TOP 10 business ideas that you can; stir up; in the garage in 2021

First, you need to determine for yourself what you want to do in the garage and what you can do. This will determine what kind of business in the garage is optimal for you.

Car workshop in the garage

Any car owner will tell you that garages will never lose their customers, because everyone needs to fix cars, change tires, and in the end, change the oil in the car. Therefore, if you have any skills in car repair, welcome to the repair business!

How to get rich growing strawberries at your dacha - about this in our new review.

  • tire fitting ;
  • direct car repair;
  • alarm installation;
  • auto electrician services;
  • car body restoration;
  • car tuning;
  • tinting and many other services.

If you plan to paint cars, then the premises will need to be prepared:

  • sheathe the walls with plastic or metal sheet;
  • install light, preferably daylight;
  • purchase the necessary tools for work - a heat gun, heat generator, as well as tools for painting the car;
  • to install the fan, you will need to raise the floor a few centimeters and place it there.

The option with a car workshop in the garage will not suit everyone, so we offer another business idea - the production of furniture in the garage.

Garage furniture production

The only tool you need is a jigsaw.

Warehouse for online store

Today we often see on the pages of glossy magazines how "beautiful" famous businessmen live. But not many people think about their path to success, about where they started.

Let's figure out how to create your own business practically from scratch (with minimal investment). All we need is a garage space and a strong desire.

Garage as a springboard for your business

Economists distinguish three main types of earnings. These are speculative selling, service provision and production. Today we'll talk about the last two. And how to rationally approach opening your own business.

Every novice businessman is one of the first to face the question of a production facility. I would like it to be as suitable as possible for the conditions of the activity that we have chosen. It is not easy to find a suitable object, and if you have found it, you are not satisfied with the rental conditions.

In this case, you need to turn your attention to the resource that is available. Perhaps we already have the necessary premises, and it just needs to be adapted to the necessary conditions. This is a major garage.

The garage is a place to store all the junk that used to be lying around in the closet.

Folk wisdom

Freeing the garage of unnecessary things is a matter of several hours (the car can be temporarily parked). But as a result, you get your own space, where you can realize the most daring ideas, and not worry about the reaction of the landlord.

You've probably heard more than once that some people earn by growing strawberries or mushrooms, breeding rabbits or chickens in their basements, outbuildings, garages. So what is the best way to do for a novice businessman in a similar utility room in order to receive a stable income? Let's figure it out!

What you can do in the garage to make money - TOP business ideas that work

When the problem of finding a place has been successfully resolved, it's time to think about what kind of business "will go" in your country, region, city, district.

Consider the TOP-7 business ideas, the implementation of which at first will not require large investments from you. But later they are able to bring considerable profit. The methods are designed mainly for men who know how to work with their hands.

Small garage business ideas are not new. There are a lot of them. Moreover, it is not so difficult to bring them to life, in some cases you only need your desire.

You just need to choose the right option. Indeed, for some activities, additional permission is required, but there are options to simply work on a patent, without even submitting a report.

We will present ideas for a business in a garage in this article, after watching the video and analyzing you can find what you need.

Ideas for a garage business: selection features

Business ideas in their garage have been described many times. You can't even count them all.

After all, this is your premises, for which you don't even have to pay, therefore the price of products can be much lower. Garage business: ideas must be coordinated with the premises itself. The following factors can influence the choice:

Now let's take a look at the ideas for a garage business today and what might suit you:

  • If you think well and analyze everything, then you yourself will be able to make sure that you can and should do business in your garage. Some open a small car service in such a room or convert the room into a retail outlet.
  • In addition, if you have experience in terms of assembling furniture, you can open a workshop for its production, etc. Indeed, there are many ideas for business in this particular room, which means that if you want, you can always do something interesting and useful for yourself.
  • I would like to note that an amazing space operates in the city of St. Petersburg, we are talking about a modern art gallery, which is organized in an ordinary garage, of course, no matter how ridiculous it may sound, but such a gallery is popular.

