

The opening of a food service outlet under a franchise will bring income to the owner even after the end of the World Cup. Fast foods remain the most profitable, they are always in trend, since such enterprises do not require large investments, the products in them are available to the average consumer, who is now focused on an average check of 500 rubles. All this guarantees a stable profit for the owners.

Self-service car wash is becoming popular among car owners. About three dozen such car washes have already been opened in Moscow. Since 2021, this service has been in increasing demand, and manufacturers of equipment for such points can make good money. For example, to open a contactless car wash, you need to invest 13-15 million rubles, while the investment will pay off on average in 1.5-2 years, and the profit will be more than 10 million per year. That is, the profitability of the business line is 70%, which is very good.

6. Hospitality and consumer services

On the eve of the World Cup-18 in the regions where it is held, the demand will be for economy class hotels of 2-3 stars, small motels and various consumer services enterprises - dry cleaners, mini-studios and others. Also, against the backdrop of sports events, fitness clubs, children's sections and other undertakings to maintain athletic shape will be in demand there. The fastest and most convenient way to organize this business in 1.5 years is to open a franchise. The demand for such objects is now observed in every Russian region, without exception, including Moscow. Russia has embarked on the development of mass domestic tourism, so investments in hotels and dry cleaners will pay off quickly.

If we are guided by objective economic laws, then it is the crisis phase that is the most prosperous and successful time to start your own business. There are several arguments explaining this thesis:

  • cheap resources;
  • low payroll rates. Since unemployment is high, employees are ready to work for less than traditional wages in their sector;
  • low competition, as former market participants are going through hard times and are taking measures to cope with bankruptcy, cover losses and pay off debts.

But when opening a business in a crisis, it is important to very sensitively and competently analyze the market situation and effective demand.

Important to know! Low incomes of the population force potential buyers to reconsider their consumer basket and abandon some expenses in favor of others. For example, traditionally, during a crisis, the population saves on buying luxury goods, visiting expensive sports clubs, buying new cars, fashionable cosmetic procedures and manipulations.

Therefore, deciding to open a business in a crisis and take full advantage of the moment, you must be guided by the following general recommendations:

  • Minimize initial investment. You should choose a business that at the initial stage (which will fall on the crisis phase) will require zero or small investments.
  • Focus on your own knowledge, skills and abilities. To succeed in difficult times, you need to offer a quality and unique product at an affordable price. That is, what an entrepreneur does better than others who may be potential competitors.
  • Focus on a fairly high profitability of activities at an affordable price for the client. The level of profitability of at least 70% can be considered sufficient.
  • Substantively and thoroughly study the legislative framework, arrange an enterprise in the optimal form and form, choose the most favorable taxation regime. It is advisable to find out whether a patent tax system in the region (PNS) is possible for the selected activity. If it is available, you should safely stop the choice on this option. This will allow:
    • not to officially keep accounting, not to draw up and not submit any reports to the IFTS, that is, to save on accounting and reporting;
    • pay a small amount, breaking the payment into two stages ... The first third - in the first quarter of the year, the rest - at the end.

We answer the question what types of business are relevant in 2021. What areas of investment are promising and why. After reading the article, you will find out which lines of business will be profitable during this year.

Business: what is relevant in Russia in spite of difficult conditions

To understand what kind of business is relevant now, you need to analyze the trends of 2021, determine what is in demand in the context of the crisis in Russia. The ban on the import of products from abroad, the rise in the cost of some goods, and the decline in the purchasing power of the population had a strong impact on the work of entrepreneurs over the past two years. As a result, new trends have emerged, business has adapted to the current economic situation.

Low price category goods, domestically produced products and fast food are in demand. Let's take a closer look at which business areas are relevant now and will continue to develop in 2021.

Where to start your business? Everything in order

Motivation when starting a business

Every second person you ask will tell you that the main thing in any business is, of course, desire. Indeed, without desire there will be no action itself. You can't argue with that. This is really true. To start your own business, first of all, you need to want to do your business. But at the same time, wanting not just like that, by the way ... But for real! Having set for yourself a specific, clear and completely deliberate task. If you "lightly" want to "Earn a lot with a lot of money ..." then this is clearly not suitable.