Car workshop in the garage

This method of earning is considered proven, because if you have experience in car repair, then, of course, you can open your own auto repair shop (see Arranging a garage for a workshop), moreover, if you perform such work with high quality and carefully, then success awaits you.

Framing workshop

In order to start making moldings in your garage, you need to equip a room for a workshop and properly prepare it for use. A small baguette factory will make a good profit with a well-designed business plan. Experienced businessmen who have achieved success in this field advise, first of all, to do the insulation of the garage, and then purchase a so-called. a guillotine for making and cutting ready-made baguettes - the cheapest option is a desktop installation, and a machine for fastening parts together. A business in a garage is beneficial in that a startup does not need to pay any rent for the premises. If you have very little start-up capital, you might consider starting a business in your own garage if it is idle.

Installing anti-theft alarms

Igor Malyugin, an expert in the field of startups, is sure that such an enterprise is very profitable and unique in its kind. Installing car alarms in your own garage is a profitable business idea that does not require too much investment. Of course, in order to install anti-theft devices on cars, a certain qualification is required, but this can be easily learned thanks to the many special video courses on the Internet, all kinds of master classes or internships at firms that specialize in providing such services.

In the video: Business ideas in the garage

Home mini-forge

One Russian pensioner, having taken a well-deserved rest, but at the same time did not want to sit idly by, opened a private mini-smithy in his own garage. I bought a forge, an edging wheel and a welding machine. Now the hobby and favorite business has turned into a very profitable business: the startup forges furniture, gates, gratings, fences. Starting a business cost him about 50,000 rubles, and the revenue is about 30,000. / P>

Car service

The main thing in this type of garage business is the presence of a special pit in the room, equipped with good lighting and the ability to qualitatively inspect the bottom of the car. A car service startup can start out of the blue - if you are a car enthusiast and are well versed in car repair, you can help with the repair first to acquaintances, and then to strangers. The stories of successful “home business” know a lot of facts when part-time work became the main job of a private nature. In order to increase your chances of making good money, you can enroll in auto mechanic courses and there you can improve your knowledge of the device and repair of a car. In addition, the tourism-caravanning service is gradually gaining momentum in Russia, and the creation of residential caravans will soon be very relevant.

You can also open a mini - auto - tuning service, provide a service for removing dents and scratches, painting cars or flocking the interior. Services such as straightening and painting always remain in demand among motorists and car owners (especially during icy periods); chrome plating is less popular, but it also generates income. It is possible to provide a service of refueling car air conditioners in the summer.

The garage is an additional area that can be used to make a profit.

The main advantages are that you do not have to spend a lot of money on rent, purchase of large production facilities. There are difficulties, but it is quite possible to cope with them on your own, after which business ideas in the garage will start to make a profit.

Design items, decorative sculptures

For initial investments, you will need to have at least 120 thousand rubles on hand.

The essence of the business idea is to organize a small workshop specializing in the production of parts from a mixture of gypsum or concrete. These are interesting jewelry, the demand for which always exists. They are used in suburban areas, in houses and apartments. An up-to-date idea for those with a good artistic taste.

A simple process, rejection of technical operations in large quantities will allow one person to implement such a business. Starting production will require an acquisition:

  • A certain amount of raw materials.
  • A set of tools, raw materials for mixing solutions.
  • Special shapes that allow original jewelry to be cast.

Plaster copies can be made from any object, modern technologies have enough capabilities for this. Income is obtained not only from the execution of individual orders, but also from the creation of various small decorative elements. For stairs and balusters, for example.

Production is highly profitable. For one product, you need to purchase materials worth at least 600 rubles. The sale takes place at a price of 1,500 rubles. Taking good care of your ad campaign on time will speed up your profits when organizing a garage business, ideas for men don't stop there.

Manufacture of metal products

At the beginning, up to 100 thousand rubles are invested in the idea.

The same mini-workshop as in the previous case, only the main reference point is the creation of various products on a metal basis. Products in the form of lattices, ornaments, details with openwork are varieties of products that are in special demand. Implementation in standard garages is not a big deal. The income indicator is encouraging, although the costs of the financial plan remain small.

Re-equipment of the garage is carried out using:

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