You must live your dream, presenting in all colors what you want to do, while thinking through all possible details and nuances. Many will simply laugh at such words. But there is a simple axiom of modern life: While some set a goal for themselves and go towards it, achieving results (including material ones), others laugh ... Working as a small service personnel. But motivation alone is certainly not enough. Therefore, let's move on to the next point.

Initial capital

So that later there will be no unnecessary problems with money. Of course, this fundraising process is quite long ... But, on the other hand, there is a faster way: to work as a cleaner all your life and not think about anything while doing it! It's up to you to decide. Also, when raising capital, expect more than you need at first glance, because there are unexpected expenses in any business, especially in business. Next, when you have the money, you need to think about the next step.

Market Analysis

If you have conducted a qualitative analysis of the market for a product or service you are interested in, then you should think about the next stage of development.


If you think that you need to think about advertising when the business is already running, then you are deeply mistaken. The point is that the market is now overcrowded. And the average consumer does not need to wait in line for three hours to make the desired purchase. There are more than a dozen like you! And you, in any case, will have to fight for each client, and advertising will become your faithful ally. Moreover, the sooner you start working with advertising, the more benefit it will be. Your challenge will be to find out before starting a business. process, what are the most effective ways to attract customers. You should try several of these methods at once. For example: posting ads (this is described in detail in the previous articles of our portal), distribution of flyers, online advertising. You should check as many ways as possible so that later it will be easy for you to lead your business to success.

Promising business: 3 determining factors + 4 main areas of promising business in Russia with specific examples.

The overwhelming majority of people who are thinking about the "career" of a businessman cannot decide on a field of activity.

In search of fresh ideas and topical directions, they turn to the Internet for help.

Those who do not have a favorite business that they want to turn into a source of income are trying to identify promising business areas in Russia and the world.

This is quite justified, because if there is no demand, there will be no profit.

You don't need to go to fortune tellers to find promising ideas.

It is enough to conduct a competent analysis of existing trends and get acquainted with the forecasts made by both various government services and experienced businessmen.

Before moving on to specific ideas, it is worth clarifying what exactly is meant by promising directions.

Understanding this point is important so that in the future you yourself can calculate a diamond among a pile of coal ...

Promising areas of small business - how developed are they?

In the United States and European countries, the contribution of small and medium-sized businesses to the country's GDP is 50%. Unfortunately, in Russia this figure is much lower and is only 20%.

Hello dear readers. Today we will talk about business in the 2021 crisis and share a small selection of relevant business ideas in an unstable time of crisis. If you have your own ideas, we are waiting for them in the comments below the article.

How to open a business during a crisis

Founder and owner of Tinkoff Bank.

In the absence of large initial investments, Oleg Tinkov advises paying attention to the promising market for developing applications for gadgets and online consulting. The businessman rightly believes that Russia is noticeably lagging behind many world developments in the field of medicine and leaving them for 15–20 years, and there are a lot of opportunities for newcomers to copy.

Investments in medical research and development and research and development can provide a good income in the future. The only problem is the high cost and long payback period of such business projects, and in Russia they are not used to doing that.

Founder and owner of such companies as Dymovskoe sausage production, Suzdal ceramics, Respublika (a chain of bookstores) and Rubezh (cafes and restaurants).

Vadim Dymov is convinced that it is possible to reach financial heights by opening new projects in agriculture. As an option, he proposes to use state land shares in the Far East for the cultivation of soybeans, which can be exported to China. A risky but simple business can generate significant profits.

A businessman does not rule out success when opening start-ups in the field of machine-building logistics and components for assembling units. He claims that niches are absolutely free for the development of medium and small businesses in small cities far from Moscow. Why not open a carpentry shop to produce excellent domestic furniture? Suddenly? But it is very pleasant to create and use your own, to raise your own brand.

Founder and owner of the Dodo Pizza pizza chain.

Fedor Ovchinnikov is confident that Mercedes will be in demand during the crisis. The main thing is to find an optimal and competitive business model in order to win in today's environment.

Fedor Ovchinnikov suffered a serious setback at the beginning of his financial career. His first book-selling project turned out to be unprofitable and disastrous, but only helped the businessman to develop a new strategy. Now the entrepreneur treats the beginning of each business, as if there is a severe crisis in the yard. He immediately asks himself a reasonable question: "What will happen to his business project when everything becomes bad, even if everything is good at this stage?" He rightly believes that it is during this difficult and new time that a healthy and strong business can be formed in the country.

Founder and owner of Expedition company.

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